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Media Kit Global Business Guide is a free, multimedia business platform designed to draw together all the essential sources to show investment, export and partnerships opportunities in key emerging markets. Written by a team of journalists carrying out interviews on the ground with business leaders, industry experts and members of the government to provide up to date market intelligence for the international audience online and in print.

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Global Business Guide was created by a team of journalists with extensive experience in country reports published in renowned international medias.

With journalists based on the field, Global Business Guide produces up to date business information and market analysis. Featuring interviews with high profile personalities from the public and private sector to give the full picture on the latest developments in the business and investment environment.

They wished to address the lack of quality content available on the opportunities in emerging markets across all industry sectors. Drawing on their experience in mass media, they wanted to create a multilingual communication platform that effectively reaches the international audience. GBG is headquarted in Paris, France with branches in London and California as well as a network of journalists present in the key emerging markets of the future such as Brazil, Indonesia and Turkey; among many others. Global Business Guide’s journalists are dedicated to independent and accurate reporting as well as providing free and accessible information.

The GBG approach is unique in dividing our information according to the profile of the user, be it for exporting, investing or partnerships so users can cut straight through to the opportunity and sector of interest. The directory is made up of businesses and institutions that have been exclusively selected as being positioned for international cooperation. Offering far more than just contact information; featuring in depth video interviews bringing potential partners closer to users, to actively establish international business connections.

Who we reach Global Business Guide’s online and print editions are pioneering in specifically reaching

a targetted international business audience that is unique to each country. Being available in English, French, Mandarin Chinese as well as the local language allows Global Business Guide to speak to a local and international audience with strategic focus on North America, Europe and Asia as the main sources of global FDI. A recent survey of C-Suite executives internet habits revealed that 53% gather information for business decisions independently rather than delegating the task, and 78% rely on indexed search engine results. Being found at the top of the major search engines worldwide such as Google and Baidu (百度) when business related searches on a country are carried out positions our online content as the single source of information on the country. Indonesia, on Google alone, has 300,000 business and industry related searches every month which equates to 3.5 million a year. Filling the niche in objective and quality information, has a projected monthly traffic of 100,000 users or 1.2 million users a year. In addition to the online editions and to ensure exhaustive coverage, Global Business Guide’s print edition is received by 10,000 selected international institutions such as embassies and trade organisations worldwide. | | | |

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