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fast good fast good is a fundraising tool with which young people can present civic society projects to a group of adults who are potential donors. Here is how it works: 

Try to get an invitation to an event where you expect potential donors to be present and where they have time. For example:  Company events like Christmas parties, birthday parties of the boss, celebrations of business success or celebrations of having finished a big project, etc.  Meetings of the Rotary Club, Lions Club, Kiwanis Club or the like.  Larger private events like birthday parties, weddings, family reunions,  Alumni meetings, class reunions,  Conferences of professional associations, political parties, scientific institutions, or others.  ….

 Ask the organizers whether you could get 30 - 40 minutes to present 3 - 4 donation projects for fundraising purposes  READ more…..

fast good  READ more…..  Make it clear that each participant of the event is expected to give a certain minimum amount that you have to determine together with the event organizer. Show the project proposals to the organizer but make it also clear that the presentation should be a surprise event.

 Show up with 3 people if you want to present 3 projects, with 4 people if you want to present 4 projects.  Foresee 5 minutes for presenting the rules of this mini-event. We can provide a standard text to you if you are interested.  Prepare 5- minutes- presentations for each project that answer the following questions Where is the project work to take place? Which organization is the carrier of the program? What is the problem that the project targets? Who benefits from the project and in what way exactly? Perfection in presenting What is a sensible target amount? techniques and in rhetoric will Make it a game to compete in promoting the project you present in a competitive way.

strike the adult audience!!

If possible at all show pictures over a beamer or on posters that you hang up. Also: Provide a list of the projects that you present, so that the audience can always easily follow you very easily.

fast good  After the presentations go around and get peoples names, e-mail addresses, the choice of project and the amounts they give.  Give them the account number to make the bank transfer or get cash right away.  But collect the addresses in any case (reasoning: we want to send you a donation receipt).  If you want to be very sophisticated you can get a machine for credit card payments.  The size of your team should be five times the number of participants ideally. Then each of you has one minute per person to get the data and the money after the presentations are over.  Count the money (cash or pledges) quickly so that you can announce the result and say THANK YOU. Prepare for this little Thank You speech (maybe 30 - 90 seconds) so that it sounds good and authentic!  So this is the version for a number of participants of anywhere between 15 and 40  For larger events you either have to show up with a really large number of people (ideally) or you have to think of another method to harvest the money at the end. If you want to discuss such a case with somebody then please do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail and we will call you so that we can talk about it.  Need any help?

Fast good fundraising tool  
Fast good fundraising tool