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Learning about different property financing options in Australia Confused about property loan options in Australia? Below introductory option to property financing options in Australia may be of help to you. 1. Commercial property loan Investors and owners can avail commercial loans for office, retail or industrial freehold, at low interest from reliable private investors, lenders or banks, in order to meet their all commercial borrowing needs. This property finance can be used by the owners or investors, for purchase or refinancing of real estate, industrial and retail assets. For avoiding upcoming balloon payment to lowering their long-term interest rate, many borrowers even refinance a commercial property loan. 2. Low doc commercial loans It is ideal financing solutions for you, if you are self-employed and are not able to present your personal tax returns, in order to meet your lending needs and requirements. You can avail up to 75% of the property value, if your only income is rental income (lease doc). If your financials are not up-to-date or your credit history is less than perfect, these types of financing options are ideal for your lending needs. 3. SMSF loans To assist in the acquisition of eligible income producing real property, borrowers or investors can avail low-interest Self-Managed Super Fund Loan (SMSF) from banks to private non-bank lenders. Borrowers can borrow up to 80% LVR and loan repayment tenure up to 30 years for purchase of residential property. By finalising payment, SMSF has right to acquire legal ownership of property. 4. Specialised security property

If the property that you are interested to purchase falls within their risk profile, then it is very difficult for financing organization to sell that property within stipulated time frame if the borrower defaults. Such borrowers can avail specialised security property loans from banks and non-banking financing firms in Australia. This type of finance can be availed from purchase or refinance of specialised properties such as hotels, motels and petrol stations. Borrowers and investors can avail these types of finances for purchase of petrol stations, caravan parks, retirement villages and child care facilities. 5. Residential home loan solutions Property finance brokers in Australia can help you get low interest rate residential home loan solutions by providing direct access to private non-bank lenders. These lenders provide residential loan to you where traditional loan lenders such as banks would not. 6. Rural property loans Borrowers, who are looking to finance rural or residential zoned properties, can avail these loans at low interest rate and long repayment periods from non-banking financing firms. It can be used to purchase or improve the rural/residential property. It can also be used to fund off farm investments. In addition to this, these loans are used to purchase livestock or refinance existing loans. 7. Private mortgages Borrowers can avail these loans for incomplete construction projects, where traditional lenders are unwilling to fund their completion. If existing lender is forcing an exit, you can avail funds through private mortgages at competitive rates and fast approvals from different brokers who can help you reach genuine lenders looking to lend money for property. Learning about different finance options available for you can help you choose the right loan options that meet your financing needs.

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Confused about property loan options in Australia? Below introductory option to property financing options in Australia may be of help to yo...

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