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Author : Jonathan Safran Foer Pages : pages Publisher : Recorded Books on Brilliance Audio Language : ISBN-10 : 1501259199 ISBN-13 : 9781501259 197

Eating Animals Jon ath an Saf ran Foe r wo n the Nat ion al Jew ish Boo k Aw ard

and the Gu ardi an Firs t Boo k Aw ard for his deb ut nov el Eve ryt hin g Is Illu min ate d (wh ich was als o ma de into a maj or mot ion pict ure ). In

Eati ng Ani mal s, Foe r con tinu es to daz zle list ene rs and criti cs alik e wit ha writ ing styl e tha t is bot h pre cise and con tinu ally inv enti ve. Eating Animals

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Eating Animals  

Eating Animals