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FDI in the news - 008 The Product Boss - 010

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Jim Taiclet of Lockheed Martin- 012 Sofia - a city prepared for the Future - 014 Will business ever be the Same - 024 COVID-19 and open offices - 027 Win with Alabama - 028 Business Continuity and COVID 19 - 030 Sustainable AI with HM Group - 034 Distance learning is the future - 036 Innovation and COVID 19 - CP Group - 38

Jim Taiclet Lockheed Martin The new President & CEO of Lockheed Martin Corporation is succeeding one of the greatest ever CEOs in history.

Cyient is empowering tomorrow - 041 Int - Maher Mikati of Areeba - 042 Sustainability is not a luxury - 048 Int - Andrew Yang of Authenticiti - 052 Porsche Design Timepieces - 056 TUMI builds on legacy of sustainability - 060

Jelena Stirna

Digital luxury customer experience - 064

The CEO of Mogotel Hotel Group

Hotels planning for post-COVID - 068

is charting the route both for her

Int - Jelena Stirna of Mogotel - 070

company and also the entire

Bullying in the workplace - 076

hotel industry in Eastern Europe.

Int - Andreas Haller of Quantron - 080 Wallonia - Europe's heartland - 084 Baja California is unique - 090 Louis Dreyfus helping coffee farmers - 094 Int - John Mathew of Cavli Wireless - 096 Costa Rica food exports - 102 How will Oil & Gas define its future - 104 Int - Bob Murray of Fortinberry Murray - 110 Safe and productive working from home - 116 Dana Pharant on intuition - 124 IoT from SAS boosting global beehives - 127

Maher Mikati CEO of areeba, board member of M1 Group and Pepe Jeans

Kenya investment opportunities - 128

has a plan to transform

COVID-19 and Africa's food systems - 134

payment in the Middle East.

Microsoft to train 25 million people - 137 Universities must improve post-COVID - 138 WEF predicts China population decline - 140 Kentucky is a solid base for success - 142 CEO of Dada on Chinese E-Commerce - 144 Flying cars are becoming a reality - 147 INEOS Automotive presents new 4x4 - 148 AI in the restaurant industry - 150 Kuala Lumpur - The time is now - 152 TUV - Cyber risks for industry - 156 John Qreshi talks your personal brand - 158 Green Bee Botanicals and clean beauty - 161 Foreign investments in Uzbekistan - 162

Yordanka Fandakova The Mayor of Sofia shares with us her plans to make Bulgaria's capital city the innovation center of Europe.

2020 CSR Leader 100 - Award Winners - 164 2020 World FDI Award Winners - 170 Corporate Art Collecting - 204 PAGE 006

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Kuala Lumpur - The time is now. From its excellent location to focus on innovation to the many investor success stories - Greater KL means business!

CP Group on Covid Suphachai Chearavanont is the CEO of CP Group, one of the best companies in Thailand. He has a strong vision for innovation.

TUMI Sustainability A byword for craftsmanship of the highest quality, TUMI is drawing on its long legacy of sustainable production.

Porsche Design A new collection of exquisitely designed timepieces that are highly-customizable for the discerning individual. FOUR ANNUAL AWARDS FOR EXCELLENT BUSINESS PERFORMANCE. PAGE 007

CHINA TO TRIAL FDI IN INTERBANK BOND MARKET China will allow foreign investors to directly invest in the country’s interbank bond market on a trial basis starting





India’s prime minister said his country has done well in

Foreign direct investment (FDI) to Mexico during the first

containing the coronavirus pandemic and announced $1.46

half of 2020 was $17.97 billion, according to preliminary

trillion in infrastructure projects to boost the sagging

figures published by the economy ministry. The figure

economy. The key lesson India learned from the pandemic is to

represented a 0.7% decrease compared with the same

become self-reliant in manufacturing and developing itself as a

period last year, the ministry said. - USA News

key supply chain destination for international companies, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said. - AP

CHINA JULY FDI +15.8 % Y/Y IN YUAN TERMS Foreign direct investment into China rose 0.5% in the first


seven months of this year from a year earlier, to 535.65


billion yuan ($77.16 billion). In July alone, FDI jumped

Delegations from the United Arab Emirates and Israel will meet

15.8% from a year earlier, to 63.47 billion yuan, Zong

during the coming weeks to sign bilateral agreements on areas

Changqing, director of the foreign investment department

including energy, tourism, direct flights, investment, security,

at the ministry told a news conference.

communication and technology. Israeli company TeraGroup

($1 = 6.9424 Chinese yuan renminbi).

has signed an agreement with Emirati company, APEX National

- Reuters

Investment, to conduct coronavirus research.- US News PAGE 008




Oracle has entered the race to acquire TikTok, the popular

Vietnam is seeking to build on its new free trade agreement

Chinese-owned short-video app that President Trump has

with the European Union to expand foreign investment in

vowed to shut down unless it is taken over by a U.S. company



by mid-November. The tech company has held preliminary

government positioning the country as an alternative

talks with TikTok’s Chinese owner, ByteDance, and is

production base to China. Vingroup, the country's largest

considering purchasing the app’s operations in the U.S.,

conglomerate has announced a partnership with Ireland-

Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Oracle is working with a

based medical device company Medtronic to produce

group of U.S. investors who already own a stake in ByteDance,

components in Vietnam. - Nikkei Asian Review

including General Atlantic and Sequoia Capital. - LA Times





Malaysia economic recovery in the second half of this year is

India's commerce minister has asked automakers to find ways

expected to be gradual before bouncing back on its feet next

to reduce royalty payments to foreign parent companies for

year, having experienced its “worst recession” recently, the

use of technology or brand names, two sources told Reuters, in

Fitch Group’s research unit said. Fitch Solutions Country Risk

an effort to boost local investment and reduce outflows. In

and Industry Research has decided to revise its forecast of real

India's competitive auto market, top-selling carmakers Maruti

GDP or economic growth for Malaysia at -4.5 per cent for 2020,

Suzuki and Hyundai Motor's local units pay millions of dollars

down from the previous figures of -2.8 per cent. It also revised

in royalties to parent companies in Japan and South Korean

its 2021 forecast for Malaysia’s real GDP from the previous 5.7

for using their technology and brand to build and sell cars..

per cent to a more positive 6.3 per cent. - Malay Mail

- Reuters




Saudi Arabia’s $325 billion sovereign-wealth fund continued

Taiwan will further liberalise its economy and offer more

buying U.S. stocks as it hunted for opportunities in the COVID

financing products, aiming to become an Asian financial and

crisis, largely exited the blue-chip positions it bought in the

asset management hub, President Tsai Ing-wen said, pitching

first quarter. The Public Investment Fund, chaired by Crown

the island at a time of turmoil in next-door Hong Kong. Export-

Prince Mohammed bin Salman, disclosed stakes worth $10.1

dependent Taiwan, which already has a very open economy, is

billion at the end of the second quarter, according to a

trying to diversify away from its traditional reliance on trade

regulatory filing. This included holdings in exchange-traded

with China, its largest trading partner. - Thomson Reuters

funds tied to the utilities and materials sectors. It also boosted







Japanese GDP has fallen at a record rate as the world’s third

BY $830M

largest economy suffered amid the coronavirus pandemic.The

Mazda Toyota Manufacturing, the new joint-venture between

Asian nation saw GDP fall 7.8% in the April to June quarter, or

the two auto companies, on Thursday announced an

27.8% on an annualised basis. Japan had already slumped into

additional $830 million investment in its new Alabama plant.

recession before the virus crisis. - Evening Standard

- KSL Salt Lake City PAGE 009



The Product Boss’s area of expertise is an

Sithep saw a bigger, brighter future and

area that’s often overlooked. While many

went for it. Then they taught other women

businesses focus on service products, they

how to do the same thing. Entrepreneurs,

help people learn the ropes of product-

take note; they’re creating a trail of wealth

based businesses.

not only for themselves but for the women they teach and guide.

With a gap in the market, they knew they could help. Jacqueline Snyder and Minna

On their website, The Product Boss offers

Khounlo-Sithep were highly skilled and

elite courses, and a top-rated business

knowledgeable in this field. Sharing that

podcast. They work hard to uplift women,

information with women who sell physical

so they too can reach their dreams.

products became their mission.

The Product Boss is a New Jersey based, woman-owned company. They’re working to help strengthen women globally with resources that teach them productbased selling.

Jacqueline Snyder and Minna Khounlo-Sithep of The Product Boss are helping women build stronger businesses. PAGE 010



In fact, they’re so good at what they do, they created a mastermind group. Success? Absolutely. Not only are they thriving, but the businesses in the mastermind groups are seeing huge gains in their own businesses. They speak on the importance of believing you can do something, and mention, many entrepreneurs have self-limiting beliefs about what they can accomplish. They put caps on what they think they can make financially. With masterminds and digital courses, they help business owners see beyond their self-imposed limitations. One suggestion when starting out is to get a preview of the course you’re considering jumping into. The Product Boss offers free advice on their popular business podcast, which allows you to get a feel of what their digital courses and masterminds offer. The podcast is accessible and offers a vast array of combined knowledge. The Product Boss Podcast is a winner and a top business podcast on Apple’s charts. It’s important for the founders to lift up other women globally. They are inclusive in their reach, wanting to help women across the world find the answers that work for them. When it comes to Jacqueline Snyder and Minna Khounlo-Sithep, they share a connection of not only being first-generation American’s but also being the first in their families to get a college degree. They not only saw what was possible but went after it, grabbing the brass ring. The drive they feel in lifting other women and growing their community helps feed their continual success. Success breeds success. For the entrepreneur thinking of starting a product-based business, it’s time to check out The Product Boss. They’re ready to help you thrive once you get your feet on the ground and your business growing. Their mastermind groups are for business owners who are already at the point of growth but need help taking the next step. These are six-figure and seven-figure businesses. Everybody has to start somewhere, but the key is learning to start. One final note, they don’t let change hold them back. Pivoting is crucial in today’s world. With COVID-19, in a time when many businesses are crumbling, they grew stronger. With quick thinking, they helped their community learn new creative ways to work around the everchanging issues. By having multiple streams of revenue, there is more stability. They strongly stress that relying on one stream of revenue is limiting, and can destroy your business if something massive changes. By having multiple streams of revenue and visibility, you’re able to adapt without losing your business. The Product Boss is a West Orange, NJ business that offers courses, information, podcasts, masterminds, and more to women-owned businesses worldwide. PAGE 011

JIM TAICLET BECOMES NEW LOCKHEED MARTIN PRESIDENT AND CEO MARILLYN A. HEWSON BECOMES EXECUTIVE CHAIRMAN In a planned leadership transition, highly-experienced chief executive, Gulf War veteran and pilot James D. Taiclet, 60, has become President and CEO of Lockheed Martin Corporation. He succeeds Marillyn A. Hewson, 66, who has served as chairman, president and CEO since 2014 and president and CEO since 2013. Taiclet will continue to serve as a member of the corporation's board, which he joined in 2018. Hewson will become executive chairman of the board and provide ongoing support for the leadership transition. "As a former military pilot, I understand the mission of this great corporation to provide global security and innovative solutions for the brave men and women who protect our freedom," Taiclet said. "I come into this role at a time when our nation and its allies have been tested globally by new and emerging threats. Now more than ever, it's critical we continue to deliver the best systems and equipment in the world. I'm honored to succeed Marillyn, who is rightfully one of the most respected CEOs in America, and to lead a workforce that is inventing and advancing the technology and security of our future." "This disciplined leadership transition reflects deliberate and thorough succession planning and is being implemented strategically at a time when Lockheed Martin is financially strong and positioned well for the future," Hewson said. "I have every confidence Jim and his executive leadership team will continue driving sustained success through sound business strategy, strong customer relationships and deep mission focus." About Jim Taiclet Taiclet's tenure as CEO of American Tower Corporation started in 2003 and he became chairman, president and CEO in 2004. Since then, American Tower grew significantly and PAGE 012

increased its market capitalization from approximately $2

increased 280%. During her 37 years at Lockheed Martin,

billion to more than $100 billion. Taiclet guided the

Hewson has held increasingly responsible executive positions

company's transformation from a primarily U.S. business to a

with the corporation, including president and chief operating

global player in its industry and he is widely regarded as one

officer and executive vice president of Lockheed Martin's

of America's most successful CEOs.

Electronic Systems business area.

Prior to joining American Tower in 2001, Taiclet was president

In 2019, TIME magazine identified Hewson as one of the "100

of Honeywell Aerospace Services, a unit of Honeywell

Most Influential People in the World," and FORTUNE magazine

International, and prior to that was vice president, Engine

ranked her No. 1 on its list of "50 Most Powerful Women in

Services at Pratt & Whitney. He was also previously a

Business" for the second year in a row. In 2018, she was


named the "CEO of the Year" by Chief Executive magazine, a







telecommunications and aerospace strategy and operations.

Top 10 "Businessperson of the Year" by FORTUNE magazine,

Taiclet began his career as a U.S. Air Force officer and pilot

and one of the "World's 100 Most Powerful Women" by

and served a tour of duty in the Gulf War. He holds a master's


degree in public affairs from Princeton University, where he was awarded a fellowship at the Woodrow Wilson School, and

About Lockheed Martin

is a distinguished graduate of the United States Air Force

Headquartered in Bethesda, Maryland, Lockheed Martin is a

Academy with degrees in engineering and international

global security and aerospace company that employs


approximately 110,000 people worldwide and is principally engaged in the research, design, development, manufacture,

About Marillyn Hewson

integration and sustainment of advanced technology systems,

As president and CEO, Hewson led Lockheed Martin through a

products and services.

period of consistent financial performance and impressive growth during which the corporation's market capitalization

For additional information, visit: PAGE 013



and commercial centre and the biggest

Its history dates back several millennia. In

city-economy in Bulgaria.

1879, after a close vote by the Parliament, Sofia became the capital of the newly

Sofia’s population exceeds 1.3 million, 1.6

independent Bulgaria.

million with the surrounding region, over an area of 492m2, making it the 15th

Today Sofia is Bulgaria’s capital, its

largest city in the European Union. The

largest city, the centre of the legislative,

city’s economy is growing at a rapid pace.

executive and judiciary power in the

Sofia accounts for 40% of the nation’s

country (National Assembly, Presidency,

GDP and 1/3 of the country’s export. 16%

Council of Ministers and all Ministries), the

percent of the city’s exports are produced

financial, educational, cultural, business

by the growing ICT sector in the city.


Sofia accounts for 40% of the nation’s GDP and 1/3 of the country’s export. 16% percent of the city’s exports are produced by the growing ICT sector in the city. PAGE 014

Much of Bulgaria’s “brain business” is concentrated in Sofia. The city ranks 27th out of 278 European regions, included in the 2020 Brain Business Jobs Index, with 101 brain jobs per 1,000 working-age population and is performing very well in the tech and creative sectors.

Sofia has one of the most vibrant start-up and entrepreneurial

people between 2008 and 2018 and now accounts for more

ecosystems in Central and Eastern Europe. The capital

than 20% of the total employment in Sofia.

available to local startups has played an instrumental role in positioning Sofia on the entrepreneurial map of Europe.

KNOWLEDGE WORKERS Much of Bulgaria’s “brain business” is concentrated in Sofia.

Sofia acts as a magnet for talent. Twenty-three of Bulgaria’s 51

The city ranks 27th out of 278 European regions, included in the

universities are located in Sofia, with over 100,000 students.

2020 Brain Business Jobs Index, with 101 brain jobs per 1,000 working-age population and is performing very well in the tech

A developed transport infrastructure, with bus, tram and

and creative sectors. Design and IT are among Sofia’s specific

underground public transport, makes Sofia a well-connected


city. Sofia Airport, the largest international airport in the country, is just 20 min. from downtown Sofia.

WAGES AND SALARIES In 2018, the annual gross salary in Sofia was EUR 9,706,


showing an increase of 10% on an annual basis. Although the

Sofia is the largest city in Bulgaria in terms of population. It is

upward trend is expected to continue, Sofia still has one of the

also one of the few cities in the country experiencing

lowest labour costs among the EU capitals. IT and the sector of

population growth and benefiting from overall favourable

professional services, incl. business process outsourcing (BPO),

demographic trends. The population growth in Sofia is

offer the highest salaries in Sofia. The average salary in the IT

supported by the continuing influx of young people to the city,

sector was almost twice higher than the average for the city,

which provides diversity and easy access to workforce. The

while in the BPO sector it was 26% above the city average.

labour force in the city increased by 26% in the period from 2003 to 2018, or by a total of 149,600 people, and currently


amounts to 716,000 people. Sofia, together with the broader

Citizens of all EU and EEA countries, plus Switzerland have the

Sofia region (<60 km), has a total workforce of over one million

right to reside and work in Bulgaria indefinitely. All other


nationals need a work permit and a long-term visa in order to work or reside in Bulgaria. The issuance of a work permit is an


employer-driven process.

Sofia has the highest labour participation rate in Bulgaria, above the EU average, and the lowest unemployment rate in


the country. The data on employment by economic activity

Sofia is home to 23 of Bulgaria’s 51 universities. The majority of

shows the ongoing restructuring of Sofia’s economy due to the

the working-age population in the city, or 51.4%, hold a

rapid growth of the ICT and business service industries. The

university degree. This number has grown significantly since

number of employed in these sectors increased by over 60,000

2011, when it was around 40%. The growth trend is expected to PAGE 015

Sofia is the biggest city-economy in Bulgaria. It provides 40% of the nation’s GDP. Due to the strong export and final consumption in the last several years, Sofia’s economy has been growing at a rate faster than the EU average.

continue as Sofia is not only the city with the highest number

Far Eastern languages in Bulgaria is available mostly in Sofia.

of university students in the country, but also attracts

It is estimated that over 2,000 students in the city take classes

graduates from other cities in Bulgaria and abroad. Dual

in Japanese, Chinese or Korean. Over 1,000 students study

education and increased participation in STEM fields are the

Hebrew and additional 200 take Scandinavian languages such

current priorities of the Government. The Ministry of Labour

as Norwegian, Danish and Swedish, which are rapidly gaining

and Social Policy is offering full scholarships in Engineering,

popularity. Close to 1/3 of the population between 19 and 34

there is joint IT project training between the private sector

years self-report that they speak more than one foreign

and universities, also there are plans for the establishment of

language at an intermediary level, or higher. The most

a new automotive industry vocational academy for both high-

common language combinations are English and Russian,

school and university students. A significant number of

followed by English and German.

students, graduating from secondary schools in Bulgaria, continue their university education abroad. Germany, the UK,


Austria and the Netherlands have traditionally been the

Sofia is the biggest city-economy in Bulgaria. It provides 40%

preferred destinations. According to some estimates, the

of the nation’s GDP. Due to the strong export and final

number of Bulgarians studying abroad averages around

consumption in the last several years, Sofia’s economy has

30,000 every year.

been growing at a rate faster than the EU average. It is exportoriented and accounts for 1/3 of the national export,


amounting to BGN 28.4 billion.

Due to the rapid expansion of the ICT sector in Sofia, ICT companies are increasingly turning to the high schools and


universities in the city to develop joint courses. Over 30

At the end of 2018, the cumulative foreign direct investment in

private software academies offer short to mid-term

Sofia was EUR 12.4 billion (2000-2018), accounting for 51% of

educational programs (6 to 30 months). Courses range from

the overall cumulative FDI to Bulgaria.








management and sales. The courses are often developed in


collaboration with local IT companies, according to their

The Bulgarian Lev (BGN) is pegged to the EURO at 1.96 BGN

labour demands. The courses target people with little or no

per 1 EUR. Bulgaria has adopted a plan to join the precursor to

experience in the field, as well as developers with 3-5 years of

euro area membership, the ERM-2 exchange rate mechanism,

experience. The number of annual graduates exceeds several

and the Banking Union.


The Bulgarian banking system remains stable with growing

Sofia is characterized by a high level of foreign language

assets and capital adequacy, and liquidity indicators that are

fluency. The most commonly spoken languages are English,

significantly above the regulatory requirements. Loans to

German and Russian. English is the most preferred foreign

households and non-financial corporations continued to

language choice in Bulgarian schools. Most of the students in

increase in 2019, reflecting the low interest rates and

secondary schools with intensive language curriculum in

optimistic economic expectations. The total banking system

Bulgaria in 2017 also studied English (64,074 students),

assets in Bulgaria exceeded EUR 55.51 billion and deposits

followed by German (13,283) and French (6,218). Education in

into the banking system reached EUR 46.93 billion.The share PAGE 016

Sofia has one of the highest Internet speeds in Europe with average connection rates of 24 MBPS for downloading and 21 MBPS for uploading. 96% of households in Bulgaria have fixed broadband coverage and 75% of them have ultrafast broadband coverage compared to 97% and 60% in the EU.

of gross non-performing loans and advances of the Bulgarian

Coast, the city and the port of Bourgas, as well as with the

banking system continued to decrease but remained above the

borders with Turkey, Greece and Serbia through the Northern

EU average. There are 25 licensed banks and foreign banks’

Speed Tangent road, Sofia Ring Road, Trakia Motorway (A1),

branches operating in Bulgaria, down by one from the previous

Hemus Motorway (A2) and Struma Motorway (A3).

year because of the ongoing trend of bank consolidation. The asset shares of the five largest banks account for approx. 60% of


the total bank assets in the country. The majority of the banks

Sofia has one of the highest Internet speeds in Europe with

operating in Bulgaria are members of international, almost

average connection rates of 24 MBPS for downloading and 21

entirely European, banking groups.

MBPS for uploading. 96% of households in Bulgaria have fixed broadband coverage and 75% of them have ultrafast


broadband coverage compared to 97% and 60% in the EU.

Sofia Airport is the biggest international airport in Bulgaria. A new concessionaire of Sofia Airport for the next 35 years was


selected in September 2019, under the conditions of substantial

The continuous growth in the office market is driven by tenants

infrastructure investments, including the construction of a third

from the IT, BPO and SSC sectors. The industrial space market

terminal by 2030. In 2019, Sofia Airport welcomed the record

is dominated by owner-occupied and built-to-suit facilities.

high 7.1 million passengers, following several years of strong

However, more than half of the spaces currently under

passenger growth. Since 2015, the number of passengers

construction are speculative. Most tenants are logistics, e-

served at Sofia Airport has increased by 74%. In 2019 the Airport

commerce and retail companies.

handled 23,987 tons of cargo – a growth of 7.8% on 2018. In 2019, for a third year in a row, London was the most popular


origin/destination for passengers at Sofia Airport, followed by

The first science and technology park in Bulgaria opened in

two German cities - Frankfurt and Munich.

Sofia in 2015 with a focus on information technologies, life sciences and green energy. The Park includes a vast laboratory

Sofia is part of 3 Pan-European transport corridors. The city is

complex, an incubator for innovative companies, an innovation

very well connected with the rest of Bulgaria and the Black Sea

forum, several exhibition areas, the interactive children’s centre PAGE 017


“TechnoMagicLand” and a sports complex. The Park is home to over 30 companies and startups and hosts over 200 events annually. In 2020, the Park is going to introduce a new coworking space called GroWorking as well as a Club House – a meeting space intended for networking clubs in the area of technologies and innovation. INDUSTRIAL & LOGISTICS ZONES IN AND AROUND SOFIA Over 15 industrial and logistics parks are located in or around Sofia, including the biggest economic zone in the region – SofiaBozhurishte, and the brownfield land of the former steel mill “Kremikovtzi”. THE START-UP ECOSYSTEM IN SOFIA Sofia has one of the most vibrant startup and entrepreneurial ecosystems in Central and Eastern Europe, with a startup association, business angel association and angel investment clubs. In 2019, Sofia became a French Tech label city, joining 50 innovation and tech hubs across the globe. With 246 funding rounds, Sofia comes up third among CEE countries by number of VC rounds over the last 6 years, straight after Warsaw and Tallinn, according to Bulgaria is developing as a diversified tech hub with startups innovating across multiple industries. Approximately 15% of Bulgarian start-ups are in the deep tech sector, including AI, aerospace, robotics and IoT. First-time entrepreneurs can resort to local incubators and pre-accelerator programs to get knowledge and guidance on starting a business. In addition, the VC community in Sofia supports scaling startups and companies in growth stages. DIGITAL SOFIA In 2015, Sofia adopted the Innovation Strategy for Smart Specialisation of Sofia, identifying the IT and Creative industries as priority sectors. In 2019, Sofia completed the Digital Transformation Strategy for the city Sofia (DTSS), created under the Digital Cities Challenge Project by the European Commission and with the participation of over 100 local stakeholders and international experts. The mission of the Strategy is to enhance the local tech ecosystem by turning the city into a market for the digital products created in Sofia. In January 2020 the city appointed its first deputy mayor for for Digitalisation, Innovation and Economic Development. A new Big Data and AI Centre of Excellence - GATE, was launched in 2019 as a joint initiative PAGE 018

About 90% of the Bulgarian technology companies and 86% of the IT professionals (85,146 people) work in Sofia. The Bulgarian software industry generated €2.8 bln revenue in 2019 and is expected to reach €5 billion in the next 5 years. ICT is one of the fastest growing sectors in Sofia, accounting for 19% of the city’s economy.

between Sofia University, the Swedish Chalmers University of

area for foreign investment, attracting 30% of all investment

Technology and Chalmers Industrial Technologies. The center

projects in 2018, with at least 16 valued at USD 240 million.

will focus on Future Cities, Intelligent Government, Smart Industry and Digital Health. Stakeholders will have access to a


collaborative environment for experimentation, test-bedding,

Bulgaria’s AI startup ecosystem is still at an early stage of its

research and innovation. The project will include a City Living

development but has gained significant momentum in the past

Lab, Visualisation Lab, Digital Twin Lab. One of GATE’s first

few years. In 2019, the new Big Data Centre of excellence GATE

flagship projects will focus on building a city information

was launched at the Sofia University Department of

model (CIM) of a district in Sofia under the concept of a digital

Mathematics with funding of EUR 15 million. In 2019, the VC

twin. One of the 8 new supercomputers of the European Union

fund Brightcap Ventures launched a program for companies,

will start operations in Sofia in 2020 and will be available to

specializing in AI, IoT, blockchain, advanced analytics,

the local ecosystem for scientific and industry activities.

autonomous technologies and quantum computing. The AI Cluster Bulgaria was founded in 2019.


Sofia is one of the fastest growing Fintech destinations in SEE

The number of people employed in the ICT sector in Bulgaria

and the CEE region. Over 83% of the Fintech companies in

on 2018 approached 100,000, or 3% of all people employed in

Bulgaria are located in Sofia. The Fintech startups are

the country. About 90% of the Bulgarian technology

supported by a number of investment funds, business angels,

companies and 86% of the IT professionals (85,146 people)

private investors and local banks. Bulgaria is often used as a

work in Sofia. The Bulgarian software industry generated €2.8

test market, while the strategy of the companies is to work

bln revenue in 2019 and is expected to reach €5 billion in the

globally. There is a growing trend for fintech and traditional

next 5 years. ICT is one of the fastest growing sectors in Sofia,

financial institutions like banks to develop new solutions

accounting for 19% of the city’s economy. The sector is

jointly. The number of corporate acceleration programs is

predominantly export-oriented and over the last few years has

increasing. In 2019, Sofia outperformed 52 locations worldwide

moved up to high value-added projects and, increasingly, the

and ranked first in terms of Cost Effectiveness in the “Fintech

development of own products. ICT has become the primary

Locations of the Future 2019/20”. PAGE 019

The Manufacturing sector has been the second largest investor in tangible fixed assets, as well as the most stable FDI recipient in recent years. By the end of 2018, manufacturing in Sofia had attracted 15% of FDI.


overall growth of international visitors for 2009 – 2017, with an

There are over 13 proptech companies operating in Sofia. One

average increase of 9% per year. In 2018, Sofia was visited by

of the local Proptech startups completed an investment round

1,384,963 tourists, 67% of which were foreigners. The number

of EUR 2.7 million at the end of 2019. Some of the local

of tourists visiting Sofia has been growing since 2009, but was

companies already have 20+ years of experience in

particularly notable in the last 4 years, when the number of

implementing technologies such as Building Information

foreign tourists in Sofia increased by 44% - from 640,621 in

Modelling (BIM) in the real estate industry. Other technologies

2015 to 922,075 in 2018.

used by local proptech companies include virtual and augmented reality, artificial intelligence, machine learning,

MANUFACTURING (Including Automotive, Robotics & Aero)

big data, blockchain and others.

The manufacturing industry formed 10% of Sofia’s economy in 2018 and brought 17.5% of the export earnings in the city.


Over 71,000 people, or 9.7% of all employed in the city, work

Bulgaria ranks in the Top 3 among global services locations in

in the sector. Its value added at factor cost and its share in the

CEE and preforms best in financial attractiveness and

local economy increased during the last 10 years, while the

business environment categories. Additionally, Bulgaria has a

number of employees decreased, reflecting an increase in

well-developed telecommunications infrastructure and one of

efficiency and decrease in the need for human capital due to

the fastest Internet connection speeds in SEE. Information

modernisation and capital investments, for example in new

security and privacy regulations are in accordance with the EU

technologies. The Manufacturing sector has been the second

legislation. The sourcing industry, which includes IT, BPO and

largest investor in tangible fixed assets (after the sector of

SSC, contributed to 5.2% of the national GDP with a turnover

Trade, Repairs and Transport), as well as the most stable FDI

of EUR 2.4 billion and a growth of 19.5% on an annual basis,

recipient in recent years. By the end of 2018, manufacturing in

employing 73,694 people, (data for 2018). The industry is

Sofia had attracted 15% of FDI.

expected to grow faster than the national economy. By 2022

Sofia hosts one of the largest aircraft maintenance, repair

turnover is expected to reach EUR 4.8 billion or 9.2% of GDP.

and overhaul facilities in Europe with 1,100 employees. Around 24 companies in Bulgaria develop products or


services and software in the field of robotics and

Sofia is the centre of cultural and creative industries in

automation with over BGN 950 million in revenue and

Bulgaria and has the potential to become one of the leading

more than 5,000 employees.

creative hubs in Europe. Sofia accounts for close to 80% of the

The Bulgarian Automotive industry achieved EUR 6 billion

revenue and 62% of the creative labour force in the country.

in revenue in 2019. There are 250 companies in Bulgaria.

There are over 60,000 artists, designers, game developers,

80% of sensors in all European cars are made in Bulgaria.

filmmakers, musicians, architects, writers, interactive digital media and software developers, and other representatives of the creative industries employed in over 7,700 creative

This presentation was delivered jointly by:

companies in Sofia. Employment in the sector is growing.

InnovativeSofia: The agency for the Digitalisation, Innovation and Economic


Development of Sofia Municipality.

Sofia is second in Europe in growth of international visitors for


2017 and is among the TOP 5 cities in Europe with the highest

Sofia Investment Agency. PAGE 020


the country. A big share of the investment is directed towards high value-added sectors.

YORDANKA FANDAKOVA MAYOR OF SOFIA "Sofia aims to encourage projects in the fields of R&D, biotech, creative industries, high value-added manufacturing and tech for sustainable development."

Sofia aims to encourage projects in the fields of R&D, biotech, creative industries, high value-added manufacturing and tech for sustainable city development. The city is currently building 4 new industrial zones located in the northern territories, suitable for strategic investors. The technology sector is one of the main engines of the city economy and 90% of the IT companies are located in Sofia. In 2019, fDi Intelligence placed Sofia in the Fintech Locations of the Future ranking. Financial Times declared Sofia an important part of Southeast Europe’s Silicon Valley. Sofia absorbed nearly 1/3 of the total amount of funds, allocated under various Operational Programs. Funds paid out in both program periods on the territory of Sofia amount to BGN 4.151 billion. The average salary in Sofia exceeds the country’s average by 38%, approaching the EU average. Given the concentration of highly educated working-age population, Sofia has the highest employment rate in Bulgaria - 76% for 2018. Furthermore, the

In recent years, Sofia has become a very attractive place to invest. The pace of work we have set brought Sofia to leading positions in both national and international rankings in terms of employment, infrastructure security, quality of life, good education, successful business endeavors and tourist growth. Investors are attracted by Sofia’s location, good connectivity, but most of all, by the qualified and highly-educated population of the city. Sofia provides the highest standard of living in the country. For the past 10 years, Sofia has been one of the European cities with the highest GDP per capita growth. The GDP of the city makes up 40% of the total GDP for Bulgaria. Sofia’s GDP per capita is twice the national average and is gradually approaching the EU average. By the end of 2018, Sofia attracted half of the foreign investments in Bulgaria, totaling EUR 12.4 billion, or EUR 9,800 per resident - three times the average for

city has the lowest unemployment rate in country, 2.1%. The city’s financial stability was affirmed by the Standard and Poor’s international rating agency, which in 2019 once again increased Sofia’s investment rating to BBB, with positive outlook. Sofia







destination. Due to the many systematic investments in the city’s urban environment and cultural sites, Sofia is becoming an increasingly attractive tourist destination. PAGE 021

The key to this success is the unveiling of the cultural and

Availability of financial resources and the strong traditions in

historical heritage in recent years. Sofia was among the five

education are our main strengths that will help us to further

European cities with the highest growth of foreign tourists for

develop a favourable environment for technologies and

the period 2009 – 2017, with an average growth of 9% per

innovation. We owe the achievements in these areas to the


educated and enterprising people of Sofia – they are the city’s most valuable asset. The future of Sofia is to develop as a

Our efforts are focused on implementing innovative solutions

green and innovative city and to transform into a digital

in the city governance and urban development. Sofia is

capital of new markets.

changing and the most important thing is that more and more citizens are taking part in this change. The city develops with a

For more information about investment, doing business and

consistent focus on one strategic priority - the improvement

innovation in Sofia please follow up with these partners:

of the quality of life of its citizens. innovativeSofia In January 2020 we created a new municipal department for


Digitalization, Innovation and Economic Development that


will facilitate the digitalisation and adoption of new

The “Digitalisation, Innovation and Economic Development”

technologies by the Municipality, as well as the process

department of Sofia Municipality was established in 2020 to

of "opening" the city to the technology companies.

support Sofia’s development as a smart, digital, innovative, and technologically advanced city. The new Department will consolidate and guide all of the city’s digital and smart city

"The future of Sofia is to develop as a green and innovative city and to transform into a digital capital of new markets."

projects and will continue to support high-tech and R&D investors in Sofia. It will focus on increasing the number and quality of municipal e-services, open data and smart city projects implementation. investSofia

"Sofia is changing and the most important thing is that more and more citizens are taking part in this change."

Invest Sofia is the investment promotion and business development agency of Sofia. Our mission is to support local and foreign businesses in building their success story in Sofia. Invest Sofia is part of Sofia Municipality. Our services are free of charge. PAGE 022


ISRAEL A UNIQUE INNOVATION ECOSYSTEM Among the 5 best startup ecosystems worldwide The 2nd most innovative nation in the world The world’s 2nd highest R&D expenditure, over 4% GDP 350 global tech leaders launched innovation centers in Israel Developed over 150 programs for startups & over 90 VC funds Over 1,000 exits between 2006-15, with $60 billion in capital



David Hallgren is the Deputy Head of Region Asia-Pacific and

The world has dealt with previous crises including the SARS and

Trade & Invest Commissioner to China for Business Sweden.

Ebola epidemics, the global financial crisis and wars. Nonetheless, the current pandemic is unique in terms of scale,

This second part of the series New Business Landscape

impact and response. Almost every country and industry have

explores recovery scenarios and how decision-makers can

been impacted and the simultaneous disruption of both supply

adapt their thinking.

and demand is unprecedented.

The pandemic will undoubtedly have long-lasting economic

Never before has close to one third of the human population

and social effects and change the direction of the international

experienced lockdowns and curfews nor have governments

business landscape. It is also clear that we are heading toward a

been forced to provide such large stimulus packages or tackle

unique refraction point: some global trends developing before

such rapidly rising levels of unemployment.

the crisis will accelerate, others will abate. THE REFRACTION POINT Although the world is still far away from shaking off the effects

Trends and transformations that were underway before the

of Covid-19, there is no question that ‘recovery’ will not mean

crisis will inevitably change. They will accelerate, slow down or

returning to the previous normality. Now is the time to face the

take a completely new direction. While demand may return to

realities of a pre-pandemic and post-pandemic world.

pre-pandemic levels when restrictions are lifted, or near at least, consumer behaviour is likely to undergo some form of


permanent change.

THE SAME: By the start of the 21st century the world had grown increasingly globalised and interconnected in terms of trade,

Digital solutions such as online shopping and web-based

movement of people, goods, and exchange of ideas. From 2009

education are two trends that have accelerated by several

to 2019 the world’s GDP had grown by more than 60 per cent.

years, in the space of just a few months. The long-term

But as globalisation created more wealth, it also caused

trajectory of other trends such as sustainability is less clear. Will

interdependencies, inherent systemic risks and vulnerability to

green stimulus packages issued in the wake of Covid-19 create


a milestone in the battle against climate change? Or will cashPAGE 024

Continued disruption is likely to bring new challenges that are difficult to predict and more complex than the world has faced before. A good way to navigate this uncertainty and mitigate risks is to adopt scenario planning tailored to every business need.

strapped companies with enough worries about their bottom-line abandon sustainability goals? Managing this uncertainty will be a critical challenge for Swedish companies. Continued disruption is likely to bring new challenges that are difficult to predict and more complex than the world has faced before. A good way to navigate this uncertainty and mitigate risks is to adopt scenario planning tailored to every business need. The scenario approach should also consider a few

Key considerations: How would a protracted crisis impact your

geopolitical questions including the shape of recovery,

key customers and suppliers? Do you have an overview of products

the direction of globalisation and how major regions will

and segments that are showing growth despite the downturn? Do

recover from the crisis. While this article explores the

you have a second phase of cost reduction measures planned

extreme ends of a polarised scale of potential scenarios,


the outcome may very well fall somewhere in between. Scenario: A fast and optimistic recovery WHAT IS THE SHAPE OF THE RECOVERY?

If the pandemic is brought under control during the second half of

Scenario: A long and protracted economic crisis

2020, widespread vaccination is rolled out successfully and if

If widespread vaccination is delayed and new virus

policy responses are effective, the global economy can potentially

outbreaks continue in a series of smaller waves over the

begin to recover before the end of 2020.

next year or two, a long and painful economic crisis is likely.

As the sharp fall in demand is primarily linked to movement restrictions, large parts of the economy can recover quickly when

Continued uncertainty and restrictions would result in

these are permanently lifted. Households would regain confidence

loss of investments and domestic demand, business

and increase spending, and businesses would be more willing to

decline and unemployment – which in turn weakens

invest. This optimistic scenario depends on effective policy

consumer sentiment and creates a downward spiral.


Even with the pandemic under control, ineffective








decisions and actions could hamper economic growth and create highly indebted nations, with no ability to

Restrictions are currently being eased in many of Sweden’s main

make key public investments for the future.

export markets. If new infections remain low, Swedish exports could see some recovery in the autumn.

Given past crises, it may take more than five years before the world economy is back to pre-pandemic levels. Even

Key considerations: How would a fast and optimistic recovery

if Sweden is spared new outbreaks and manages to avoid

impact your business? What new opportunities could arise, and for

lockdowns, demand for Swedish export goods and

which prioritised products and segments? Is your company ready

services abroad could decrease further.

to scale up quickly and allocate resources where most needed? PAGE 025

How would new points of gravity affect your industry and business? What are the geopolitical questions and scenarios you need to understand and plan for in your markets? These scenarios and questions provide a starting point for adapting to the post-Covid-19 world. Last but not least, companies need to consider how their business would be impacted if several scenarios occur at the same time, as this could multiply the effects.


emerging trade agreements, removal of trade tariffs and

Scenario: Protectionist influences lead the way

international collaborations?

