Global Bersih Annual Report 2015/16

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BERSIH 4 locations


The Bersih artwork is from an artist who documented the Bersih4 rally in KL, and the work can be purchased from


Introduction WHO WE ARE


Global Bersih is a non-profit organisation established under the Swiss Civil Code. It aims to support Malaysian civil society’s efforts to strengthen Malaysia’s maturing democracy using peaceful and legal means of action. For Malaysia to progress as a democratic society, the citizens’ right to free and fair elections must be promoted and protected, and are conducted professionally, impartially and with full transparency.

We aim to achieve:

Global Bersih seeks to increase public understanding of what free and fair elections mean, not only to enhance voters’ awareness and knowledge but also to uphold democracy in the country. Global Bersih is proud to be part of a vibrant Swiss civil society. This enables a stronger international platform to advocate for Global Bersih’s causes in a global human rights capital like Geneva.

Malaysia’s right to free and fair elections, that includes ensuring the integrity of the electoral rolls; reform of electoral processes and procedures; strengthening public institutions through supporting the eradication of corruption and the culture of impunity; and enhancing the participation of international observers and media in monitoring the polls.

An independent and effective Elections Commission of Malaysia, especially in monitoring electoral discrepancies.

The advancement of human rights, rule of law and democracy in Malaysia.


We provide a global platform for the voices and stories of ordinary Malaysians and civil society, that reaches out to the international community, in particular international human rights bodies, diplomatic missions, foreign media and civil society.

We enrich local and international exchanges over Malaysian issues, both in Malaysia and abroad, that feedback into national efforts related to electoral reform.

We galvanise support and commitments from Malaysians across the globe who back the international momentum for electoral and democratic reform in Malaysia.

We carry out training and capacity building to encourage overseas Malaysians to fully participate in civil society and the electoral process.

We promote all of the above through peaceful and constructive dialogue.

We promote all the above through peaceful and constructive dialogue.


Steering Committee Message Dear Fellow Bersih Supporters, It gives the Global Bersih Steering Committee great pleasure to issue our 2015 Annual Report. This report outlines how Global Bersih is set up and how it operates to provide a service centre for the city coordinators and supporters while also providing an overview of our advocacy and outreach work in 2015. Beyond a simple list of advocacy and outreach activities highlighted, we hope this report also provides an insight into how the Steering Committee can contribute towards positive change in Malaysia and enhance Malaysia’s reputation abroad. The crowning event in 2015 was the Aug 29/30th Bersih 4 rally. The spontaneous outpouring of support by more than 18,000 Bersih supporters in 90 cities across the world was a momentous experience. Global Bersih’s task now is to do what it can to maintain this global Bersih 4 spirit and to develop Global Bersih as a major international advocacy NGO and a long-term contributor for change. We’ve been very encouraged by the many activities carried out in various cities in 2015 in support of our Bersih movement, and we would like to thank the many city organisers and supporters for their selfless commitment and support. However, we still have a long way to go. As Kofi Annan, former United Nations Secretary-General and Chairman of the Kofi Annan Foundation, points out: “Experience has taught us that there can be no long-term security without development, no long-term development without security, and that neither are possible without respect for human rights and the rule of law.” Global Bersih will continue to work for free and fair elections in Malaysia, and also back all efforts to improve Malaysia’s human rights and the rule of law. Global Bersih Steering Committee Geneva, Switzerland


Patron’s Message Dear fellow Malaysians, Salam Bersih! Free and fair elections continue to elude us in Malaysia. The 13th general elections brought this home with a long laundry list of irregularities. The media was stifled, the voters’ lists irregular, the indelible ink was anything but indelible, and there was ample evidence of fraud and vote buying. Malapportionment has of course been a long-time problem. The latest delineation exercise in Sarawak was flawed for many reasons, and this does not augur well for the remaining exercises in Sabah and Peninsular Malaysia. It is clear that the ruling party aims to stay in power for a long time and that all steps to ensure they do are being taken by them. The struggle for free and fair elections and for a better Malaysia goes on. This struggle is fought not only by Malaysians at home, but also by you, Malaysians who are living overseas. We saw with pride the massive support in Bersih 4 from Malaysians all over the world who stood in solidarity with family and friends back home. Together, we all have crucial roles to play in advancing democracy and clean and fair elections in Malaysia. I have always felt that Global Bersih was one of the greatest outcomes of Bersih 2.0. Global Bersih has played a key role in maintaining links with overseas Malaysians. It also performs important advocacy work, bringing positive impact to the struggle. International exchanges on relevant issues relating to democratic reform have been carried out regularly by members of Global Bersih. Thank you, Supporters, City Coordinators and the Steering Committee, for your constant friendship, encouragement and contributions towards the Global Bersih mission. We will need your continuous involvement in preparation for the 14th general elections. Let us work together to make the dream of a better Malaysia a reality!

