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NOMAD is proud to share with you our first ever Advent & Christmas Wish List.

I, like many others, probably couldn’t list the dozens of presents received throughout the years. But the moments shared with loved ones, the carols sung, the dinner blessings, waking up to shoes filled with treats from St. Nicholas, decorating trees – small and large – with ornaments from years ago, gathering together to celebrate the gifts that we are to one anther, this is what I carry in my heart when I remember Christmases past and hope for Christmases in the future.

The ‘Season of Giving’ offers us the opportunity to reflect on the gifts that we are to one another, the gifts we have been given to share and the gift of redemption we celebrate with the remembrance of the humble birth of Christ. We hope that this Advent and Christmas season you are inspired to share the miracle of Christmas with those you love and that our list of gifts that make a difference help you to rekindle the light within. May this Christmas season bring you and your loved ones peace and grace, and may those who feel unloved know that they are a gift*

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PONDE “It is true we can never give ourselves in the same way that Christ did and certainly it is at least most difficult to give to the point of death like he did; however, we can reach the point of inner freedom and joy where we are pouring our hearts out for others by giving them our time, our talents and our treasures. The point then is not simply give, but give your


ERINGS whole self. Give your time and listen to a friend or even one who is not your friend. Give your talents by asking your parents if you can do anything for them. Give your treasures by giving what is special to other people – maybe it is your favorite snack or an old toy. This task will be initially difficult. But after you begin giving more and more, you become more free and alive with an inner dynamism that will give life to your whole life.� Gabriel Dantes


A reflection on the spirit of Christmas and all time favorites sure to bring a smile to children of all ages.