If supranational organisations fail to unite and borders remain closed, countries are likely to isolate themselves to ensure


domestic growth and introduce more strict control over

The impact of the crisis will differ greatly across the world’s

foreign investments. This could lead to decoupling,

biggest economies and the final outcome is far from certain.

regionalisation and localisation as well as increased

The US is still combating new outbreaks which, if they

turbulence and trade wars slowing down the recovery.

continue over time, could result in further isolation as the country deals with its domestic recovery. This could result in

Inward-looking policies could be temporary at first but may

less engagement with other world powers. In the opposite

remain in place for years depending on recovery progress. In

scenario, the US will continue to play a large role in global

this scenario we’re likely to see Swedish companies move

affairs and trade and remain an important point of gravity.

manufacturing closer to delivery markets. As for the EU, further fragmentation and discontent among Key considerations: In which markets is your business most

member states due to Covid-19 challenges is a real risk. On

vulnerable against protectionist policies? What risk mitigation

the other hand, effective stimulus packages and a united crisis

measures could you take? Do you have processes in place to

response could spur a willingness to collaborate in order to

monitor and adapt to changing regulations?

speed up the recovery.

Scenario: Pandemic a catalyst for greater collaboration

When it comes to China, the country could get a head start out

If supranational bodies succeed to unite and solve global

of the crisis and gain an advantage in industries that will

challenges, Covid-19 could become a catalyst for more global

shape the future. However, the lack of external demand and

collaboration. Countries would most likely enact interim trade

dependency on foreign markets could delay the recovery and

agreements including removal of tariffs to accelerate trade

lead to an economic crisis.

and get economies back on track. Cross-regional and industrial collaboration will spur sustainable growth and

Key considerations: How would new points of gravity affect

innovation and digital technology will boost exchange of

your industry and business? What are the geopolitical

ideas. Science and research would be more effective, and

questions and scenarios you need to understand and plan for

countries would agree to evenly distribute vaccines. In this

in your markets? These scenarios and questions provide a

scenario, the world economy is expected to recover faster.

starting point for adapting to the post-Covid-19 world. Last but not least, companies need to consider how their business

Countries that rely on global trade flows would benefit from

would be impacted if several scenarios occur at the same

more robust trade agreements and cross-regional integration.

time, as this could multiply the effects.

Sweden would be able to increase exports and expand its role in the global economy.

Business Sweden is commissioned by the Government and the industry to help Swedish companies grow globally and







collaboration impact your business? Could you leverage any

international companies to invest and expand in Sweden. PAGE 026


The open office design grew in popularity over the course of the 20th century, moving from the endless rows of cubicles and desks that characterizes a stereotypical office space. In this time, companies have made a great effort to create more inviting, comfortable workplaces. Modern furniture, warm colors, large open spaces, and plant installations offer a stark contrast to a cubicle farm. These spaces are designed to

center in South Korea. The 11th floor of the call center housed 216

boost worker morale, be ergonomically correct, and create an

employees; 94 of the 216 employees were found positive for

environment of collaboration among employees.

COVID-19 over 16 days. The majority of the infected employees were sitting in close proximity to one another.

As we all know, COVID has completely reshaped how we interact with others in public spaces through social

For companies looking to transform their open office space into a

distancing. And these changes can even be seen in the

more COVID-19 friendly design, Panel Built's modular wall

changes in design and layout for businesses that remained

systems offer a flexible, semi-permanent way to divide up your

open throughout the pandemic. Physical barriers between

exiting office space. With our panelized wall system, Panel Built

patrons and employees, such as manufactured by Panel Built,

can create a fully-custom, personal offices. By completely closing

are being used in grocery stores and fast-food restaurants. As

off the workspace with a Panel Built wall panel system, employees

a communicable disease, these barriers help stop COVID-19

can reduce the exposure to aerosolized COVID-19. These office

droplets from spreading.

systems have been implemented into commercial and educational facilities across the United States and are designed to be quickly

Generally, in an open office environment, employees will not

installed and fit into the office's existing aesthetic.

find themselves more than 6 feet away from one another. Like employees in grocery stores and restaurants, those in an

Unlike a thin, clear Plexiglas shield, Panel Built's wall systems

office environment could wear a face mask. However, with

actually provide all the same advantages that come along with a

employees working 8+ hours a day, many will likely elect to

personal office space. Rather than being stuck behind a plastic

do without it, for better or worse. If these social distancing

sheet that provides no advantages other than being a sneeze

guidelines are not followed, an open office environment

guard, employees can feel comfortable in their own space.

could be at a great risk environment to spread the virus throughout the company. Take for example the case of a call

For more information, please visit: PAGE 027

Alabama is an ideal hub for foreign-based and internationally focused businesses. Located on the Gulf of Mexico, Alabama is a gateway to the rapidly growing markets in Mexico, Central and South America.


Five Foreign Trade Zones (FTZs) and numerous sub zones currently operate in Alabama. Official U.S. Customs Portsof-Entry are located at Birmingham, Mobile and Huntsville








International Airports. Six Alabama banks provide

technologies by making investments in those who’ve

complete international banking services for companies

competitively demonstrated the promise of creating ideas and

located in Alabama and throughout the Southeast.

products with the potential to change the world. In events throughout the state each year, we seek to bolster the state’s

Alabama has an excellent business climate, with a diverse






industry base, a low tax burden, and a robust logistics

entrepreneurs, investors and companies together to make this

infrastructure, including a major seaport on the Gulf of

new generation of economic development a priority.

Mexico. It is recognized as having one of the country’s top training programs (AIDT), which helps contribute to its

Alabama Launchpad, a public-private partnership, is at the

world-class talent and skilled workforce. With our state’s

core of the state’s strategic economic development plan to

exceptional business environment, low cost of living, and

create jobs and revenue through innovation, entrepreneurship,

thriving communities, no wonder Alabama has become

research and development, and commercialization.

such an attractive home for businesses and individuals. From business, to the business of living, Alabama is a win.

Learn more by visiting: PAGE 028



"Airbus is proud to call Mobile, Alabama our industrial home in the U.S. We’re building great things together with the State of Alabama." Jeffrey Knittel Chairman/CEO, Airbus Americas

Thriving Business Climate Alabama is a state that appreciates the contribution of business and industry. Both public and private sectors are committed to helping them succeed. State and local officials work to create a supportive environment that fosters business success through workforce development. That commitment is exemplified by the many world-class companies that have chosen to Win with Alabama. Our numbers speak for us Over 2 million dedicated, reliable and skilled workers. Host to more than 425 foreign-based companies from over 30 nations. 160 metropolitan areas in a 600 mile radius. One of the Healthiest Cost Structures and Business Climates in America #1 Best Business Climate - Business Facilities (2018). #1 State for Manufacturing - Global Trade (2018). “Top State for Doing Business” - Area Development (2018). The Economic Development Partnership of Alabama The EDPA is a private non-profit organization funded by more than 60 Alabama companies, whose mission is to attract and retain world-class talent across a broad spectrum of interests and industries, support and inspire both industry and innovative/emerging companies whether home-grown or transplanted, expand existing businesses, and be the trusted source for data and insights for key economic drivers and stakeholders for Alabama economic development. To find out more about doing business in Alabama please visit the EDPA at: PAGE 029


The effects of COVID-19 on businesses are already

-seat; Mon-Fri could [and I think should] largely disappear if,

unprecedented. It's also going to get worse before it gets

and ONLY if, the lessons learned are taken on board. Every

better. While I am not very good at thinking in 'futuristic'

business is a series of functions, and it should not be of

terms, even I already know that the businesses that manage

primary importance where the person who performs those

to survive will have no choice but to fundamentally

functions is, or even who that person is.

change how they do what they do. Permanently! This is the mistake most organisations make, and while the and

impact of something like COVID-19 has never been part of

electronic communications are the primary keys to

any BCP I've ever seen, we could certainly have extrapolated

their business model that is. Face-to-face stuff (e.g. brick-

and prepared for events like it. Here in London for example, if

and-mortar retail) is a whole other ball game and way

the trains go on strike there is an enormous impact on the

beyond my ken.

daily commute; people take 3 to 4 weeks off in a row on








annual leave; long term power outages at critical locations From tele-working, to business travel / commuting, to

and so on. All of these things, and many more like them, have

the communication and collaboration technologies in use,

all pointed to what is now required but almost universally

the impact of this global phenomenon will be dissected and

absent. But while there are literally hundreds of articles

analysed for decades. The 'old ways' of working; 9-5; bum-on

on how to DO business continuity in the face of COVID-19, PAGE 030

It is my contention that it's the employers who should take the lead in these situations, because even Governments don't have the level of influence over people that employers do. Of course everyone should follow what the Government and reputable experts say in these scenarios (CDC for example), but it's the employers who have the most effective access to, and authority over, the lion's share of the population. They also have the best chance, by far, of heading off the rampant ignorance that leads to wearing a plastic bag over your head and other irretrievably stupid things that we have seen during the pandemic!

they are almost ALL too little too late. It's not the security

the employer's responsibility to keep their workforce both



informed and safe in the face of a pandemic? Tell me, who is

senior leadership team who saw the aspects of security

better placed to do that? The Government? The newspapers?

from incident response onwards as nothing more than a

Your doctor?







paperwork exercise. Or worse, chose to remain ignorant of the It is my contention, and the real point of this article [finally],

right way forward.

that it's the employers who should take the lead in these At its heart, crisis management (and by extension,

situations, because even Governments don't have the level of

business continuity planning) is about four things:

influence over people that employers do. Of course everyone

1. An understanding of the business's individual functions.

should follow what the Government and reputable experts say

2. An understanding of how those functions are performed.

in these scenarios (CDC for example), but it's the employers

3. An understanding of who performs those functions.

who have the most effective access to, and authority over, the

4. Appropriate communication.

lion's share of the population. They also have the best chance, by far, of heading off the rampant ignorance that leads to

In other words, if what you do, and how you do it is known

wearing a plastic bag over your head and other irretrievably

and documented; AND is assigned to the appropriate and

stupid things that that we have seen during the pandemic!

accountable resources... then all you have to worry about is the ongoing communication. Yes, the implementation of

Not convinced? Think about it for a second. In the UK [for

appropriate technology(ies) is relevant, but that should really

example] there are ~66 million people, ~half of whom are

be a one-off exercise plus ongoing maintenance.

gainfully employed by ~2 million employers. If you exclude the public sector and the self-employed, you're left with ~1

Clearly this is not happening. Very few organisations have

million employers with multiple employees. I have long



maintained that our employers have taken over the role of the

their employees what COVID-19 is, what its impact could be,

communities of old (albeit very poorly): Your and your family's

and what to do about it. Almost everything that has happened

very livelihood (read Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs) is largely

to date has been reactive, ad hoc, and ineffective. You may

dependent on them. Even your sense of identity; You spend

think this is a little unfair? You may think that it should not be

more than a third of your working life either at work or getting





PAGE 031



to and from it; A huge chunk of your interpersonal interactions are a result of your place of work (I married an ex-colleague for example (much to her regret)). Virtually everyone has a laptop/desktop, mobile phone, or both. And whether they are work-supplied or personally-owned makes no difference, your employer has direct and personalised access to you. They also have the 'power' to MAKE you listen/read/respond and ACT in accordance with their mandates. Now imagine if your employer implemented [or had access to] a service that provided not only the most up to date information from






relevant resources,


detailed instructions on what each employee should be doing at any given time? Would these millions of people who are now armed against ignorance not significantly 'flatten the curve'? Imagine almost one HALF of the population influencing and protecting the other half, even if it's only against themselves. Bottom line; I believe organisations not only have a responsibility to keep their employees both informed and safe, they should be held accountable for it (up to and including regulation). It is, after all, in everyone’s best interests including the employers themselves. It just makes sense even if you’re mercenary enough to only see this from a financial perspective. Everyone, please stay safe, informed, and help out where you can, even if it's by staying in the house. David Froud David is Director at Core Concept Security. He is a Cybersecurity practitioner specialising in delivering collaborative data security solutions to high-end corporate clients. He is particular focused in Regulatory Compliance, Governance Framework Design, and Secure Payments and Innovation. He has significant international team management and sales support skills. He is an industry speaker, with a track record for simplifying security into terms that can be understood and implemented by anyone. Website: Core Concept Security (CCS) Core Concept Security (CCS) is an independent cybersecurity and data protection consulting practice based in the UK with clients around the world. Website: PAGE 032



TORONTO Annual r&d spend



$1 Billion USD

40,000 Pros

14,000 Companies



No matter how smart machines get, we still need human

for transport and warehousing, which means less energy use.

beings to make the best possible decisions based on the information at hand. And in leading the shift towards a

“While creating an even more relevant offering for our

circular fashion business, H&M Group is committed to ethical

customers, we are reducing the environmental impact of our

and sustainable AI. At H&M Group, we work with AI and

operations,” says Zeighami. “It’s a win-win situation.” Looking

Advanced Analytics to secure an organisation based on

ahead, Zeighami recognises that amplified intelligence will

innovation and optimised business decisions (which in turn

play a significant role in the company’s journey towards a

enable sustainable choices).

circular business model. “I think AI is one of the most powerful tools we have in the transition towards such a fashion sys-

We combine AI and human intelligence into what we call

tem,” he says. “With AI we can make sharper and better

Amplified Intelligence.

decisions that impact our world in a sustainable way.”

Essentially, Arti Zeighami, Head of Advanced Analytics and AI at H&M Group, says: “Amplified Intelligence is the

Leading the transition to a circular system while being a fair

collaboration between machines and humans — between

and equal company is the essence of H&M Group's vision, and

data and gut feeling. We are creating solutions that help our

AI is such a powerful tool, it can enable us to reach our

colleagues make more precise decisions, and enable them to

sustainability goals and realise that vision. But only provided

focus on the most relevant and creative parts of their work.”

that it is used in the right way.

“Amplified Intelligence is the collaboration between machines and humans – between data and gut feeling. We are creating solutions that help our colleagues make more precise decisions, and enable them to focus on the most relevant and creative parts of their work.”

AI is used to amplify our designers’ creativity and our buyers’ decision-making, to boost our manufacturing efficiency, and to help us to align supply and demand. It also helps us to forecast trends accurately, to get the right products into the right stores and provides our customers with the most relevant and customised recommendations and offers. But we need to be careful. As the debate rages on the ethical and social implications of such techniques, H&M Group recognises the pressing need for sustainable and ethical AI. When it comes to decision-making at H&M Group, we are clear on our position. We need to make clever decisions that make a more sustainable impact on the world, driving the shift towards a circular fashion system. Circularity is ultimately about using resources sustainably, one central aspect of this is to produce only what we can sell. This, in turn, limits the need PAGE 035

LEARNING 7DISTANCE MEGA TRENDS HAS BECOME A THAT WILL SHAPE SIGNPOST TO THE OUR FUTURE FUTURE OF EDUCATION The most basic issue is whether distance learning is a reliable, worthy instructional mode of delivery in the first place. The answer is simple. When it is good it is very, very good, and when it is bad it is horrid.

Distance learning has exploded onto the world stage like a firestorm. One second it was the last thing on anyone's mind, and suddenly it was a vivid reality students, parents and educators had to face. The recent COVID-19 epidemic has thrown educational institutions at every level into a desperate and confusing state of affairs. No one was prepared. Schools are in a panic as to how to transition school sites for the coming fall semester. Colleges and universities are uncertain how to re-establish a coherent program that justifies high tuition costs. All of the current dilemmas evolve around the problems and issues of students being credited for course work, teachers finding completely different ways of offering effective instruction, and the leadership redesigning procedures that affect attendance, learning materials, health and food services and an endless list of critical issues. All of the above must be resolved in an environment that promises only one thing, they will be

It is true all teachers teach. However, they do not teach the same

underfunded starting now and well into the future.

levels or the same subjects. There are many modes of instructional delivery and teachers generally have a specific mode in which they

The most basic issue is whether distance learning is a

are experts. Being a wonderful fifth grade instructor or a terrific

reliable, worthy instructional mode of delivery in the first

high school science teacher is not the same as being able to deliver

place. The answer is simple. When it is good it is very,

instruction online. In fairness, this transition cannot happen

very good, and when it is bad it is horrid. Distance

overnight. Extensive training is required, not because one mode is

learning programs are being thrown together. There is a

better than the other, but because it is very, very different. One of

flawed attempt at creating a quasi-classroom program

the greatest problems with the national response has been that

communicated online.

teachers wanting to do the right thing did not have an opportunity to buy into the distance learning approach. Many, if not most,

The hardware is lacking, the software is missing, and the

teachers could certainly master the delivery of distance learning.

understanding of the elements critical to maintaining

Given the circumstances, in approximately 30 days America rallied

high standards is vague or even non-existent for those

and did remarkably well in reaching out to students and their

who have not spent time in preparation.

families. PAGE 036

The COVID-19 crisis will eventually pass and students, their parents, and the public at large will be left with different impressions of what took place during these frantic and painful months. Some institutions will have discovered that online learning offers a great deal as they struggle to cope with their volatile, ambiguous, and complex futures.

Altus Schools, in California, never missed a day. They moved from a blended learning environment to a distance learning delivery overnight. The Altus blended learning model utilizes technology but is focused on the meeting of Altus teachers and students in award winning futuristic facilities. Closing 40 classrooms was painful, but the Altus teachers were trained and certified online instructors. Nationally, school districts tried to achieve this level of performance with little or no preparation. Altus teachers have spent years developing curriculum that engages young people and utilizes technology as a tool to enhance instruction. Our nation's classroom teachers were thrust into this new style of online teaching with limited training and a lack of resources and instructional materials. Altus has spent 27 years mastering the art of online learning. The Charter School of San Diego, an Altus School, is

is that as its influence spreads everyone will be aware that this

the only k-12 school to ever receive the Presidential Malcolm

magical, exciting tool offers an opportunity for students from

Baldrige Award for quality and performance. There is a great

every socio-economic level, residing in all urban and rural

deal to be said about the role this type of instruction will have

communities. They will have a chance to reach out and

in the evolution of public instruction. Done well, distance

experience master teachers opening doors to maths mastery,

learning, supported by deeply committed teachers, can be a

scientific research, real-time language development, live

life changing opportunity for many. This is not a case of

historical settings, and plays and concert performance from

either/or. Learning options are undoubtedly a thing of the

the best. They will meet motivating and exciting speakers and

future. Students have different needs and different plans for

students just like themselves from all over the world.

their future. The greater the array of learning choices that students and their parents have, the better.

At this very moment, engaging students is a major concern to all. Distance learning done well can do that. Given time, and

The COVID-19 crisis will eventually pass and students, their

patience, it is likely that inadvertently this difficult period has

parents, and the public at large will be left with different

created radically new possibilities for educating learners of

impressions of what took place during these frantic and

every age.

painful months. Some institutions will have discovered that online learning offers a great deal as they struggle to cope

Mary Searcy Bixby, M.A., Founder of Altus Schools and widely

with their volatile, ambiguous, and complex futures.

recognized educational leader.

The economics of the times will have devastating effects on

Tom R. Davis, Ed.D., Executive Director of Altus Institute,

the secondary and post-secondary educational experience.

Educational Administrator and Executive Coach.

Smartly done, distance learning will inevitably play a significant role in the future learning of every child. The hope

Website: PAGE 037

There is huge potential for digitization and innovation to add value to society and to contribute to public health, the environment and biodiversity.


A successful digital transformation will involve empowering people to work in new ways,

In my view, these two goals are not mutually exclusive. In fact, I

including reskilling and upskilling.

think there is enormous potential for digitization and innovation to add value to society and to mitigate important

Cross-sector collaboration will play a pivotal role

issues, including public health, our environment and

in allowing us to 'build-back better' from the


current crisis. Reimagining different sectors For some time now, we have been in a new stage of

Technological advances and innovation can play a key role in

transformation where corporations and countries are

helping us reimagine how different sectors, ranging from

focused on equipping themselves with advanced

healthcare, telecommunications to agriculture, can leverage

technologies and new business models in order to stay

technology to make a positive impact in society. For healthcare

relevant and competitive in a fast-changing world. COVID-

providers and public health institutions, outbreaks will

19 has presented one of the most formidable challenges

continue to be a threat but it is possible to mitigate the impact

in recent history to governments, businesses, and society.

of outbreaks by harnessing big data and AI to predict and

Many consider it to be the ultimate tipping point for the

forecast epidemics, as well as to source medical supplies.

21st-century. The pandemic is a wake-up call for

There are promising examples where big data and the insights

companies to have a plan to deal with disruptions to

they provide have improved epidemic readiness and tracking.

ensure business continuity. It is also a watershed moment that will signal the fast-track acceleration process for

In Thailand, via the Digital Council of Thailand (DCT), C.P.

digitization throughout society.

Group and True Corporation is working alongside some other PAGE 038

"The digital transformation is as much about transforming business processes as it is about empowering people to work in new ways. A key priority for us at C.P. Group is thus to prepare our workforce for the future and enable them to adapt to the new realities of the world and the industries in which we operate."

Council members to launch digital platforms and applications

For example, we have seen how satellite systems can help

to help source medical supply donations as well as to track,

farmers better locate suitable arable land for farming, how the

trace and contain the spread of COVID-19. We have also been

Internet of Things (IoT) allows irrigation systems to better

working with HG Robotics to deploy robotic solutions at 41

manage water utilization, and how blockchain brings

hospitals around the country to enhance communications

transparency into supply chains by enabling buyers and sellers

between medical professionals and patients under quarantine.

to trace agricultural goods throughout the production process.

Each robot can help reduce actual physical contact by up to 70 cases per day.

Continuous R&D in satellite technology, biotechnology, nanotech and robotics has also shown that technology, when

A key element to business continuity and economic resilience

properly deployed, can have an enormous impact on helping

in this crisis is telecom and network providers maintaining

us to better understand animal diseases and the life cycle of

bandwidth for consumers and businesses. There is enormous

commodities to ensure that farms are more productive and

potential for tech to help connect people during lock-down


periods, and the shift to remote working and e-learning will likely extend beyond the COVID-19 pandemic. Collaboration

Upskilling, reskilling, and training the workforce

with governments, financial institutions, and regulatory bodies

The digital transformation is as much about transforming

will be necessary to build the right digital infrastructure to

business processes as it is about empowering people to work in

serve society.

new ways. A key priority for us at C.P. Group is thus to prepare our workforce for the future and enable them to adapt to the

In the area of food supply chains and retail, integrating

new realities of the world and the industries in which we

breakthrough tech into agribusiness, farming and e-commerce

operate. This includes providing training and reskilling

will help bring more transparency and traceability into value

opportunities for our employees, and actively involving all

chains to serve customers and society in a more responsible

business units to ensure our company from top to bottom is

and sustainable way.

driven by innovation and digital upgrades. PAGE 039



This is particularly relevant for Southeast Asia, which is now in a golden era for tech start-up growth as people’s livelihoods improve. The internet economy in Southeast Asia will reach US$100 billion this year and triple to US$300 billion by 2025, according to a report jointly issued by Google, Temasek Holdings and Bain Capital. From 2015 to 2019, the online population in the region surged from 260 million to 360 million, of which about 90% use mobile internet. Providing a supportive ecosystem for start-ups is hence incredibly important to encourage more entrepreneurship and innovation in the region. This involves providing entrepreneurs with incubation programmes as well as support in terms of funding, skills development, and exposure to business networks. This was what motivated us to set up Southeast Asia’s largest start-up ecosystem, True Digital Park, focused on creating an environment that encourages connectivity and knowledge-sharing. Public-private partnerships Upgrading the infrastructure around digital and innovation is critical for business continuity and for our future society to thrive, but it cannot be achieved by the action of one company or country alone and it requires global public-private partnerships. As we tackle COVID-19 together, many technology companies are already taking action to directly support the healthcare industry, preserve jobs and safeguard their own workforces and communities, among many other notable efforts. While the private sector will need to plan how they can use technology to stay agile and resilient, companies also need to work closely with governments and international agencies like the World Economic Forum to develop a set of global norms and broad-based policy frameworks to support the transition to a 4.0 world. We will continue to raise the awareness of this through our current partnerships such as United Nations Global Compact and Global Compact Network Thailand to galvanize more publicprivate partnerships in this area. By harnessing the potential that exists in cross-sector stakeholders collaborating with each other, there is a real chance to radically rethink value chains to make sure a digitized, connected world will facilitate society as we “build back better” from the current crisis. Written by Suphachai Chearavanont, CEO, CP Group. PAGE 040

The Empowering Tomorrow Together initiative brings together all sustainability and CSR initiatives of the company under one umbrella and aims to build synergies, optimize resources, and maximize the impact of the Cyient Foundation outreach programs.


Cyient, a global engineering and technology solutions company, has announced the launch of its Empowering

Speaking on the announcement, Mr. BVR Mohan Reddy,

Tomorrow Together initiative. This move consolidates

Executive Chairman and Founder, Cyient, said, "At Cyient, we

Cyient's position as a purpose-driven brand and will

believe that the true measure of progress for an organization is

expand the impact of the Cyient Foundation's outreach

the positive impact it has on the society and community within

programs by leveraging synergies, optimizing resources,

which it exists. For the last 18 years, the Cyient Foundation has

and ensuring maximum impact across all sustainability

pursued long-term sustainable community development by

and CSR focus areas.

providing high-quality education and healthcare programs and driving environment-focused projects. By bringing all our

Aligned with Cyient's corporate brand promise of

initiatives under the 'Empowering Tomorrow Together' credo,

'Designing Tomorrow Together,' this program is rooted in

we hope to expand our potential to create impact and truly

the need to build lasting relationships and empowering

empower local communities by touching more lives in the days


and years to come."






Tomorrow Together will cover activities under four focus areas: education, digital literacy, social innovation, and

Cyient is a global engineering and technology solutions

community development.

company. For more information, visit: PAGE 041

stop source” that provides payment solutions in accordance with the latest innovations and international security standards in the three lines of

MAHER MIKATI CEO - AREEBA, SAL. areeba is the leader in electronic payment in Lebanon. A financial technology company that takes businesses further, providing smarter, faster and seamless payment solutions for banks, merchants, governments and individuals.

business we cater for: Issuing: card management, mobile and contactless payment,




programs, and marketing consultancy services. Acquiring: in e-commerce, POS, tokenization, contactless and mobile payment. Loyalty Program Management:



mileage program, airtime program, cash back program. areeba partners with technology leaders like Visa, American Express, Gemalto, Zwipe, and Magic






spectrum from solutions for micro-merchants to fingerprint identification. How do you decide what innovations to add to your portfolio? Innovation and Customer Centricity are the main parts of our values, which involves supporting nontraditional payment solutions and optimizing the user experience by creating seamless payment solutions. This is mainly what drove us to launch the first biometric payment card (chip- and contactless-enabled) in the Middle East, in partnership with Gemalto and Zwipe, and which aims at using the fingerprint recognition as a more convenient and secure alternative to PIN or signature, to authenticate the cardholder during a transaction. Also, our partnership with MagicCube will enable us to launch the SoftPos application Maher Mikati is the CEO of areeba, the largest issuer and acquirer in

that will be providing a cost-efficient card and

Lebanon with an issuing presence in Egypt, Jordan and Iraq. We discuss

mobile payment acceptance solution for all micro

electronic payment in Lebanon, leadership and his predictions for the

merchants, enabling them to accept contactless

fully-digitised Middle East region.

payments directly via their Android smartphones and increase their sales by embracing digital

areeba has a suite of solutions that span acquiring, issuing and loyalty


for banks, merchants and governments. How does this joining-up of solution areas benefit your customers?

What are areeba’s competitive advantages?

At areeba, we invest in state-of-the-art payment technologies, which

Two main factors that make areeba a prominent

enables us to offer banks, merchants, governments, and individuals

competitor on the market:

smarter, faster, and seamless payment solutions, in order to facilitate

Technology and infrastructure: areeba provides

cashless payments in the MENA region. We like to position areeba as a "one-

a full suite of technology-enabled payments PAGE 042

(Technology and infrastructure contd) solutions through a well-invested, highly secure and scalable infrastructure that is designed for customers of varying levels of size and complexity and across multiple channels. Innovation: at areeba, we embrace the current fast-paced

"areeba’s vision is to empower a cashless world; and our mission and aim is to provide an efficient clearinghouse that processes secured transactions for financial institutions, governments, merchants and individuals, locally and regionally."

technological revolution and rapidly evolving trends, to ultimately offer our customers a unique range of

Quality: Providing high-value products and services and

innovative payment services. We are focused on helping

employing the best practices to ensure customer

our clients solve their business challenges by providing


them with the most innovative solutions to meet their

Expertise: Working with a comprehensive team of

business needs.

seasoned professionals with a clear vision on future payment trends.

Share with us some of areeba’s values and its mission.

Integrity: Conducting business with the highest standards

areeba’s vision is to empower a cashless world; and our

of professionalism and ethics to build a solid foundation

mission and aim is to provide an efficient clearinghouse that

with our clients.

processes secured transactions for financial institutions,

Collaboration: Working with partners to introduce new

governments, merchants and individuals, locally and


regionally. We achieve both our vision and mission by leaning on our main cores values which are:

Tell us about your background and career highlights.

Innovation: Integrating solutions to support non-

I am the Chief Executive Officer of areeba SAL which I founded

traditional payment flows.

in March 2017, and turned into one of the leading financial and

Trust: Relentlessly enhancing the security of transactions.

payment technology companies in the region with the aim to PAGE 043







Previously as an Executive Director at Investcom Holding, I managed and oversaw all new business ventures in the EMEA region. Later, as the Managing Director of areeba Cyprus Ltd. (Investcom’s telecom operator in Cyprus), I actively led the complete rollout of the first private mobile operator in the country. Currently, I am a member of M1 Group’s Investment Committee, in addition to being responsible for its investments in fashion, retail and aviation. I am a board member of Growthgate Capital and Pepe Jeans Group. I am also the director of the Mikati Foundation, and have been a member of the AUB Board of Trustees since 2014. I am currently Deputy CEO of M1 Group and CEO of M1 Fashion. Tell us about your approach to leadership; how do you ensure consistent delivery of excellence by your teams at areeba? areeba has implemented since 2018 the agile methodology within the company, as a better way for the teams to consistently deliver excellence in our products and services. Its goal is to develop, deliver, and sustain complex products through collaboration, accountability, and iterative progress. This methodology has significantly enhanced cross departmental collaboration and broken down team silos, and it has led to an efficient utilization of resources. It has allowed the teams to continuously improve their results with fast and effective time to market, all the while focusing on customers. A report by Boston Consulting Group (BCG) found that switching to digital payments can boost annual GDP by as much as 3%. What initiatives are in place in Lebanon to change payment habits across the country? A recent study we carried out showed that 90% of credit card usage was centered in Beirut, while people outside the capital did not use their cards much and a lot of businesses did not own POS machines. We took it upon ourselves to spread the e-payment culture across all Lebanese regions by launching in the last quarter of 2018 a unique regional initiative in Lebanon, aiming at educating both the merchants and the consumers in regions outside of the capital to shift from cash to paying with cards and PAGE 044

mobiles. The campaign instantly showed positive results, and

According to a 2019 GSMA report, 30% of the Middle East

merchants who installed an areeba POS quickly noticed an

region’s population are young people with a mobile

enhancement in their sales, better customer experience, and a

penetration rate of 64%. How is areeba serving them?

decrease in the operational cost resulting from less cash

We have definitely detected a prominent spending trend


among young Lebanese today who clearly prefer alternative methods of payment to cash, even for small daily purchases.

What role do you see advancements in blockchain and AI

We understand that the younger generation has grown up

contributing to your technology in the coming years?

with mobile technology at their fingertips and for many of

Today many industries around the globe from banks to

them cash is an outdated concept. Under this umbrella, we

fintech companies are experimenting with blockchain-based

will be launching soon a mobile payment app in order to cater

payment solutions, because it promises to facilitate fast,

for this demographic and provide them with a convenient

secure, low-cost international payment processing services

payment tool bundled with financial services and value added

and other transactions. I believe blockchain may become a


game-changer for payment-related services but despite its potential benefits this may take time to become widespread.

In some countries, the COVID-19 crisis has been a catalyst

Artificial intelligence is steadily making its way through the

for adopting and promoting cashless payment for contact-

payments and financial services world. The technology's

less experience. How has this played out in Lebanon?

effectiveness for fraud detection is clear, but there are other

Fears over virus transmission have pushed Lebanese

areas where AI is being implemented successfully, such as:

cardholders to rethink how they shop and pay, we have even

chatbot, consumer behavior scoring, dynamic 3D secure,

witnessed an increase in contactless transactions and a surge

predictive analysis, etc.

in online shopping as consumers starting turning to digital PAGE 045

AREEBA, SAL tools even to purchase the basic items such as groceries. areeba was the first payment provider in Lebanon to implement the limit increase for contactless payments through its POS network, in order to reduce cash handling and limit the risk of infection. Tell us about the financial relief measures by areeba to support merchants during the COVID-19 outbreak. The impact of COVID 19 on business owners in Lebanon was high as they already faced tremendous pressure on their business revenue. We wanted to offer support and help them in the ways we can, not just financially but morally as well. As a matter of fact, we have waived the monthly rental fee of its POS machines from 1 April 2020 until the end of 2020, and committed to also offer free installation with no monthly rental fee to all our current and new clients. This initiative includes more than 14,000 POS terminals across all our merchants in Lebanon, from different business lines: retail shops, coffee shops, restaurants and grocery shops. Do regional regulatory guidelines in the Middle East need improvement to keep up with innovation? We do believe that there is room for advancement and improvement when it comes to the regional regulatory guidelines in the Middle East. New regulations need to be put in place in order to push people into a cashless economy, which is essential for fraud prevention. Digital onboarding and digital wallet are for example two services that need to be implemented and regulated in that sense. Tell us about social responsibility at areeba. We launched the platform as part of our corporate social responsibility strategy, with the aim to support our country during difficult times by providing a digitized space that enables donors to help the Lebanese NGOs and healthcare organizations of their choice. This platform allows NGOs and healthcare organizations to share their mission and be exposed without any fee, and in turn, donors can choose the cause they would like to support and donate to. areeba’s role will be to process all online donations using the latest online payment security features free of charge. Find out more about areeba by visiting PAGE 046


REINVENTING PROGRESS - SUSTAINABLE MANUFACTURING Of all the changes the COVID-19 pandemic has forced the world to make, reducing sustainability objectives should not be one. On the contrary, in order to truly fight the root causes of the pandemic, the world has to accelerate towards more sustainable goals. Solvay, fully aware that caring for people and planet is the only way out of the current and future crises, remains committed to its climate, resources and better life targets as recently


outlined in its One Planet sustainability plan, a series of strong commitments to curb our negative impacts and enhance our positive ones. Striving for sustainability isn’t an effort that should only be made when everything is going well, when there is sufficient prosperity to support those efforts. Instead, making some fundamental changes to our economic, industrial, financial and commercial systems and behaviors now appears even more clearly as a crucial necessity; even when the economy is crumbling - and actually because it is crumbling. “I believe that a new world will emerge after the crisis,” says Solvay CEO Ilham Kadri. “A world that is more circular and sober, with more transparency, diversity, and inclusiveness - it will be a world that is more vigilant about its impact across supply chains and ecosystems as a whole. All this will demand a more socially responsible capitalism.” Committed to encouraging the advent of this new breed of capitalism, Solvay is engaged in a wide range of long-term actions that save resources, care for the environment, promote sustainable industrial practices and limit our climate impact, all while conducting business and even continuing to grow it. We don’t see sustainability as an obstacle to business, but as a business objective. THE PROTECTION OF BIODIVERSITY Solvay aims to lead the way in biodiversity protection, a seemingly simple concept, but in reality a highly complex thing to achieve. We have set quantified targets to reduce the pressures our activities apply on biodiversity, namely climate change, freshwater eutrophication, marine ecotoxicity and soil acidification. Our objective is to reduce these by 30% by 2030, which makes Solvay a pioneer in this field. PAGE 048

'Striving for sustainability isn’t an effort that should only be made when everything is going well, when there is sufficient prosperity to support those efforts. Instead, making some fundamental changes to our economic, industrial, financial and commercial systems and behaviors now appears even more clearly as a crucial necessity; even when the economy is crumbling - and actually because it is crumbling.'

PAGE 049


recycling it more, we will reduce our freshwater intake by 25%

A few years back, one of the world’s largest and most well-

by 2030 (compared to 2018).

known personal electronic device manufacturers requested its suppliers to power themselves with renewable energy.

Currently, Solvay’s total yearly emissions of greenhouse gases

Solvay is among these suppliers, and since this demand

are roughly 12 million tons of CO2 equivalent. Two-thirds of

aligned perfectly with our own sustainability objectives, it

those are due to energy (mostly burning fossil fuels to power

helped us accelerate our green electricity projects.

our plants), and one-third to processes (emissions of gas that occur when we manufacture products). This simple


proportion alone is enough to understand that energy

An important part of our sustainability objectives is of course

transition projects are a key lever to pull in order to reach the

limiting our climate impact. Solvay will reduce its greenhouse

Group’s climate ambitions - in addition to the strong

gas emissions by 26% by 2030 (compared to 2018), as

improvements (already made and in progress) for significantly

announced in our Solvay One Planet plan. This means

reducing emissions from manufacturing processes.

accelerating the switch to renewable energy through numerous green power projects, but also tracking every possible action to reduce the process emissions generated by our manufacturing plants. CIRCULAR: A BUSINESS MODEL TO PRESERVE RESOURCES Solvay also aims to reduce its environmental footprint when it comes to natural resources. By developing circular business models (making products from recycled/re-used materials instead of extracting them from the environment) and bio-

"I believe that a new world will emerge after the crisis. A world that is more circular and sober, with more transparency, diversity, and inclusiveness." Solvay CEO Iham Kadri

based products (replacing fossil and mineral resources with vegetable, renewable ones), we are reducing our impact and

Solvay is a science company whose technologies bring

that of our customers in domains ranging from personal care

benefits to many aspects of daily life. Our purpose—we bond

to electronic devices, for the good of all.

people, ideas and elements to reinvent progress—is a call to go beyond, to reinvent future forms of progress and create


sustainable shared value for all through the power of

Water preservation is a crucial issue that is only going to

science. In a world facing an ever-growing population and

become increasingly important as hydric stress rises around

quest for resources, we aim to be the driving force triggering

the world. Solvay has started implementing programs that

the next breakthroughs to enable humanity to advance while

will lead to substantially reducing the quantity of water we

protecting the planet we all share.

consume. By being more efficient in the way we use water and

For more information, please visit: PAGE 050



The City of Innovation and your Gateway to Latin America

ANDREW YANG CEO - AUTHENTICITI Authenticiti is a supply chain data platform for manufacturers, powered by blockchain. It overlays on existing systems of records to aggregate critical order-to-cash data into a single source of truth.

