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Global Couplings Offers Simple to Use and Economically Priced Camlock Fittings Global Couplings offers simple to use and economically priced Camlock Fittings made from a variety of materials. All the Camlock couplings they stock, provide a quick and simple way to connect and disconnect large diameter pipes and hoses. Camlock couplings at their store are available in numerous sizes and shapes and offers true benefits of leak proof fitting and quick disconnects. The range of Camlock fittings they sell are used for connecting or disconnecting fitting on pipes or hoses. These fittings offer quick and prompt connect and disconnect features, and are incredibly useful in stopping any sort of unwanted leakages. Camlock fittings are easy to handle and enables manual tightening as well which makes them the best choice for any household need. Camlock hose couplings are very versatile in their use and offer many applications such as water, petroleum, chemicals and other fluids. Their premium quality couplings are made from Aluminum with end fittings which make them corrosion resistant and handle the flow of liquid or gas inside, without any leakage. The aluminum Camlock coupling offers quick disconnection features and are often used for industrial purposes where they have to handle fluid like petroleum or highly inflammable chemicals. Camlock fittings are made from a variety of materials including brass, aluminum, stainless steel and polypropylene. They are suitable to handle a wide range of fluids without corrosion.

About - Global Couplings offers a high-quality range of Camlock fittings and Quick Disconnects. The products they offer are commonly used for applications such as pipes, hose, tubing and tanks conveying liquids and powders, including cooling water, fuels, chemicals, cosmetics, offshore, adhesives, pharmaceuticals and much more. maintains a solid reputation in supplying Camlock fittings & Quick Disconnect couplings for ease of use without leakage during connection, and with minimum restriction of flow during system operation. With a dedicated team, they have the experience to recommend the right products and the buying power to get the best quality products at the right price for the customers. To know more about them, please visit: Contact Address -: Global Global Couplings Ltd 1 Farnham Road Guildford Surrey GU2 4RG Telephone: 01483 243335

Global Couplings Offers Simple to Use and Economically Priced Camlock Fittings