Terima kasih. Ambiga Sreenevasan Patron of Global Bersih


Governance Highlights Global Bersih 2015 Executive Committee The Steering Committee appointed a new Executive comprised of President Colin Rajah, Secretary Bala Chelliah and Treasurer Lydia Chai. The other members of the Steering Committee include Yolanda Augustine, Ivy Josiah, Lim Chong Pin, Charis Quay, Kean Wong and Kevin Bathman. Global Bersih extends its thanks to the 2014 Executive Committee of William de Cruz, Praveen Nagappan and Andrew Foong for their past dedicated services. Patrons Former Malaysian Bar Council President Ambiga Sreenevasan continues as the patron of Global Bersih. Poet laureate Pak Samad has now moved on to join the Democratic Action Party (DAP) and is no longer a patron. Meetings The Global Bersih Steering Committee hold regular meetings using the ‘GoToMeeting’ application to discuss progress and plan out activities. The Executive prepare the agenda and items for discussion while decisions are made by the Steering Committee. A simple majority suffices for decisions to be approved. Minutes of these meetings are available for review upon request. Bersih 2.0/Global Bersih Partnering A meeting between Bersih 2.0 and Global Bersih resulted in an agreement on terms of reference and common priorities for 2016. Regular follow-up meetings are held. Swiss Civil Code conformance Ensuring appropriate governance records are a requirement of Swiss Civil code. These records are available for inspection and include publication of an Annual Report.


Secretariat Highlights • Set up Global Bersih Secretariat in Geneva and Kuala Lumpur. • Recruited Global Bersih administrative assistant/co-ordinator based in Kuala Lumpur.

• Conducted a survey on Overseas Voting, the results of which are on the Global Bersih website. • Commenced Project to upgrade the Global Bersih website.

• Organized and co-ordinated Global Bersih Steering Committee meetings.

• Published a monthly newsletter available on website.

• Co-ordinated and managed the global mobilisation of Bersih supporters for the August 29/30th Bersih rally.

• Carried out a pro-active Social Media Communication using Facebook, Twitter and the Global Bersih website.

Assisted in the formation of Bersih Netherlands. The local Steering Committee developed a set of outreach events to publicise their activities and to recruit volunteers to the team. Email:,

The official launch of Bersih Netherlands, with Global Bersih steering committee’s Ivy Josiah.


Outreach Highlights Global Bersih believes that it is important to empower supporters and engage Malaysians worldwide on the various issues of electoral reform. To this end, Global Bersih has carried out the following activities to reach out to the diaspora: Global Bersih Secretariat T-shirt Campaign T-shirts were printed and sent to various cities for sale. The t-shirts, which Malaysians and friends of Malaysia wear in solidarity with Bersih 2.0’s cause, were mostly sold during Bersih 4 rally to raise funds to support Global Bersih’s activities.

We may be far away but our hearts are with Malaysia.

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Bersih 4 locations 1. Abu Dhabi 2. Adelaide 3. Atlanta