Tell us about some of the problems and losses companies can overcome with your solutions. We are taking out the supply chain complexities by creating a real-time data platform powered by blockchain, that connects data siloes from legacy applications, supplier portals and/or documents such as PDF & emails, to a standard format for easy secure data sharing. What industries have the greatest need and potential for Authenticiti's solutions? Data sprawl has been the enemy of supply chain innovation across manufacturers worldwide, but specially in aerospace, automotive and industrial manufacturing. For decades there has been considerable efforts to better manage supply chains, and with applications deployed for specific needs, most supply chain infrastructures today are a labyrinth of data, tools and processes. This complex environment is riddled with manual steps sprawled across departments. Authenticiti is a blockchain-based supply chain integration platform that overlays on top of existing systems of records to aggregate critical supply chain data into a single user-friendly interface without replacing current systems. The solution provides real-time asset tracking visibility, secure exchange and validation of documents and reconciliation





manufacturers and its partners. Andrew Yang is the CEO of Authenticiti. Founded in 2016, Authenticiti

What are some of the unique advantages your

has helped companies across different industries such as aerospace,

solutions offer above other options?

manufacturing, mining and insurance, with operational advancements

The Authenticiti proposition is straight-forward and

and millions in savings annually. The company is headquartered in San

compelling. Our platform is an overlay that works

Francisco with an engineering office in Toronto, Canada.






infrastructures. The advantage of this approach is Please tell us about Authenticiti.

that users gain visibility and control, regardless of

We provide solutions to effectively connect and manage next-generation

their backend ERP, logistics or accounting system.

supply chains. Authenticiti is a technology provider that enables companies

The Authenticiti Advantage:

to innovate and gain real-time supply chain visibility in a complex,

Rapid Deployment: The entire platform is packaged

demanding, and highly competitive market. Authenticiti platform is the

in a lightweight Docker Container allowing quick

single-source-of-verifiable-truth for supply chain management, connecting

deployment to a public, on-premise or hybrid cloud

data from siloes systems in real-time.

in hours, not days or weeks. PAGE 052

Robotic Process Automation: Automate data extraction of

"I co-founded Authenticiti with the vision to build a platform that changes the way companies manage their supply chain."

related fields from siloed applications, documents and emails into a single user-friendly interface dashboard. Streamline complex task of mapping duplicate fields between siloed enterprise systems. Distributed Encryption: Key sharding encryption combined with blockchain infrastructure for highly secure, federated

improve the operations. I am also an international speaker on

data sharing.

blockchain innovation and have worked with clients around

Smart Contracts: No-code needed configurable smart

the world on their operational transformation.

contracts, that convert manual workflows to automated

transactions based on predetermined actions and triggers.

Authenticiti recently secured additional funding, tell us

Map user identity authorization to enable permissioned data-

what we can expect to see from you.

sharing across multiple parties.

The added investment will allow Authenticiti to expand its operations and continue innovating the platform, its products

Tell us a bit about your professional background?

and the technology.

I co-founded Authenticiti with the vision to build an overlay platform that changes the way companies manage their

Authenticiti has worked with companies like Lockheed

supply chain. I am a former entrepreneur-in-residence at GE

Martin, GE, Daher and Zebra. How have these experiences

Ventures, and the Alchemist Accelerator in San Francisco.

helped to shape your offering and strategy?

I wanted to focus on removing the inefficiencies that cause

We uncover common challenges amongst manufacturing


companies related to lack of visibility across their supply chain







technology such as blockchain and advanced analytics to help

operations. In most cases, critical supply chain data is heavily PAGE 053


siloed among multiple ERP systems and track and trace applications causing a lack of visibility among production, manufacturing and logistics teams. Many use excel spreadsheets with reconciled data, email and limited EDI connectors to share information among key stakeholders within their company and with their external supply chain partners (suppliers/carriers/end-customers). We learned that this can cause problems such as extended DSO, overproduction of inventory, rejection of shipments because of missing parts, challenges with order & invoice reconciliation and much more. Authenticiti helps manufacturers integrate with their existing legacy applications and unite all critical supply chain data into a single source of truth and the ability to: - Track individual parts in real-time from production to delivery. - Create unique identifiers for parts and digitize quality assurance documents associated with them. - Leverage supply chain data to trigger real-time alerts for key stakeholders. - Create smart contracts that enable automatic and digital invoicing upon delivery of the shipments. - Eliminate the use of EDI connectors and spreadsheets to share information. - Create an end-to-end data audit trail stored on a blockchain database to resolve any disputes related to purchase order obligations or SLAs. Tell us about your plans to bring Authenticiti to international markets? Authenticiti has customers in the Americas and Europe but the plan is to scale capacity and accessibility to additional countries and regions as our journey to transform supply chains around the world continues. How do you develop and improve your leadership abilities while leading an exciting startup? As the company scales, having a culture that is inclusive and fosters growth is a big priority. Establishing a set of company’s values that help build the culture and future of Authenticiti: Ambition & humility / Accountability & ownership / Help others succeed / Plan, do, learn, improve. PAGE 054

How would you describe your particular approach to leadership? Inspired by leadership that balances relentless professional will with genuine personal humility, I am building a company that fosters innovation through proven methodology, discipline and cutting-edge technology. About Authenticiti Authenticiti is a supply chain data platform for manufacturers, powered by blockchain. It overlays on top of existing systems of records to aggregate critical order-to-cash data into a single source of truth without replacing your current systems. With Authenticiti you can eliminate data siloes, gain real-time visibility and streamline the supply chain processes, automate manual reconciliation, reduce lead-time, prevent SLA disputes and ultimately save millions in factoring costs.

"We uncover common challenges amongst manufacturing companies related to lack of visibility across their supply chain operations. In most cases, critical supply chain data is heavily siloed among multiple ERP systems and track and trace applications causing a lack of visibility among production, manufacturing and logistics teams... Our platform helps manufacturers integrate with their existing legacy applications and unite all critical supply chain data into a single source of truth."

For more information, please visit: PAGE 055


Porsche Design has presented a revolutionary custom-built

chronographs all originate from automotive production,"

Timepieces concept that allows Porsche and watch

says Jan Becker, CEO of Porsche Design Group. The custom-

enthusiasts to design their own chronograph perfectly

built timepieces can be configured online and ordered through

tailored to their liking for the first time.

participating Porsche dealerships.

It took nearly six years since the foundation of Porsche Design


Timepieces AG in Solothurn, Switzerland, to bring this highly

The menu navigation and overall design of the new watch

multifaceted project to life. The web-based watch configurator,

configurator are based on the well-established Porsche car

which is based on the well-known Porsche car configurator,

configurator. Just like the Porsche 911 range, the watch is


digitally visualized down to the smallest detail to provide







configurations to create a one-of-a-kind timepiece.

customers with a realistic depiction of their dream timepiece. "The rendering model is based on CAD data from our designers

"No other car manufacturer or watch brand currently offers

at Studio F. A. Porsche in Zell am See and our engineers in

such a customizable and exclusive program of this kind. The

Solothurn," says Rolf Bergmann, Managing Director of Porsche

colors, types of leather and decorative fine-stitching on these

Design Timepieces AG. The features, including the pricing for PAGE 056

"No other car manufacturer or watch brand currently offers such a customizable and exclusive program of this kind. The colors, types of leather and decorative stitching on these chronographs all originate from automotive production," Jan Becker, CEO of Porsche Design Group.

each respective configuration, are displayed in real time. A basic custom-built Timepiece starts at $6,000 USD and, depending








to $12,500 and includes up to three additional leather straps. Orders are placed exclusively through Porsche dealers and delivery will take eight to 12 weeks. THE CASE - A FUTURE CLASSIC The first step in the virtual timepiece configurator is to select the 42mm case. The customer can choose between a glass bead-blasted natural titanium case and a black titanium case coated in titanium carbide via PVD. "Titanium and blackcoated titanium cases are what Porsche Design timepieces have become known for. This originated with the designer of the Porsche 911, Ferdinand Alexander Porsche and we will never change anything about it," Bergmann continues. The legendary design by F. A. Porsche has found its contemporary interpretation in the cases of the custom-built chronographs

Porsche car. Porsche Design is also offering the original

that are based on the Chronotimer Series 1.

Porsche color palette. The rotor on the new watches correspond to a 1:22 scaled-down version of the original rim,


adapted to the geometry of the timepiece. They are crafted

With the launch of the Porsche Design custom-built

with a level of precision down to five thousandths of a

Timepieces program, the new in-house caliber WERK 01.100

millimeter. The Porsche Crest, which measures around 50mm

with 48 hours of power reserve enters series production for

on a vehicle rim, is a mere 3.3mm wide and 4.4mm high on the

the first time. The highlight of this COSC-certified movement is

winding rotor cover. Nevertheless, the Porsche Crest still

the customizable winding rotor, featuring the wheel designs

remains clearly visible to the naked eye.

of the latest-generation Porsche 911. For the first time ever, Porsche Design is offering a timepiece with a completely


customizable movement component. "We put an enormous

The enormous amount of work put into this program is most

amount of work into checking all of the variants in advance

apparent in the metal and leather watchbands, which are

but that is precisely the level of attention to detail that our

available in three sizes. Pop-up menus in the configurator

customers expect from us," Rolf Bergmann, Managing Director

make selections easy. The metal bracelets are made of skin-

Porsche Design Timepieces AG, explains. From the classic 911

friendly titanium and all versions feature individually

Carrera rim, including the two-tone Porsche Crest in the

screwed-down links. Like the case variants, they are available

center of the rotor, to the 911 Carrera Exclusive Design wheel

in glass bead-blasted natural titanium or black-coated

version with a gold badge at its center, there are six different

titanium carbide. Additionally, there are two different closing

rotor types to choose from. The color on the rotor edge can

mechanisms to choose from: a butterfly clasp with lateral

also be customized, just like the outer edges of the wheels of a

buttons or seven-step fine adjustment. PAGE 057

All leather straps are crafted from the same hides used for Porsche automobile interiors and come in the 14 official interior color options of the Porsche 911. The leather wristbands come with a butterfly clasp as well as side buttons for quick and easy release. For the stitching on the strap, 19 different colors of genuine Porsche yarn are available, meaning that there are up to 300 different possible configurations. Two additional bracelets can be designed and purchased per order and the configurator's full range of options remains available for this selection. The new quick-change side button system makes it easy to change them without the use of any tools. CUSTOM-BUILT DIAL AND BEZEL

“When the company was founded in Switzerland in 2014, it was already clear that we wanted to execute a custombuilt timepieces project, which was then known as the Porsche Design Club Watch Concept,” Gerhard J. Novak General Manager Porsche Design Timepieces.

The dial is personalized via inlaid colored rings, featuring minute markers in the style of the design-defining classic PAGE 058

PORSCHE DESIGN speedometer developed by F. A. Porsche. There are 27 Porsche 911 exterior and interior colors to choose from. Even the hands can be personalized, with the customer able to choose either classic Essence in black or sporty Performance hands in matte-white with red tips. The watch's bezel can also feature either traditional minute markers or a tachymeter for tracking speed or distance. CUSTOM LASER ENGRAVING - THE FINAL TOUCH Upon request, each Porsche Design custom-built Timepiece can be individualized with laser engraving on the back of the case, enhancing each timepiece with the ultimate in personal touches. This supplementary engraving can also be applied to the watch box, which is exclusive to the new watches. Additionally, the corresponding car visuals can be requested for the emblem on the timepieces' box. The fonts and lettering featured on the rear of the customer's car can be applied as well. Alternatively, the customer has the option to select a graphic logo, such as the current 911 Carrera flyline. PORSCHE DESIGN Porsche Design is the exclusive lifestyle brand that stands for a unique symbiosis of puristic design and exceptional function in the area of accessories, sportswear and fashion - the life companion for individualists. In 1963, Professor Ferdinand Alexander Porsche created one of the most iconic design objects in contemporary history: the Porsche 911. Following his vision to take the principles and myth of Porsche beyond the automotive world, he created the exclusive lifestyle brand Porsche Design in 1972. His philosophy and design language can still be seen in all Porsche Design products today. Every Porsche Design product stands for extraordinary precision and perfection, boasts a high level of technological innovation, and seamlessly combines intelligent functionality and puristic design. Created by Studio F. A. Porsche in Austria, our products are sold worldwide in over 130 Porsche Design stores, high-end department stores, exclusive specialist retailers, and the official online store: PAGE 059

With a heritage of producing the highest quality products, TUMI, the leading international travel and lifestyle brand, takes the next step in its mission to protect what matters. TUMI is committed to minimizing its impact on the planet by designing for durability and introducing sustainable materials with the launch of Merge, the brand's first travel collection made with recycled materials, as well as select


styles within the Alpha Bravo and Devoe collections. These new products give consumers the option to make a positive choice for the planet without compromising style

TUMI is dedicated to building a more sustainable future and

or quality.

has created a program that underscores the importance of sustainability throughout every aspect of its business. It

"When the time is right for travelers to embark on their

focuses on:

next journey, our promise is to protect not only their

Innovative Products, by designing products that are built

treasured personal items, but also the world they travel to

to last and adopting recycled materials, TUMI has diverted

see," says Victor Sanz, TUMI's Creative Director. "The TUMI

more than 980,000 plastic bottles from landfills.

brand is innovative by nature, but we are sustainable by

Carbon Action, working to reduce carbon intensity by 15%

choice. And as such, we are committed to designing

and transition to 100% renewable energy by 2025.

innovative products and manufacturing processes that

Thriving Supply Chain, requiring suppliers to meet TUMI's

take care of our planet, while ensuring that our people are

standards of fair and responsible business.

treated with respect and care."

People Focused, providing the global TUMI team with safe PAGE 060



working environments and offering the best opportunities, culture and support. Diversity & Inclusion is a key pillar of the brand's sustainability pledge. TUMI's journey is powered by people. Their passion and dedication make them the brand's greatest asset. As a peoplefocused business, TUMI provides meaningful opportunities for all employees by investing in their success and creating a supportive working environment. Making a positive impact on communities both near and far is a key part of TUMI's sustainability efforts. By working with exceptional charity partners, TUMI strives to make tough journeys lead to better places in order to create lasting and sustainable change globally. "We are continually on a journey, growing our business and ensuring we work with integrity every step of the way," says Jean DeCicco, General Manager TUMI North America. "Being with the company for more than ten years, I've seen firsthand the positive evolution we've gone through, and I'm thrilled to continue leading forward with targeted action. As a brand, we believe we have a responsibility to the world beyond the products we sell, most importantly to our people and our planet." TUMI's commitment to longevity has been a part of the brand's DNA since the very beginning. With a focus on the full lifespan of the product after it is sold, sustainability doesn't stop at utilizing recycled materials. Because value is more important than ever, TUMI purposefully engineers reparability into product design, creating bags that can be carried for even longer. Additionally, an extensive global repair network helps to ensure that TUMI bags stay on the road, further minimizing impact on landfills. "We design and test all our materials relentlessly for durability and remain committed to the highest quality," says Christine Riley Miller, Director of Sustainability. "As part of our sustainability program, TUMI will continue to make changes across our business to minimize our impact on climate change. The robust performance of recycled PET alone – meeting all of our 30 rigorous tests – enables us to use responsible materials with no compromise for our customers and uphold our commitment to protecting the planet we love to travel." PAGE 061

TUMI's Spring 2020 products made with recycled materials have alone diverted more than 395,000 plastic bottles from landfills. Since 1975, TUMI has been creating world-class business and travel essentials, designed to upgrade, uncomplicate, and beautify all aspects of life on the move.

Sustainable Products

Alpha Bravo Styles, made with recycled materials

TUMI's lightweight yet durable Merge collection, as well as

Body Fabric: post-industrial recycled nylon

select styles from rugged yet refined Alpha Bravo, and

Lining: post-consumer rPET

architecturally designed Devoe, feature materials that reflect

Bottles diverted on initial production: 172,800

the brand's ethos of longevity while giving unwanted plastics a second life. TUMI's Spring 2020 products made with recycled

Devoe Styles, made with recycled materials

materials have alone diverted more than 395,000 plastic

Body Fabric: post-industrial recycled nylon

bottles from landfills.

Lining: post-consumer rPET Bottles diverted on initial production: 8,600

Merge's recycled PET lining uses plastic bottles, preventing them from ending up in landfill. And its outer body fabric is

About TUMI

made from surplus nylon – also destined for landfills until it's

Since 1975, TUMI has been creating world-class business and

given new form as a hardworking textile ideally suited to

travel essentials, designed to upgrade, uncomplicate, and

modern travel. Similarly, styles within Alpha Bravo and Devoe

beautify all aspects of life on the move.

are made with body fabric comprised of post-industrial recycled nylon and lining made from post-consumer recycled

Blending flawless functionality with a spirit of ingenuity, we're

plastic bottles.

committed to empowering journeys as a lifelong partner to movers and makers in pursuit of their passions. The brand is

Merge Collection, TUMI's first sustainable luggage collection Body Fabric: post-industrial recycled nylon

sold globally in over 75 countries with upwards of 2,000 points of sale.

Lining: post-consumer rPET Bottles diverted on initial production: 214,000

For more about TUMI, visit PAGE 062



Most brands in the luxury goods and services industry were late to the last decade’s digital transformation party. Others are resting easy because they have a website, have adopted ecommerce, have finally caught up to conducting virtual curated client engagements, and are now using tech to communicate with, and deliver to, their clients from all channels. Those are all solid enhancements, but they are all now considered table stakes in the multi-trillion-dollar luxury goods and services industry. The biggest customer experience opportunity now, pandemic,

The biggest customer experience opportunity now, is to understand and embrace the skills that support the blending of digital and emotional intelligence.

or not, is to understand and embrace the skills that support the blending of digital and emotional intelligence. To optimize their digital strategy brands must embrace the fact that they will need to master three critical skills: personal data expertise, AI expertise, and emotional intelligence expertise. Everything else,


including product innovation, supply chain and even channel PAGE 064

To optimize their digital strategy brands must embrace the fact that they will need to master three critical skills: personal data expertise, AI expertise, and emotional intelligence expertise. Everything else, including product innovation, supply chain and channel management optimization, is dependent on that foundation.

management optimization, is dependent on that foundation.

is not so great in the land of AI. The truth is that most AI projects

The pandemic has nearly paralyzed many luxury goods brands,

fail. And the root cause is the lack of the right data, and the

as well as some luxury services brands. It has exposed the

dismal quality and structure of even the right data. Data

vulnerability of a primarily transactional, Industrial Age

scientists spend up to 80% of their precious and expensive time

business model. Although no brand is immune, having

doing “data wrangling” which is defined as the process of

cultivated deep client relationships pre-pandemic has provided

cleaning, structuring and enriching raw data into a desired

resilience for a few brands. As some top executives and

format to feed the AI prediction machines. According to top

business development associates have told the Luxury

data experts interviewed by Luxury Institute, “bad data” issues

Institute, “You know you have a deep, trusting client

are rampant, and lead to bad AI predictions, high error rates,

relationship when the client calls you first, to check how you are

bias, and many other failures that AI experts and vendors fail to

holding up during the pandemic, and then soon calls you back

communicate to clients in the midst of all the hype.

to tell you what they need to buy next.” Data is a complex topic, but let’s simplify the 7 critical In the 2020s, executing digital transformation by deploying

requirements. First, data must be legally and ethically obtained,

technology components without first planning and building the

without coercion, with written permission. Second, the data

client relationship framework described here, is the equivalent

must be protected with military grade cybersecurity and

of building a human body without the brain to synchronize the

privacy tools. Third, data must be from the original single

actions of the individual body parts. Performance is minimized

source such that it can be validated. Fourth, the data must be

or fails. For three years now, Luxury Institute has been

relevant and multi-dimensional such that data scientists can

mastering and assembling the deep expertise to guide and help

aggregate different elements to paint a full picture. For

clients manage what will become the competitive advantage in

example, to help a patient get well, and stay well, data from

luxury: earning privileged access to personal client data in order

their medical history, prescriptions, genetics, diet, exercise, and

make better, faster, cheaper AI predictions that lead to

several other dimensions should be aggregated. Fifth, the data

designing optimized and transformational experiences curated

needs to be available for the relevant time period, spanning

by emotionally intelligent trusted experts. Here are the

years, months, or real-time, depending on the prediction

essential details for each skill that will help brands execute their

objective. Sixth, the data must be totally accurate, not derived

digital business strategy successfully to build and deepen client

from inference or sourced from third party brokers. And finally,


the data must be structured into a format that makes it more ready to use for analytics and AI. The only way that all seven

1. Personal Data Expertise

criteria can be met is if the brand gains access to personal

Silicon Valley data scientists tell Luxury Institute that everything

data directly, by-consent, from each individual prospect, or PAGE 065

In the 2020s, Luxury Institute predicts that rich access to customer data, AI, and emotional intelligence will converge into a triad of high-performance client relationship building enablers. It will be fascinating to see which brands lead.

client. This process that enables the exchange of personal

It is the rich data, the powerful insights, the smart decisions,

data directly with clients and prospects exists technologically

and the human initiatives taken as a result that are the high

and is cost effective. It requires deep, verifiable trust. It aligns

value resources in the digital age. The AI is a commodity. Take

the best interests of the ethical brand and its valued

a real estate transaction. There may be 30 critical steps to

customers. Direct, ethical access to personal data is not

selling and buying a home. Algorithms can help the right

simply a moral or ethical imperative. It is about high efficiency

buyers and sellers find each other faster and cheaper, through

and effectiveness in the digital age.

a real estate advisor, by matching predictions. They can also execute many of the buying and selling process steps, such as

2. AI Expertise

verifying data, faster and more accurately than human beings.

Think of AI as simple, and super accurate, pattern recognition.

This frees up the human experts to use their judgment,

AI can predict whether a credit card transaction is fraudulent,

decisions and actions to get better results for the clients. In

whether a patient has a disease, and what a customer is likely

the luxury industry, most tasks in a process are still done by

to buy next, far better, faster and cheaper than a human

humans. And many, such as craftsmanship and planning, will

expert. Once the brand has created a direct client pipeline to

still be done by humans. But just as in the accounting, legal,

the most relevant, rich and real-time data, the analytics and AI

financial and medical professions, luxury algorithms are

process can thrive. First, it must be said that with access to the

destined to replace many of the rote, mechanical, repetitive

best, most-timely data, a brand may not always need as much

tasks. Algorithms can only predict what they are programmed

cutting-edge AI. Either the client will trust and desire the

to predict. But algorithms don’t have real world context or

brand so much that they will communicate the need in real

emotions. Therefore they miss the nuances, serendipities and

time such that no prediction is required, or the analytical

feelings that drive optimal decisions in the real world. Thus,

insights can be generated with simple calculations and

algorithms, at least for the foreseeable future, will exist to

queries due to the superb richness of the shared data. There is

support, not replace, human experts, especially during high

no question that the combination of the best data, domain

value, high risk, high investment and high emotion purchases

experts, and data scientists can create prediction engines that

and decisions. Senior executives in the luxury goods and

can outperform humans in accuracy and speed, and do it at

services industry need to step up now and build the

massive scale. Not only has AI become more predictive, but its

organizational expertise and frameworks to implement AI

cost has plummeted to near zero. AI is becoming so

while entrenched deep in the reality of what it takes to

commoditized that companies such as

execute brilliantly. Failure to do so can be marginalizing, if not

are creating algorithm marketplaces to accelerate the rapid

lethal, for luxury goods and services brands going forward.

development and deployment of AI by enterprises. Perhaps the best part about AI is that in the near future, the brand will

3. Emotional Intelligence Expertise

never need to touch each client’s data. The data will reside

As has been noted previously, over the last ten years, Luxury

and remain in the client’s own device, protected and private.

Institute has tested and distilled the research of the world’s

The brand’s AI algorithm will, by-consent, be able to enter the

top neuroscientists and worked with psychologists to create a

client’s device, train and learn, generate its prediction, and

proprietary and effective client and peer relationship building

only the insight will travel securely to the brand’s cloud server

system, Luxcelerate. The Institute has conducted many

to generate recommendations that can drive innovative

quantitative and qualitative studies on the successful

experiences delivered by emotionally intelligent human

mindsets and behaviors of top luxury professionals. The most


recent study was conducted in Q4 2019 in the luxury travel PAGE 066

industry. Four pillars emerged as the critical drivers of a high-

customer data, AI, and emotional intelligence will converge



into a triad of high-performance client relationship building

trustworthiness and generosity. Focusing on improving these

enablers. It will be fascinating to see which brands lead and

emotional intelligence skills will help an executive or

which brands fail. This is not a “rising tide lifts all ships

associate learn to deliberately, and creatively, inject them

scenario.” In the emerging digital world it tends to be a “few

consistently, in a truly personal way, into every peer and client

winners take all scenario” within each category of luxury. On

interaction. Human relationships build exponentially. Luxury

which side of the digital landscape will your career and your

Institute client results over the past decade show that even

luxury brand be in 2025?





without all the best data and AI, human relationship building using emotional intelligence skills alone pays off in dramatic,

About Luxury Institute and the Global Luxury Expert

double-digit sales increases.

Network (GLEN) Luxury Institute is the world's most trusted research, training,

Now imagine that the brand team has mastered the three

and elite business solutions partner for luxury and premium



goods and services brands. With the largest global network of

extraordinary and transformative experiences that build

luxury executives and experts, Luxury Institute has the ability

associate and client relationships. They have continuous

to provide its clients with high-performance, leading-edge

access to rich, relevant, real-time client data, AI expertise that

solutions developed by the best, most successful minds in the

drives accurate predictions at massive scale, and are superbly








better at making emotionally intelligent judgments and decisions, to innovate and curate extraordinary experiences.

Over the last 17 years, Luxury Institute has served over 1,100

By humanizing while digitizing each brand achieves

luxury and premium goods and services brands. Luxury

economies of scale (lower costs per client across many more

Institute has conducted more quantitative and qualitative

clients) with economies of scope (higher share of client spend

research with affluent, wealthy and uber-wealthy consumers

or portfolio). This business model, based on being right more

than any other entity. This knowledge has led to the

often, while being more humanistic more often, drives

development of its scientifically proven high-performance,

exponential growth and profitability. It may sound too good

emotional intelligence-based education system, Luxcelerate,

to be true. So was the promise that the smartphone would

that dramatically improves brand culture and financial

become the center of an individual’s universe in less than a


decade. It was impossible to fathom that the iPhone would

To learn more about Luxury Institute, the Global Luxury Expert

become a digital extension of its owner, but it happened.

Network (GLEN), or to become an expert member, please

In the 2020s, Luxury Institute predicts that rich access to

visit PAGE 067

JLL: HOTELS PLAN FOR A COVID-19-INFORMED FUTURE The coronavirus pandemic has rocked the hospitality industry,

Marriott International launched its Global Cleanliness Council

closing more than 5,000 hotels in the U.S. alone in the first

in April and announced investment in sanitation technology.

quarter of 2020. By the start of June, nearly half were still

Hilton has aligned with RB, the maker of Lysol and Dettol

shuttered, according to STR, a hotel data provider. Now, after

products, and is consulting with the Mayo Clinic on cleaning

months of lockdowns and travel restrictions, some parts of the

practices in all its properties, branded as its CleanStay

world are slowly starting to reopen to international travelers.


In other areas, regional travel is beginning in earnest. But in a world still grappling with the pandemic, it’s far from business

In Europe, Wyndham Hotels and Resorts extended its Count on

as usual. Hotels are transforming their cleaning protocols and

Us initiative focused on enhancing safety procedures,

operating models based on the needs of an unprecedentedly

including the use of top-of-the-range disinfectants and

germ-conscious public.

ongoing access to critical health essentials.

“For many people now, the ideal hotel stay involves far less

Industry associations are also weighing in. The American Hotel

human interaction — pristine and visibly clean,” says

& Lodging Association in May, officially announced its Safe

Geraldine Guichardo, Global Head of Research, Hotels &

Stay industry-wide cleaning guidelines — calling for

Hospitality Group, JLL. “That’s what people will be expecting.”

procedures such as the frequent cleaning of high-touch surfaces and sneeze- and cough-guards on buffets. The

Global hotel groups have announced sweeping safety

guidelines have been endorsed by hospitality groups across

measures including electrostatic sprayers to sanitize surfaces,

North America, such as Associated Luxury Hotels International

partnerships with disinfectant brands, and partnerships

and the Global Business Travel Association. These shifts show

with health care experts to design new guidelines and

that sanitation practices that were acceptable pre-pandemic


will no longer be good enough, and hotels will be required to PAGE 068

In the U.S. alone, COVID-19 cost the travel industry US$176 billion in cumulative losses from early March to May 16, according to the U.S. Travel Association. U.S. hotel occupancy levels shrank to less than 25% in April, down 64% from a year ago, in what STR called the “worst single month ever.”

shift their operating models to afford these new standards,

will start to grow, followed by group business travel. It will

says Andrea Grigg, Managing Director, Asset Management,

take longer for group leisure travel.”

Hotels & Hospitality Group, JLL, who leads asset management for the Americas.

With this extended timeline, the ongoing forecasting uncertainty and reinforced social distancing measures, some

“Cleanliness ratings are likely to become the new key

hotels may find themselves unable to justify the cost of re-

standard for hotels and will replace outdated brand

opening, says Wendy Chan, Senior Vice President, Hotels &

standards,” she says.

Hospitality Group, JLL, who leads advisory throughout Latin America. This conclusion has pushed hotel investors and

Indeed, many of these changes are not just in place for the







immediate re-opening stages. Rather, they represent longer-

opportunities to other real estate uses such as coworking

term shifts in operating models as owners and operators look

spaces, multifamily, senior living, and student housing, she

toward a future shaped by the coronavirus pandemic.


“Guests are likely to look for reassurance that health

For parts of the world that are especially reliant on tourism,

precautions are in place for the medium to long-term as the

recovery can’t come fast enough. Mexico typically reports an

psychological impacts of the pandemic outlast the virus,” says

average of 40 million tourists a year, making it the most

Jessica Jahns, Head of EMEA Hotels & Hospitality Research.

popular destination in Latin America. The country registered

“This may shift preferences to trusted brands over

close to 80% fewer international tourists in April than in the

independent properties or sharing economy accommodations

same month of 2019, according to the National Institute of

such as Airbnb, as consumers trust the brand standards.”

Statistics and Geography (INEGI). How quickly the country recovers is largely dependent on economic recovery in the

The road to recovery

U.S. and Canada, the two most prominent international

In the U.S. alone, COVID-19 cost the travel industry US$176

sources of visitors to Mexico.

billion in cumulative losses from early March to May 16, according to the U.S. Travel Association. U.S. hotel occupancy

“Everything depends on how quickly global markets recover,

levels shrank to less than 25% in April, down 64% from a year

when a vaccine is approved and distributed, and when people

ago, in what STR called the “worst single month ever.”

have the disposable income and confidence to travel,” Chan says. “In the meantime, the hotel industry is in the process of

How quickly hotels recover will depend largely on the travel

rethinking the business.”

industry itself — namely whether people are willing to fly, says Daniel Fenton, Director of Global Tourism and Destination

About JLL

Development Services, Hotels & Hospitality Group, JLL.

We’re here to create rewarding opportunities and amazing spaces around the globe where people can achieve their

“The first round of leisure travelers will be inclined to drive

ambitions. In doing so, we are building a better tomorrow for

rather than fly,” he says. “After that, individual business travel

our clients, our people and our communities. PAGE 069

JELENA STIRNA CEO - MOGOTEL GROUP Mogotel is a leading hotel operator in the Baltic region with over 20 years of experience in growing profits and managing accommodation properties.

Second; Mogotel is a family-run company, where the son continues to develop the company started by his father. The company owner has a focus on hotel business development. Strong hotel revenue management developed by our company, based on 20 years of experience, and a high level of focus on hotel guest satisfaction drive higher profits and ROI for the owners. Mogotel offers a spectrum of management services for accommodation properties. Tell us about the key aspects of your business. For investors we offer: 1. Effective and innovative way of cooperation with hotel owners. 2. Flexibility on contract terms. 3. Open and honest relationships. 4. Best performance in the market. 5. Fast decision-making process. For employees we offer: 1. A stable and trustful employer. 2. A fast growing company that gives employees high career development possibilities. 3. A well known employer in the region. For guests we offer: 1. A focus on guest satisfaction levels. 2. Price/ quality relationship, when quality is performing. 3. A high range of hotels to offer in the region for any client and any need. For suppliers we offer:

Jelena Stirna is representative of the values and culture of Mogotel

1. A stable and trustful, highly- rated partner.

Hotel Group. She has over 10 years of experience in the hospitality

2. A fast growing company with growing demand

business since 2009. She is talented and enthusiastic personality, who knows every detail of the hotel business. Jelena is a responsible and

for goods and services. 3. Highest order volumes in the region.

convincing leader of a team of more than 550 employees. Tell us about Mogotel Investment and Consulting Mogotel operates 15 hotels. Tell us about this success story.


There are different reasons for this success. First of all is our experience;

Mogotel constantly searches for hotel project

Mogotel has a vast experience in developing, building, opening, managing

(existing or new developments) with high potential

and owning hotels. Mogotel started with very small limited-service hotels

ROI. This usually is reached by the acquisition of

and we have grown to 250+rooms full-service hotels. Mogotel provided

distressed hotels, hotels after poor management,

record results to various partners, especially financing institutions/ banks,

hotels with development potential. Sometimes we

investors and this led to trust and the development of Mogotel.

offer to Investors projects we have found, somePAGE 070

-times Investors come to us with Projects, we evaluate them and consult the owner, and figure out what type of accommodation property to develop. Tell us about Mogotel’s Sales and Marketing services.

"I went from a front office manager to hotel manager and to hotel operator CEO."

Sales services: Mogotel provides sales services for different types of cooperation. It can be exclusively sales and marketing

principle of the company and we definitely try to follow this

support or full management where sales is part of the services

principle every day.

provided from a total package. Under sales services there are a lot of different fields that we need to cover to create a

Marketing services: We manage almost all the processes in-

product for our clients and investors. The major part of sales is

house, sometimes we involve agencies for some one-off tasks.

revenue. Revenue is the most important field that requires the

We try to follow all the trends and quickly respond to

most precise concentration on the online market which

everything new that appears in the industry, always trying to

changes by the hour. The aim is to sell the right product at the

make decisions quickly. Having a strong team gives us the

right time to the right customer. This is a confirmed key to

opportunity to minimize the time from making a decision to

success. As well as revenue, corporate and group business is

launching a new project, connecting a new web tool, setting

very important in our strategy. This brings loyal customers

up a new digital channel etc.

who choose services constantly and there is a personal

There are two main directions: Offline and Online.

approach required for this part of sales.

1. Our main offline activities include: Marketing print materials

The explanation for Mogotel's success is based on the fact

development, Cooperation with hotels, Cooperation with

that we follow all changes in the market 24/7. Being first, to

partners and agents, Events, Video and Photo sessions, and

not miss an opportunity and reacting immediately is the main

Hotel audits. PAGE 071

"Nobody can lead 650 people. I lead about 8-10 people and they lead their Employees. The important values I ascribe to are professionalism, full focus on what you are doing, work with heart and soul. A leader has to be an example and open to constant learning."

2. Our online activities: Website development and content

Assistance for hotel equipment: FF&E; OS&E; EQS/Specialist

management, Digital marketing materials development, Web

Equipment; Technical assistance on IT equipment; and


Assistance for hotel openings.






connection, setup and management, Analytics and Reports. We pay special attention to our own websites, we consider

Tell us about your professional background and some

them an important channel for online sales. We have built a

highlights from Mogotel under your leadership.

complete e-commerce ecosystem around our websites that

I am currently the CEO of Mogotel, I am responsible for the

we constantly analyze, adapt and improve. Aspects include:

management of Ltd Mogotel - hotel operating company.

1. Pretargeting (Think) - Display Ads, Social Ads, Video Ads.

I am responsible for the following:

2. Targeting (Search) - Search Marketing, Metasearch

The transition from a single hotel business to a hotel


operator business.

3. Retargeting (Compare) - Display ads, Social Ads, Video

Recruitment and management of sales and marketing



4. Booking (Book) – Email Marketing (Upsells).

The overall financial performance and new business development.

We use almost all popular online advertising platforms-

Previously I was the Hotel General Manager of the Hotel Old

Google Ads, Bing Ads, Yandex. Direct, Facebook and

Riga Palace - a 4 star hotel, overseeing all daily operations of



the 100 rooms, restaurant, and spa center. I was also the Hotel

TripAdvisor, Trivago, Kayak, Skyscanner, Hotels Combined).

General Manager of Mantess Boutique Hotel. Responsible for

We use some web applications that help increase conversions

all daily operations of the small boutique hotel which became

and sales, help make additional sales - Messages (Nudge

famous after President Bill Clinton stayed there while on his

message, Exit pop up, Notifications, Price comparison), Emails

visit to Latvia. In summary – I went from a front office

(Newsletters, Pre-arrival emails with upsells, Post-stay

manager to hotel manager and to hotel operator CEO.

emails), Online Gift Vouchers, and more.





As a leader of 650 people, what are the important values Tell us about Mogotel’s full hotel management services.

and approaches that contribute to your leadership style.

Mogotel provides a full spectrum of services related to Hotel

Nobody can lead 650 people. I lead about 8-10 people and

Management. We offers services ranging from existing hotels

they lead their Employees. The important values I ascribe to

to new development projects. We consult hotel owners during

are professionalism, full focus on what you are doing, work

hotel development, before opening and then we provide full

with heart and soul. A leader has to be an example and open

hotel management service (Operational Services, Reservation

to constant learning.

Services, Marketing, Sales and Revenue Services, Purchasing Services etc.)

Tell us about the potential for hotel/ hospitality investors interested in Latvia and the Baltics.

Tell us about Mogotel’s new project development services.

Our region is an undiscovered market for investors. It is a

We offer: Assistance on project contracting (design and

rapidly rising hospitality market which is mainly focused on

construction); Hotel technical assistance at the various stages

Estonia and Latvia. Distressed assets may appear in the next

of the design (Preliminary; Scheme design; Final design);

12 month in Lithuania mainly. PAGE 072


You spoke at the HOTCO Hotel Investment Conference and said that ‘now is the best time for balanced, strategic and well-considered management’ in the hotel industry. Please expand on this. First of all, this is in terms of cooperation between hotel owners and developers. That is the type of agreement and relationship I was addressing. There is huge competition between hotel operators right now in Europe and this will be won by the more creative, innovative, flexible and maximally-effective Operator companies. Customer behavior and booking trends are changing very fast, hotel owners want to get the upsides from the growth of the hotel industry. Hotel management has to be well structured, financially stable, professional, innovative and IT-innovation driven. If there was one thing that you would want the rest of the industry to copy from Mogotel, what would that be? This would be in regards to aggressive lease offers for new hotel development projects. Previous global economic crisis and now Covid -19 have revealed to the industry what results to expect from unsustainable lease agreements. These offers and terms from the hotel operators are driven by over-optimism in good times. I would like to suggest to hotel operators to bid with sustainable and balanced lease offers, it will probably result in slightly slower growth, but your business will survive in different circumstances. Tell us about some of your Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives. We at Mogotel for many years have been working to become greener and nature friendly through the different actions and activities implemented through our hotel chain. We have taken necessary steps covering the areas of waste recycling, efficient usage of water as well as reduction of electricity and heat consumption by replacing non-efficient energy equipment and introducing flexible heating/lighting patterns. We also practice innovative, healthy, handmade and 100% natural treats as welcome gifts. These are very tasteful products with exceptional natural values. We launched the campaign 'Skip Housekeeping Services' to reduce energy wastage. We provided a small eco-surprise to those guests, who decided to skip PAGE 073

cleaning their room. Our catering disposables are made from renewable, lower carbon, recycled or reclaimed materials. We use metallic containers to store our food and ingredients. All restaurant food is served in glass-material dishes. We sort waste in our offices, restaurants and hotels to protect our natural resources. In cooperation with local suppliers and animal protection organizations we plan to source only cage-

"We at Mogotel for many years have been working to become greener and nature friendly through the different actions and activities implemented through our hotel chain."

free eggs (shell, liquid and egg products) by 2025 for our entire portfolio. What is currently in the pipeline for Mogotel? In our pipeline besides local expansion (Baltics), Mogotel is currently under negotiations in Bratislava, Slovakia; Ljubljana, Slovenia; Vienna, Austria; Hamburg, Germany; Kiev, Ukraina. About Mogotel Hotel Group: The largest hotel operator in Latvia in terms of number of rooms and hotels. In total there are 15 hotels, directly operated by the company. Mogotel provides not only basic hotel services– accommodation, but is also a major figure in the SPA and the catering industries. For more information, please visit: PAGE 074




What is “bullying?” There are six things about bullying that most people either don’t know or understand: > It is largely genetic—we are either wired to be bullies or not. > The desire for leadership and the propensity to be a bully are genetically similar—though of course not all leaders are bullies. > Bullying comes in three forms—Relational, Physical and Verbal—and they’re quite different. > In most cases sexual harassment is a form of bullying. > Over 27% of employees are bullied, and 25% of children. > Almost no one knows how to fix the problem.

