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Author : Octavia E. Butler Pages : 11 pages Publisher : Recorded Books on Brilliance Audio Language : en-CA ISBN-10 : 1501260103 ISBN-13 : 9781501260 100

Kindred The first scie nce ficti on writ ten by a bla ck wo ma n, Kin dre d has

bec om ea cor ner sto ne of bla ck Am eric an liter atu re. Thi s co mbi nati on of slav e me moi r, fant asy , and hist oric al ficti on is a nov el of rich

liter ary co mpl exit y. Hav ing just cele bra ted her 26t h birt hda y in 197 6 Cali for nia, Da na, an Afri can Am eric an wo ma n, is sud den ly and ine xpli

cab ly wre nch ed thr oug h tim e into ant ebe llu m Mar yla nd. Aft er savi ng a dro wni ng whi te boy the re, she find s her self star ing into the bar rel

of a sho tgu n and is tra nsp ort ed bac k to the pre sen t just in tim e to sav e her life. Dur ing nu mer ous suc h tim edef yin g epi sod es wit h the

sa me you ng ma n, she real izes the cha llen ge she ’s bee n giv en: to pro tect this you ng slav eho lder unti l he can fath er her ow n gre atgra nd mot her

. Kindred

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