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The Korana Hotel, one of the most beautiful hotels in Croatia, dates back to the year 1906 when it was built on the bank of the river Korana, in the very heart of Croatia's most beautiful park VrbaniÌ gardens. A famous health resort, excursion centre together with a public beach... and a public spot at the very edges of the old centre of Karlovac, as one of the symbols of the town itself, the hotel has been the theme of many postcards of Karlovac. This hotel had also been called the Park Hotel, but for the people of Karlovac it has always been and still is the Korana Hotel. The ravages of time and negligence, together with the consequences of the Croatian War of Independence in the 1990-ies had taken the shine off it. Wanting to continue the hotel's rich tradition, the SrakovèiÌ family was granted concession to the derelict building at the beginning of the third millennium. In agreement with conservators from Karlovac and the Ministry of tourism, the hotel has been rebuilt as an identical replica of the old one in the same place.



Enjoy a wide range of gastronomic delicacies, a rich wine cellar and the view of the river Korana. The hotel is an excellent choice for a business lunch or any kind of private and informal celebrations. Meat delicacies, venison, asparagus, truffles, home-made pasta, as well as sea fish and freshwater fish, vegetarian dishes... will turn your delight into the love of genuine merits of the gastronomic wizards at the Korana Hotel.


The royal beefsteak and other delicacies in our wide range will be a genuine treat for every guest's palate.

The culmination of confectionery-making creativity is to be found in our cakes and gateaux.



Let the birds' warble wake you up, breathe in the freshness of the nature itself... Enjoy your breakfast with the view of the river, swans and the green crowns of the ancient trees...

The hotel has 15 double rooms and 3 business suites overlooking the river and the park, and a guarded parking lot. The rooms and suites are airconditioned and luxuriously equipped (toilet/ bathtub/hair drier/minibar/telephone/Internet/ SAT/TV /safe...)


Our cocktail lounge is the ideal place for a cup of coffee and newspaper in the morning, tea and fresh home-made cakes in the afternoon or a casual cocktail-party in the evening. The Kupa tavern is the right choice for different business or private occasions; get-togethers, cocktail parties, receptions, graduation parties, wedding receptions, baptism or birthday parties... In the summer evenings you will find refreshment with some dance music and the sound of the Korana waterfall. The summer terrace is an unavoidable public spot for the people of Karlovac and their guests.

At our Dobra restaurant you can experience and enjoy excellent food, a rich wine cellar and the view of the river Korana. This is a good choice for a business lunch, some private and informal celebrations.



The terrace of the Korana Hotel as well as the Kupa tavern is the right choice for business or private occasions, get-togethers, cocktail parties, receptions, graduation parties, wedding, baptism or birthday parties...


The hotel has a multi-medial hall with state-of-the-art equippment for business conferences and presentations. The hall is adaptable and, depending on the occasion, it can seat 10, 50... or 200 people. Its standard equipment includes all the latest visual aids; projector and projecting screen, TV set and video recorder, Public Address System, flip chart, markers... The Korana SrakovèiÌ Hotel also offers all the services necessary for business people; sending and receiving faxes, photocopying, access to the Internet...



Sporting activities enthusiasts can spend a really active vacation in our hotel playing tennis, table tennis, indoor football, volleyball... as well as enjoying wellness programmes at the hotel (sauna, swimming pool, massage).



The hotel organizes cycling tours, paintball matches, river team-building, horse riding, hunting, fishing, excursions to the village of Rastoke famous for its waterfalls and watermills and the Plitvice National Park, as well as tours of the wine roads and farming estates. Golf experts as well as beginners can play on new terrains (9 and 18 holes) in the nearby Krašiæ. Jogging, cycling or walking along the banks of the river Korana gets even more enjoyable with the splendid nature surrounding our hotel.


Vinske ceste

Krašiæ Dolina Kardinala

Karlovac is the ideal place to take you back in time and to enjoy the natural attractions.

You can visit the old castles of Dubovac and Ozalj, the old town centre of Karlovac in the form of a six-pointed star...


Perivoj Josipa VrbaniĂŚa 8, 47000 Karlovac, Hrvatska tel: +385/ 047/ 60 90 90, fax: +385/ 047/ 60 90 91

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