Bob Murray, MBA, PhD (Clinical Psychology), is an internationally recognised expert in strategy, leadership, influencing, human motivation and behavioural change.

By most people’s reckoning, Donald Trump is a bully. But so are many


35% between 2016 and 2018. Part of this is due to more awareness of

corporate leaders, school principals and kids in kindergarten. Bullying and harassment are increasingly seen in workplaces, in schools and in society. In both the workplace and in schools, bullying increased by

PAGE 076

“Bullying is a set of behaviors done by one person or group of people to another person or group that a society believes should not be tolerated but which generally fall short of criminal conduct.”

the subject and increased reporting, but there’s also a

which real perps can easily slip through—as well as creating a

genuine upsurge due to higher levels of stress and a declining

fine net in which innocent people can get caught and unfairly

sense of satisfaction with life.


As a result, there’s been considerable research recently into

As a scientist I hate loose talk. I want people to define the

the prevalence, causes and results of bullying. As there has

terms they use (scientists can be very annoying like that).

been of sexual harassment. And yet throughout the world,

Otherwise we get into endless quasi-theological debate. Look

bullying is still primarily legal. Although sexual harassment

at the simple phrase “Thou shalt not kill!” Seems obvious,

and bullying are treated as separate things, I believe that

doesn’t it? Yet for millennia we’ve argued about what it

bullying and most forms of harassment are the same problem

means, allowing the killing to go on. So, it is with “you must

in different disguises. A sexual harasser is a bully and the

not bully your fellow employees (siblings, spouse, classmates

genetic, contextual and psychiatric problems behind them are

etc.).” Though there are many definitions of bullying, they

very similar.

mostly go something like this: “seek to harm, intimidate, or coerce (someone perceived as vulnerable).” This is okay as far

In some professions, such as law and medicine, bullying and

as it goes, but it still leaves three generalities to play with, so

harassment are rife and have been for decades. When my co-

doesn’t get you very far. You still don’t know what actions,

CEO and I began working together, our first major clients were

inactions or generalized behaviors constitute bullying and

the large US medical centers (teaching hospitals). Since we

knowing these, as I’ll explain in part two, is the key to cure.

were seen as experts in the field of relationships, we were most often called in to help with problems between doctors

However you define the term, there are three distinct forms of

and nurses, and between doctors and patients (we were part


of the patient-centered care movement). Very soon we found

> Relational bullying (also called “social bullying”). This

that the main problem was a pervasive culture of bullying in

involves exclusion (playing to a human being’s greatest fear),

most of those institutions. And that culture is still there. Later,

malicious gossip, failing to share information, mean emails or

as we broadened our practice to work with financial services

social media posts, silent treatment, eye rolling, withdrawing

organizations, multinational corporations and consultancies,

a friendship, or threatening to end it, threatening with

we found the same problems being played out.

dismissal or demotion. Non-physical sexual harassment fits partly in this category.

Researching for our best-selling book “Raising an Optimistic

> Physical bullying. This includes hitting or otherwise hurting

Child”, we talked to teachers and school principals and heard

someone, shoving or intimidating another person, or

horror stories of what went on in the playground and even in

damaging or stealing their belongings (the latter being

the classroom and the common room. We learned of children

commonplace in the workplace setting) or sexual harassment

bullying classmates, children bullying teachers, principals

which involves physical contact.

bullying teachers. In societies around the world, bullying of

> Verbal bullying. This includes name calling or insulting

one race or group by another race or group has become more

someone about physical characteristics such as their weight

virulent and more violent. The question—as it always is—is

or height, or other attributes including race, sexuality, culture,

“why?” I want to try and answer that, but first let’s have a look

or religion.

at what bullying actually is. Recent research has shown that women and girls tend to use “Bullying”, like “sexual harassment”, is a sloppy word. Sloppy

relational bullying more than males do. Men and boys are

words are those we use to signal disdain for a person or action

more prone to use physical violence in their bullying and

without having to go through the bother of saying what we

verbal bullying is employed almost equally. In discussing

mean by them. And that’s a problem. It creates a gaping hole

bullying or harassment, even within the framework of the PAGE 077

three categories, there are a wide range of cultural issues

Who are bullies?

involved. Behavior that’s classed as bullying in Tibet may not

What’s common to all bullies and harassers is their desire to

be in Lithuania. And it’s not just between countries where

disempower and denigrate their victims. Many, if not most,

there are differences. In organizations or communities of any

bullies have been victims of bullying themselves or feel

size, there may be competing cultures and subdivisions within

disempowered for some other reason. The reasons for this lie

cultures. Each may see “bullying” or “harassing” behaviors

in both environmental factors and the genetic make-up of


both victims and bullies.

In order to be clear what we are talking about, let me propose

In a study published late last year in the journal Behavior

a new definition of bullying: “Bullying is a set of behaviors

Genetics, the researchers found that around 70% of the

done by one person or group of people to another person or

propensity to be either a bully or a victim (or both) was

group that a society believes should not be tolerated but

genetic. It’s not that they can’t help being either, it’s just that

which generally fall short of criminal conduct.”

they have to try harder not to be. The genetic drive to bully runs in families—witness Fred Trump Snr, son Donald and

Communal bullying—where one person or group tries to

grandson Donald Jnr. It’s quite literally bred into them.

impose their standards has been much in the news. I asked Dr Miranda Murray, a philosopher, to give me her take on what

The researchers found that relational bullying was far more

this kind of behavior is all about. Why does one race, or people

due to contextual and environmental influences than genes.

of a religious or political persuasion, seek to bully other

However, as far as the other kinds of bullying are concerned,

members of the community to which they jointly belong. She

both males and females were equally genetically predisposed.

put it this way: “Bullying (in this sense) is an attempt to impose on another person (or group) the bully's version of his

Both bully/victims and victims tend to suffer from depression,

victim's social role (like “blacks should be subservient,” or

though bullies who are not victims as well, do not. All three

“women should know their place”). In doing this, the bully is,

tend initially to lack social support and there is a considerable

in effect, trying to impose on others his/her own social reality,

body of research indicating that bullies get encouragement

or a version of social relations the bully identifies as

through their behavior. Adults and children tend to see bullies

normative. In instances where the bully's way of seeing the

as powerful and this draws support. People like to be around

world is more or less authorized, we have social bullying.

power; it gives them a sense of reflected self-esteem and

Where the bully's version of social reality is not authorized,

empowerment. This is why you have so many people loyal to

the bully's behavior is described as pathological.”

DT despite his egregious behavior. PAGE 078

"Despite the genetics and the upbringing, and the ethical depletion, bullying and harassment are not inevitable. What’s more, the behavior that bullies indulge in can be rectified. Attitudes can be changed, both in the bully and in his or her victims."

Other recent research has shown that bullying is ubiquitous in

It seems that humans are only capable of being ethical for a

all cultures and may be an evolutionary adaption, particularly

limited period of time.

among males. Male bullies tend to attract more females— more mates. In other words, bullying and harassment may be

When glutamate depletion happens, we are more likely to

built-in features of our species (and of many non-human

bully members of our team, or our family or our classmates—

animals). Male school, and even kindergarten, bullies are

or engage in harassment. Often these bullies are very

practicing for their adolescent and adult dominant roles.

successful people—their success coming from the effort they have expended being nice and accommodating to clients,

There seems little argument that bullies have many of the

customers or other stakeholders and therefore the glutamate

same genes that drive people to want to become leaders,

they have is used. Like rainmaking partners in law firms,

whether it’s in politics, industry, religion or the military. What

they’re often protected and rewarded by management.

is known is that bully-leaders tend to make decisions that are

Glutamate deprived bullying is usually physical or verbal,

in their own best interests rather than in the interests of the

rarely relational. It can happen with either men or women.

organizations they lead. Frequently, their behavior leads to immeasurable harm to those businesses, governments, and

But the point to end on, I think, is that despite the genetics

organizations and people in them.

and the upbringing, and the ethical depletion, bullying and harassment are not inevitable. What’s more, the behavior that

Can you become a bully if you don’t have the genetics for

bullies indulge in can be rectified. Attitudes can be changed,

it? Probably, though not certainly.

both in the bully and in his or her victims. It’s the how-to of this that I want to explore in the next article. I will show you

Several studies have shown that the main non-genetic driver

what the latest research shows works, and what doesn’t, in

of bully creation (male and female) is parent/child conflict. An

bullying and harassment prevention and how you stop kids

angry, abusive, demanding or critical parent is more likely to

from becoming bullies in the first place. Stay tuned.

produce both a bully and a victim (or if there are siblings, probably one or more of each). Another way in which people

Fortinberry Murray: For over 30 years, Global 500 and major

become bullies is through the action of the glutamate system.

regional organisations have relied on Fortinberry Murray’s

Recent research has shown that people become more prone

guidance to build and maintain competitive advantage in a

to unethical and bullying behavior if they have been forced to

rapidly changing environment. Recognized thought leaders in

be “ethical” and “well behaved” when they are under stress.

behavioral science and business management, Bob Murray

Largely this is the result of depletion of the amount of

and Alicia Fortinberry have devoted their professional careers

glutamate in the neurochemical system.

over three decades to combatting myths about what human beings are all about. They are committed to arming people

Glutamate is a reward neurochemical that we need to

and businesses with the knowledge and practical skills to

function well. We get it when we eat, and it bolsters our


mental energy and makes us more relaxed, open to

relationships that are compatible with our “design specs” and

persuasion and also more tolerant of other people. After a

enable people to be healthy and fulfilled.






time, this becomes depleted and when this happens, our ethical and behavioral standards get depleted as well.

For more information, visit: PAGE 079

ANDREAS HALLER CEO - QUANTRON AG Quantron AG is spearheading e-mobility solutions in passenger and freight transport. Quantron was born from Haller GmbH & Co. KG, a family-owned company that has been in existence since 1882.

internationally agreed climate targets. Conversely, this means that sales of classic services and spare parts will fall. Only those who think outside the box today will have a chance in the long term. This is why I founded the Quantron AG. We are the specialist for the electrification of commercial vehicles from 3.49 to 44 tons and buses. We supply new e-vehicles on request, but our focus is clearly on the conversion of used and existing vehicles. Thus we use already existing resources and give them a second, environmentally friendly life. We also have hydrogen-powered commercial vehicles in our product range. Furthermore we are the sales and service partner of Karsan in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. So we sell the new e-busses Jest Electric and Atak Electric. As a sales and service partner of CATL in Europe, we offer standard batteries and individual battery solutions with standard components. Quantron is a company that has emerged from Haller AG - a company with nearly 140 years in the field of commercial vehicles. How does that background influence your offering? This background is extremely important and distinguishes us from all start-ups and competitors in the market. With the family business we look back on almost 140 years of experience and knowhow in the commercial vehicle business. We didn't have to do extensive market studies in advance, because we know exactly the markets, the

Andreas Haller is the founder and CEO of Quantron AG and managing

customers and also the requirements for the

partner of Haller GmbH & Co. KG. Quantron AG was founded in 2019

vehicles. We also know what is important for the

with the vision of paving the way for e-mobility in inner-city and

maintenance and service of these vehicles. So we

regional passenger and freight transport. The basis for this is the

were able to create many synergy effects and use

commercial vehicle experience of Haller GmbH & Co. KG. The family-

them positively, especially at the beginning. Both

owned company from Gersthofen is in its fifth generation and, with its

companies will continue to benefit from each other

own workshop network, specializes in the service, maintenance and

in the future.

repair of vans, trucks and buses. What advantages do your solutions offer above Tell us about Quantron, your mission and technology.

other options in the marketplace?

The importance of diesel drives in commercial vehicles will steadily decline,

We are the only supplier who electrifies vehicles

because only if the proportion of low-emission and zero-emission

from 3.49 to 44 tons and also buses of all brands.

commercial vehicles increases, will we be able to achieve the future,

In addition, we offer all of our customers a fully PAGE 080

comprehensive service: - First we analyse the status quo at the customer: which vehicles exist, which routes are used, which goods are transported... - We support our customers with the infrastructure and the

"Within Quantron AG, our customers have one contact partner for everything. We call this Q-as a service."

purchase of sustainable electricity. - We also offer our customers financing and leasing options.

Despite being a young company, Quantron has already

Thanks to the short and long-term rental solutions, a quick

participated in several Awards. Tell us about these.

and uncomplicated entry into e-mobility is possible to

Although the Quantron AG has only been in existence for one

generate new customer potentials. Furthermore we support

year now, we have already achieved a number of successes.

our customers in the application for subsidies.

This shows that we are on the right track, our work is

- Finally, we train the drivers to ensure the efficient use of the

important and it is recognised by politicians and industry


experts. At the end of 2019, for example, we were among the

- After the vehicle handover, we naturally take over the

top 3 at the Handelsblatt Energy Awards and at two other

service, repairs and maintenance work on the vehicles. For

awards (Smarter E Award and e4 Testival Award) we were

this purpose we have a Europe-wide service network of 700

among the top finalists. Two major awards are still to come.

workshops at our disposal. Added to this is our after-sales-

Here we are in the finals as well.

management for optimum customer care. Within Quantron AG, our customers have one contact partner

Tell us about your global presence for manufacturing and

for everything. We call this Q-as a service. In the future, we will

sales, what advantages made you select those locations?

also offer the option of having the driver from us and pay only

Through the family business we are strongly rooted in our

for the kilowatt hours used.

home country. We also want to support the local economy. PAGE 081


Therefore we are building our new office building including production in Augsburg in the Koblenzer Straße 2 (near Munich). Over the next few years, we plan to increase the number of employees up to 200. Our range of vehicles will also continue to grow and our production capacities will be successively expanded, so that we will soon be able to produce around 1,000 vehicles per year in Germany. We are currently setting up a further location with our partner in Turkey. This will bring us to a combined capacity of up to 5,000 vehicles per year. We will also expand our European and international sales offices. So far we are also represented in Norway, Italy, Spain, Israel, Brazil and Nigeria. After all, in these countries the need and demand for e-mobility is constantly increasing and is also necessary in order to achieve the worldwide climate targets. What are the obstacles to the e-revolution in passenger and freight transport that Quantron is spearheading, and how can your industry overcome them? At the moment, there is a lot of educational work to be done, because the issue of e-mobility is complex. But we feel that the market is changing and companies are open to new concepts and opportunities. Of course, the charging infrastructure and also the generation of sustainable electricity must be further expanded. This is also important for the production of hydrogen. The network of hydrogen filling stations must be expanded significantly too. But we are very positive about the developments and are convinced that we are on the right track. From your perspective, what is the best way for Governments to support this much needed transition from diesel power to sustainable transport? Politics must implement decisions and changes faster. Farreaching financial support programmes must be created to make the switch to e-mobility with batteries or fuel cells more attractive. At the same time, bureaucracy must be simplified and thus implementation accelerated. What are the most important ingredients of team leadership for you? Open and fast communication with quick decisions. We already have practical and working e-drive technology PAGE 082

today. For example, our e-Econic waste collection vehicle is

approach of Q-Remanufacturing, the electrification of used

already on the road. Our pioneer of the e-truck has been doing

and existing vehicles. This makes our customer potential even

its job reliably every day since 2013. Quick decisions and short

bigger. The customer does not have to purchase a new e-

distances are therefore extremely important to maintain and

vehicle. We re-equip their own vehicle. This is an important

expand our level of innovation. We also do not see ourselves

argument when it comes to financial resources, especially

as competitor to the big manufacturers, but rather as problem

with regard to vehicles with special equipment and / or


expensive superstructures.

Tell us about some of the most important industries that

Why is Bavaria specifically and Germany in general such an

you are focusing on and why?

exciting hub for innovation and investment?

The market and customer potential on an European and

Germany is one of the best industrial locations in the world

international level is huge, in Germany alone it is enormous.

and has very good conditions for companies. It is not for

Anyone who is or will be confronted with driving bans on the

nothing that we have often been export world champion.

"last mile" and higher charges in inner-city and regional

Bavaria is particularly strong in the automotive industry,

passenger and freight traffic, or who wants to switch to

internet supply and high-performance logistics systems. Due

sustainable propulsion systems from their own, is our

to the large number of industrial companies in Bavaria, there

potential customer. This includes, for example, craft

is also a large number of well-trained specialists and

businesses, transport and logistics companies, municipal


companies such as road maintenance companies, but also waste disposal companies, airports and also bus companies.

To find out more about how Quantron AG is transforming

We not only sell new e-vehicles, our focus is on the sustainable

e-mobility, please visit: PAGE 083

IN WALLONIA, 500 MILLION CONSUMERS ARE WITHIN ONE SINGLE DAY BY ROAD Wallonia is a successful and welcoming region which has

and international network allow companies wishing to

taken its future firmly in hand and opens its arms wide to

be effective and environmentally-friendly to opt for rail or for

you. It offers many assets and benefits that have convinced

combined rail/road transport.

many foreign investors to locate their companies there. WALLONIA, INSIDE PORT OF EUROPE AN ACCESSIBLE REGION

Connected to the major ports of northern Europe, the

Lying at the heart of Europe, Wallonia (the French-speaking

Wallonia river network establishes the junction with France,

region of Belgium) is able to access a market of up to 500

Flanders, the Netherlands, Germany and beyond with the

million consumers within one day.

main transatlantic and transoceanic lines.

Regularly cited among the top most attractive regions,

The Autonomous Port of Liège, first Belgian inland port and

Wallonia offers a favourable environment for business,

third inland port in Europe (21 million tonnes and 44,000

especially thanks to a well-established culture of partnership

containers per year) has easy access to major European ports.







development of a company in Wallonia is facilitated by easy


access to capital, which makes it possible to find appropriate

Wallonia is near Brussels, the headquarters for major

funding, and by a particularly varied real estate offering.

international institutions, the head office for many multinationals and home to more than 300 international law


firms or consultants. Also, the Belgian capital offers no fewer

According to the IMD World Competitiveness Yearbook 2019,

than 21 international schools and, along with Washington, it

the Walloon motorway network and rail network are among

is one of the largest journalism centres in the world. More

the most dense in Europe. By lorry, it is possible to reach a

than 100 foreign banks have set up branches there.

population of almost 60 million inhabitants in 4 hours and an area comprising about 20 major cities in 8 hours. In terms of

> 8th largest cargo airport in Europe

rail, the main private industrial connections to the national

> 1st densest road network in the world PAGE 084



Based on the determined criteria, an investment bonus may

The Competitiveness Clusters' policy is part of Wallonia's wish

be granted to companies investing in Wallonia. Foreign

to confirm its status as a competitive industrial space on a

companies that invest in Wallonia can receive investment

global level by focusing major resources in promising

aid based on criteria Including:

economic areas in terms of growth and employment.

Investment location

Therefore, the Walloon Region has selected six successful

Activity sector

priority areas corresponding to a booming activity in the

Project type

world in which Wallonia has successful companies and

Company type (SME or large organisation)

research centres: life sciences, agri-food, engineering and new

The number of jobs created

materials, transport and logistics, aeronautics and space and environmental technologies.

Investment aid takes the form of a capital grant which is a percentage of the total investment calculated on the


purchase of:

With a turnover of more than €8 billion and 21,395 jobs, the


food industry is one of the pillars of employment in the


Walloon industrial sector. Furthermore, it has great growth

New machines and equipment

potential in promising sectors and is a global leader in some

Intangible assets (patents and licences) with a maximum

of them: ingredients, healthy food, processed meals, specific

of 25% of the total of the investment programme

products and an area of recognised quality, etc. WagrAlim, Walloon competitiveness cluster for the agri-food



The concept of enterprise networks (clustering) has imposed

manufacturers, universities, research centres and training

itself around the world as a productive method of functioning

centres, with the common goal of creating value, improving

and a source of innovation. In order to reinforce regional

performance and positioning itself on international markets

competitiveness in sectors in which it already has potential,

on the basis of innovation. The Cluster has defined four

Wallonia decided to develop an enterprise network policy

strategic areas: Nutrition-health, Industrial efficiency, Bio-

from 2005 via competitiveness clusters.

packaging, and Sustainable sectors.






PAGE 085

The aeronautics and space sector occupies a key position in the Walloon economy and constitutes one of its major assets for the future. The sector's development is based on the existence of a metal-working industry and, in particular, on a network of specialist sub-contractors (precision mechanics or armament for example).

The Agrifood cluster in figures:

The aim of the MecaTech Cluster is to be a driving force for the

+200 members & regional partners

entire Walloon mechanical engineering sector by developing

36 certified Cluster projects

business and employment through the preparation and

142 products and services developed

implementation of innovative international projects and

18 patent applications

relying on networks that bring together large businesses,

+8,700 people trained

SMEs, universities, research centres and skills centres.

KEYFOOD: a technological support platform 4th Country in the world in terms of food production

The MecaTech Cluster comprises four strategic lines around

4 Renowned Belgian universities

which it structures its projects: Materials and surfaces of the

4 days needed to start a business

future, Global forming technologies, Microtechnologies and mechatronics, and Maintenance and reliability.

Cluster Website: The Engineering and New Materials cluster in figures: Engineering and New Materials

272 members

Constantly at the cutting-edge of technology throughout the

102 certified projects

entire history of the industrial revolution, Walloon industry

Total budget: €300 million

was built around glass and steel in the 19th and 20th centuries

3 innovation platforms

and has embraced new technologies and new processes in the 21st century. Spin-offs, SMEs, large businesses, the region

Cluster Website:

comprises complete ecosystems that allow companies to develop and innovate in order to become global leaders in

Aeronautics and Space

cutting-edge sectors.

The aeronautics and space sector occupies a key position in the Walloon economy and constitutes one of its major assets

The field of mechanical engineering is vast because it includes

for the future. The sector's development is based on the

all the competences that require mechanical work: space

existence of a metal-working industry and, in particular, on a

sector, automobile industry, mechanised industrial processes,

network of specialist sub-contractors (precision mechanics or

assembly lines for drugs, household appliances, chemical

armament for example).

industry, and more. Robotics and automation are closely

Wallonia is the region in Belgium with the largest number of

linked to mechanical engineering and constitute sectors in

companies working in the aeronautics industry (more than

which Wallonia excels. Indeed, Wallonia's qualities for

twice the number of companies located in Flanders). Based



essentially around four major enterprises (Safran Aero

engineering have led the region's engineers to make it a

Boosters, SABCA, Sonaca and Thales), the industrial network

sector of excellence.

of the aeronautics and space sector mainly comprises SMEs.





PAGE 086

Wallonia positions itself among the leaders of the transport and logistics sector, in particular thanks to its excellent accessibility to major consumer markets, its inclusion in the major European freight corridors, the high density of its road and rail networks, as well as the integration of its interior waterways into the European network. Promises concerning transit times from an EDC located in Wallonia are respected like nowhere else.

Walloon aerospace know-how is particularly apparent in the

Transport and Logistics

province of Luxembourg, which has a business park centred on

Wallonia positions itself among the leaders of the transport and

the space sector (Galaxia) and an ESA (European Space Agency)

logistics sector, in particular thanks to its excellent accessibility

station recognised as a centre of excellence in the fields of

to major consumer markets, its inclusion in the major European

security and defence. In 2016, the European Commission

freight corridors, the high density of its road and rail networks,

selected the Galaxia site for the installation of the terrestrial

as well as the integration of its interior waterways into the

maintenance platform for the Galileo constellation, a European

European network. Promises concerning transit times from an

satellite navigation system.

EDC located in Wallonia are respected like nowhere else. These assets have led major names in the logistics sector to locate to

Created in the frame of the Marshall Plan in 2006, SKYWIN has

Wallonia: TNT, Skechers, Baxter, Dow Corning, Alpargatas.

more than 150 members, bringing together companies, research centres, universities and training centres working in

9th most attractive country for e-commerce.

the space sector in Wallonia. This partnership process is aimed

1st Belgium cargo airport - Liege Airport.

at revealing synergies around common innovative projects with

8th Largest cargo airport in Europe - Liege Airport.

a view to creating but also maintaining jobs in the sector. According to a study by PwC, Wallonia is the third most The Aeronautics and Space cluster in figures:

attractive region in Europe for installing an e-commerce

150 members

distribution centre. This result confirms the strong progress of

Turnover of more than 1.6 billion (90% export)

Belgium in other studies concerning e-commerce, in particular

7,000 direct jobs

that of AT Kearney, in which it progressed from 24th to 7th place

72 certified projects since 2006

in one year. Logistics in Wallonia is the Competitiveness Cluster

Total budget: €225 million

devoted to the Transport, Logistics and Mobility sector.

Cluster Website:

Cluster Website: PAGE 087


WALLONIA - EUROPE'S HEARTLAND Environmental Technologies Aware of the challenges concerning global warming, the green economy is a priority in Wallonia as much from an economic as an environmental point of view. Thus, the public authorities grant different types of aids to companies that invest in favour of the environment. Also, Wallonia has companies, know-how and resources that allow it to seize the opportunity to make greentech a vehicle for growth. Belgium and Wallonia provide incentives for investments that favour the environment and are focused on research and development. For investment projects

conduct a research project, carry out a development project,

located specifically in geographic areas eligible for European

create a spin-out from technologies mastered by the company

structural funds, additional European incentives may be added

but not exploited, protect innovation or even prepare a

to the purely regional incentives.

European intervention application or acquire the Eureka label.

The GREENWIN cluster brings together more than 200

BioWin unites the Walloon stakeholders (businesses, research

companies involved in the development of the green economy.

centres and universities) who are invested in research,

Its aim is to support innovation, favour the development of

development and production of innovative products and

collaborative innovation projects with a view to the growth of

services. The BioWin cluster has defined 4 essential strategic

the Walloon industrial fabric and the creation of jobs in

development axes that seek to support academic and industrial

booming markets. The cluster's strategy is based around three

excellence in Wallonia in the domain of health but also to take

strategic fields of activity: Chemistry and biochemistry,

on the challenges posed by a fast-growing sector, through:

Construction, and Environmental technologies.

Calls for R&D projects that bring businesses, universities and research centres together.

The Environmental Technologies cluster In figures:

Actions to create visibility and international networking (in

More than 20,000 jobs in Wallonia and Brussels

partnership with AWEX - the Wallonia Export-Investment

Exports represent about 40% of the economy's total


31 certified projects (27 in R&D and 4 in training)

Custom training programs tailored toward the specific

87% Recycling - Belgium is the European champion

needs of the bio-industry.

10 - Belgium among the top ten investors in renewables

Support for the creation of common infrastructures and

14th bio-fuel producing country

technological platforms.

Total budget of more than €80 million Life sciences cluster In figures: Cluster Website:

164 businesses (of which 7 are world-leaders in the sector: Baxter, Eurogentec-Kaneka, GSK, IBA, IRE, UCB and Zoetis).

Life sciences

36 R&D projects

Wallonia counts a number of well-known names such as GSK,

17 training projects

UCB, IBA and Baxter. Also, smaller innovative companies whose

Specific training followed by 15,000 people

success is multiplying (Bone Therapeutics, Celyad, Univercells,

214 partners

MaSTherCell SA, Belgian Volition) have also demonstrated

104 patents generated

expertise that has rendered the region unmissable for the life

Total financing: 114.08 million Euros

sciences sector. Wallonia offers a series of aids for R&D which

Support in the creation of 3 technological platforms

aim to help companies reinforce their innovation potential, acquire external knowledge for a project's implementation,

Cluster Website: PAGE 088

Digital Wallonia


Adopted in 2015, the Digital Wallonia plan marks the Walloon

Whether because of its varied real estate offering, its healthcare

Government's wish to do its utmost to make Wallonia a

system which is one of the best in Europe, or the many

connected and intelligent territory where technological

opportunities it offers for leisure activities, Wallonia is a region

companies are leaders recognised on a global level and a

where life is good. Its exceptional quality of life attracts

driving force for successful industrial mutation and where

investors, foreign students and the large numbers of tourists

digital innovation is at the service of the quality of education,

who visit each year.

the openness of public services and the well-being of citizens. The Wallonia Export-Investment Agency (AWEX), is a Public Key Figures:

Interest Organisation in Wallonia created in 1998. It constitutes

2nd Best connected EU country

a one-stop shop for all foreign companies interested in locating

6th Most digital country

to Wallonia or expanding their existing activities and is the

6 Wallonia Nobel Prizes

complete partner for all Walloon companies wishing to develop

3rd Most innovative country - Fraunhorfer Institute

overseas. To find out about opportunities in Wallonia please

7th strong innovator in the world

contact AWEX through: PAGE 089



Border To North American Markets.

Mexicali is the State Capital of Baja California. It borders at the

A Globally And Unique Mega Region (California, Arizona,

north with California and Arizona and has been ranked as one of

Nevada And Baja California).

the best cities in Mexico to live, work and establish businesses.

Infrastructure And Communication Development.

The best planned Mexican community along the border and the

Skilled Labor Force.

3rd largest Mexican border city, Mexicali has it all. Its

Top Industrial Competitiveness.

agricultural, industrial, trade and touristic vocation has led this

Pro-business Environment And Cluster Development

thriving city to outstand for its entrepreneurial spirit and its


contribution to the State ́s economic development. With

Home To Many Global Companies.

1,052,656 inhabitants, Mexicali has one of the most diversified economies in Mexico, with +170 industrial companies with +80,000 employees and +90 U.S. Companies. All of this provide


in Mexicali a dynamic and thriving Mexican private sector with a

The largest city in the state of Baja California and on the Baja

continuous growth and a highly educated population the State

California peninsula. It is part of the San Diego-Tijuana

capital continues to progress, managing to offer an excellent

international trans-border agglomeration. It is one of the

quality of life to residents and business people.

fastest growing cities in Mexico. It borders at the North with the State of California, which has led the border between Tijuana


and San Ysidro to become the largest and most transited

Ensenada is Baja California's cargo cruise port city, located just

crossing point in the world. Tijuana is considered as a

60 miles south of the California border. It is also home to some

cosmopolitan city for being a commercial and cultural center,

of the important research centers in the norther part of Mexico.

in addition to having significant production and manufacturing

This city is also known for its diverse economy, not just a port

activities in the northeast of Mexico. Tijuana is home to more

city or an industrial center, as it is also a very important

than 75 million square feet of industrial real estate with more

agricultural area, it is Mexico’s wine capital, an important

than 3.2 million square feet of available space in both new and

touristic destination, a UNESCO Creative City, a global fishing

pre-owned buildings in 51 industrial parks within the city.

and mariculture epicenter, a developing mining territory, a PAGE 090

"Mexicali was elected as the ideal city for its operation, due to its strategic location for future projects, for having qualified workforce, as well as a stable and competitive working environment. Baja California stands out for having the largest concentration of medical companies in Latin America." - Raul Carreras (Senior VP Operations MEDLINE)

burgeoning IT development hub and a logistical paradise for


the American and Asian markets. AEROSPACE PLAYAS DE ROSARITOS

+94 companies established in the region, representing 21% of

Rosarito is characterised for being a beach destination located

Mexico's Aerospace industry.

in the Tijuana-Ensenada tourist corridor, 27 km from the

More than 51 years of aeronautical experience.

borderline. Located next to the Pacific Ocean, in addition to its

Largest concentration of aerospace companies in México.

beautiful beaches, make this place a very attractive one to live

Workforce of more than 35,000 (operators, technicians and

in and to recreate on spare time, highlighting the quality of life


and the particular environment of a beach destination. Playas

Design, assembly, manufacture & MRO.

de Rosarito houses the facilities of Baja Studios, which is an

9th place in FDI Performance of the Aerospace Sector. FDI

autonomous production facility, a location for the filming

Intelligence Aerospace cities of the future 2018/19.

studios with the largest water tanks for filming in the world.

Companies like Honeywell, Safran, Triumph Group, Gulfstream, United Technologies, Rockwell Collins + more.

TECATE The municipality of Tecate has been recognized as Mexico's


'magical town', favoring the tourism industry, especially in

More than 50 years of experience in the Automotive industry.

relation with health services (centred on relaxing techniques

+140 supply companies that represents 55,000 jobs.

and body treatments). This city is also known for its diverse

Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3 companies.

economy, not just a port city or an industrial center, as it is

Growing off-road business with more than 25 companies.

also a very important agricultural area, it is Mexico’s wine

Companies like Hyundai, Toyota, Eaton, Bose, Delphi, etc.

capital, an important touristic destination, a UNESCO Creative City, a global fishing and mariculture epicenter, a developing


mining territory, a burgeoning IT development hub and a

More than 70 companies with processes of design, assembly,

logistical paradise for the American and Asian markets. Home

manufacturing, sterilization, among others.

to the world famous Tecate Beer, and major companies like

Baja California leads the medical device industry in Mexico

Rockwell, Ingersoll-Rand, Milwaukee Electronics, and more.

and Latin America. PAGE 091

"Baja California and Honeywell have forged a strong relationship with benefits for both, which has allowed the growth of our presence in the state. In addition, we have found that Baja California offers a wide range of advantages for a company like ours, including access to a motivated and skilled workforce, and a strong educational infrastructure that includes several universities highly qualified. These were the factors that convinced us to expand operations here." - Luis Sánchez (President Honeywell Mexico)

Over 61,000 jobs.


Baja California represents 50% of total national exports

The craft beer, wine and cuisine of the region attract more than

and imports.

8 million people annually to Baja California.

A yearly growth rate of 7.8%.

Baja California produces more than 80% of Mexican wine.

Internal market of $2.3 billion dollars.

The industry produces 30% of the wine consumed in the

Companies like Flex, Meddtronic, Medline, Zeiss, Nypro.

country. There are about 180 wine houses that produce more than


500 wine labels.

Baja California has the largest concentration of electronic

It has an international recognition of quality (More than 600

manufacturers in America.

international awards and recognitions, according to the

More than 180 electronic companies established.

Mexican Wine Council, 2016).

Over 120,726 jobs.

Companies include Vena Cava, L.A. Cetto, Roganto, Santo

The only manufacturing sector with presence in the 5

Tomas, Adobe Guadalupe, Monte Xanic, and more.

municipalities of the State. Some of our capabilities: Automated surface mount and


assembly, testing and validation, OEM/ODM/ EMS and

Exemption on the payroll tax based on the project and

Contract manufacturing options, among others.

obtained score. For newly generated jobs: 1 to 2 years – up

Companies like Bose, Hisense, Foxconn, Sanyo, Aptiv,

to 100% / 3 years – 75% / 4 years – 50% / Up to 5 years –

Panasonic, Kyocera, Technicolor, Creation Technologies.

25%. For existing jobs prior to the project: 50% during the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th years / 25% during the 5th year.


Comprehensive advisory and guidance during the landing

Baja California has an active developer community of more

of your project on Baja California.

than 5,000 high skilled software engineer user groups.

Assistance in recruiting personnel though the State

There are +300 companies that are integrated into Baja´s

Secretariat of Labor.

tech ecosystem.

Full support in creating linkage programs with local, state,

Great integration with mature manufacturing processes

and national universities, technical and vocational schools.

(Aeronautical, Automotive, Electronics, Medical devices,

Working together with the industry within Baja California,

among others).

in order to adapt the curricula to your industry needs.

2 PhD research centers focused on robotics, IoT and

Incentive package for foreign and local suppliers.

software development.

Availability of talented workforce and guaranteed stable

Our major export markets are United States, Asia, Latin

work environment.

America and Europe.

Two annual events for supplier chain development

Companies include Gameloft, SRAX, RSI, Grupo Red, etc.

programs. PAGE 092


SUCCESS STORIES "Mexicali was elected as the ideal city for its operation, due to its strategic location for future projects, for having qualified workforce, as well as a stable and competitive working environment. Baja California stands out for having the largest concentration of medical companies in Latin America." - MEDLINE "Baja California and Honeywell have forged a strong relationship with benefit for both, which has allowed the growth of our presence in the state. In addition, we have found that Baja California offers a wide range of advantages for a company like ours, including access to a motivated and skillful workforce, and a strong educational infrastructure that includes several universities highly qualified. These were the factors that convinced us to expand operations here." - HONEYWELL "Our President chose Mexicali because of its proximity to the commercial ports, its friendly and warm organization and its hardworking citizens." - MARTECH MEDICAL "For Hyundai, Baja California has been an excellent place of investment and therefore its growth has been consolidated in recent years.” - HYUNDAI “Our trajectory, strength and position in the market,as well as our future growth and interest to be the best would not be possible without the workers of the company.»We are also very grateful for the support received from the region and its authorities, we will continue to contribute together to continue this effort and fulfill our commitments.” - FURUKAWA AUTOMOTIVE “The talent that exists in the region represents strong advantages when starting work in Mexicali for our company, it is important to train the new personnel of welders.” - ASCENT AEROSPACE For more information about doing business in Baja California please contact the Economic Development Agency of Baja California: PAGE 093

With about 2,000 beneficiaries and 195,000 trees planted, our agroforestry project in Ethiopia with the Louis Dreyfus Foundation and PUR Projet has the wind in its sails. Since 2014, regenerating coffee ecosystems in Sidama zone through integrated activities including agroforestry has been the shared mission of Louis Dreyfus Company, the Louis Dreyfus Foundation and PUR Projet, a social business working with companies and communities to


regenerate ecosystems they depend upon. Making coffee production sustainable is key in this region where coffee accounts for 90 to 100% of household incomes. Thus, the project aims to increase coffee farmers’ resilience to climate change through the regeneration of ecosystems, the adoption of good agricultural practices and the empowerment of coffee communities. It was designed in collaboration with the communities and includes an integrated set of activities to meet this objective: agroforestry, training sessions on good agricultural practices for coffee and the implementation of improved cookstoves. Agroforestry consists of planting trees for shade within and around coffee plots to protect crops from the sun, diversify farmers’ revenues and provide many other positives for the ecosystem, such as adaptation to and mitigation of climate change and droughts, reducing erosion, retaining water and preserving soils. Assisted by technical experts, farmers rapidly took ownership of the program: they chose and planted native and fruit trees and cared for them to maintain them alive. Training sessions on good agricultural practices, including training on agroforestry, contribute to regenerating coffee ecosystems and to maintaining coffee yields and quality. Finally, the use of improved cookstoves helps fight against deforestation in the region, saving around 50% of the fuelwood used for daily cooking and thereby reducing emissions. It also reduces women’s workload related to cooking, allowing them to take advantage of other project activities. Building on this success in Ethiopia, the project was extended to Uganda in 2018. Located in the Rwenzori region, the project also includes agroforestry, training sessions on good agricultural practices as well as improved cookstoves. In addition to this, in 2020, interactive theatre plays will be performed within the communities to raise awareness of best practices, support the scaling up of activities and help empower the communities. Founded in 1851, Louis Dreyfus Company is a leading merchant and processor of agricultural goods. Our activities across a diversified range of business lines span the entire value chain, from origination to distribution, helping to feed and clothe up to 500 million people every year. Our strong values, rich heritage, and clear vision for a safe and sustainable future guide us in our work to contribute to the global effort of providing sustenance for a growing population. Follow Sustainability at LDC: PAGE 094

“Programs like this one multiply positive outcomes relating to soil, water, biodiversity, farmer revenue and coffee quality. The social capital gained enables households to avoid food insecurity during more difficult seasons, which keeps the community healthy. We expect the project to benefit more than 10,000 people, and to have 529,000 trees planted by 2021, in both countries combined.” Rozenn Kerviel, Global Sustainability Manager for Coffee at LDC.

