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Camlock Couplings & Cam Lock Fittings What are Cam Lock Couplings? Cam lock couplings are used to connect and disconnect pipe and industrial hose connections. These are connected without any bolts or clamps. It is important to review safety measures to keep the cam lock couplings in a good condition. Precautions: Connect the cam lock couplings in low pressure To check the tight and leak assembling of hose, clamp and coupling, ensure that you test the hose assembly properly Fluidized dry materials are normally abrasive than liquids. It is good to review couplings in those products frequently for sudden steps for repairing or replacement whenever required. Appropriate alloy couplings for better results Use of Cam Lock Couplings and Fittings: 2. Cam lock couplings and fittings are normal hose connectors used in material or fluid transfer applications. Groove fittings, cam and cam locks can be used in water suction, fluid transfer applications, chemical transfer applications, discharge applications and paint processing. Arms and internal gasket are used to design female cam lock fittings. Atthe time of inserting a male cam lock fitting into a female cam lock fitting, the arms get pulled and force the male coupling to seal and seat against the gasket. Types of Camlock Couplings: Type A Camlock Coupling: The single side adapter comes in female thread. Its poplar standard of thread is NPT or BSP. The image represents Type A Camlock that is used for quick and effective connection. Type B Camlock Coupling: 3. The coupler with male thread is used extensively in various industries.Its poplar standard of thread is NPT or BSP. Here is an image representing Type B Camlock. Type C Camlock Coupling: The coupler with shank is also used by many people. Find out its model (in picture) to examine it properly. Type D Camlock Coupling: The coupler with female thread is widely known for its quality and efficiency. Its poplar standard of thread is NPT or BSP. Type E Camlock Coupling: The adapter with shank provides a great connection. Here is an image of Type E Camlock showing its usual model. Type F Camlock Coupling: The adapter with male threat fits perfectly for the better connection of hoses. Global Couplings offers a high quality range of Camlock fittings and Quick Disconnects. These products are commonly used for applications such as pipes, hose, tubing and tanks conveying liquids and powders, including cooling water, fuels, chemicals, cosmetics, offshore, adhesives, pharmaceuticals and much more. With a dedicated team we have the experience to recommend the right products and the buying power to get the best quality products at the right price for you. Visit for more details.

Camlock couplings & cam lock fittings