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wearing an almost uniform coloured dress and then stepping outside and the colour changing to a bright blue,’ says Leskovar. Cneeon’s characterful printed pieces have wide appeal. ‘It is sometimes a little surprising to see how diferent our customers are. We see elegant women, younger girls and older ladies wearing our pieces, especially the colourful scarves,’ says Schulz.

Âme Soeur’s kaleidoscopic prints and architectural shapes have a similarly wide reach, having been embraced by trendsetters of every imaginable type. The label is the creation of another duo, the Taschén sisters Madina and Sabina who are known for their love of vibrant print and their innovative ‘one-cut piece’ concept, for which items are constructed from one piece of fabric. ‘A typical Âme Soeur wearer is not defned by age, but rather by a deep understanding and knowledge

The fashion scene that is represented by these labels is anything but minimalist

Above (from lef): Cneeon designers Doreen Schulz and Clara Leskovar; the brand’s spring/summer 2015 collection

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