PAGE 095






connectivity cloud platform. We work with telecom operators around the world to provision local IoT

JOHN MATHEW CEO - CAVLI WIRELESS In the next five years, Cavli foresees that Internet of Things will have a transformative impact on every single industry across a multitude of use cases and billions of connected objects. Cavli plans to be a driving force in this transformation.

data in LTE/ Low Power Wide Area network technologies like NB IoT, LTE-M on our eSIM technology, so that IoT product makers don't have the hassle of navigating this complex fragmented ecosystem. As our core focus is secure & seamless IoT connectivity enablement, we are positioned to enable pretty-much the entire spectrum of use cases from Logistics to Smart utility metering to Asset tracking to applications in Healthcare IoT, thus making our solution industry agnostic. Cavli Wireless is among the first players in the industry to launch connectivity modules integrated with eSIM that are preloaded with global IoT data, which can be managed by our own platform - Cavli Hubble. Cavli Hubble gives remote backdoor access to smart modules & eSIMs, thereby giving businesses the confidence to scale seamlessly. There is a layer of intelligence and analytics for connectivity management for IoT solutions that are currently not on offer in the global cellular IoT deployment market. Why has Hubble 99 taken the industry by storm? Hubble99 is the most ambitious IoT adoption plan that has ever hit the IoT industry globally. For an irresistible package price of $0.99/month/device, IoT solution players get the eSIM integrated connectivity






technology, pre-loaded IoT data pack, and the Cavli believes that connecting every object in the physical world to the

robust Connectivity-Device management cloud

internet will most seamlessly and efficiently solve the majority of our

platform, all together as one single package. All

problems, and massively improve the quality of life and productivity.

Cavli smart modules offered as part of Hubble99,

This is the true power of the ‘Internet of Things’. Cavli aims to be one of

come with a lifetime warranty, thereby taking away

the top 5 players in the globe to deliver this power.

any apprehensions regarding how a net-zero priced module will take care of your connectivity needs.

Tell us about Cavli Wireless and your solutions. Cavli Wireless is every IoT product maker's gateway to hassle free

With Hubble99 IoT product/solution makers can:

deployments. With our suite of solutions, we enable product makers to get

- Enjoy lifetime warranty of IoT modules as long as

their IoT solutions ‘Smart Connected’ in the most seamless, secure and

the data plan is active.

scalable way possible. At Cavli Wireless we are simplifying the IoT

- Get access to local IoT networks in over 180+

connectivity infrastructure landscape with our end-to-end suite of Smart

countries. PAGE 096

- Get 24/7 dedicated Customer support & Application support.

We realized that IoT product makers so far do not have access

- Gain immediate remote access for firmware and application

to a technology enabler that not only takes away a lot of

management with Cavli Hubble.

hassles at once, but also brings them great cost benefits

- Save capital investments on IoT projects by 50% in year one

helping them to deploy those savings either to enhance their

and 30% in three years time.

research or improve their marketing initiatives. This led us to

- Get to a ‘ready to deploy’ scalable version of their IoT

defining Hubble99 with a singular vision to enable as many IoT

product in 3 months time.

product makers as we can, on the planet.

Hubble 99 is the first of its kind subscription model. What

You provide the hardware, the connectivity solutions and

did you spot in the marketplace that convinced you that

the platform. What advantages does that give you and your

this approach is needed?


We believe that connecting every object in the physical world

Cavli's suite of solutions is tied to a combination of three

to the internet will most seamlessly and efficiently solve the


majority of problems. To fast-track that vision, we realized the

1. The IoT connectivity and Edge compute modules, i.e, the C-

industry requires a disruptive solution; one that can enable

series and P-Series line of products,

established solutions makers as well as the new entrants to

2. Hubble SIM/eSIM solutions that powers global IoT

BUILD, CONNECT and SCALE their ‘Smart-Connected’



3. Connectivity & Modem Management Platform, the Cavli

- First and foremost, without making any compromise on the


quality of the service. - Secondly, at a fraction of the cost of what the current

- Our smart compute modules, P-Series, are designed for

technology providers service the market.

durable use, minimal field support requirement, lower total PAGE 097

cost of ownership (TCO) & is ideal for manufacturers who are

- Energy and Utilities: Cavli’s IoT solutions provide a definite

looking to quickly design and launch their IoT devices in

edge by allowing customers to seamlessly connect & manage

multiple segments and geographies worldwide.

all their energy assets. Our smart energy solutions are

- Our SIM solutions are available in both traditional Nano-SIM

straightforward, adaptable and secure thanks to our cloud-

and eSIM form factors. Cavli Hubble's remote provisioning

based device monitoring and diagnostics solution – Cavli

system facilitates local IoT connectivity with over 60+ direct

Hubble. A few applications are smart grids, smart meters,

telecom operator partnerships.

smart bins, and smart buildings.

- One of the key objectives of Cavli Hubble is to give control

- Transportation and Logistics: We design solutions that can

over millions of connected devices with ease. Our cloud

manage the intricacies of the transit and transport systems in

platform also enables over-the-air firmware updates that

an intelligent, smart and secure manner. Cavli enables

quickly sends new features to remote devices with a click of a

automotive manufacturers and stakeholders worldwide to


gain a competitive advantage in their deployments. A few

- We directly work with telecom operators around the world to

applications are fleet management, asset tracking, dynamic

facilitate local data connectivity, thereby ensuring that any

traffic management, On-board Diagnostics, and autonomous

IoT product maker or enterprise in any industry, be it logistics,


smart agriculture, industrial IoT, smart city applications, can

- Industry 4.0: With Cavli’s Industry 4.0 solutions, factories and

easily build, connect and scale their IoT solutions to any

warehouses can achieve horizontal and vertical integrations

geography in the world in the most seamless manner possible.

of systems, processes, and equipment to achieve real-time decision making and enhanced efficiency. A few applications

What this means for the IoT product maker is that they have

are connected machinery and equipment, smart wireless

the entire suite of solutions required to enable cellular IoT

manufacturing, and asset management.

from one single technology partner - Cavli Wireless, thereby

- Agriculture: Smart Farms of today are enabled with multiple

considerably shrinking the value chain and time required to

sensory application and control systems to manage

go to market. Cavli Hubble is the epicenter of our solution

everything from pumps to heavy machinery and irrigation

which gives the power to scale seamlessly to the IoT product

channels to indoor climate control systems for storage

maker. We envision a future where Cavli will support millions

facilities. IoT enabled livestock management provides farmers

of product makers to go from product design to MVP to mass

with real-time information about their livestock – blood

deployment in three months anywhere on planet earth with

pressure, heart rate, and other vitals. A few applications are

our end-to-end IoT enabler product suite.

weather monitoring, smart irrigation, precision farming, cattle tracking/monitoring.

What industries have the greatest need and potential for

- Healthcare: Healthcare in IoT ensures a connected

Cavli Wireless?

ecosystem that helps practitioners to harness the benefits of

Cavli’s IoT enabling solutions span across verticals and global

real-time data transfer. IoT enables medical providers to make

markets to address the most pressing challenges of today’s

quick, smart and potentially life-saving decisions, helping

businesses. We offer integrated IoT solutions that can cater to

prevent emergencies and possible hospital readmissions.

the broadest range of applications and use cases.

Cavli’s suite of cellular IoT enabling solutions ensures that it is PAGE 098

CAVLI WIRELESS effortless to achieve wireless/remote monitoring & management of medical equipment and wearable devices. A few applications are real-time patient monitoring, enhanced biomarker systems, and controlled & intelligent drug delivery. Tell us about the key internal drivers of Cavli's success. With the global adoption of Low Power Wide Area Networks like NB-IoT and CAT-M1 and the emergence of 5G technology, it is certain that the world will experience an explosive growth in the number of connected IoT devices in the next few years. Foreseeing this transition, Cavli is on a mission to ensure our solutions are relevant to the needs of the cellular IoT industry. We are making this possible with the combination of several internal drivers such as an experienced/multi-faceted team, an agile R&D process that adopts the latest technologies evolving in hardware to enable Connectivity as a Service, and a secure supply chain. Our product suite is the result of the amalgamation of three different verticals - Telecom technology, Embedded Electronics, and Software Technology. Over the years we've worked with industry majors across the globe at upstream and downstream ends to ensure our IoT CaaS solution always remains a few steps ahead of the game. Tell us a bit about your professional background. I was raised and educated in India, I hold a bachelors’ degree in Electronics and Telecommunications, which set the route for my future entrepreneurial endeavors. Entrepreneurship, Communications technology and the sport of Cricket in that order gets me excited and going. My passion for engineering and a decade of experience in Communication technology has helped me spot problems and gaps in the telecoms/ IoT sector, which we carefully package around solid business models. Co-founding and leading Group companies - Divox International Inc and Transdata Global Ltd to great success as telecom voice & data services companies, bears testimony to how we built tech stacks to capitalize on the advent of Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP). Building a system that facilitated voice traffic across geographies by working alongside major telecom operators finally led our foray into the world of Cellular IoT. PAGE 099

To emerge as the top 5 global solution providers for cellular IoT implementation, Cavli is building an aggressive global sales operation that will make strong inroads into newer markets. In 2017, I embarked on my journey as the Chief Executive

IoT segment in and outside India, to prepare their products

Officer at Cavli Wireless. I am good at building and executing

and prototypes to be ready for the latest technologies. This

strategic partnerships by bringing to the table ‘win-win’

test network will be available with 5G SA and NSA modes

propositions that have resulted in big corporations being on-

(supporting sub-6Ghz bands), alongside LTE NB-IoT and CAT-

boarded for pivotal partnerships. My 10+ years of experience

M for the LPWAN side of the IoT. Access to this test network

in developing products and managing cross-functional teams

will be totally free of cost and availing this here in the Indian

all the while with a ‘get your hands dirty’ approach has

ecosystem is going to fast-track different use cases over it and

ensured that I am always up for any twist or turns in the fast-

companies can take their products globally anywhere

paced communications industry.

completely pre-tested and compliant. As 5G will bring many

My colleagues have mentioned my ‘no-nonsense walk the

new test requirements and challenges by the use of SDN/NFV

talk’ work ethic as the essential virtue in my leadership

and cloud services, the technology can also be used for

approach. In my capacity as the CEO & Chief Technology

creating new test solutions.

Architect of Cavli Wireless, I oversee the overall direction for the organization, all the while being deeply engaged in driving

Tell us about your team and your approach to leadership.

technology, defining the new product roadmap, and putting

An agile and proactive team of entrepreneurs, marketing &

important upstream & downstream partnerships in place to

business enthusiasts have been the sole drivers of Cavli’s

aid the vision of Cavli Wireless.

success and growth ever since its inception in 2017. Our core team involves the collaborative efforts of:

Cavli Wireless has a stated goal of becoming one of the Top

- Ajit Thomas, Co-founder & Chief Marketing Officer

5 providers in its space globally; what are the key elements

- Tarun Thomas, Co-founder & Chief Operating Officer

you need in order to achieve this target?

- Akhil A Zeeb, Co-founder & Director of Business Development

To emerge as the top 5 global solution providers for cellular

- Surendar Kannan, VP of Sales, APAC (Ex Nokia, 25 years

IoT implementation, Cavli is building an aggressive global

experience in ICT)

sales operation that will make strong inroads into newer

- Siva Ramamoorthy, Advisor - Telco Operations (Ex Intel and

markets. With a passionate team that believes in the vision

GENBAND Kellogg, USA Alumnus)

and an agile Research & Development process that addresses how we considerably shrink the value chain of IoT

Tell us about Cavli's global presence and availability.

deployments, will always ensure that we are three steps

Cavli’s internal value chain is spread across continents with

ahead of the game amongst our competitors in the cellular

niche technology partners traversing Embedded electronics,

IoT industry space.

Telecom technology, and Software cloud optimization services from the United States, France, UK, Brazil, S.Korea,

Cavli Wireless recently launched India's first 5G test

China, Taiwan, HongKong, and Germany. Cavli directly

network. What does that mean for IoT innovation in the

partners with over 60+ telecom companies and powers


cellular connectivity requirements for 150+ countries across

We were set to launch the test network in Q3 2020, but due to

the globe. Cavli has business operations across four

the COVID-19 scenario, we have slightly delayed the

continents - North America, Europe, Middle East and Asia

investment to mid of 2021 to ensure that we get to attract the

Pacific with sales offices in the United States, Spain, Turkey,

best startups in the country innovating in the ‘Smart

Oman, with the Innovation center set up in India.

solutions’ space when the business machinery in the country becomes fully operational again. When realized, the 5G test

For more information about collaborating with Cavli please

network platform will enable startups and companies in the

connect at PAGE 100




From the world's best coffee to hearty liquors, premium chocolates, fruit preserves, and gourmet nuts and snacks, Costa Rica's got your cravings covered. Costa Rica's not just about rainforests and beautiful beaches. The prosperous Central American nation is a competitive world leader in agricultural exports. Over 100 years of experience in the food industry, coupled with innovative growing processes, superior soil quality, and a year-round growing season, have resulted in a cornucopia of high-demand crops sought worldwide.


The country's vibrant coffee industry is known across the globe


leading exporter of carbon-neutral NAMA coffee.

for setting standards of consistency and caliber and as well as breaking the 2018 Coffee Association's Cup of Excellence price record for high-quality beans. Costa Rica is also the world's

PAGE 102



Let's talk about chocolate – Costa Rican cacao boasts the Cocoa of Excellence award, the Central American Chocolate Award, and Silver and Bronze medals from the International Chocolate Awards 2017 Americas competition. "Applied international standards for sustainability, supply chain integrity, and social progress initiatives set us apart as a country and directly impact the food we produce," says Costa Rica's Export Promotion Agency (PROCOMER) CEO, Pedro Beirute. "More than 300 products leave our borders every day to reach over 100 international destinations." In fact, 9 of the top 40 global food processing companies have operations in Costa Rica. What's on the menu of export delicacies? In addition to coffee and chocolate, there's pineapple, hearts of palm, exotic fruit and vegetable preserves, aromatic and spicy sauces, gourmet nuts (macadamias, cashews, and peanuts), and of course world-class rum, craft beer, and other spirits. Recent developments to meet market demand include the introduction of superfoods. Chia, aloe vera, virgin coconut oil, algae, and other high-nutrient crops are requested with increasing frequency. Certifications, including USDA Organic, Fair Trade, FSSC 222000, among others, are all testimony of Costa Rica's dedication to offering exceptional produce. "Costa Rica has high-quality products and a promising future in the development of new crops. We want our relationship to be lasting, and we can grow together for years to come." Says import specialist, Miguel A. Romero of E. Sanchez S.L., Spain. The Essential COSTA RICA Brand PROCOMER is the government agency responsible for promoting the export of Costa Rican goods and services to the world. Qualified agricultural producers are required to live up to the country's brand standard of excellence, known as Essential Costa Rica. These companies are recognized as industry leaders for meeting the brand's strict criteria of Excellence, Sustainability, Innovation, and Social Progress in their operations, products, and services. For more information on how PROCOMER can satisfy your business's needs, visit"Costa Rica is paramount in the success of our supply chain." Said CEO of EXP Group, USA, Anthony Serafino. | PAGE 103

THREE PLUMMETS FOR OIL PRICE IN 12 YEARS: HOW SHOULD OIL AND GAS DEFINE ITS FUTURE? A focus on developing advanced technologies that increase

These oil price plummets have brought impacts to the oil and

efficiency and reduce production costs is the only way to

gas industry, each of which was more intense than its

protect the future of oil and gas.

predecessor. In 2008, the oil price plummet went on for nearly

With the industry unprepared, global oil prices collapsed again

one year; in 2014, it lasted for nearly three years; in the week

in 2020, and this time, it dropped promptly to a historic low.

of May 22, 2020, the number of active oil and gas drilling rigs in

Since the middle of March 2020, the international crude oil

the United States fell to 318, this level was last seen during the

price has mostly been below 30 USD/barrel, during which time

Second World War.

the oil price even dropped to a negative value. The last time the oil price dropped below 30 USD/barrel was in 2016.

How much will the oil and gas industry lose in 2020? According to a report released by the International Energy

A Giant Black Swan Arises

Agency (IEA), global demand for crude oil is likely to decrease

In recent years, the international oil price has become

by 9% in 2020, returning to 2012 levels. Meanwhile, demand

increasingly volatile. In the past 12 years, there have been

for natural gas is expected to decrease by 2%. The decrease of

three drastic plunges.

both energy demand and price will lead to the sharp decrease

In 2008, the oil price fell from 147 USD/barrel to a

of enterprise income. According to a research by Rystad

minimum of 40 USD/barrel caused by the financial crisis.

Energy, an energy consulting company, global oil and gas

In 2014, the oil price fell from 100 USD/barrel to a

exploration and production revenues will drop by about one

minimum of about 30 USD/barrel due to the development

trillion USD in 2020, a 40% year-on-year drop. This means that

of shale oil in the United States.

the income of many oil producers is likely to halve this year.

In 2020, the Covid-19 pandemic augmented the pressure

Looking ahead, it remains unclear when oil prices will recover.

of the global economic downturn, and the oil price

In the short term, it is very difficult to restore oil and gas

dropped from 60 USD/barrel to -37 USD/barrel.

demand before the global pandemic has subsided. Some of PAGE 104

Although oil and gas production is in a critical period of stable production and production increases, at the same time, evergrowing cost is a challenge. In recent years, hard-to-develop resources such as shale gas, tight oil and other resources have accounted for a large share of newly-proved oil and gas resources in China.

the research institutions predict that, the global oil and gas

and gas production costs are relatively high. Many oil and gas

exploration expenditure may continue to decline even in 2021.

developers in China have tried to take a shortcut, hoping to

Taken together, the market is full of uncertainties, and the oil

replicate experiences from North America to realize low-cost

and gas industry will find it hard to fully rely on the possible

development of shale gas in China. The fact is that the

bounce-back of future oil prices.

conditions of China's shale oil and gas reserves are quite different from those of North America's shale oil and gas, in

A Grey Rhino Gets in the Way

terms of geological and geomorphic characteristics, and this

For many oil and gas producers, the downturn in oil prices is

poses unique challenges.

not the only challenge in front of them. In order to ensure national energy security, China's oil and gas industry

China's main shale gas reservoirs are buried more than 3000

launched a round of "oil and gas battles" in 2018. Although oil

meters deep, whereas many shale gas reservoirs in the United

and gas production is in a critical period of stable production

States lay only 1000 meters deep. And most of the shale oil

and production increases, at the same time, ever-growing cost

and gas fields in the United States are located in plain areas,

is a challenge. In recent years, hard-to-develop resources such

while in China, most shale oil and gas fields are located in

as shale gas, tight oil and other resources have accounted for

mountainous areas, which makes it difficult to transport and

a large share of newly-proved oil and gas resources in China.

place the equipment, bringing a higher operational cost. Finally, the current output of shale gas in China is far below

According to data released by China Mineral Resources 2019,

the original target. Even if oil and gas prices could rise in the

in 2018, the proven resource reserves of shale gas in China

future, it is likely that many oil producers will not be able to

increased by 8.9% year-on-year, compared with 4.9% year-on-

bypass this Grey Rhino named "high cost".

year increase of conventional natural gas and 0.9% year-onyear increase of oil. In 2019, Qingcheng oilfield, the only one-

Hard-Core Equipment is Born

billion-ton oilfield newly confirmed by China, is also a shale oil

Under the double pressure from Black Swan and Grey Rhino,

field with a high difficulty of effective exploitation. Shale oil

the oil and gas industry is quietly shifting to a new direction. PAGE 105

The cost of Frac operation is often higher in China, as China's shale oil and gas fields are mostly located in mountainous areas, with narrow mountain roads and limited operational space. It is extremely inconvenient to transport and install Frac equipment there, and there is the added cost due to a need for higher stability of the equipment because of the location and climatic conditions.

More attention is being paid to efficiency and cost control,

hard-core innovations with regards to two core devices of Frac

instead of blindly expanding production. This is especially

equipment: first, the plunger pump is upgraded to cater to

evident when it comes to the development of oil and gas

continuous operational conditions instead of previous

technology. New technologies that improve efficiency are

intermittent operational conditions; second, in terms of

being popularly adopted across the globe.

power, Jereh replaced the traditional diesel drive with electric drive.

For example, the Electric Frac solution, which is highly praised in the industry, has emerged to overcome a major obstacle.

A Hardcore Plunger Pump

In the process of shale gas development, there is a key phase -

The plunger pump developed by Jereh Group has been used

Hydraulic Fracturing; during which large quantities of high-

for many years in shale gas Frac operation in China, this has

pressure base fluid is injected into the rock strata thousands

now been improved for continuous operation conditions, its

of meters beneath the surface. This complicated operation

service life and stability are also optimized so as to adapt to

come at an extremely high cost. Research has pointed out that

more demanding Frac operations.

the cost of hydraulic fracturing in North America accounts for about 15% - 40% of the total cost of a shale well. If the

Electric Replaces Diesel

efficiency of hydraulic fracturing can be improved, the

Traditional hydraulic fracturing equipment requires more

production cost of shale will be significantly reduced.

than ten diesel engines to drive at the same time, which leads to limitations in mountainous area because of the large

However, the cost of Frac operation is often higher in China, as

amounts of space the diesel engines occupy. Therefore, Jereh

China's shale oil and gas fields are mostly located in

Group developed the Electric Frac equipment with the design

mountainous areas, with narrow mountain roads and limited

concept of high power density. Its power is more than twice

operational space. It is extremely inconvenient to transport

that of the conventional diesel drive Frac equipment with a

and install Frac equipment there, and there is the added cost

power density of up to 134kW/t, the largest in the world. This

due to a need for higher stability of the equipment because of

means that it only takes 9 Electric Frac units now to

the location and climatic conditions. Even global energy

accomplish the same amount of work that required 18 sets of

giants with strong financial and technology resources have

diesel-driven fracturing equipment to operate simultaneously.

been unable to provide the required equipment and

Thus, the operation needs not only less space for operation,

experience that meet the unique needs of China's shale gas

but also less purchasing and maintenance costs for the


equipment. It is worth mentioning that there are many residential areas near the shale gas fields in Sichuan. The loud

To solve this problem, in 2019, Yantai Jereh Oilfield Services

noise from traditional Frac equipment severely affected local

Group Co., Ltd. (Jereh Group) launched the world's first self-

residents’ daily lives, making it difficult to operate at night and

developed complete set of Electric Frac spread for shale gas

lowering the operational efficiency. For this reason, Jereh

development, which brought new possibilities for the cost to

Group adopted the technologies of mute fans and frequency

be further squeezed down. In view of the special difficulties in

conversion control to keep noise under 85 dB, so as to meet

exploiting shale gas in mountain areas, Jereh Group has made

the requirements of operation during nighttime. PAGE 106



In addition, the electric equipment is equipped with an intelligent integrated control system. The system can transmit the on-site data to the base data cloud platform in real time through 4G, 5G and satellites, cooperate with built-in intelligent analysis and diagnosis, and provide technical guidance and early warning analysis for well site operation. In order to minimize the cost of Frac operation, Jereh Group made special designs for the fracturing manifold, sand blender and sand conveying equipment. For example, the working performance of the sand blender is 15% - 20% higher than that of diesel drive equipment of the same specification; the sand conveying equipment has transformed the traditional mode of crane hoisting and bag breaking, making the supply of Frac sand safer and more efficient. The introduction of Jereh Group electric Frac solution has greatly improved the capacity of domestic shale gas production in China. Last year, in the Frac operation of Sichuan Wei 202H40 platform, Jereh Group's electric frac solution broke the record for shale gas Frac efficiency in Sichuan and Chongqing area. In the end, 5 shale gas wells achieved a production leap of 5 million m3 /d. Since then, Jereh Group's complete set of electric frac equipment "family" have been delivered to major oil and gas fields across the country, providing new support for safe, green, efficient and intelligent exploitation of domestic oil and gas fields. Cost reduction is a protracted war Thanks to technology innovators like Jereh Group, China's shale industry has been steadily advancing despite all the difficulties. In 2019, China's production of tight gas and shale gas hit a record high, reaching 40 billion cubic meters and 15 billion cubic meters respectively, where shale gas production increased by 38.9%. In addition to Sichuan Basin, many oil and gas producing areas in China, including Changqing Oilfield, Xinjiang Oilfield, Daqing Oilfield, Dagang Oilfield, etc., began shale oil and gas development. In 2020, Jereh Group 10,000hp electric Frac trailor and 5000hp electric Frac skid participated in key shale oil projects across China, helping to create the "China Speed" of maximum fracking 11 sections a day in Bohai Bay. The shale oil field of Dagang Oilfield is planned to achieve an annual output of 500,000 tons of shale oil by 2025, becoming another important battlefield for China's shale oil and gas revolution. Looking ahead, the oil and gas industry obviously needs more innovators and innovations just like Jereh Group and its electric frac solution. In the long run, the Game between large oil and gas producing countries, geopolitical disputes, and the uncertainty of the world economic outlook all may lead to another sharp rise or fall of oil PAGE 107

JEREH GROUP prices. In 2019, China's oil and gas imports reached a new high, with oil dependence reaching 70.8% and natural gas dependence at 43%. The high volume of oil and gas imports highlight the domestic energy security issues. Whether in the past, at present or in the future, challenges, risks and market fluctuations have never been far from the oil and gas industry. In recent years, the frequent rise and fall of oil prices have brought greater pressures to the domestic oil and gas industry: the development of the industry cannot be entirely dependent on oil price. The best long-term path is to move forward by responding to constant changes through continuous technological innovation. Jereh Group’s electric Frac solution adheres to this ideology. Through continuous and in-depth investment in the technical field, it has unlocked the gate for domestic shale gas development to embark on the path of independence. Although it is difficult to predict the future of oil prices, it is clear that technological progress will lower production costs. Even if the research and development processes involved in bringing new industry-transforming technologies to the fore may seem slow at time, it will eventually take us further. About Jereh Group Jereh is a global group specializing in oil & gas, power and environmental management. By leveraging the resources and capabilities of equipment manufacturing, technology services, turn-key engineering as well as investment and operation, we offer integrated solutions in a flexible, efficient way to help customers resolve the issues and challenges that they face. We operate in more than 70 countries and regions across the globe. More than 5,000 outstanding employees worldwide, upholding the core value of "focus on customer





continuously improving to be the best", are working closely with our customers and partners to build a better world. For more information: PAGE 108


SHARING SUCCESS Qualified Labor Force Ambitious Sectorial Plans World Class Infrastructure Favorable Investment Climate Free Trade Access to One Billion Consumers Kingdom of Morocco - Moroccan Investment Development Agency

DR BOB MURRAY MBA, PHD - FORTINBERRY MURRAY Dr. Bob Murray is an internationally recognized expert in strategy, leadership, influencing, human motivation and behavioral change.

Tell us about the work of Fortinberry Murray. My partner, Dr Alicia Fortinberry and I began Fortinberry Murray in 1985 in New York. FM now has clients throughout the world. Our overall mission is to make organizations of all kinds work for the benefit of human beings by aligning their strategies and their ways of operating more closely with what we call our “design specs.” In that way, they can be not just more productive, but also have a happier and more engaged and motivated workforce. It’s hard to precisely classify our firm, as we and our colleagues work in a wide range of fields and industries. Essentially FM is a consultancy which, historically has specialized in the areas of leadership development, team creation and performance,




communication. Our work is based on the latest research in a broad range of disciplines based on what we call “Human Science”. These



psychology, anthropology,

neuroscience, biological

psychiatry, management science, marketing and social science. However, we are also futurists who study and draw practical lessons from what research is telling us are the major factors which will





Increasingly, our clients are asking us to help them redirect their business, personnel, marketing and communications strategy to take into account what we have discovered are the major emerging Bob helps organizations use the latest research in human science to

trends. On a more personal level, we are executive

better market their services, lead their people, improve their

coaches to a wide range of business and

productivity and increase their firm-wide resilience. His insights are

government leaders.

based on his wide experience in business as well as his deep knowledge

Our emphasis is on the practical application of

of management, psychology, genetics and neurobiology.

new discoveries—what do they indicate that individuals





He has led behavioural change programs for major law firms in

differently. So many of the influencing, marketing,

Australia, the US, the UK and Asia as well as for Global 500 and major

sales, personnel management techniques—most

national corporations and the Big Four consultancies. Bob is a NY Times

of which are still taught in major business schools

best-selling author. His most recent book (with Dr Alicia Fortinberry),

—are outdated and based on false assumptions.

The Human Science Strategy: what works and what doesn’t (ARK

They don’t reflect how humans actually make

Group, London) shows the potential impact of human science on

decisions, work most effectively, or are influenced

organizational success.

and motivated. PAGE 110

Tell us about the pathways through which you assist your clients to achieve desired improvements. We aim to get our ideas, our information, and our research out to as many people as possible. Sometimes this will be through

"Our knowledge of human science and our practical tips apply throughout any organization."

one-on-one executive coaching with business or government leaders. More often it will be through workshops or keynotes at conferences or retreats. Recently we have done much of our

we’re in high demand as speakers and, we’ve discovered

work online using a wide range of platforms. We have found

recently, we are experts in delivering entertaining and

the transition surprisingly seamless. We will use whatever

informative webinars and podcasts.

delivery method best suits our clients, their structure, and their budget. Unlike many major consultancies, we do not

What departments within organizations are best suited to

have a one-size-fits-all approach to the problems that are

your services?

brought to us. We tend to have long, deep and collaborative

We work at all levels of organizations and in all departments.

relationships with clients, who call on us to solve problems

Offhand, I can’t think of a department of any of our long-

and work with them to tailor solutions that best fit their

standing clients that we haven’t worked with. Our knowledge

people, structure and budget.

of human science and our practical tips apply throughout any

Clients tell us they come to us for three main distinguishing

organization. Overall, the impact of our contributions to those



we work with has been broad. We have increased individual

psychologists and scientists—so we know our stuff. We’re

and group productivity, we have empowered people, we have

practical and our advice can be put to immediate use. Finally

reduced bullying, we have greatly increased the effectiveness

we’re empathetic—we seek to understand and help them as

of teams. We have improved interpersonal relationships

well as help solve their business problems. For these reasons

throughout teams, departments and organizations. We have




PAGE 111

"Fortinberry Murray started with a simple question: how do human beings actually function? We wanted to know what makes us arrive at the decisions we make, buy the things we do, lead people in particular ways. What really makes us happy in the short and long term, like or hate each other, collaborate or not, trust other people, or not." one of the most moving pieces of feedback, which reflects a

concrete steps do they need to take to get where they want to

common sentiment of those we touch is: “I learned more than

go? However, the first step we take is to find out about them—

I ever have about leadership and building high performing

to form supportive relationships with our clients. We want to

teams. But honestly what I most value is how to talk to my

find out their real needs, personally and in terms of their

son. I used to think success was all about being successful at

organization and industry. Often what they really need turns

work. Now I know it’s about the relationships I make with

out to be quite different from what they thought.

everyone I value in my life and how to do that well. Thanks to

You can’t help anyone until you know about them and the

your presentations I am getting to really know my 13-year-old

context they’re in. This process also deepens their own

son. And I want to guide him to not make the mistakes I did,

understanding and curiosity. Then you look at what they do.

but to focus on and be skilled in relationships.”

We observe and explore underling aspects of what they want to achieve such as their decision-making, delivery of

There is a distinct focus on using the latest science-based

performance reviews, influencing techniques, delivery (or not)

knowledge in your work. What are the advantages to be

of hard messages, quality of dialogue and what techniques

derived from this approach?

they use to motivate their people. Once we have gathered this

In the past most consultants relied on models with little or no

information, we can suggest ways we can help them to change

scientific basis, and their own assumptions. So much research

what could be done more effectively. We don’t set out to

has shown that this doesn’t work to engender lasting change

change mindsets. Mindsets are formed through the

and is why over 80% of change initiatives fail. Fortinberry

experience of doing and reacting to how other people react to

Murray started with a simple question: how do human beings

us. If you consistently do things differently you get different

actually function? We wanted to know what makes us arrive at

results and, when the new actions work, the reward system of

the decisions we make, buy the things we do, lead people in

the brain will create a new mindset. This is why we

particular ways. What really makes us happy in the short and

concentrate on practical behaviors that people can first

long term, like or hate each other, collaborate or not, trust

experiment with and then adopt.

other people, or not. The search for the answers (for there are many) to that fundamental question has driven our research

From your point of view, what are the top 5 challenges

and our business. As a result is our guidance and advice is

that businesses face today?

based not just on our own experience (which by now is broad

The challenges for business reflect the five existential

indeed) but also on proven research findings, on hard science.

problems facing humanity —I call them the five horsemen of

We carefully examine our own assumptions an d biases and

the modern apocalypse: climate change, unrestricted human

teach clients how to do the same. We know what we suggest



overpopulation, and rising inequality. Businesses face






particular challenges within the context of those five You provide practical step-by-step actions to help your

horsemen. For example, rising inequality is leading to a

clients overcome their challenges. Why is this beneficial?

shortening of the average American lifespan and a decrease in

Our clients tell us that we take complex scientific principles

most people’s disposable income.

and make them understandable. Real results come from

Unless you’re in the business of supplying opiates or running

learning new behaviors and actions. What does an individual,

funeral parlors this is not good news. In terms of where we are

a group or an organization need to do differently? ... What

now, the five most pressing challenges that all businesses face PAGE 112


are (in no particular order): Loss of trust. Trust is slipping within organizations (70% of employees don’t trust their leaders and 60% of leaders don’t trust the promises their followers make to them). There is a loss of trust by the community in business generally and in particular a loss of trust in most goods and services. The challenge is going to be how to regain this trust. How to get people committed to you as a leader, to your organization and to your products. Otherwise survival is dubious at best. Lack of meaningful innovation. Almost all innovation for the last 100 years has been technological. This has been our great failure in terms of our ability to meet the challenges that lie ahead. We need innovation in the way we relate to each other in businesses, the way we lead a largely home-based workforce, the way we construct and manage teams, the way we sell our services when we may never meet our clients, how we sell and market in a rapidly-approaching postcapitalist (as we now know it) economy and so on. Loss of engagement. Businesses and all organizations must learn how to engage a largely part-time or gig workforce. Most employees are painfully aware that they are either expendable or might soon become so. Loyalty and engagement are attributes they can’t emotionally afford and therefore are unwilling to give. Internal inequality. Employees, and customers, will no longer tolerate overpaid CEOs and executives. In the 1950s the wage differential between the lowest and highest paid person in a business was 5:1. Now it stretches to several thousand to one. This saps morale and customer loyalty. The demise of globalization. Businesses will have to think national, regional and even local as fissures increasingly lead to a more divided world and even sharply divided nations. Supply chains will no longer be international but will be “brought home.” Human nature and especially human genetics make this trend almost inevitable. There are other challenges ahead, but these seem to me to be the top five. Another one which is becoming a crisis is the level of work stress and mental illness within businesses. PAGE 113

Why is it important for organizations and leaders to

safety in neutrality during WW2 “Each one hopes the tiger will

approach Management and Relationships holistically?

eat him last.” Businesses today are the same. But one thing is

All industry, even professional services, have been based on

for sure: if we keep going with our headlong rush into

models created over 100 years ago. These took little account

technology and maintain our blind drive for increased cost-

of human science—probably because so little was actually

saving, all our businesses are on the tiger’s menu.

known about our design specs. In times of rapid change, the

If business isn’t there to sustain humanity (which includes

old models don’t work—there’s a good argument to be made

adding to individual human beings’ sense of subjective

that they never did.

wellbeing) and the planet we live on, why on earth is it there?

What we in Fortinberry Murray are trying to do is encourage

Business leaders will have to come up with answers to these

organizations not just to think outside the box. But to forget

questions in order to survive.

about the box. We have to ask, for example: What is the point of my business from a social point of view? Is productivity

How much of a problem is bullying in the workplace and

really important? Why do people come to work for me? If my

what is your recommended approach to dealing with this?

organization were a not-for-profit what would be my

Workplace bullying has risen by some 50% over the last

message? What kind of “tribe” am I attempting to build with

decade. This is due to increasing stress (up 200% since 2010),

my employees, my customers, my clients? If I and other

increasing demands on employees and fear of job loss. With

employers get rid of our workforce and replace it with robots

the rising pressures and the shift to off-site working, the

and AI, who will have the wherewithal to buy my products or

bullying will get worse—but it will morph in two directions,


neither of them nice. We will get far more Zoom-and-cyber

Winston Churchill famously said of countries that sought

bullying of colleagues and followers on the one hand and PAGE 114



domestic bullying and violence on the other (according to the WHO this is up by 60% in Europe since the beginning of COVID-19 and child abuse has risen by 100% in some parts of the US according to a recent PBS report). Make it safe for people to speak up when they witness bullying of any sort. Have a zero-tolerance policy for bullying or harassment no matter who does it. Be absolutely clear what actions, inactions or behaviors constitute bullying. Make leaders at every level aware of how certain actions or directives of theirs may cause undue stress and thus bullying. Reduce the stress burden in organizations. Make sure that the culture of the organization does not encourage bullying or harassment. You have written and co-authored a number of books. Share with us the best starting point to explore your books? The best place to start for a leader is with our latest book “The Human Science of Strategy: What works and what doesn’t,” (Ark Group, 2020) It’s short, simple and full of practical tips as well as a wealth of the latest in human science. Fortinberry Murray was appointed by President Obama to head the US Dept. of Health and Human Services Workstress Initiative. You have also won the US Science Achievement Award. What do these prestigious recognitions mean to you? Both Alicia and I are extremely honored. I try not to get too caught up in it. We have so much we still want to contribute. It’s nice to be acknowledged by people and bodies we admire, but our past is the least interesting thing about us. The interesting part of my life is now—it always has been. All we really have is the present. We can waste our nows by angsting about the past, or glorying in it or worrying about the future, or looking forward to it. All of these are literally a waste of time—this time that we have now. Fortinberry Murray - Using HumanScience™ to bring your best future forward. For over 30 years, Global 500 and major regional organisations have relied on Fortinberry Murray’s guidance to build and maintain competitive advantage in a rapidly changing environment. For more information: PAGE 115


Shutdown orders driven by the coronavirus pandemic resulted in an immediate need for most businesses to support full-time work-at-home employees and in some cases, customers. SANS had to move from 70% in-person training to 100% online training in a matter of weeks for all instructors and thousands of students. The goal of this paper is to pass on the lessons learned by SANS on how to reach “safe enough while productive enough” levels of remote work, and then determine how to move forward as the “new normal” for both work and protection from emerging

SANS INSTITUTE WHITEPAPER Sponsored by: BlackBerry, Infoblox, Menlo Security, Pulse Secure. JOHN PESCATORE

threats. We emphasize the importance of an honest and detailed assessment of your starting point, focusing first on a basic security hygiene foundation and a people focused awareness campaign. From there, using the supplied guidelines, we discuss the importance of maintaining performance and collaboration while reducing risk. PAGE 116

With every transition there is always an opportunity to take

at the Organization in the same period last year.” The U.S.

advantage of change and raise the security bar. Use this crisis

Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Cybersecurity and

as an opportunity to increase the strength of user

Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), and the United

authentication, the rigor of privilege management, the focus

Kingdom’s National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) issued a

on application security, and the frequency of software

joint alert: “Both CISA and NCSC are seeing a growing use of

updates and critical backups. Security teams that have the

COVID-19-related themes by malicious cyber actors. At the

skills and the focus to move up the “secure work-at-home

same time, the surge in teleworking has increased the use of

maturity model” levels can do this without requiring a large

potentially vulnerable services, such as virtual private

(or often any) increase in budget.

networks (VPNs), amplifying the threat to individuals and organizations.”

Where Are You on the Safe and Productive Remote Work Journey?

Based on SANS interactions with enterprises and users, many

While it is no surprise that the stay-at-home orders issued to

organizations were prepared or were able to react quickly, to

combat the COVID-19 pandemic caused an immediate

take preventive measures, and enable safe and secure work-

increase in employees working from home, the numbers from

at-home operations. They did this by having a solid

a recent survey conducted by Iometrics and Global Workplace

foundation of basic security hygiene supported by a mixture

Analytics are staggering. According to the survey, prior to

of skilled staff, thorough and repeatable processes, and

COVID-19, 31% of employees reported working from home at

effective security controls. SANS has observed some common

least one day per week and only 9% were working from home

patterns of maturity in supporting safe and secure work-at-

full time, compared with 77% doing so after the stay-at-home

home operations:

orders. In addition, only 27% of companies had formal fulltime work-at-home programs in 2019, while 42% had part-

Some of the key technical elements of success include:

time work-at-home programs. The bottom line is that more

• Educate the users on the new risks in terms that will cause

than half of the companies that had employees currently

them to change their behavior.

working from home were not formally prepared for this

• Confirm that VPNs and other remote access methods have


the capacity to meet the increased demand and can enable security visibility as well as rapid detection and response to

However, the bad guys are always ready to attack, with


phishing attacks that are easily tailored for the latest crisis or

• Enhance web, email and DNS protections and make use of

other headline-worthy event. The World Health Organization

these services for threat intelligence. Attackers move rapidly

(WHO) reported a significant increase in attacks directed at

to modify phishing and ransomware campaigns to take

WHO employees: “Scammers impersonating WHO in emails

advantage of confusion and crises.

have also increasingly targeted the general public in order to

• Improve mobile device management of personally owned

channel donations to a fictitious fund and not the authentic

devices and isolation/ segmentation of those devices to

COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund. The number of

reduce exposure—this is key to enabling business while

cyberattacks is now more than five times the number directed

reducing risk. PAGE 117


• Leverage increased management attention to the security issues that are getting daily press coverage. Use it to get support for stronger authentication and privilege management, faster patching and backups, and more use of persistent data encryption. SANS Director of Emerging Security Trends John Pescatore, SANS Director of Security Awareness Lance Spitzner, and Virginia Tech CISO and SANS Senior Instructor Randy Marchany presented their views of the most important elements of a secure, effective and efficient remote work and collaboration program during a SANS webcast, titled “Making and Keeping Work at Home Operations Safe and Productive.” The remainder of this paper details those findings. Speaking the Right Language to Increase Awareness and Drive Change – Lance Spitzner Lance Spitzner pointed out that the COVID-19 pandemic created an overwhelming sense of urgency and uncertainty for customers, employees, and business staff and management— exactly the two conditions that attackers are continually looking to take advantage of. For many organizations, the problem was then exacerbated not only by a shortage of skilled cybersecurity staff, or lack of other resources, but also by an inability to effectively communicate the key security issues to the user base in a way that would both inform them and induce them to change their behavior. IT security teams are often focused on the technical aspects of threats and security controls and often use language that mirrors the complexity of attack and defense mechanisms. To users and business managers, this is akin to the directions on a medicine bottle explaining biochemistry and epidemiology versus simply stating, “To reduce the pain, take two tablets every four hours.” Spitzner pointed to a large body of research that supports the avoidance of cognitive and choice overload. Rather, explaining issues using intuitive versus analytical approaches has proven to be key in connecting with people in a way that reduces obstacles to behavior changes. The key is to prioritize a small number of the most important actions from a risk reduction viewpoint and communicate them clearly and precisely. That sounds simple, but many security people are perfectionists and believe everyone should do everything the right way to reach 100% security. PAGE 118

When developing your awareness materials, always start with this in mind: “Why should they care?"

Spitzner recommends an initial focus in work-at-home

newsletters under 700 words in length. When developing your

security awareness on three priority actions:

awareness materials, always start with this in mind: “Why

• Social engineering— Make sure people understand they will

should they care?” Spitzner recommends the book Start with

be the target, not the company’s technology. No one in

Why by Simon Sinek, as well as his Golden Circle video

management, a government agency or in the medical

presentation as a starting point. Spitzner used this approach

community will ever send them an urgent email requiring an

in creating the SANS Video Conferencing Tips for Attendees.

immediate response or asking for their password or other sensitive information. Fear, crises, curiosity and urgency are

As organizations and individuals rush to work from home,

the attacker’s greatest weapons. The more urgent the

video conferencing has become a key part of staying

message is, or the more it’s pressuring a person to ignore or

connected and working together.

bypass company policies, the more likely it is an attack. • Passwords— Reusable passwords will always be the

Here are key tips to making certain you are securely

Achilles’ heel of security, but because of the resources

attending a video conference.

required to do so successfully, organizations are unlikely to be able to make the move to two-factor authentication during

Update software: Make sure you are always using the latest

this crisis. Don’t force people to use long strings of computer-

version of the software. The more recent and updated your

generated digits that are impossible to remember, and don’t

software, the more secure you will be. Enable automatic

force them to change passwords regularly. These are costly,

updating, and always quit your program when you are done as

painful behaviors that ultimately increase risk. Use of

some programs update when you restart.

passphrases and password managers has proven to be an

Configure audio/video settings: Set your preferences to

effective way to simplify security for the workforce while also

mute your microphone and turn off your video when joining a

improving security for the organization.

meeting and enable them only when you want. You may want

• Updating— IT operations still control work laptop operating

to consider placing a webcam cover or tape over your

system updates for most organizations, but it’s important to

computer’s camera.

also tell employees to turn on auto-updates on their home

Double-check your background: If you want to enable your

PCs, work computer browsers, phones and tablets. Using the

webcam, be aware of what is behind you. Ensure you do not

latest version of apps or browser extensions, such as Zoom,

have any personal information or family members walking

will not only ensure the latest security features are available,

behind you during the call. Some video conferencing software

but also invariably raise the bar against attackers.

lets you set up your own virtual background or blur your background, so people can’t see what is behind you.

While those are three relatively simple concepts, it’s

Don’t share invites: The invite link to a call is the ticket to

important to speak the language of users so that it sinks in.

enter the meeting; others can join if you share. Even if a

Spitzner recommends partnering with your marketing,

trusted coworker needs the link, it’s much better to tell the

communications and graphic design teams to create visual

conference organizer who can give the individual access to

materials to get those key points across clearly and intuitively.

ensure changes to the conference are automatically shared

Maximize the use of well-designed graphics and always keep

with everyone. PAGE 119

Chief Information Security Officer Viewpoint: Moving

In addition to his CISO duties, Marchany had been teaching a

Rapidly and Managing Security with a Scattered Security

class with 93 students and had to move to online teaching


himself. His class materials were already available online, but

Randy Marchany, the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)

he had to add a video component to replace in-person

at Virginia Tech, the largest research university in Virginia with

teaching. He estimates that overall, only 10% of the

over 33,000 students, and a SANS instructor since 1992,

university’s courses were already online—moving to all online

walked through the timeline of Virginia Tech’s rapid reaction

teaching was an enormous effort for its staff.

to the pandemic shutdown orders: • The last day of spring break was extended from March 11 to

Marchany’s security staff consists of seven full-time

March 22.

employees that run all cyber defense operations for the main

• The security office went remote the week of March 15.

campus in Blacksburg, Virginia, and the northern Virginia

Virginia Tech went into reduced operations mode.

campuses in Alexandria, Falls Church and Arlington. Two of

• Approximately 4,500 classes converted to a 100% online

his staff were already full-time teleworkers, so the team

format by March 22.


• The state of Virginia went Stay-at-Home on March 30. Virginia

communicating online. The university uses Zoom, so security

Tech went into essential operations mode.

staff one-on-one meetings were already happening on Zoom.

• Virginia Tech ended up with about 33,000 students taking

Once everyone went full time to remote work, the team

classes online and about 8,000 faculty and staff working from

established a weekly Zoom security staff happy hour as a way


to share the events of the day, maintain camaraderie and







reduce the overall stress level.

Another point to consider is that very few homes have as fast or as reliable an Internet connection as a business or campus network. Many employees live in areas with marginal connections or have their entire family accessing their internet connection at the same time, thus saturating it.

Operationally, all of the sensors and security operations center (SOC) back-end systems were already accessible securely and remotely; there was no change in visibility or access. The movement to work at home was the major issue with a potentially significant loss in visibility into endpoints due to the increase in usage of personally owned PCs on home networks. Virginia Tech had a split tunneling VPN solution (full IPSec VPN, SSL VPN support) in place before the pandemic hit. PAGE 120

Mickey Mouse popped out of my mind onto a drawing pad 20 years ago on a train ride from Manhattan to Hollywood at a time when business fortunes of my brother Roy and myself were at lowest ebb, and disaster seemed right around the corner. - Walt Disney

Faculty and staff accessed VPN services using their university

keep browser histories and new file storage separate and

credentials. The university doubled its VPN capacity to

provide some limited mitigation of a ransomware attack,

support the work and teaching business processes for a fully

because home files are not easily accessible from the work

online mode. The university could run vulnerability scans

login and vice versa. The final major area Marchany addressed

against endpoints over the end-to-end VPN connection, but

was teleconferencing security. The rapid growth in Zoom use

when other connection methods were used, local ISPs would

attracted attackers and headlines about Zoom security issues,

sometimes interfere with the scanning, because it looked

but in reality, attackers were active against every major

malicious to them. Home machines that were “dual-homed”

videoconferencing application—which all had vulnerabilities.

could also be doing direct internet connections without going through the university network, meaning that abuse or

The university published detailed security guidelines and best

dangerous connections/activity might be detected by the

practices for secure use of Zoom and other services. (Zoom

local ISP rather than Virginia Tech. Similarly, NetFlow data

has published a good set of recommendations as well.)

could still be collected from endpoints that entered the campus network from VPNs but not from other connection

Marchany highlighted his top recommendations:


• Update software—Security enhancements are being rapidly pushed out; users should always use the latest version of the

Another point to consider is that very few homes have as fast

application or web agent.

or as reliable an Internet connection as a business or campus

• Audio/video settings—Turn on storage and screen sharing

network. Many employees live in areas with marginal

services only if needed for business purposes and inform

connections or have their entire family accessing their

everyone if a recording is being made. Organizers have many

internet connection at the same time, thus saturating it. Some

controls to help prevent disruption or abuse by attendees.

employees have no wired internet connections at home and

Educate users to NOT leave sensitive information on their

rely on cellular data services with limited bandwidth. Virginia

work surface that will be in the camera’s view.

Tech provided easy-to-understand tech tips for optimizing

• Background—Where possible, take advantage of Zoom’s

connectivity from slow-speed home connections. To meet

ability to project a virtual background behind the user. Not all

their employees’ need for higher bandwidth connectivity,

PCs can support this, but it prevents inadvertent disclosure of

Virginia Tech set up Wi-Fi parking lots. Employees could drive

sensitive information that might be visible behind the user.

up with their laptops in their vehicles and use their university

• Don’t share invitations—If you are invited to a meeting,

credentials to connect and get their work done.

don’t share your personal invitation with anyone. Users should contact the organizer for an individual invitation to

For employees that did not have a university-issued laptop,

ensure individual accountability. If you are organizing a

the university had existing minimum-security standards for all

meeting, don’t share your own Personal Meeting Identifier.

endpoints and required employees to change the settings on

• Screenshots—Be aware that on all teleconferences, even

their home computers as required. Marchany recommends

when end-to-end encryption is used, participants have a

that users set up a separate work ID/account on all personally

variety of ways to take screenshots of any sensitive

owned PCs being used for work connectivity. This will at least

information exposed. PAGE 121


Transitions and hard times often enable, if not force, change. In cybersecurity, we largely know the important basic security controls required to enable business while limiting risk, but we’ve been unable to convince management and other organizations to support the necessary changes. The COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically illustrated to CEOs and boards of directors how important reliable and safe IT systems and access are to limit the impact of crises and the inevitable wave of attacks that follow. Many organizations have been forced to quickly invest in support for increased remote access capacity, increased use of online teleconferencing and high levels of use of employee-owned devices. Some have been able to build enhanced security through stronger VPNs, and better mobile device management and visibility. Now is the time to institutionalize those gains and take advantage of increased management attention; increase the strength of security controls for email, internet access and downloading executables; utilize threat information to better prepare for attacks; and move to a more advanced and aggressive form of endpoint security. About the Author: John Pescatore joined SANS as director of emerging security trends in January 2013 after more than 13 years as lead security analyst for Gartner, running consulting groups at Trusted Information Systems and Entrust, 11 years with GTE, and service with both the National Security Agency, where he designed secure voice systems, and the U.S. Secret Service, where he developed secure communications and surveillance systems and “the occasional ballistic armor installation.” John has testified before Congress about cybersecurity, was named one of the 15 most-influential people in security in 2008 and is an NSA-certified cryptologic engineer. The SANS Institute was established in 1989 as a cooperative research and education organization. Its programs now reach more than 165,000 security professionals around the world. At the heart of SANS are the many security practitioners in varied global organizations from corporations to universities working together to help the entire information security community. SANS is the most trusted and by far the largest source for information security training and security certification in the world. PAGE 122



PAGE 123


Dana Pharant, an award-winning speaker, life, and leadership coach, is launching a new course called Intuition Mastery that will teach people, by using simplified tools, how to build the muscle of self-trust. The creation of Intuition Mastery Course came from Dana working one on one with clients, as she knows that the core for the majority of people is the inability to trust themselves and their decisions. This leads to feeling self-conscious or second-guessing, both of which eat up valuable time and energy. Dana explains that learning to trust yourself is a critical skill for those in business, "As there are sales pitches and socalled experts at every turn looking to sell you on their goods. When you trust yourself, you will make choices based on what you need, not because of the hype or scarcity. This course will help you gradually come to a place where you can stand firm in your decision - even if those around you think it is crazy because as Steve Jobs says “the ones who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world, are the ones who do". The course teaches people how to differentiate their actual helpful, intuitive knowing from the subconscious brain (who has the job to keep things the same) from reacting to anything new with an anxiety response. PAGE 124

Dana has been helping people for over 25 years to re-discover

and partly because they are willing to also utilize their intuitive

the gift that comes from fully trusting themselves. To feel

knowing in the decision-making process.

confident in their own decisions, to not waiver in the face of others disagreeing, and to free up time and energy by making

The more we use, follow, and trust ourselves, the less time we

decisions quickly.

spend doubting our choice. This frees us up to do more in our business as decision doubt can cause one to go into a spin of

Having struggled with very low self-esteem until her 30’s, Dana

negative self-talk that eats up precious time. The time that is

understands first hand the costs that come from not being

needed to grow the business effectively.

willing to trust her own instincts. She found herself in a relationship with a narcissist because she ignored her intuitive

Who can benefit from this course?

knowing, a relationship that nearly cost her her life.

Intuition Mastery is ideal for: Busy professionals who are looking for the ultimate

Indecision costs us in time and money. The average CEO will

productivity hack

make decisions in nine minutes once they have all of the

Business owners who are seeking a competitive advantage

information, partly because they are willing to make a decision

People who often second guess their choices PAGE 125


"You’ve worked hard to create a successful business and… You are totally ready to ramp up your business. You are super talented, successful AND you are itching for more. You don’t have to push harder, faster or give away your profits! When you resist failing you don’t play full out, you don’t dive in and take the opportunities and risks that will propel your business forward. But when you surrender and let go, you lose that heavy, serious energy. Then laughter and playful energy shakes things up and you get back into who you are; you tap into your creative juices and that is the sweet spot for your business. If you’re creative and you’re lit up-boom! You’re gonna rock it! Are you ready to step into your bold, sexy, fun-filled life as a business owner, and reach entirely new levels of success? Then contact me to find out what’s really stopping you from rocking your business like a badass!" - Dana Pharant Dana Pharant grew up in southern Ontario, Canada. Having grown up in a cult and managing to escape its hold at the age of 18, Dana set out on a mission to free herself from the mental and emotional programming of her past. Through many types of therapy and training in psychotherapy and neuroscience modalities along with her ability to see things from a very different perspective, Dana has refined these tools into the simplest forms so that she can create quick, lasting results for her clients without all the drama customarily associated with therapy. She started her first company at the age of 21, built and sold her second business, a million-dollar company, in 2016 she began focusing all her efforts on helping successful, driven CEO and business owners as a trusted adviser to the key people in the company. She combines all of her skills, including intuitive marketing and business strategy, emotional clearing, mindset, leadership, and negotiation skills. When she is not working, she is often found drinking wine with friends over deep conversations, hanging out with her biggest fan - her husband, or chasing after her two adorable Bengal cats Mazey and Bella. Follow Dana - LinkedIn @DanaPharant, Facebook @DanaPharant Website: Intuition Mastery Course: PAGE 126

HOW IOT BEEHIVES ARE HELPING SECURE THE WORLD'S FOOD SUPPLY Streaming analytics software from SAS checks vital statistics on the fly to maintain hive health.

COVID-19 has shone a spotlight on the food supply chain that helps nourish people in all corners of the world. But an even older "pandemic" – the plight of honeybees – also threatens the world's food supply. In both cases, SAS analytics makes it easier to understand data signals as they're happening so effective interventions can take place. In this instance, SAS technologies are at work to save honeybees, the world's No. 1 food crop pollinator. "SAS' passion for innovation and sustainability helped us find technology solutions to better understand the health of beehives," said Sarah Myers, AgTech Marketing Manager at SAS. "I'm an avid beekeeper, and it's exciting to work with a group of data scientists who want find new ways to support this critical global effort." Four ways data science tracks hive healthSAS Internet of Things (IoT)-enabled beehives use streaming analytics to interpret hive data flowing from embedded sensors to help beekeepers better understand which units need help. Hive data is sent to the cloud to allow for the continuous measurement of three indicators. Weight: A connected scale sensor tells beekeepers if the hive is producing honey and gaining weight – a sign of a healthy bee activity. If the scale indicates weight loss in one hive compared to its neighbor, beekeepers can intervene. Temperature and Humidity: An ideal climate inside the hive creates baby bees and keeps the queen warm enough to survive the winter. Honeybees regulate hive temperature and humidity by moving, flapping and clustering. Internal sensors collect temperature and humidity data then analyze it to alert beekeepers about concerning fluctuations.

About SAS Through innovative software and services, SAS empowers and inspires customers around the world to transform data into intelligence. SAS gives you THE POWER TO KNOW®. Website: PAGE 127


Kenya is the largest and most advanced economy in East and Central Africa. Its GDP accounts for more than 50 per cent of the region’s total. In 2019, economic growth averaged 5.7%, placing Kenya as one of the fastest growing economies in Sub-Saharan Africa. The recent economic expansion has been boosted by a stable





confidence and a resilient services sector. Liberalized and strong economy The country’s strong growth prospects are supported by an emerging, urban middle class and an increasing appetite for

Kenya is strategically located as a gateway to East and Central African region. With a border to the Indian Ocean, Kenya is well suited as a production and distribution base to service Africa.

high-value goods and services. Kenya has the second largest population within the EAC at 43 million and is growing at a rate of 2.7 per cent per annum. There is a rising trend towards urbanization, which is contributing to an increase in consumer demand for high value goods. This trend is forecasted to


continue, with 50 per cent of the population expected to live in PAGE 128

Kenya is the largest and the most advanced economy in East and Central Africa; with strong growth prospects supported by an emerging, urban middle class and an increasing appetite for high-value goods and services. Kenya has the second largest population within the EAC at 43 million and is growing at a rate of 2.7 per cent per annum. There is a rising trend towards urbanization, which is contributing to an increase in consumer demand for high value goods.

urban areas by 2050. The size of Kenya’s middle class is growing

gateway to the huge East African Community (EAC) market with

as evidenced by the growth in its gross national income per

over 135 million people and the Common Market for Eastern

capita, which has increased at a CAGR of 2 per cent over the

and Southern Africa (COMESA) market with over 450 million

past 10 years.

people. Kenya is a beneficiary of several trade preferential arrangements which includes The African Growth and

Low Risk Investment Environment

Opportunities Act (AGOA) which allows for quota free and duty

Kenya’s investment climate is the strongest in the EAC, with FDI

free access to the USA market for over 6,000 items produced in

flowing in from emerging and developed markets and a high

Kenya and The new Africa Caribbean and Pacific-European

volume of multinational companies with regional and

Union (ACP-EU) Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) which

continent-wide headquarters in the country. FDI has been on

gives duty free access to the EU among others.

the rise and is stronger than investment in other EAC countries. Given its position as the economic, commercial and logistical

Political and Macro Economic Stability

hub of East Africa, private equity capital is now flowing into

Kenya enjoys a very stable macroeconomic environment. The


government operates sound policies that promote growth by providing a secure environment for private sector investment

“Kenya is developing as the favored business hub, not only for

decisions. Kenya provides political stability and a supportive

oil and gas exploration in the sub region but also for industrial

legal environment. Kenya is a multi-party Democracy with a

production and transport. The country is set to develop


further as a regional hub for energy, services and

administered by the Executive arm of the Government. The

manufacturing over the next decade.” – UNCTAD

Kenyan Constitution protects private property and provides







safeguards against expropriation of such property without Strategic Location

compensation. Kenya is also a signatory to the Multilateral

Kenya is strategically located as a gateway to East and Central

Investment Guarantee Agency (MIGA), an agency of the World

African region. With a border to the Indian Ocean, Kenya is well

Bank and a Member of the International Council of Settlement

suited as a production and distribution base to service Africa,

of Investment Disputes (ICSID). In case of Commercial disputes,

Europe, the Middle East, South Asia and other Indian Ocean

Kenya has a Commercial Court under the Kenyan Judiciary.

Islands. Jomo Kenyatta International Airport functions as an effective Air hub between Africa, Europe and Asia. Kenya also

Improving Infrastructure

serves as the Communication Hub of the region.

Kenya has relatively well developed physical infrastructural facilities including, four international airports, an extensive

Market Access

road and railway network, a modern deep sea port at Mombasa

Kenya’s membership to regional economic blocs coupled with

capable of handling bulk and other containerized cargo, an

her strategic geographic position makes the country the best

expanding liberalized energy sector and comprehensive digital PAGE 129


telecommunication networks. As a result, Kenya continues to develop as a financial, services and transport hub for the East and Central African region. INFRASTRUCTURE STRATEGY USD 14.5 billion Konza Technology City “Silicon City” IT hub to be built on 5000 acres of land in Machakos. USD 5.5 billion Lamu Port Southern Sudan – Ethiopia Transport Corridor Construction of Lamu Port headquarters is in progress. USD 3.6 billion Standard Gauge Railway links Kenya’s Indian Ocean port city of Mombasa to the capital Nairobi. USD 654 million Jomo Kenyatta International Airport expansion comprises of a 178,000m2 facility due completion soon and complemented by the Nairobi Commuter Rail Service linking the city centre to the airport. USD 366 million Port of Mombasa harbour channel was deepened by 15 metres and widened to 500 metres to accommodate larger vessels. USD 360 million construction of the eight-lane controlled-access 50km Nairobi– Thika superhighway was recently completed. Reducing energy cost and improving energy availability Kenya is ideally positioned to unleash Africa’s power generation capacity through its focus on green energy and cost-effective sources of energy, set to contribute to a 5000MW increase in the national power grid. POWER & ENERGY STRATEGY Increasing share of power generated from green and more cost effective sources, with a target to increase electricity generation capacity by 5,000MW from the current 1,644MW to 6,700 MW in 40 months. WIND POWER PROJECT 300 MW Lake Turkana Wind Power Project valued at USD 823 million. WATER DISCOVERY Two new water sources at Turkana Basin and Lotikipi Basin PAGE 130

Kenya was the first country in the world to launch mobile money, “M-PESA;” an innovation which allows users to transfer cash using mobile phones. Based upon its success in Kenya, M-PESA is currently under replication in a number of countries across the globe.

holding 250 billion m3 of water, sufficient to supply Kenya for

in the world to launch mobile money, “M-PESA;” an

70 years.

innovation which allows users to transfer cash using mobile phones. Based upon its success in Kenya, M-PESA is currently


under replication in a number of countries across the globe.

Discovery of reserves by Tullow oil are estimated to extract as much as one billion barrels.

Diversified Tourist Destination Tourism is one of Kenya’s most important industries, and has


strong linkages with transport, food production, retail and

43,000 MW Geothermal Power Project in Baringo valued at

entertainment. As one of the world’s most popular business

USD 135 million.

and leisure tourism destinations, investors have the opportunity to leverage several Government-led programmes


to attract investment into the industry. These include the

5900 -1,000MW Coal Power Plant in Lamu.

establishment of resort cities, branding of premium parks, development of high value niche products and MICE tourism


facilities, and the construction of new internationally branded

6700-800 MW Natural Gas Fired Plant near Mombasa.

hotels, among others. Kenya is endowed with a unique combination of tourist attractions such as beautiful coastal

Well Established Private Sector

beaches, coral reefs, caves and river deltas, abundant wildlife

Kenya’s private sector is substantial and includes a number of

including the ‘big five’ in their natural habitats, national parks

foreign investors. Key players in voicing private sector

and game reserves, good climate, beautiful geographical

concerns include: The Kenya Private Sector Alliance (KEPSA),

landscapes, Savannah grasslands, forests, salt and fresh water

Federation of Kenya Employers (FKE) and The Kenya


Association of Manufacturers (KAM). "Investors will find living and working in Kenya a pleasant Skilled and Educated Talent Pool

experience. The country has in abundance excellent

Kenya has a huge pool of labor. The labor force is one of the

accommodation, shopping, education, healthcare and

best educated in the world, English-speaking and extremely

recreational facilities which will provide a high quality of life

adaptable. Highly qualified professional staff can be hired at

for both the investor and his family."

reasonable pay-scales, in all occupations and at all levels of

- KenInvest

expertise. "Kenya has made significant political, structural and Entrepreneurial and Innovative Environment

economic reforms that have driven sustained economic

Kenya pursues a mixed economy and her dynamic and

growth, social development and political gains over the past

diversified private sector comprises numerous small scale

decade. Kenya has the potential to be one of Africa’s success

local enterprises, medium sized businesses and multi-national

stories; from its growing youthful population, a dynamic

companies. They provide an array of manufactured goods,


business services and agricultural products for local

infrastructure, and its pivotal role in East Africa."

consumption and also for export. Kenya was the first country

- World Bank






PAGE 131

INVEST IN KENYA KEY INVESTMENT SECTORS Energy Kenya’s Energy sector is among the most active in Africa. Kenya is projected to be the third fastest growing economy globally (Bloomberg) and thus energy demand is expected to support this growth trajectory. Financial Services Kenya is an innovation leader in Fintech and Financial inclusion. Kenya’s financial sector is the third-largest in sub-Saharan







contribution to economic growth and job creation. Through Vision 2030, the Government aims to create a vibrant and globally competitive financial sector. Information Communication Technology Kenya is an innovation leader in emerging markets. Kenya has become the global technology hub of choice when it comes to attracting the strategic business activities of ICT companies in emerging markets. Kenya is the regional leader in ICT in East and Central Africa and considered as one of thee top innovation hubs in subSaharan Africa. Agriculture Kenya is the regional leader in Agro-Processing. Kenya has one of the highest agricultural productivity levels in the EAC region. 70% of the country’s exports have an agricultural focus and the sector employs 85% of the rural workforce. The sector has continued to grow at almost 5% annually and has huge potential for further growth. Kenya invites investors to explore business opportunities across the Agri-business value chain from primary production to value addition and processing of food produce. Agri-business already attract 20% of total FDI to the region which shows its huge investment potential. Kenya is the largest exporter of horticulture in East Africa and the third largest Tea exporter globally. Infrastructure Kenya envisages a massive upgrading and extension of the country’s infrastructure.The Kenyan government is actively seeking bids to improve and expand the nation's PAGE 132

Kenya envisages a massive upgrading and extension of the country’s infrastructure. The Kenyan government is actively seeking bids to improve and expand the nation's infrastructure networks, domestically and across East Africa to improve trade flows in the region.

infrastructure networks, domestically and across East Africa to improve trade flows in the region. The Infrastructure development projects are expected to open up significant trade opportunities within East and Central Africa. The Lamu Port and South Sudan Ethiopia Transport (LAPSSET) projects will open up a new corridor for increased trade opportunities with Kenya’s northern neighbors of South Sudan and Ethiopia. Manufacturing Kenya is a regional manufacturing hub. Manufacturing is a key sector in Kenya’s economic development in terms of both its contribution to national output and exports, and for job

Film Industry: Kenya presents highly diversified and very scenic

creation. Key targets and specific goals have been set to steer

sites for the film industry. Several world renowned movies were

industrial growth. These include the development of Special

set in Kenya.

Economic Zones, industrial parks and clusters, and niche

Investment in Conference Facilities: Kenya is increasingly

products. There are a wide range of direct and joint-

becoming a major attraction for conference tourism. Major

investment opportunities in this sector, including agro-

National and International Events are held in Kenya.


Investment in Entertainment Facilities: Amusement Parks,






components and electronics, plastics, paper, chemicals,

Clubs, Casinos, Theaters and Specialty Restaurants.

pharmaceuticals, metals and engineering products for

Construction of Golf Cities: Kenya's fine weather provides

domestic and export markets.

perfect opportunities for premium golf facilities.

Real Estate and Construction


Kenya has a well-developed building and construction

Kenya offers many advantages that make it a great choice for

industry with quality engineering, building and architectural

settlement and investment. There is the spectacular and

design services. With a fast growing population, and

diverse nature with landscapes ranging from mountains to

increasing demand for affordable housing, opportunities exist

beautiful beaches. The country has many wild and spectacular

in the construction of residential, commercial and industrial

animals and birds. Nature scenes like the Maasai Mara that was

buildings. Investors can also manufacture and supply

recently branded as the 8th wonder of the world and Tsavo

construction materials and components for the sector.

national parks which draw thousands of visitors every year. Kenya also offers a rich cultural experience and many forms of

Tourism Development

entertainment where residents and visitors alike can gain

Development of Resort Cities: The government invested in a

insight into the many diverse and fascinating cultures found in

new transport corridor (LAPSSET). The program has targeted

the country. Well-stocked shopping malls open 24 Hours a day,

the development of new resort cities as part of the project.

a wide range of quality restaurants, world-class private primary

Other opportunities are available within new tourist circuits.

and secondary schools, and high quality health care are widely

Construction of Hotel Chains: Major international hotel

available. Quality housing is also available in all the key towns.

Brands have set up in Kenya to tap into the growing business tourism market. The sector presents further opportunities.

To find out more, please contact KenInvest: PAGE 133

COVID-19 & HUNGER: THE TIME TO TRANSFORM AFRICA'S FOOD SYSTEMS IS RIGHT NOW The crises in food security and economic livelihoods

These linchpin firms are now struggling with COVID-19 related

brought about by COVID-19 can potentially do more to

challenges that imperil their continued operation, according

disrupt social order and long-term development in

to a coalition of international practitioners who support these

Africa than the public health crisis.

businesses with capital and technical assistance comprising Bain & Company, TechnoServe, Partners in Food Solutions,

Governments, funders, NGOs, and corporations must

Land O'Lakes Venture37, Acumen and Root Capital.

take immediate action to protect the intermediaries which anchor African food systems, according to a

A TechnoServe survey of over 100 food processors spanning

coalition of international practitioners.

sub-Saharan Africa, shows that over 60% of these enterprises do not feel adequately prepared, including having limited

Governments across Africa have put in place policies to stop

liquidity, for meeting the challenges presented by COVID-19:

the spread of COVID-19 with the first lockdowns resulting in

For those that have been deemed essential services and

significant restrictions on the movement of people and

can continue to operate, normal levels of production is

goods. But the disruption of intermediary businesses in

hindered by COVID-19 related challenges for labour to get

agricultural value chains could have the most consequential

to work and operate safely.

impact on food security and livelihoods.

There are broad disruptions to demand, with shifting buying habits from stockpiling and reduced consumer

This includes reduced supplies of caloric staples and other

incomes, while markets are closed and school feeding

nutritious foods to consumers (many of whom already spend

programmes halted.

up to 50% of their income on food), loss of jobs in food

Logistics across the value chain have been affected as

processing, and – for those who are farmer-allied – lower

curfews and lockdowns are restricting movement of

incomes and support to smallholder farmers who contribute

people and goods.

to more than 80 percent of agricultural production in Africa. Intermediary businesses can include producer cooperatives,

As a result, some food processing businesses are shutting

aggregators, processors and vertically integrated brands

down and, according to TechnoServe, only 31% of companies PAGE 134

Intermediary businesses can include producer cooperatives, aggregators, processors and vertically integrated brands. These linchpin firms are now struggling with COVID-19 related challenges that imperil their continued operation, according to a coalition of partners who support these businesses with capital and technical assistance comprising Bain & Company, TechnoServe, Partners in Food Solutions, Land O'Lakes Venture37, Acumen and Root Capital.

are retaining their full workforce, with the majority putting

First, African governments need to ensure their COVID-19

workers on leave and 17% already making layoffs or planning

response supports food supply chains. This includes

to do so.

declaring agriculture, food processing, logistics, and food retailing






"Some companies are trying to pivot," says Jeff Dykstra, CEO

availability and distribution of personal protective

of Partners in Food Solutions, "but the expected slowdown in

equipment (PPE) and even soap and hand sanitiser to all

business is limiting investment at a time when innovating for

workers across the food system.

this new operating environment is critical. Also, without

Second, the full range of capital from public funds, grants

sufficient liquidity and working capital, these businesses will

from the donor community, debt to equity from investors

not be able to continue making payments to suppliers and

is required to ensure intermediary businesses such as

investing in farmers by maintaining extension services or

food processing have the liquidity to continue operating

providing farmers with credit."

and invest in necessary innovations, such as digital platforms that more efficiently match farmers to markets






and support farmer productivity. Capital provision must

development by providing nourishment, jobs and incomes

be coupled with advisory support and technical

in Africa, while building more resilient local food systems.

assistance for business continuity planning. Investment

They help smallholder farmers withstand global fluctuations

across a range of commodities, including staples such as

in the markets and, where appropriate, reduce reliance on

cereals, legumes, roots and tubers, fresh fruits and


vegetables, dairy and even export oriented cash crops such as tea, coffee and nuts, are all critical for farmer

"Supporting these firms and smallholder farmers – which our

livelihoods, to feed local populations and generate

research shows many of whom are in the 'missing middle'

foreign exchange reserves.

where affordable commercial financing is not readily available

Third, NGO implementers and the private sector can

and have already struggled with a capital gap pre-COVID-19 –

provide critical beyond-capital assistance. For example,

is also necessary to strengthen the longer term ability

TechnoServe and Partners in Food Solutions along with

of Africa to feed itself, build more resilient food systems and

private sector partners are providing remote technical

harness the economic potential of African agriculture and

assistance to hundreds of food processors in Africa and

food. All of which are critical to Africa's economic

have published guides on safe operations for workers and

development," says Christopher Mitchell, a partner at Bain &

food production. Business advice for these processors, on

Company and leader of the firm's work in African Food



renegotiation and product adaptation, is also critical to






survival. In Malawi, Land O'Lakes Venture37 is providing The international donor community and African governments

face masks, hand sanitiser and hand washing stations to

have an opportunity to act now to mitigate against a food

dairy cooperatives to ensure that Ministry of Health

security crisis arising from the pandemic and to set a path

protocols around COVID-19 prevention can be properly

toward food system transformation that would yield greater

followed and fresh milk continues to be delivered

nutritional, economic, societal and environmental benefits for

daily. The private sector, particularly large brewers and

decades to come:

soft drink companies, have large supply and distribution PAGE 135

networks that can be leveraged for upstream and downstream logistics to help facilitate a stable, safe food supply. Bain & Company is a global consultancy that helps the world's most ambitious change makers define the future. Across 58 offices in 37 countries, we work alongside our clients as one team with a shared ambition to achieve extraordinary results, outperform the competition and redefine industries. We complement our tailored, integrated expertise with a vibrant ecosystem of digital innovators to deliver better, faster and more enduring outcomes. In 2015 we committed to invest $1B in pro bono services over 10 years to leading organisations working to solve the most difficult problems in

Food processing businesses advance socio-economic development by providing nourishment, jobs and incomes in Africa, while building more resilient local food systems. They help smallholder farmers withstand global fluctuations in the markets and, where appropriate, reduce reliance on imports.

education, economic development and the environment. Learn more at PAGE 136


Certifications and LinkedIn job seeking tools. These resources

initiative aimed at bringing more digital skills to 25 million

can all be accessed at a central location, opportunity.

people worldwide by the end of the year. The announcement, and will be broadly available online in four

comes in response to the global economic crisis caused by

languages: English, French, German and Spanish.

the COVID-19 pandemic. Expanded access to digital skills is an important step in accelerating economic recovery,

In addition, Microsoft is backing the effort with $20 million in

especially for the people hardest hit by job losses.

cash grants to help nonprofit organizations worldwide assist the people who need it most. One-quarter of this total, or $5

This initiative, detailed by Microsoft, includes immediate

million, will be provided in cash grants to community-based

steps to help those looking to reskill and pursue an in-

nonprofit organizations that are led by and serve

demand job and brings together every part of the company,

communities of color in the United States. The company is

combining existing and new resources from LinkedIn, GitHub

also pledging to make stronger data and analytics —

and Microsoft. This includes:

including data from the LinkedIn Economic Graph — available

The use of data to identify in-demand jobs and the skills

to governments around the world so they can better assess

needed to fill them.

local economic needs.

Free access to learning paths and content to help people develop the skills these positions require.

Microsoft also announced it is creating a new learning app in

Low-cost certifications and free job-seeking tools to help

Microsoft Teams designed to help employers skill and upskill

people who develop these skills pursue new jobs.

new and current employees as people return to work and as the economy adds jobs."COVID-19 has created both a public

This is a comprehensive technology initiative that will build

health and an economic crisis, and as the world recovers, we

on data and digital technology. It starts with data on jobs and

need to ensure no one is left behind," said Microsoft

skills from the LinkedIn Economic Graph. It provides free

CEO Satya Nadella.

access to content in LinkedIn Learning, Microsoft Learn and the GitHub Learning Lab, and couples those with Microsoft

Website: PAGE 137

UNIVERSITIES MUST STEP UP TO SURVIVE AFTER COVID-19, GLOBAL EXPERTS URGE Students will have the power to bankrupt universities that do

the student's role is that of the determinant partner –

not meet their expectations in a post-COVID-19 world, a US

determining what universities should be doing and which

educator has warned at the launch of a major new research

ones should have the right to serve them going forward.

report into the future of higher education, commissioned by

When societies and students are interfacing with institutions

the Qatar Foundation (QF).

and not getting what they are paying for, there is going to be a reckoning."

'New schools of thought: Innovative models for delivering higher education', produced by the Economist Intelligence

Dr. Mary Schmidt Campbell, President of Spelman College,

Unit (EIU), has outlined how higher education institutions

told the panel discussion that academic partnerships are:

must adapt to survive as they face dwindling public funding,

"extremely important in days like this", adding: "Institutions

questions over their value, and the challenges that

have to stop being so precious and siloed and sequestered. "

technology and automation pose. "Everyone benefits from collaboration, but it takes a very As the report was launched today, a EIU panel discussion

different mindset to what we have now. If we fall back into

sponsored by QF saw education experts from three

marketing and competition mode, we are not going to get

continents explore its findings and share their views on the


future of higher education, with Ben Nelson, Founder, Chairman and CEO of Minerva Schools at Keck Graduate

And Francisco Marmolejo, QF's Education Advisor, said higher

Institute, saying: "Students have a most extraordinary

education institutions must "challenge their assumptions",

responsibility this year because, for the first time in living

saying: "Unless we do that, disrupt, and are willing to take

memory, they have the ability to bring institutions down to

risks, as soon as conditions return to some sort of normal, we

bankruptcy. They can vote with their feet in a way they have

may try to become the same as we were before. This crisis is

never been able to do before – opting to slip out of college for

telling us we no longer have the luxury of assuming things will

a year can literally shut down an institution. For the first time

be as they used to be." PAGE 138

Qatar Foundation – Unlocking Human Potential

offers lifelong learning opportunities to community members

Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community

as young as six months through to doctoral level, enabling


graduates to thrive in a global environment and contribute to







supports Qatar on its journey to becoming a diversified and

the nation's development.

sustainable economy. QF is also creating a multidisciplinary innovation hub in Qatar, QF strives to serve the people of Qatar and beyond by providing

where homegrown researchers are working to address local

specialized programs across its innovation-focused ecosystem

and global challenges.

of education, research and development, and community development.

By promoting a culture of lifelong learning and fostering social engagement through programs that embody Qatari culture, QF

QF was founded in 1995 by His Highness Sheikh Hamad bin

is committed to empowering the local community and

Khalifa Al Thani, the Father Amir, and Her Highness Sheikha

contributing to a better world for all.

Moza bint Nasser, who shared the vision to provide Qatar with

For a complete list of QF's initiatives and projects, please

quality education. Today, QF's world-class education system

visit: PAGE 139


Research by the University of Washington suggests that population declines in India and China could be more rapid than previously thought. Growing access to education and contraception for women could catapult Indian and Chinese fertility below replacement levels quickly. The researchers did not see the same factors at play in most African nations, where population growth will continue to 2100 and beyond.


The U.S. will remain the fourth-largest nation in 2100, despite below-replacement levels of fertility. While experts have long agreed that the world has already set


the course for a future population decline, there has been some PAGE 140


disagreement about just how fast and where exactly the number of people on this Earth will shrink. Medical journal The Lancet recently published research by the University of Washington suggesting that population decline could be more rapid than previously thought, especially in the world’s most populous nations China and India. The researchers assume that world population will peak already just after the middle of the century, earlier than projected by the U.N. Population Division. They pointed out that models of populations growth have proven to be very stable while those dealing with population decline were much less reliable. In their base scenario, researchers assumed growing access to education and contraception for women would catapult Indian and Chinese fertility below replacement levels quickly, leading to population levels of just 1.1 billion and 731 million people in India and China in 2100, respectively. The researchers did not see the same factors at play in most African nations, where population growth would continue to 2100 and beyond, according to the model. This would make Nigeria the second-largest nation on Earth ahead of China by 2094. The U.S. would remain the fourth-largest nation in 2100, despite below-replacement levels of fertility. Here – similar to the situation in Canada and Australia – positive net migration would keep population levels semi-stable. Also by 2100, current growth nations Indonesia and Pakistan would have entered a slight population decline per the model, with the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Ethiopia overtaking them in size around the turn of the new century. The World Economic Forum The International Organization for Public-Private Cooperation.The Forum engages the foremost political, business, cultural and other leaders of society to shape global, regional and industry agendas. Statista Within just a few years, Statista managed to establish itself as a leading provider of market and consumer data. Over 700 visionaries, experts and doers continuously reinvent Statista, thereby constantly developing successful new products and business models. PAGE 141

KENTUCKY - WHY ARE MANY OF THE WORLD’S MOST SUCCESSFUL COMPANIES HERE? Many of the world’s most successful companies have

cargo shipments. That is because Kentucky business is served

discovered that the Commonwealth of Kentucky is the right

by not one but two international airports plus three global

place to build their business. Whether your company is

shipping hubs, giving companies a leg up on getting products,

looking to relocate from another state, or you have an

papers and packages into the global stream of commerce.

overseas operation that is considering a new home in the

Kentucky is home to the UPS World Port, DHL Americas hub in

USA, Kentucky has a variety of strengths that make it an

Northern Kentucky, the Amazon Air global port in Northern

unbeatable location.

Kentucky and several large FedEx ground hubs throughout the state. Due to this strong presence by the world’s most

The major industries are: Aerospace, AgriTech, Automotive,

prestigious logistics companies, products manufactured in

Chemicals, Food and Beverage, Healthcare, Logistics / Cargo,

Kentucky can get anywhere in the world virtually overnight.

Manufacturing, Plastics and Rubber, and Primary Metals. #3 - Effective networking. #1 - We’re in the middle of everything.

Kentucky is well served by 20 interstates and major highways,

Within a day’s drive of two-thirds of the U.S. population,

major rail networks, barge traffic on the Ohio and Mississippi

Kentucky is located at the center of a 34-state distribution

rivers, five commercial airports and dozens of regional

area in the eastern United States, Kentucky’s location

airports. Our ideal transportation network can move products

advantage facilitates the distribution of goods and materials

easily and efficiently by air, rail, road and water to all points

to a massive industrial and consumer market. Kentucky’s

of the globe.

borders are within 600 miles of over 65 percent of the nation’s population, personal income and manufacturing

#4 - Cost of Doing Business.

business establishments. That helps when you have to move

Kentucky ranks 1st in the nation for cost of doing business

product, meet with a customer or close a sale.

according to CNBC. Kentucky’s innovative and progressive tax incentive programs also provide the flexible financial

#2 - Unmmatched logistics.

assistance businesses need when locating, expanding or

The state of Kentucky ranks 2nd in the nation in total air

reinvesting in the state. PAGE 142

The Bluegrass Means Business: #1 in vehicle production per capita #1 in FDI jobs by percentage #1 in Whiskey exports #1 in low cost of doing business

"For 50 years, Dow has been an employer, neighbor and corporate partner in the region." Howard Ungerleider - CFO Dow DuPont "Everytime we've invested here, the community and state have reaffirmed this is the right location for future growth." Luke Durudogan - Meggit Aircraft Braking Systems

#5 - Electrifying power rates. Among the more significant location factors having a direct influence on bottom line costs is the annual capital that must be committed to utility consumption. Kentucky has the lowest cost of electricity in the industrial sector among states east of the Mississippi River and one of the lowest in the U.S., coming in nearly 20 percent lower than the national average. #6 - We’re training the workforce of the future. Kentucky offers workforce recruiting and training assistance for new and existing employees at no charge. We also offer a personalized approach to your workforce needs – you tell us what you need, and we custom-design a solution, saving you

America’s thoroughbred industry. Our bluegrass music, crafts

time and money. Last year alone, we trained more than 95,000

and fine arts are known around the world, and our state parks

people and supported more than 5,000 companies.

are among the finest in the nation.

#7 - Business-minded educational approach.

#10 - Business-friendly attitude.

Kentucky colleges and universities are true partners in the

Businesses want fast, efficient and personalized service, and

development of the workforce of the future. They understand

Kentucky provides it. We listen to you, help identify your needs

the needs of business. In fact, from innovative K-12 schools

and then we work with you one-on-one to devise solutions that

and apprentice-style training to cutting edge research

will maximize your success while lowering your cost of doing

universities and continuing education programs, education is

business in Kentucky. Whether you are across the street or

a way of life in Kentucky.

across the globe our team is eager to assist your business.

#8 - Strong support for innovation and entrepreneurship.


Kentucky’s drive to encourage business innovation and small

Kentucky's pro-business climate provides a number of specific

business startups is evident by the array of unique and

incentives for local businesses. The Kentucky Economic

effective programs offered for both entrepreneurs and

Development Finance Authority (KEDFA), established within

investors. Our KY Innovation office offers startup and

the Cabinet for Economic Development to encourage economic

capitalization assistance as well as mentoring to help small

development, business expansion, and job creation, provides

businesses turn big ideas into reality.

financial support through an array of financial assistance and tax credit programs. Helping businesses in this way furthers the

#9 - Unsurpassed quality of life.

Commonwealth's goals of achieving long-term economic

With one of the lowest cost of living rates in the U.S., your

growth and employment opportunities for its citizens.

dollars go further in Kentucky! The cost of living is more than 10 percent lower in Kentucky than the U.S. average, and

The Kentucky Cabinet for Economic Development.

housing costs alone are up to 30 percent lower. Plus, life

The primary state agency in Kentucky responsible for

outside the office just couldn’t be better than it is in Kentucky.

encouraging job creation and retention, and new investment in

Our breathtaking countryside is home to the heart and soul of

the state. For more information, please visit: PAGE 143


Dada Group, China's leading local on-demand delivery and retail platform, announced that Philip Kuai, Dada's Founder, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, attended and delivered remarks at China Chain Store & Franchise Association's - China International Retail Innovation Summit in Shanghai in August. In his address, Mr. Kuai discussed the importance of digitization of local retail and Dada's role in creating a new era of local ondemand retail in China. With








is China's national representative for the retail and franchise industry. Its functions include participating in policymaking discussions, safeguarding the interests of the industry, providing professional training and information for members, and establishing platforms for exchange and cooperation. The


annual Retail Innovation Summit gathers industry leaders to PAGE 144



discuss the future of the sector, and this year's theme was "Retail Innovation: From Digital to Intelligent." Mr. Kuai spoke on the "Face to Face with CEOs" panel, where he shared insights into Dada's complementary platforms (JDDJ and Dada Now), as well as the Company's unique value proposition focused on offering customers increased efficiency and role in expanding innovation in the on-demand retail sector. "Most retailing activities in China still happen offline rather than online, with online sales accounting for only approximately 20%," said Mr. Kuai. "At Dada, we view the digitization of local retail as the most significant opportunity in Chinese e-commerce over the next decade. Our goal is to empower the retailers and brands that we partner with by helping them digitalize their brick-and-mortar stores while constantly developing and enhancing our on-demand delivery services for the benefit of our customers." Mr. Kuai added, "In addition to our commitment to improving our platforms and expanding our reach, we care deeply about making a positive social impact in the communities we serve and are incredibly proud of the role we have played during the COVID-19 outbreak in China. Not only has Dada offered a safe and efficient way for consumers to order essential goods, such as groceries and medicine, from the comfort of their home, we have also added new riders to the Dada Now family that may have lost other jobs as a result of the pandemic. We're grateful for all of our dedicated riders, who are truly the backbone of our mission to Bring People Everything on Demand." Philip Kuai A serial entrepreneur with extensive experience in the logistics and internet sectors, Mr. Kuai has served as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Dada Group since he founded the Company in 2014. Prior to founding Dada, he served as a Vice President of, an online property platform in China, and a Vice President of AdChina. Earlier in his career, he worked at Oracle Corporation, McKinsey & Company, and Accenture. He received a Master's degree in logistics engineering from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Mr. Kuai was named to Fortune's "2019 40 under 40 in China" list, an annual selection of the most influential young people in business. Fortune noted that since Dada's establishment in 2014 and the merger between Dada Now and JDDJ in 2016, the Company has become a leader in the grocery and delivery industry. PAGE 145


Dada continues to play an important role in providing essential products to customers and aiding in the recovery of the Chinese economy by encouraging consumption. The Company has achieved several sales milestones in recent months,





demand for digital retail solutions. JDDJ launched its Cool Season Shopping Festival in July alongside major supermarket chains and brand owners including Walmart, CR Vanguard and Unilever. Additionally, of the CCFA's list of the Top 100 Chinese Supermarket Chains in 2019, nearly 60 supermarkets have cooperated with JDDJ, including top players such as Walmart, Yonghui and CR Vanguard. More than 60% of those that have partnered with JDDJ ranked within the top 50. Dada Group completed its public listing in the U.S. in June 2020 and began trading on the Nasdaq Stock Exchange under the ticker "DADA." About Dada Group Dada Group is a leading platform of local ondemand retail and delivery in China. It operates JDDJ, one of China's largest local on-demand retail platforms for retailers and brand owners, and Dada Now, a leading local on-demand delivery






individual senders across various industries and product categories. The Company's two platforms are inter-connected and mutually beneficial. The Dada Now platform enables improved delivery experience for participants on the JDDJ platform through its readily accessible fulfillment solutions and strong on-demand delivery infrastructure. Meanwhile, the vast volume of on-demand delivery orders from the JDDJ platform increases order volume and density for the Dada Now platform. Website: PAGE 146

Flying cars could be a possibility in the near future,

working in the field.


Japanese company SkyDive are hoping to sell 100

The company is hoping to complete its first flight test this

vehicles by 2028 at the cost of an 'expensive car'.

summer, according to the Japan Times. “We’re considering

as Japan plans to commercialize as soon as 2023. Companies such as Airbus, Boeing and Uber are all

launching an air taxi service in big cities, either Osaka or Tokyo, The Japanese government is pouring money into the

with initial flights over the sea as it would be too risky to fly

development of flying cars with aims of commercializing

over many people all of a sudden,” SkyDrive CEO Tomohiro

the futuristic mode of transportation as soon as 2023,

Fukuzawa, a former engineer at Toyota, told the newspaper.

the Japan Times reports. Taking off vertically A number of flying car concepts are being developed

He also noted that development has been “accelerating rapidly

throughout the globe, with technology companies likes

with the rise in the number of personnel in the venture.” The

Airbus, Boeing and Uber leading the charge.

startup is planning to start with round trips around various resorts, including Universal Studios Japan. “The initial model

The dream of covering smaller distances in vehicles

will fly basically on auto pilot, but it’s not 100 percent

capable of vertical take off and landing (VTOL) is very

autonomous because a pilot would need to maneuver it in

much alive — and that’s especially true in Japan.

case of an emergency, for example,” Fukuzawa said. The goal of the startup is to sell at least 100 vehicles by 2028, each for

Japan’s SkyDrive, one of the country’s newest flying car

the cost of an “expensive car,” according to the CEO.

startups, recently revealed the SD-XX, a sleek two-person eVTOL aircraft, about the size of a car, with a range of

Courtesy of The World Economic Forum in collaboration with

several tens of kilometers at 100 kmh (62 mph).

Futurism: PAGE 147


INEOS Automotive has revealed the exterior design of the Grenadier, its forthcoming, no-nonsense 4x4 vehicle for the world, another step on the road towards start of production. Built from the ground up on an all-new platform, the INEOS Grenadier has been designed on purpose: namely to meet the demands of its future owners for a rugged, capable and comfortable go-anywhere working vehicle. "The brief was simple. We set out to design a modern, functional and highly capable 4x4 vehicle with utility at its core," said Toby Ecuyer, Head of Design. "A design that is 'easy-

- "Form follows function" in an engineering-led design process focused on delivering a vehicle to do a job. - Development programme moving forward, with prototype testing now on the march towards accumulating 1.8 million kilometres on and off-road over the coming year. - Created to fulfil the vision of adventurer and INEOS Group Chairman, Sir Jim Ratcliffe, the Grenadier will be a capable, durable and reliable 4x4 designed and built to handle the world's harshest environments. - #GrenadierUnwrapped.

to-read,' with no ambiguity about the Grenadier's role in life. There to do everything you need, and nothing you don't. PAGE 148

"The Grenadier project started by identifying a gap in the market, abandoned by a number of manufacturers, for a utilitarian off-road vehicle. This gave us our engineering blueprint for a capable, durable and reliable 4x4 built to handle the world's harshest environments. But it had to look the part as well." Sir Jim Ratcliffe, Chairman of INEOS Group

Nothing is for show. Modern engineering and production techniques ensure the Grenadier is highly capable, but we have been able to stay true to the essence of creating a utilitarian vehicle that will stand the test of time." Dirk Heilmann, INEOS Automotive's CEO, said: "We are delighted to be able to share the design of the Grenadier so early in the process. Most manufacturers would hold back, but we are a new business, building a new brand, and we want to take people with us on this exciting journey. "Showing the design now allows us to focus on the critical next phase of the vehicle's development, testing its capability and durability. We have a very challenging programme ahead, as we put prototypes through their paces in all conditions, on the way to accumulating some 1.8 million test kilometres over the coming year. From today the covers are off. Testing 'in

from the ground up. Engineered to overcome all conditions, it

plain sight' without the need for camouflage wrapping, foam

will provide best-in-class off-road capability, durability and

blocks or fake panels is an added benefit."

reliability to those who depend on a vehicle as a working tool, wherever they are in the world.

Sir Jim Ratcliffe, Chairman of INEOS, said: "The Grenadier project started by identifying a gap in the market, abandoned

On the engineering front, we are now in the series

by a number of manufacturers, for a utilitarian off-road


vehicle. This gave us our engineering blueprint for a capable,

partner Magna Steyr, with prototype testing under way. The

durable and reliable 4x4 built to handle the world's harshest

INEOS Grenadier will go into production in late 2021.






environments. But it had to look the part as well. As you will see today, Toby and his team have done a great job in

INEOS Automotive is a subsidiary of INEOS Group

delivering a design that is both distinctive and purposeful.", a leading manufacturer of petrochemicals, speciality chemicals and oil products. It employs 23,000

About INEOS Grenadier

people across 34 businesses, with a production network

In 2017, INEOS Chairman, Sir Jim Ratcliffe, a car enthusiast

spanning 183 manufacturing facilities in 26 countries. From

and experienced adventurer, identified a gap in the market for

paints to plastics, textiles to technology, medicines to mobile

a stripped back, utilitarian, hard-working 4x4 engineered for

phones, materials manufactured by INEOS enhance almost

modern day compliance and reliability. INEOS Automotive

every aspect of modern life. In 2019, INEOS had sales of

Limited was formed and a senior team of automotive

circa $61bn.

professionals assembled to bring the vision to reality. Combining rugged British spirit with German engineering

To find out more about the Ineos Grenadier, please visit:

rigour, the Grenadier will be a truly uncompromising 4x4 built PAGE 149

JLL: HOW AI IS TRIMMING THE FAT IN FOODSERVICE Artificial intelligence may be in its infancy in the

– something which is more important than ever in the current

foodservice industry but it’s got huge potential

economic climate.

From reducing food waste to predicting what customers will

“AI goes beyond automated technologies to learn about

order, artificial intelligence is already streamlining the

customers in order to optimise operations and increase profit

restaurant business – and this is just the start.

margins,” says Richard Moulds, Director, Foodservice Consulting at JLL. “Though not yet prevalent throughout

Though the thought of AI in a restaurant may bring to

foodservice, in the next three to five years, a few AI processes

mind Pepper the robot taking orders at Asian branches of

will emerge as successful and integral to restaurant

Pizza Hut, it’s more about software that helps personalise


customer service and re-order stock more accurately. Fast food first to AI: Quick-service and fast-casual chains At American chain BurgerFi, self-ordering kiosks use AI-

have been the earliest adopters, trialling AI systems that link

powered facial recognition to suggest menu items to


returning customers. In the UK, the Tenzo AI platform helps

restaurant’s sales patterns and make precise predictions. At

brands such as Caravan and Pizza Pilgrims to forecast footfall

Starbucks and McDonald’s drive-throughs, AI analyses the

and sales in order to better manage staffing and stock levels

time of day, weather and individual store transactions to even







PAGE 150

digital menus. Fast-casual chains such as by CHLOE and

HSBC and the Sofitel Bangkok, for example, use smart bins to

Buffalo Wild Wings streamline their online experience with AI

track which foods are routinely chucked out, helping

that manages website reservations and pre-orders for those

streamline menus and purchasing. Down the line, AI-enabled

lunching on the clock. “AI is especially helpful for restaurant

cameras could analyse the parts of meals that diners leave

brands where speed is a critical factor in customer

behind, while smart refrigerators might detect food nearing

experience,” says Moulds.

expiry and remind chefs to use those items. “Reducing food waste improves sustainability throughout the supply chain,

Implementing appropriate technologies can, however, be a

from shrinking the carbon footprint of delivery trucks to

challenge, especially when many represent a sizeable

making each served meal eco-friendlier,” says Moulds. And for

investment for the brand at a time when cost is forefront of

restaurants aiming to go greener by growing their own

mind. Consumer concerns around privacy are another key

ingredients, AI, which can improve agricultural harvests, could

consideration. Some AI analysis that relies on sensitive

help monitor gardens and optimise yields.

customer data – such as facial recognition – could discourage some people from returning – or even visiting in the first

Future smart service: As AI becomes embedded in the

place. “Personalisation is a major benefit of AI, but it’s critical

restaurant business, the customers of the future stand to gain

that brands make clear their data collection policies, with

from increasingly personalised service that enhances the

options to opt out,” says Moulds.

experience of eating out. Digital menus might automatically order celebration cakes on diners’ special days, or display

Humans working with tech: Restaurants will also need to

customised perks to regulars, while food-scanning apps for

invest in upskilling staff to ensure they understand the

restaurant buyers could allow managers to provide assurance

technology and can use it successfully to get the key insights

on the origin of ingredients. “Customer expectations have



gone through the ceiling,” says Moulds. “AI will segment the

understanding the most effective data types to collect is key

foodservice industry further, enabling fast, automated service

for accurate predictions that optimise stock ordering and

at one end, while allowing other restaurants to offer the

avoid limiting customer options,” Moulds says. Yet with food

tailored experience people are seeking out.” Foodies need not

waste an industry-wide issue, spending on AI to reduce the

worry. As Moulds concludes: “There will always be a place for

amount thrown away could slash the budget: research from

traditional restaurants with great customer service and chefs

resource efficiency charity WRAP found that on average, for

on show, cooking good food. AI will simply make operations

every $1 restaurants invested in reducing waste, they saved $7

more efficient, freeing waitstaff for more personal attention.”







on operating costs. Indeed, some AI tools not only forecast demand, they also monitor individual kitchens’ practices.

For more information please visit: PAGE 151

7INVEST MEGAIN TRENDS GREATER KL: THAT WILL SHAPE THE TIME IS NOW OUR FUTURE As the country's capital, the Greater Kuala Lumpur region serves as the commercial pulse of Malaysia's economic activity and houses some of the world's largest multinational companies.

Greater KL is poised to transform into one of the world’s top cities. In addition to creating a haven for bustling economic activity, Malaysia’s transformation will cement the region’s liveability, reinforced by efforts including the revitalisation of its rivers, environmental conservation and improvement of the pedestrian network. As it develops into a true cosmopolitan hub, Greater KL can only continue to offer exciting prospects for businesses seeking a foothold in the flourishing Asian region. With the region attaining further progress in tandem with Malaysia’s transformation, the time is ripe for investors to ride on growth opportunities. Greater Kuala Lumpur, The Regional Headquarters Location For Multinational Companies In Asia: Many of the world's biggest companies are located in Kuala Lumpur, including: BMW, Shell, Glaxo SmithKline, Royal Smith Morris, Prudential, British American Tobacco, Citibank, HSBC, Tesco, Schlumberger, Nestle,

Kuala Lumpur within a couple of hours.

Paypal, Ikea, Exonn Mobil, Nokia, and many more. Benefit from Malaysia's Strong Ties and Trade Links: Malaysia 10 reasons why you should invest in Greater KL:

counts South Korea, China, ASEAN, the EU and the UAE as some of its largest trading partners. Malaysia participates in global and


regional trade agreements including Free Trade Agreements,

Central Location with Global Connectivity: Located at the

Double Taxation Agreements and Regional Comprehensive

heart of ASEAN, Greater Kuala Lumpur’s strategic

Economic Partnership.

location delivers immense connectivity with emerging markets in Asia, making it the perfect regional location to


grow business strategically within the region.

Malaysia’s business friendly policies and attractive fiscal packages initiated by the government have made Malaysia as one of the

6 - 8 Hour Flight Radius to Asia’s Key Business Centres:

easiest place to commence business globally. In the 'Ease of Doing

Major business centres in Asia such as Tokyo, Hong Kong,

Business' In World Bank’s Doing Business Report 2019, Malaysia

Beijing, Shanghai and Seoul are reachable from Greater

ranked 2nd in ASEAN and ranked 15th out of 190 countries. PAGE 152

INVEST IN GREATER KL 03. POLITICAL STABILITY Malaysia has celebrated over 60 years of independence and continues to enjoy a politically stable environment led by a democratic government. Through political stability, Malaysia's government policies such as liberal equity policy, employment of expatriate and tax incentives





environment. 05. INCENTIVES Broad-based Measures: Organisations coming to Greater KL can take advantage of incentives provided by the Malaysian government to encourage private sector and foreign investors' participation in the economy. These range from grants, funds, tax incentives to expatriate employment incentives. Existing tax incentives such as Principal Hub allows multinationals (MNCs) to enjoy fiscal and non-fiscal benefits. There are also available tax incentives including but not limited to: Agriculture, Biotechnology, Financial Services, Halal Business, Information Technology, Manufacturing, Services. 06. INFRASTRUCTURE The transportation infrastructure includes: extensive rail network such as Kuala Lumpur-Singapore High Speed Rail (targeted completion by 2031), Mass Rapid Transit/Light Transit, MRL East Coast Rail Link (targeted completion by 2028), world class airport (KLIA) and world's 12th busiest sea port (Port Klang) provide great connectivity with the rest of the region and the world. The telecommunications infrastructure means that Greater KL and Malaysia are both completely equipped with highly advanced telecommunications infrastructure including mobile, Wi-Fi, and high-speed broadband services where Malaysia has recorded an average connection speed of 8.9 megabits per second (Akamai Report 2017). 07. AVAILABILITY OF TALENT Malaysia produces an average of 200,000 fresh graduates annually and 33% of these young talent would move to Greater Kuala Lumpur upon graduation for better career opportunities. In EF English Proficiency Index 2018, Malaysia ranked 3rd in most English proficient country in PAGE 153

"Honeywell chose Kuala Lumpur as our ASEAN regional hub because of its location in the centre of Southeast Asia, having a English-speaking population and a multi-cultural environment. The Malaysian government is also easy to work with and very focused on becoming a high-income nation. The Government, together with entities like InvestKL and MIDA, is very supportive of attracting large multinationals wanting to set up regional operations in Kuala Lumpur via the Principle Hub initiative. Our relationship with the Malaysian government is very positive and we are confident of our future here.” - Briand Greer. President Southeast Asia, Honeywell.

ASEAN. Moreover, as Malaysians hail from multicultural


backgrounds and ethnicity, the talent are fluent not only in

Greater KL’s lush and tropical setting makes it an inspiring

English and Malay (the national language), but other

place to live, work, and play. The scenic surrounds are

languages such as Mandarin, Tamil, and various dialects.

complemented by an abundance of choice for housing and

In the Global Competitiveness Report 2019 by World

world-class facilities such as expatriates residential areas,

Economic Forum, Malaysia ranked 6th out of 141 countries in


terms of its pay-to-productivity ratio.

shopping destination. Integrated public transport network





such as Light Rail Transit (58km, Kelana Jaya-Sri Petaling08. COMPETITIVE BUSINESS COSTS

Putra Heights), Klang Valley Mass Rapid Transit Line 1 and

Lower Rental: According to Knight Frank Research 2017, the

Line 2 (Sg Buloh-Kajang/-Putrajaya,103 km), KTM Intercity

average monthly rental for office space in the Kuala Lumpur

(1,677 km, electrified and double-track rail) and ERL Line

city centre was only US$13.6 per square metre (US$/sqm) in

(57km, KL to KLIA at 160 km/h). Kuala Lumpur is one of the

the last quarter of 2017, compared with US$64.1/sqm in

world’s least expensive cities to live in. In the Mercer’s 2019

Singapore, US$35.9/sqm in Melbourne, US$209.8/sqm in Hong

Cost of Living Survey, Kuala Lumpur ranked 141th out of 209

Kong, and US$44.6/sqm in Shanghai.

cities. (Ranked from most expensive city to least expensive).

Competitive Salaries: Average annual salaries of employees in the country remain competitive than that of its neighbours:


Petroleum engineers at the manager level earning an average

In a rapidly changing global economic landscape, innovative

of around RM300,000 (US$71,412) a year compared to

ideas and business models will be essential to underpin future

SG$250,000 (US$184,993) in Singapore and CNY400,000

growth and competitiveness. Greater Kuala Lumpur’s

(US$60,710) in China, while finance directors earn an average

potential for the investment and cultivation of innovation-

annual salary of RM420,000 (US$99,977), against up to HK$3

related activities can be divided into the three key focus areas:

million (US$384,371) in Hong Kong and up to CNY2.5 million

Create: Greater Kuala Lumpur is an exciting and dynamic

(US$379,437) in China.

hub for discovering new and better ways of doing

Comparative Tax Rate: In 2017, total corporate tax in Malaysia

business with its diverse and skilled population, coupled

amounted to 24% compared to 30% in Australia, 30% in India,

with dozens of universities, innovation agencies and

23.4% in Japan, 30% in the Philippines, and 15% to 39% in the

knowledge centres. Public and private funding are


available at all levels for projects in areas including the creative







biotechnology) as well as the automotive and aerospace

Established Judicial System: Malaysia benefits from an

engineering sectors, among others.

established judicial system that provides robust legal

Manage: Innovations and ideas are protected in Malaysia,

protection for companies. Greater Kuala Lumpur is also home

one of the top destinations for trademark applications in

to the Kuala Lumpur Regional Centre for Arbitration which

2011. RegisterMalaysia’s Intellectual Property Corporation

provides settlement for trade, commerce, and investment

(MyIPO), a one-stop government agency, handles the

disputes within the region.

registration of ideas from trademarks to patents,

Investor Protection: In World Bank’s Doing Business Report

strengthens existing laws, promotes public awareness of

2019, Malaysia ranked 2nd in protecting minority investors.

Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) and provides advisory PAGE 154



services. Registration costs are among the most competitive in the region. Monetise: The real value of innovation is truly captured and realised in Greater Kuala Lumpur. Malaysia’s largest bank, Maybank, and Bank Rakyat accept IPR as collateral for financing business expansion, making idea generation a viable and profitable venture. Funding innovation has never been easier. With competitive funding from agencies like Malaysia Debt Ventures’ IP fund and Credit Guarantee Corporation which offers participation guarantees, entrepreneurs have the invaluable support they need to make their vision a reality. To support the increasing numbers of IP collaterals, MyIPO is building up the numbers of IP valuers in Malaysia. MyIPO has kickstarted this by setting up an academy to train IP valuers. In addition to an investor-friendly business environment, Greater Kuala Lumpur offers seamless, end-to-end support for innovation investors: from research and development to the commercialisation of innovative products and services. Some feedback from investors in Greater Kuala Lumpur: The Linde Group "The aim of the ROC is to bring together the control and operations of our industrial gas plants, not only in Malaysia, but across the Southeast Asia region." Wong Siew YapCluster - Head of Malaysia and Pakistan Zurich Insurance "In assessing options to site some of our regional functions a few years ago, we looked at a number of factors. Chief among these were access to a well-educated and committed labour force, ease of doing business and connectivity to the rest of our Asia Pacific operations. Greater KL scored well in our assessment and we have been very pleased with our choice; the set-up has been well supported by government agencies, our ability to recruit and retain the people we are looking for has been strong and logistics and transportation were good and are improving each year." Philip Smith - Chief Executive Officer, Zurich Insurance Malaysia InvestKL is a government Investment Promotion Agency mandated to attract Fortune 500 and Forbes 2000 type multinational companies to establish their regional hubs and undertake regional activities in Greater Kuala Lumpur. PAGE 155


successful cyberattacks on OT systems often cause

study on the Cybersecurity of industrial plants.

particularly high levels of damage to the companies

All information at

affected", explains Petr Láhner, Executive Vice President of the Business Stream Industrial Service & Cybersecurity at TUV

Cyberattacks can threaten the industrial facilities of

Rheinland. "We have therefore placed the Cybersecurity of

companies even more than their IT systems. However, a

Operational Technology at the center of our study, following

holistic view of the security of industrial plants is often

on from the findings of the first study on this subject in 2019".

lacking. This is a key finding of a recent study on security in industrial companies by TUV Rheinland and the Ponemon

Measures for IT and OT systems not coordinated


For the "2020 Study on the State of Industrial Security", the independent market research company Ponemon Institute

Operational Technology in the sights of the hackers

surveyed more than 2,200 cybersecurity experts worldwide

Operational Technology (OT) is the main target for

from the automotive, health and pharmaceutical, logistics

cyberattacks on industrial plants. These are devices and

and transport, mechanical engineering, oil and gas and utility

systems that control or monitor industrial processes - such as

sectors. The Ponemon Institute, based in Traverse City,

motors, pumps or valves. "OT systems differ in function and

Michigan, is dedicated to independent research on

technology from classic corporate IT. At the very same time,

information and privacy management in companies. PAGE 156


The following results show how much cyberattacks endanger OT systems: - More than half of the respondents (57 percent) say that their companies firmly expect attacks on OT systems. - Almost half (48 percent) are convinced that cyber threats pose a greater risk to OT systems than to the IT environment. - Almost two thirds (63 percent) of those surveyed stated that security measures for IT and OT systems are not coordinated in their companies. - For almost half of the respondents (47 percent), cyber threats to OT systems have increased over the past year. These include attacks such as phishing, social engineering and extortion software ("ransomware"). "From our point of view, it is crucial that companies tailor their cybersecurity







Operational Technology. For example, some control systems may have limited cybersecurity controls in place and could subsequently be vulnerable to cyber threats. To do this, companies have to assess their OT cyber risk and invest time and money for best effect. It is alarming that in the view of the experts surveyed, there are too few financial or professional resources available for OT security. In addition, a holistic view of the security of industrial plants is often still lacking. In an increasingly networked world, industrial plants are only really secure if both their IT and OT cybersecurity is addressed", Láhner says. About TUV Rheinland TUV Rheinland stands for safety and quality in almost all areas of business and life. Founded almost 150 years ago, the company is one of the world's leading testing service providers with more than 21,400 employees and annual revenues of 2.1 billion euros. TUV Rheinland's highly qualified experts test technical systems and products around the world, support innovations in technology and business, train people in numerous professions and certify management systems according to international standards. In doing so, the independent experts generate trust in products as well as processes across global value-adding chains and the flow of commodities. Since 2006, TUV Rheinland has been a member of the United Nations Global Compact to promote sustainability and combat corruption. Website: PAGE 157

JOHN QRESHI EXPLAINS WHY MASTERING CONSUMER BEHAVIOR & YOUR PERSONAL BRAND IS THE KEY TO WINNING DURING THE ECONOMIC CRISIS John Qreshi believes that people are more inclined to do business with someone they know and trust.

John Qreshi (Certified Master Trainer of NLP, Creator of Quantum Master Coach™, Quantum Spiritual School™, Quantum Breakthrough Technique®, Quantum Time Line Techniques®, and Executive Member of the American Board of NLP & Hypnotherapy) has researched consumer behavior while helping thousands of leaders to maximize their potential. He explains that if you master consumer behavior and your personal brand then nothing in the entrepreneurial world can stop you. Qreshi further explained that for anyone doing business

In business today, John Qreshi believes that people are more

in 2020, building a personal brand has never been a more

inclined to do business with someone they know and trust. If you

valuable asset to your business. Whether you are an

can leave a lasting impression in the minds of your audience, they

entrepreneur, freelancer, or working your way up the

will continue to want to do business with you. Also, with the rise of

corporate ladder, the competition has never been fiercer.

the internet and social media, there are a lot of distractions out

The key to differentiating yourself from others is to build

there. One way to cut through all the noise is to build a strong and

a personal brand that is recognizable. Your personal

solid reputation. By creating a personal brand based on

brand distinguishes you from competitors and helps

transparency, honesty, and showing who you truly are, you can

build trust with your followers that turns into long-lasting

quickly and easily build trust. This is something that not many


people take the time to craft.

Why Master Consumer Behavior & Personal Brand?

Knowing Consumer Behavior & Personal Brand Is Important?

Once you master consumer behavior and their

Qreshi Further Explained that when you know consumer behavior

psychology, you can create a product or service which is

you understand their emotional level pain, surface level pain and

based on their needs not on what you want to

personal level pain that allows you to give them solutions that they

sell. People buy identity, transformation and a better

truly need or are looking for rather than create something of your

version of themselves, People buy emotions and justify it

own without knowing if people are going to like it or not. Just as

with logic.

Mark Cuban has said "Create a product or service that make other PAGE 158


people’s lives easier." Besides, at the same time your personal brand connects with people and represents your company’s brand and you can leverage it to increase exposure and attract more customers to your company but, in the end, your personal brand is your own. John Qreshi ask several business owners, What if you work for multiple companies or leave one industry for another? No problem, your personal brand follows you like a seal of approval if you utilize it right. When you have a great personal brand, your business may change or even die but your personal brand will not. Your personal brand will transition with you to any business. The truth is, people do not buy into you because of the product or service you are selling, they buy in because of who you are. Personal branding is a safety net. It is a recession-proof formula for your career. How Mastering Consumer Behavior & Personal Brand Makes You Money Money follows attention and when you have a great personal brand, you can gain attention from a massive audience, especially on social media. This is because an effective personal media brand tells a story that connects people to you and, as they say, “facts tell, stories sell”. Your story is such an important part of your personal brand. It gives you leverage to hook people with your story and offer. With this, you can scale your business and start making 7, 8, or even 9 figures! People have come to me for help who have 10 or even 12 million followers but are completely broke. This is because they have nothing to sell. It’s not followers that bring you money, it’s how you position yourself with your personal media brand. With a great personal media brand, you don’t need 10 million followers. You only need 100 or so diehard, rabid fans. When you have this, they will do your marketing for you. And, there is no better type of marketing than word of mouth. This is what comes with your personal media brand. True Masters of Consumer Behavior & Personal Branding John Qreshi give an example of Amazon founder Jeff Bezos & Mark Zuckerberg founder of Facebook as true masters of consumer behavior who understand their audiences and their psychology better than anyone else. John Qreshi believes Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian are great examples of being masters of personal branding. They have built a massive following for their PAGE 159

"Without a personal brand, you just become a commodity that acts as a price-taker."

personal brands over the last decade. They have both leveraged their audiences to launch products and sell millions of units. One of these products, Kylie Cosmetics, has made Kylie Jenner the youngest Billionaire in the world. Do these entrepreneurs have the best products? Maybe not, but, people buy them because of the brand. This is an added benefit of having a strong personal brand. You can justify charging a premium price for your product and services. Without a personal brand, you just become a commodity that acts as a price-taker. How to Learn Consumer Behavior & Grow Your Personal Brand The first thing you have to do is to start consuming people’s comments and stop consuming contents, to learn about your audience and what are their pain points; their surface level pain, their emotional or technical level pain and their personal level pain. As far as Personal Branding goes, you already have a personal brand even if you’ve never thought about building one. Don’t believe me? Google yourself! See what the results show. Now, it’s just a matter of leading your brand in the direction you want it to go. You need to define what you want your brand to represent and your audience. After that, all you need to do is start building real relationships with real people and build your brand every day like a habit. Qreshi explained that mastering the psychology of your consumers will allow you to win & create long term scalable

"You already have a personal brand even if you’ve never thought about building one. Don’t believe me? Google yourself! See what the results show. Now, it’s just a matter of leading your brand in the direction you want it to go."

businesses. As long as you know the pain levels of your consumer then you can sell and scale. At its core, your brand is your reputation. It is essential for your business, your career, and your success. Those who can understand how to harness the power of your networks and brand will achieve significantly more than the average person. John Qreshi has created several companies and helped many entrepreneurs. The greatest lesson he has learned is that it takes years and lots of effort to build your personal brand to where you want it to be but it can take only one slip-up to tarnish it. For more information visit his website. PAGE 160


"People are more aware of toxins in products," adds Bridget

brands taking the clean beauty movement to the next level,

May, founder and CEO. A former analytical chemist, May

and the reason may surprise you. The secret is the most

formulates all of Green Bee's products. "People want non-

controversial plant in America: cannabis—as in marijuana,

toxic products that actually work. This requires meticulous

not hemp—which is legal in some form in most states but still

formulation and research. Best intentions aren't good

illegal at the federal level.

enough; if you don't test for over a hundred impurities like we do, your products may be contaminated, whether they're

Cannabis is held to stricter standards of 'clean' than organic

organic or not. What goes into the product unintentionally

food in most states, particularly California. Not to be

matters just as much as the ingredient list."

confused with CBD hemp products, THC-containing cannabis products—even those that won't get you high, including

According to NPD Group, clean skincare is a rapidly growing

topical skincare—must pass multiple rigorous tests per

segment—up 39% in 2019—within the $19 billion "prestige

batch. Hemp products have no such oversight, nor do

beauty" market in the US. During the pandemic, sales of

cosmetics in general. While the testing lab costs are widely

skincare products surpassed makeup sales for the first time

considered a burden, some see it as an opportunity. San

ever, NPD reports. With the US cannabis market also growing

Francisco-based Green Bee Botanicals, which touts cannabis

—to $17 billion in 2020, according to New Frontier Data—

as a super-ingredient for skin, is one of only a handful of

Green Bee Botanicals is uniquely positioned to attract

clean beauty brands in the US that publicly shares its test

trendsetting clean beauty aficionados.

results, called certificates of analysis (COAs), for every batch. Green Bee Botanicals makes clean, organic eye cream, face "We surveyed consumers on what's most important to them

serums and body oil infused with full-spectrum cannabis.

and the number-one answer across all ages, genders and


backgrounds was that it's tested and proven clean of lead,

dispensaries and delivery services, Green Bee is launching

pesticides and other harmful ingredients," says Green Bee

hemp CBD skincare that will be tested as rigorously as its

Botanicals co-founder and COO Kim Howard.

cannabis skincare.






PAGE 161


PAGE 162

Uzbekistan has a growing role in the regional and global

EBRD assistance to Government of Uzbekistan to develop

energy market.

1,000 MW of wind energy projects. Tender for a project in Karakalpakstan to be announced soon.

The country aims to generate a quarter of all electricity

Programme between Government of Uzbekistan and ADB

from renewable sources, by 2030. The Ministry of Energy is

to create 1 GW of solar energy. 54 companies submitted

mandated to oversee the achievement of this vision.

applications for the tender, including international companies tendering for the first time.

In recent years the country has followed an ambitious

First stage of international tender for construction of a

national strategy for energy efficiency and sustainability.

100 MW solar power plant in the Navoiy region, completed and attended by global array of companies.

To expedite investments, the Ministry of Energy has taken

Second phase of tenders for scaling solar II project-

active measures to implement large-scale projects in

Construction of solar power plants on a PPP basis, led by

renewable energy.

the Ministry of Energy with assistance of the International Finance Corporation.

The last twelve months has seen a variety of committed

Second tender announced for the construction of two 200


MW solar power plants in the Samarkand and Jizzakh






collaborations with global partners.


"The material contribution of renewable energy to our country's overall energy mix, and its efficiency, is a crucial part of our strategy. We are collaborating with blue-chip international institutions and welcoming an array of international companies who are excited to be investing in Uzbekistan."

Highlights include: Ten-year programme to build 5,000 MW of solar power

Mr. Alisher Sultanov, Minister of Energy of Uzbekistan, commented:

and 3,000 MW of wind power. FDI investors currently being selected by Ministry of

"Our significant energy ambitions and strategic plan to 2030

Energy to implement these projects.

are being matched by our current activities. The material

Assistance being provided by international institutions:

contribution of renewable energy to our country's overall

World Bank, Asian Development Bank (ADB) and the

energy mix, and its efficiency, is a crucial part of our strategy.

European Bank for Reconstruction and Development

We are collaborating with blue-chip international institutions


and welcoming an array of international companies who are excited to be investing in Uzbekistan. We are working

Agreements signed with:

tirelessly for our country's energy security and will keep

ACWA Power (Saudi Arabia) – three agreements worth

audiences regularly updated on all our activities and

over US$2 billion to construct power plants.


Masdar (UAE) – construction of a 500 MW wind power plant in the Navoiy Region.

For more information about investing in the Uzbekistan

TOTAL Eren (France) – construction of a 100 MW solar

renewable energy field please vist the website of the Ministry

power station in the Samarkand region.

of Energy of Uzbekistan: PAGE 163


2020 and World Biz Magazine present the 2020 CSR Leader 100 Awards. The Covid-19 pandemic has triggered a global economic crisis. At the same time we have experienced large-scale social unrest in the USA and Hong Kong. We have also had to contend with environmental disasters and the ever-pressing challenges waiting for solutions such as global warming, poverty and diversity. Companies around the globe have stepped up to show that they care about the communities in which they operate and the larger world. Here are 100 exceptional companies selected as winners of the 2020 CSR Leader Awards.

100: Spry Therapeutics (USA) - Donated 10,000 of its virus-

90: Vauxhall (UK) - Assembled ventilators and components

blocking medical pillows to hospitals across the US.

using 3-D printers at its plant in England.

99: Tito's Vodka (USA) - Reacted to COVID by producing hand

89: Born Primitive (USA) - Supported struggling gyms during

sanitizer and supplied to cities throughout Texas for free.

the pandemic by pledging $1.5 Million in gift cards.

98: Loom (USA) - Video recording and sharing service made

88: Serta Simmons (USA) - Donated 10,000 mattresses to New

Loom Pro free for teachers and students across the USA.

York City hospitals fighting the COVID-19 pandemic.

97: Shine Distillery (USA) - Manufactured and gave away hand

87: BrewDog (UK) - The Scottish brewery redirected its plants

sanitizer local hospitals during an an acute local shortage.

to produce hand sanitizer for front-line healthcare workers.

96: OneDine (USA) - Provided a free Tap & Pay Touchless

86: Sasol (South Africa) - Ramped up production of hand

Payment system to restaurants during the COVID-19 crisis.

sanitizers for hospitals across South Africa.

95: Pronovias Group (Spain) - Donated wedding dresses (of up

85: JBL (USA) - Through the nonprofit Little Kids Rock, JBL

$5,000 value each) to hospital-employed brides-to-be.

donated headphones to schools to support virtual classes.

94: Acciona (Spain) - Manufactured masks and over 1 million

84: Corporación Dinant (Honduras) - Donated disinfectants,

hairnets for healthcare workers across Spain.

food, and soaps to 152,000 vulnerable people in Honduras.

93: U-Haul (USA) - Povided 30 days of free self-storage to all

83: Crocs (USA) - Donated 10,000 pairs of shoes each day to

college students impacted by schedule changes.

healthcare workers.

92: Zappos (USA) - Online shoe retailer launched an innovative

82: Decathlon (France) - Worked with researchers to adapt its

support line to support people emotionally affected by COVID.

snorkelling masks to be safely adapted as ventilators.

91: Logitech (USA) - Launched a program for k-12 teachers to

81: Gantri (USA) - A 3D-printed lamp company, has been

receive free webcams and headsets for virtual teaching.

producing 3D-printed visor frames for health workers. PAGE 165

2020 CSR LEADER 100 80: Chewy (USA) - Along with its partners Chewy donated $1.7

65: Dyson (UK) - Partnered with The Technology Partnership to

million in pet food to animal welfare organizations.

produce a ventilator called CoVent for donation to hospitals.

79: Solvay (Belgium) - One Planet program has raised the bar

64: Little Caesars (USA) - Responded to COVID-19 by donating

in response to climate change and resource scarcity.

1 million pizzas to hospitals, police and other key workers.

78: Yandex (Russia) - Covered the costs of the first 10,000 tests

63: Keen (USA) - Donated 100,000 shoes to people who have

for people at risk, as part of its $3.4 million COVID fund.

been directly affected by COVID-19.

77: Carhartt (USA) - The maker of cozy hats and durable

62: Kering (France) - Owner of brands like Gucci and Bottega

clothes redirected its factories to make gowns and masks.

Veneta, donated 2 million euros to help the fight against COVID.

76: Coursera (USA) - Launched Workforce Recovery Initiative,

61: Vistaprint (USA) - Donated $1 million to the U.S. Chamber

providing free courses to newly unemployed workers at no cost.

of Commerce Foundation’s Save Small Business Fund.

75: Giorgio Armani (Italy) - Donated $1.43 million to major

60: LVMH (France) - Parent company of Christian Dior, Guerlain

hospitals in Rome and Milan, and to the Civil Protection Agency.

and Givenchy, manufactured hand sanitizer for hospitals.

74: Fast Retailing (USA) - Owner of both Uniqlo and Theory

59: Spanx (USA) - CEO Sara Blakely donated $5 million to fund

brands, donated 10 million masks worldwide.

1,000 businesses owned by women.

73: Kendra Scott (USA) - The brand donated 500,000 meals

58: Bacardi (USA) - Led the way in its industry on responding to

to Feeding America's COVID-19 Response Fund.

COVID-19 through $3 million donation and producing sanitisers.

72: Pharmavite (USA) - Makers of Nature Made donated $1

57: Kiehl's (USA) - Donated 500,000 meals to Feeding America's

million to support food relief programs.

COVID-19 Response Fund.

71: Apostrophe (USA) - Producing hand sanitizer and donating

56: Allbirds (USA) - Donated 500,000 shoes to health workers

100% of hand sanitizer sales to the WHO COVID-19 Fund.

across the USA through its "Better Together" program.

70: Tom Bihn (USA) - Bag manufacturer; turned its US-based

55: SSAB (Sweden) - Supporting local communities across

plant to face masks and donated to 100 essential businesses.

Scandinavia during the COVID-19 crisis.

69: Razer (USA) - The company that makes laptops and mice,

54: Fiat Chrysler (USA) - Pitched in to support production of

started making surgical masks and donated 1 million masks.

respiratory care products and face masks.

68: The Honest Company (USA) - Donated 3 million diapers,

53: Uber (USA) - Free meals and discounted rides for health

30,000 packs of wipes, and 20,000 personal care products.

care workers in the U.S. and similar initiatives globally.

67: Pernod-Ricard (France) - Leading alcoholic beverages

52: Anglo American (South Africa) - Supplied water tanks and

producer converted its distilleries for production of sanitiser.

food to communities in Africa, Australia and the Americas.

66: Hugo Boss (Germany) - Luxury-clothing maker produced

51: Procter & Gamble (USA) - Responded by producing 45,000

face masks and donated 20% of all U.S sales to the Red Cross.

litres of sanitiser per week for hospitals and relief agencies. PAGE 166

THANK YOU 50: LEGO (Denmark) - Launched initiatives and donated US $50

35: Subaru (Japan) - Partnered with Feeding America to help

million to support children around the world during COVID-19.

provide 50 million meals nationwide, and global initiatives.

49: Ford Motor Company (USA) - Provided manufacturing and

34: MAC Cosmetics (Canada) - Donated $10 million towards

engineering expertise to build respirators and ventilators.

250 organizations all over the world that are fighting COVID-19.

48: Koç Holding (Turkey) - Parent company, of Arçelik, mass

33: Airbnb (USA) - Hosts provided housing for 100,000 health

produced life-saving mechanical ventilators for hospitals.

care workers, first responders, and relief workers globally.

47: GM (USA) - Provided support

32: Airbus (Netherlands) - Employed its fleet of aircraft to

for the production of

respiratory care products and face masks.

support governments fighting the COVID-19 pandemic.

46: Reliance Industries (India) - Set up one of the first COVID-

31: Ineos (UK) - Built 2 sanitiser factories in 10 days to produce

19 health centers in India amongst many other initiatives.

1 million bottles per-month for free supply to hospitals.

45: KFC (USA) - Through its "Back-to-School Buckets" initiative

30: BlackRock (USA) - The global investment management firm

KFC delivered one million pieces of chicken to teachers.

committed $50 million of funding to worldwide relief efforts.

44: Mahindra (India) - Manufactured free ventilators, created

29: Hilton (USA) - CEO donated 2020 salary, other leaders

temporary care facilities, and launched COVID-19 fund.

donated 50% to front-line employees, and other global actions.

43: Agility (Kuwait) – Leading logistics company designed

28: Intel (USA) - Donated $40 million as part of pandemic

interactive maps to assist global critical supply chains.

response. Also allocated $10 million for an innovation fund.

42: Carlsberg (Denmark) - Donated £11m to scientific research

27: Inditex (Spain) - The parent company of Zara, produced

on COVID-19.

and shipped surgical masks to hospitals in Spain and globally.

41: Citizens Bank (USA) - Dedicating $5 million to aid small

26: Ralph Lauren (USA) - Donated $10 million to charitable

businesses and communities affected by COVID 19.

organizations, including the World Health Organization.

40: Stanley Black & Decker (USA) - Donated 3 million face

25: Marriott (USA) - Provided $10 million worth of hotel stays

masks and $4 million to support nonprofit organizations.

for healthcare professionals, amongst other initiatives.

39: MGA Entertainment (USA) - Launched Operation Pac-

24: Lowe’s (USA) - Donated $25 million to support local

Man to raise money and committing $5 million.

communities, including $10 million to medical professionals.

38: UGG (USA) - Launched the Better Together initiative to

23: Under Armour (USA) - Donated $2 million and 500,000

donate funds and products equalling $1 million to relief efforts.

masks, thousands of gowns and 1,000 face shields.

37: L’Oréal (France) - Donated surgical and N95 respirator

22: AB InBev (Belgium/ Brazil) - Donated 1 million bottles of

masks to hospitals across the globe.

hand sanitizer and disinfectant to hospitals and health workers.

36: Clif Bar (USA) - Donated three million Cliff bars to health

21: Hewlett Packard (USA) - Donated $50-million worth of

care workers across the USA.

secure connectivity kits to healthcare facilities worldwide. PAGE 167

20: AstraZeneca (UK/ Sweden) - Donated 9 million face masks

10: Salesforce Cloud (USA) - Software giant provided small

to healthcare facilities across the globe.

business grants of $10,000 per company to U.S. businesses.

19: State Farm (USA) - The USA’s largest auto insurer returned

9: American Express (USA) - Matched all donations by their

over $2 billion in COVID-credits to policy holders.

U.S. Card Members to Feeding America, and other innitiatives.

18: JD (China) - Donated supplies to countries including the

8: Apple (USA) - Donated over 10 million masks in the United

UK, Uzbekistan and Chile, Mongolia, Switzerland and China.

States, and millions more globally amongst other initiatives.

17: Johnson & Johnson (USA) - A commitment of $250 million

7: Tata Group (India) - Donated more than US $200 million to

to healthcare workers and an additional $50 million donation.

protect and empower affected communities globally.

16: Volkswagen (Germany) - Donated €40 million of medical

6: Alibaba (China) - Donated 1.1 million testing kits, 6 million

equipment, and €1 million for refugees threatened by COVID 19.

masks, and 60,000 protective suits and face shields to hospitals.

15: Unilever (UK/Netherlands) - Donated free sanitizer, soap,

5: Facebook (USA) - Launched a $100 million grant program for

bleach and food worth €100 million to most affected by COVID.

30,000 small businesses in 30 countries around the world.

14: PepsiCo (USA) - Directing a $45 million COVID-19 response

4: Wells Fargo (USA) - Donated $175 million to support public

initiative to communities hardest hit by the pandemic.

health aid efforts, housing security and food shortages.

13: Standard Chartered (UK) - Launched a $50 million global

3: Cisco (USA) - Committed $225 million in cash and in-kind to

fund to help people affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

support both the global and local response to COVID-19.

12: Goldman Sachs (USA) - Created a $25 million COVID-19

2: Bank of America (USA) - Donated $100 million to relief

relief fund and $275 million set aside to help small businesses.

efforts and $250 million in capital to community development.

11: Wipro (India) - Leading IT company has donated $147.4

1: Google (USA) - Pledged a total of $800 million to support

million to local organisations fighting the COVID-19 crisis.

small-and medium-sized businesses across the globe. PAGE 168




PAGE 169





World Biz Magazine


PAGE 171




2020 AWARDS WORLD FDI World Biz Magazine in partnership with is

Country / Number of Awards

honored to present the winners of the 2020 World FDI

Latin America & Carib

North America

Awards to our esteemed audience of CEOs and C-Suite

Brazil - 9

USA - 23

decision makers in 80 countries.

Colombia - 5

Candada - 7

Chile - 4 Decisions on investments into new territories involve

Peru - 4

Asia - Pacific

important questions that site selectors must answer. The

Costa Rica - 2

Australia - 6

Word FDI Awards encourages business leaders to take

Mexico - 2

India - 6

the first step to success in new markets by providing our

Trinidad & Tobago - 2

China - 4

holistically researched view of the countries and regions

Dominica - 1

Singapore - 4

that present the absolute best opportunities in specific

Uruguay - 1

Kazakhstan - 2 Korea - 2

industries in the coming year. As part of our evaluations, our team interviewed CEOs, institutional investors,

Middle East

Sri Lanka - 2

Investment Promotion Agencies, Advisories, and other

UAE - 9

Malaysia - 1

FDI stake holders. Our 360 approach also included the

Israel - 6

Mongolia - 1

research of FDI flows, and direct feedback from local

Saudi Arabia - 5

New Zealand - 1

businesses and media partners on the ground in the

Egypt - 3

Vietnam - 1

relevant countries.

Jordan - 2 Qatar - 2


The World FDI 2020 Award Winners have proven their

Kuwait - 1

United Kingdom - 5

commitment to guaranteeing open, dynamic and

Oman - 1

Germany - 4

forward-thinking commerce by achieving the highest

Bahrain - 1

Russia - 3 France - 2

combined scores for the following points of research: - Quality of the investment invitations.


Belgium - 2

- Level of support offered, Incentives and FTZs.

Nigeria - 9

Norway - 2

- Infrastructure, Talent, Connectivity, Business climate.

South Africa - 6

Cyprus - 2

- Stability, Anti-Corruption and Transparency.

Morocco - 4

Spain - 2

- Ease of Access to the Market and Business Finance.

Ghana - 3

Turkey - 2

- Success Stories.

Kenya - 2

Austria - 1

- Professionalism of local support agencies.

Ethiopia - 2

Czech Republic - 1

- Communication and Marketing.

Angola - 1

Denmark - 1

- Preparedness for the 4th Industrial Revolution.

Rwanda - 1

Finland - 1

Côte d'voire - 1

Sweden - 1

Tanzania - 1

Switzerland - 1

Mike Walters - Editor in Chief at World Biz Magazine

PAGE 172

AEROSPACE Latin America and Caribbean Winner: ProMéxico Highlight: Baja California North America Winner: SelectUSA Highlight: Texas Asia - Pacific Winner: EDB Singapore Highlight: Singapore Europe Winner: Dept for International Trade, UK Highlight: England Middle East Winner: Invest in Israel Highlight: Tel Aviv Africa Winner: InvestSA, South Africa Highlight: Tshwane

PAGE 173

AGRICULTURE Latin America and Caribbean Winner: Apex-Brasil Highlight: Parana North America Winner: SelectUSA Highlight: California Asia - Pacific Winner: Austrade, Australia Highlight: New South Wales Europe Winner: Business Belgium Highlight: Wallonia Middle East Winner: GAFI, Egypt Highlight: Monufia Africa Winner: KenInvest, Kenya Highlight: Eastern Kenya

PAGE 174

AUTOMATION Latin America and Caribbean Winner: ProMéxico Highlight: Nuevo Leon North America Winner: SelectUSA Highlight: Texas Asia - Pacific Winner: Invest in China Highlight: Shenzen Europe Winner: Germany Trade & Invest Highlight: Lower Saxony Middle East Winner: Invest in Israel Highlight: Tel Aviv Africa Winner: Invest in Morocco Highlight: Tangier

PAGE 175

AUTOMOTIVE Latin America and Caribbean Winner: Apex-Brasil Highlight: Parana North America Winner: SelectUSA Highlight: California Asia - Pacific Winner: Invest in China Highlight: Shanghai Europe Winner: Germany Trade & Invest Highlight: Bavaria Middle East Winner: Invest Saudi, Saudi Arabia Highlight: Jubail Africa Winner: InvestSA, South Africa Highlight: Tshwane

PAGE 176

CHEMICAL Latin America and Caribbean Winner: Apex-Brasil Highlight: Sao Paolo North America Winner: SelectUSA Highlight: North Carolina Asia - Pacific Winner: KOTRA, Korea Highlight: Gyeonggi Europe Winner: Business Belgium Highlight: Flanders Middle East Winner: Invest Saudi, Saudi Arabia Highlight: Dammam Africa Winner: AIPEX, Angola Highlight: Lunda Sul

PAGE 177

CLEAN ENERGY Latin America and Caribbean Winner: Invest Chile Highlight: Santiago North America Winner: Invest in Canada Highlight: British Columbia Asia - Pacific Winner: Austrade, Australia Highlight: Western Australia Europe Winner: Invest in Denmark Highlight: Greater Copenhagen Middle East Winner: Dubai FDI, UAE Highlight: Dubai Africa Winner: Invest in Morocco Highlight: Ouarzazate

PAGE 178

E-COMMERCE Latin America and Caribbean Winner: ProInversión, Peru Highlight: Lima North America Winner: SelectUSA Highlight: New York Asia - Pacific Winner: Invest in China Highlight: Shenzen Europe Winner: Business France Highlight: Paris Middle East Winner: Dubai FDI, UAE Highlight: Dubai Africa Winner: NIPC, Nigeria Highlight: Lagos

PAGE 179

CREATIVE Latin America and Caribbean Winner: Apex-Brasil Highlight: Sao Paolo North America Winner: SelectUSA Highlight: Florida Asia - Pacific Winner: Austrade, Australia Highlight: Western Australia Europe Winner: Invest in Turkey Highlight: Ankara Middle East Winner: Invest Saudi, Saudi Arabia Highlight: Riyadh Africa Winner: NIPC, Nigeria Highlight: Lagos

PAGE 180

CYBERSECURITY Latin America and Caribbean Winner: ProColombia Highlight: Bogota North America Winner: SelectUSA Highlight: California Asia - Pacific Winner: EDB Singapore Highlight: Singapore Europe Winner: Germany Trade & Invest Highlight: Berlin Middle East Winner: Invest in Israel Highlight: Tel Aviv Africa Winner: NIPC, Nigeria Highlight: Lagos

PAGE 181

DEFENSE Latin America and Caribbean Winner: Invest Chile Highlight: Santiago de Chile North America Winner: SelectUSA Highlight: Texas Asia - Pacific Winner: Invest India Highlight: Maharashtra Europe Winner: Germany Trade & Invest Highlight: Bavaria Middle East Winner: Invest in Israel Highlight: Tel Aviv Africa Winner: InvestSA, South Africa Highlight: Gauteng

PAGE 182

EDUCATION Latin America and Caribbean Winner: ProColombia Highlight: Bogota North America Winner: Invest in Canada Highlight: Ontario Asia - Pacific Winner: EDB Singapore Highlight: Singapore Europe Winner: Business Sweden Highlight: Göteborg Middle East Winner: Invest Saudi, Saudi Arabia Highlight: Riyadh Africa Winner: GIPC, Ghana Highlight: Accra

PAGE 183

ELECTRONICS Latin America and Caribbean Winner: Apex-Brasil Highlight: Sao Paolo North America Winner: SelectUSA Highlight: California Asia - Pacific Winner: KOTRA, Korea Highlight: Gyeonggi Europe Winner: Business France Highlight: Lyon Middle East Winner: Dubai FDI, UAE Highlight: Dubai Africa Winner: Invest in Morocco Highlight: Tangier

PAGE 184

ENVIRONMENT Latin America and Caribbean Winner: Invest Chile Highlight: Santiago de Chile North America Winner: Invest in Canada Highlight: Ontario Asia - Pacific Winner: Austrade, Australia Highlight: New South Wales Europe Winner: Business Finland Highlight: Tampere Middle East Winner: Abu Dhabi Investment Office Highlight: Abu Dhabi Africa Winner: InvestSA, South Africa Highlight: Cape Town

PAGE 185

FINANCE Latin America and Caribbean Winner: Apex-Brasil Highlight: Sao Paolo North America Winner: SelectUSA Highlight: New York Asia - Pacific Winner: Invest in China Highlight: Beijing Europe Winner: Dept for International Trade, UK Highlight: London Middle East Winner: Abu Dhabi Investment Office Highlight: Abu Dhabi Africa Winner: NIPC, Nigeria Highlight: Lagos

PAGE 186

FOOD Latin America and Caribbean Winner: CINDE, Costa Rica Highlight: San Jose North America Winner: SelectUSA Highlight: Montana Asia - Pacific Winner: Austrade, Australia Highlight: New South Wales Europe Winner: Invest in Russia Highlight: Moscow Middle East Winner: JIC, Jordan Highlight: Aqaba Africa Winner: KenInvest, Kenya Highlight: Nairobi

PAGE 187

HOSPITALITY Latin America and Caribbean Winner: InvesTT, Trinidad and Tobago Highlight: Tobago North America Winner: SelectUSA Highlight: New York Asia - Pacific Winner: BOI, Sri Lanka Highlight: Colombo Europe Winner: Invest Cyprus Highlight: Nicosia Middle East Winner: Ithraa, Oman Highlight: Muscat Africa Winner: Invest in Morocco Highlight: Casablanca

PAGE 188

ICT & AI Latin America and Caribbean Winner: ProColombia Highlight: Bogota North America Winner: SelectUSA Highlight: California Asia - Pacific Winner: Invest India Highlight: Hyderabad Europe Winner: ICEX, Spain Highlight: Madrid Middle East Winner: Invest in Israel Highlight: Tel Aviv Africa Winner: NIPC, Nigeria Highlight: Lagos

PAGE 189

INFRASTRUCTURE Latin America and Caribbean Winner: ProInversión, Peru Highlight: Lima North America Winner: Invest in Canada Highlight: British Columbia Asia - Pacific Winner: MIDA, Malaysia Highlight: Selangor Europe Winner: Innovation Norway Highlight: Oslo Middle East Winner: GAFI, Egypt Highlight: Cairo Africa Winner: GIPC, Ghana Highlight: Accra

PAGE 190

INNOVATION Latin America and Caribbean Winner: ProColombia Highlight: Bogota North America Winner: SelectUSA Highlight: California Asia - Pacific Winner: Invest India Highlight: Hyderabad Europe Winner: Dept for International Trade, UK Highlight: London Middle East Winner: Invest in Israel Highlight: Tel Aviv Africa Winner: GIPC, Ghana Highlight: Accra

PAGE 191

LIFE SCIENCES Latin America and Caribbean Winner: ProColombia Highlight: Bogota North America Winner: SelectUSA Highlight: Michigan Asia - Pacific Winner: Invest India Highlight: Hyderabad Europe Winner: SGE, Switzerland Highlight: Basel Middle East Winner: Dubai FDI, UAE Highlight: Dubai Africa Winner: InvestSA, South Africa Highlight: Cape Town

PAGE 192

MANUFACTURING Latin America and Caribbean Winner: ProInversión, Peru Highlight: Lima North America Winner: SelectUSA Highlight: New Jersey Asia - Pacific Winner: Vietnam Trade Promo Agency Highlight: Hanoi Europe Winner: Invest in Turkey Highlight: Istanbul Middle East Winner: JIC, Jordan Highlight: Aqaba Africa Winner: InvestSA, South Africa Highlight: Durban

PAGE 193

MARITIME Latin America and Caribbean Winner: Invest Chile Highlight: Antofagasta North America Winner: Invest in Canada Highlight: British Columbia Asia - Pacific Winner: New Zealand Highlight: Tauranga Europe Winner: Innovation Norway Highlight: Oslo Middle East Winner: Ministry of Commerce, Qatar Highlight: Doha Africa Winner: TIC, Tanzania Highlight: Dar es Salaam

PAGE 194

MINING Latin America and Caribbean Winner: ProInversión, Peru Highlight: Junín North America Winner: Invest in Canada Highlight: Quebec Asia - Pacific Winner: Austrade, Australia Highlight: Western Australia Europe Winner: Invest in Russia Highlight: Sverdlovsk Middle East Winner: Invest Saudi, Saudi Arabia Highlight: Wa’ad Al-Shamal Africa Winner: EIC, Ethiopia Highlight: Addis Ababa

PAGE 195

OIL AND GAS Latin America and Caribbean Winner: InvesTT, Trinidad and Tobago Highlight: Tobago North America Winner: SelectUSA Highlight: Texas Asia - Pacific Winner: Kazakh Invest, Kazakhstan Highlight: Astana Europe Winner: Dept for International Trade, UK Highlight: Scotland Middle East Winner: Ministry of Commerce, Qatar Highlight: Doha Africa Winner: NIPC, Nigeria Highlight: Lagos

PAGE 196

REAL ESTATE Latin America and Caribbean Winner: Apex-Brasil Highlight: Sao Paolo North America Winner: SelectUSA Highlight: California Asia - Pacific Winner: Kazakh Invest, Kazakhstan Highlight: Astana Europe Winner: Invest Cyprus Highlight: Nicosia Middle East Winner: GAFI, Egypt Highlight: New Capital Region Africa Winner: Rwanda Development Board Highlight: Kigali

PAGE 197

RETAIL Latin America and Caribbean Winner: Apex-Brasil Highlight: Rio de Janeiro North America Winner: SelectUSA Highlight: Washington Asia - Pacific Winner: Invest in Mongolia Highlight: Ulaanbaatar Europe Winner: Invest in Russia Highlight: Moscow Middle East Winner: Dubai FDI, UAE Highlight: Dubai Africa Winner: CEPICI, Côte d'voire Highlight: Abidjan

PAGE 198

SERVICES Latin America and Caribbean Winner: CINDE, Costa Rica Highlight: San Jose North America Winner: SelectUSA Highlight: New York Asia - Pacific Winner: EDB Singapore Highlight: Singapore Europe Winner: Dept for International Trade, UK Highlight: London Middle East Winner: Bahrain EDB Highlight: Manama Africa Winner: NIPC, Nigeria Highlight: Lagos

PAGE 199

TELECOMS Latin America and Caribbean Winner: Uruguay XXI Highlight: Montevideo North America Winner: Invest in Canada Highlight: British Columbia Asia - Pacific Winner: Invest India Highlight: Mumbai Europe Winner: ICEX, Spain Highlight: Madrid Middle East Winner: Dubai FDI, UAE Highlight: Dubai Africa Winner: EIC, Ethiopia Highlight: Addis Ababa

PAGE 200

TRANSPORT Latin America and Caribbean Winner: Apex-Brasil Highlight: Parana North America Winner: SelectUSA Highlight: Michigan Asia - Pacific Winner: Invest India Highlight: Mumbai Europe Winner: Czech Invest Highlight: Prague Middle East Winner: Dubai FDI, UAE Highlight: Dubai Africa Winner: NIPC, Nigeria Highlight: Lagos

PAGE 201

WATER Latin America and Caribbean Winner: Invest Dominica Authority Highlight: Dominica North America Winner: SelectUSA Highlight: California Asia - Pacific Winner: BOI, Sri Lanka Highlight: Colombo Europe Winner: ABA – Invest in Austria Highlight: Vienna Middle East Winner: KDIPA, Kuwait Highlight: Kuwait Africa Winner: NIPC, Nigeria Highlight: Lagos

PAGE 202






PAGE 203

CORPORATE ART COLLECTING What role does art have in your company? Does it form a part of your give-back strategy? Is art collecting only for the blue-chip enterprises or can small and mid-sized companies also get involved? Do you need a consultant or can you deal directly with the artists?

Art and Commerce have always had a close relationship. The art

of millions to simply hundreds of dollars. This magazine serves

industry is a multi-billion dollar market that is buoyant at all

tens of thousands of companies , the average turnover of these

ends of the price spectrum. Artists have always been supported

companies is in excess of 10 million dollars. If we go with 30%

by entrepreneurs and in recent decades the trend has been

profitability that means that there is an average of $3 million

corporations building their own collections. It used to be the

dollars per year in profits - what if every one of the companies

giant financial institutions wanting to get their hands on a

that we serve invested 1% of their profits in art? That's a lot of

Michelangelo or Basquiat, but in recent years we have seen a

$30,000 supporting artists in what may qualify as tax-free CSR

shift towards real involvement by corporations - identifying

spend. You may choose to spend it on one single work of art or

emerging talent and supporting them by collecting their works,

you may want to purchase 30 different works of art at $1,000

the price appreciation being just a welcome consequence. All of

each. Suddenly you have the beginnings of your very own art

the above is besides the point which is that art is a healing force

gallery in that unused space that every company has in their

that radiates positive energy in any environment.

offices. Sure, there are additional costs such as security and insurance but that should be just a marginal addition to your

Art collecting is not yet recognised as a CSR activity. Perhaps

existing expenditure - I am guessing that you already pay for

because there is an exchange of money for the artwork, as

security systems and insurance, right?

opposed to typical giving back which doesn't involve getting something in return for business donations. Speak to any artist,

You don't need an art consultant. Sure, they are a prudent

while they are very happy to receive the financial boost, they

choice once you start spending the big bucks but if you are just

are just as thrilled to know that their artwork is collected by a

starting out then the only art consultant you need is your heart.

reputable company. Selling art validates the artist and justifies

Choose artworks that grab you and speak to you. If you have to

their sacrifices in more ways than just the receiving payment.

convince yourself that a work of art is great every time you see

Purchasing art from very talented artists that are on the cusp of

it then it really is not for you. There is art for everyone, gather a

something great could provide them with just the needed boost

collection and there will be something that resonates with each

to break through to prominence in their field.

and every one of your employees and visitors.

Why should art collecting only be for the large companies?

As a CSR action, collecting art serves 3 purposes:

More than anything, this self-limiting approach denies many

It helps to sustain the artist and supports their career.

artists the benefits of having access to the corporate market.

Your art collection is an appreciative asset.

There are artists with works at all price points - from hundreds

Artworks enhance your office for employees and guests. PAGE 204

How can you ensure your art collection wont lose money?

Purchasing art for your corporate collection is a safe bet when

All investments come with the risk of losses. Art as a long-term

doing it for the long term and applying those simple guidelines.

investment has performed strongly when compared with other

As long as you have acquired works from talented artists that

investment classes. Regardless of the price point, artworks tend

are on track to have solid careers then you should see strong

to retain their original value at the very least and in most

appreciation in value of their early works. If you factor in

instances they appreciate in value.

Pareto's principle, then just as most business leaders sign up to the understanding that 80% of sales come from 20% of clients

The key factors to look for when considering artworks for your

or sales people, then it should be a reasonable hope that 20% of

collection through an investment prism, are:

your corporate art collection will positively skyrocket in value.

- The quality of the artist's current and previous artworks. - The artist's CV/ Resume.

However as mentioned earlier in this article, the biggest benefit

- How passionate is the artist about art, will they stick with it?

of collecting art is the rejuvenative energy it will bring to your

- Consistency - does the artist produce great works regularly?

employees and those business visitors that come over for

- Media coverage, buzz and social media following.

meetings. More than ever, the healing power of art is needed in

- Who else has collected the artist?

our shared spaces in a post-COVID-19 world. PAGE 205



Digital Artist who unleashes the full potential of digital painting.

Living in the SF Bay Area, he has a broad creative practice; his

Michele's works have gathered a large international following.

works are exhibited throughout The United States and Europe.



A San Francisco Bay Area sculptor who has been working with

San Francisco-based abstract artist and astrologer who finds

clay and bronze for over 20 years.

inspiration in the symbolic language of astrology.



Based in Bregenz, Austria, Patrick is a master glass artist

Stephen has been telling stories through realistic fine art for

sculpting with this unique material for 23 years.

over 25 years. Galleried and highly respected in his field.



Based in Hamilton, Montana. A mixed-media artist. Her works

Based in Anacortes, USA. An architect and artist whose acrylic

are in the permanent collections of several museums.

works are inspired by the beauty of the natural environment.



Shoreham, UK based artist Louise V Durham has worked with

Contemporary painter at the intersection of modern painting,

glass for 15 years. Her work is inspired by her love of gardening.

mysticism, and traditional Chinese iconography.



An abstract realist painter known for using color as structure for

Colorado based colored pencil artist, who uses a combination

her high-key colored landscapes and prints.

of color and detail to create realistic drawings.



Painter based in Louisville, Kentucky, USA. His artwork can be

ÁINE is an installation artist, painter and designer based in

found in many private and public collections in the region.

Northern California. Working in thread, oils, and other media.



Oil Painter in Frisco, Texas. Winner of the Best of show at the

Based in Portland, USA. One of the top kiln-glass educators of

20th American Impressionist Society's Juried Exhibition 2019.

the day, his artworks can be found in collections worldwide.



Figurative sculpture artist in Texas. Her work has appeared in

Respected painter and sculptor based in San Francisco. Pamela

many prestigious shows throughout the United States.

has worked as an artist since 1967. PAGE 206



Seattle based watercolor artist who paints memories of

A committed creator, born in Uruguay. His creativity is applied

voyages through both natural and imaginary worlds.

to various techniques, creating his own personal style.



Based in the upper Midwest of the USA She creates distinctive

Abstract paintings of memories, moods and landscapes create a

sculptures from blown glass, kiln-formed glass, and metal.

dynamic experience for the viewer.



Texas based artist who combines abstract imagery, cartoon

Israel based photographer. He uses long exposure photography

drawing, and geometric patterns with a touch of cubism.

to show nature beyond what the naked eye can see.



Florida based self-taught contemporary abstract artist. Her art

An accomplished highly imaginative artist. She is represented in

is influenced by her travel to over 30 different countries.

numerous, collections, museums and galleries in the USA.



A self-taught artist currently working in alcohol ink and fluid

A surrealist who lives in Los Angeles. She views herself as a

acrylics. She has also explored watercolors and oil paintings.

celestial storyteller, rather than an artist.



Los Angeles based digital Painter. He manipulates photographs

A New York and Miami based contemporary artist whose mixed

into vibrant, arresting splashes of color.

media works can be found in several corporate collections.



A self-taught mixed media artist. She has received several

An oil painter based in Colorado. She feels all artwork is unique

awards for her work.

in telling another story or another version of the same story.



Resin artist who creates colorful abstract paintings. Her artwork

A Spanish artist living and painting in Albuquerque, New

is displayed in public and private collections worldwide.

Mexico. His artwork employs a range of materials and styles.



A photographer living in Pennsylvania. Her work spans several

A visual artist from LA that specializes in incorporating color

genres including abstract, nature and travel photography.

with movement so the content presented has its individuality. PAGE 207