16. Calgary 17. Canberra 18. Chiang Mai

31. Gabon

46. Manila

32. Geneva 33. Hamburg

47. Melbourne 48. Minneapolis

61. Port Moresby 62. Remarkables 63. Rio de Janeiro

47 82 4 85 20 62

29 26

76. Tanzania 77. Tokyo 78. Toronto

4. Auckland

19. Chicago

34. Helsinki

49. Munich

64. San Diego

79. Turin

5. Austin 6. Bali

20. Christchurch 21. Columbus, Ohio

35. Ho Chi Minh City 36. Hong Kong

50. New Delhi 51. New York City

65. San Francisco 66. Seattle

80. Ulaan Batar 81. Vancouver

7. Bangkok 8. Barcelona

22. Dallas 23. Den Haag

37. Houston, Texas 38. Iowa

52. Oldenburg 53. Ontario

67. Sevilla 68. Shanghai

82. Victoria 83. Washington DC

9. Beijing 10. Berlin 11. Bogota 12. Boise, Idaho 13. Brisbane 14. Brussels 15. Busan

Clean Elections

24. Dubai

39. Jakarta

54. Oslo

69. Siem Reap

84. Waco, Texas

25. Dublin 26. Dunedin

40. Kenya 41. Koln

55. Papeete 56. Paris

70. Singapore 71. Stockholm

85. Wellington 86. Wichita

27. Edinburgh

42. La Chaux-de Fonds

57. Pattaya

72. Sunshine Coast

87. Winnipeg

28. Edmonton 29. Franz Josef

43. London 44. Los Angeles

58. Perth 59. Phnom Penh

73. Suzhou 74. Sydney

88. Yangon 89. Yunnan

30. Fresno, California

45. Macau

60. Phoenix, Arizona

75. Taipei

90. Zurich

Clean Governments

Save our economy

Right to Dissent

Strengthen Parliamentary Democracy



Bersih Geneva Zunar, the world-renowned Malaysian political cartoonist and satirist, Lukas Straumann of Bruno Manser Fonds (BMF), Debbie Stothard of the Parisbased International Federation for Human Rights (FIDH), and 28 Swiss-based Malaysians participated in a luncheon forum on the human rights situation in Malaysia. Zunar used his artoons to explain his struggle against the authorities while Lukas described BMF’s work with the indigenous communities in Sarawak to protect their customary land rights. Debbie explained how FIDH carries out international human rights campaigning on behalf of Malaysians.

Maria Chin, the chairperson of Bersih 2.0, in a two-day visit to Geneva promoted electoral reform and discussed the uses and abuses of power by the current Malaysian government among Malaysians and friends of Malaysia. Nicolas Agostini and Johanna Michel representing FIDH and BMF respectively also attended Bersih 2.0’s Geneva event, and shared with participants their roles and experience in supporting the cause in Malaysia. Both openly supported Bersih’s cause and encouraged us to engage with them to progress issues.

Maria spoke about Bersih 4, the counter red-shirt rally, and the implications of the Malaysian government playing race and religion politics. She also updated the attendees on the political climate in Malaysia, where the Penal Code and the Special Offences (Special Measures) Act 2012 (SOSMA) are being used by the federal government to silence dissent. Maria participated in a similar event in London organised by Bersih London, and highlighted the issues mentioned above.


Outreach Highlights cont. Bersih Shanghai Bersih Shanghai organised a press conference in Kuala Lumpur to rally support among Malaysians in Shanghai for Bersih 4. Speakers of the event were Bersih Shanghai president Johnson Chew, former Bersih 2.0 Steering Committee member Dr Wong Chin Huat, and Global Bersih Steering Committee Member Ivy Josiah.

Bersih Paris A Global Bersih representative attended a 50-year commemoration of the 1965 Indonesian massacre in a show of solidarity with our ASEAN neighbour, at an event organised by Paris-based NGO Réseau Indonésie at the Fontaine des Innocents in downtown Paris.

Global Bersih President Colin Rajah and Jaringan Orang Asal SeMalaysia (JOAS) representative to the COP21, Winnie Jimis, had dinner with Malaysian, Indonesian, Vietnamese, German and French friends from NGOs and various universities. Colin’s message to all present: Write about what is really going on in Malaysia, and just tell the truth.


Outreach Highlights cont. Zunar in Zurich - Introduction speech by Chris of Bersih Zurich

Bersih Zurich Bersih Zurich welcomed Zunar and his wit and enthusiasm during a “pot-lucky” luncheon event organised by Bersih Zürich on 25 October 2015. The lunch was held at Asia Budo Center, and the venue was sponsored by Master Yaw. About 40 from Zurich and Geneva participated in the event that featured delicious home-

cooked Malaysian food. The gathering heard Zunar explain his campaign against injustice in Malaysia, and at the same time brought together like-minded Malaysians residing in Switzerland, encouraging them to take an active interest in Malaysian issues.

Bersih Netherlands Global Bersih Steering Committee Member Ivy Josiah met Malaysians in Den Hague, the Netherlands. Ivy shared her experience of the Bersih 4 rally back in

Kuala Lumpur. Participants shared their views about Malaysian current affairs. Ivy encouraged Malaysians abroad to participate in a voting survey that would help with the reform of the overseas voting

process, and to form a local team to carry out advocacy and outreach work in Holland and surrounding countries.

Colin updated attendees on the progress of Global Bersih and the US-based efforts to set up a foundation/non-profit.

Sim discussed current political conditions in Malaysia with the group of 25 gathered and spent time responding to questions and comments about what the prospects of political reform were. The event concluded with a “KitaLawan” round of photos to show our solidarity with the same event in Kuala Lumpur.

Bersih San Francisco In July, Bay Area leaders gathered at Colin’s home for a pot-luck dinner, which was followed by a discussion about launching a US-based foundation/non-profit organisation to enable taxdeductible donations in the US in the future. This would support Global Bersih operations and projects. During this time,

On 7 March, in conjunction with a visit by YB Sim Sze Tzin, the SF Bay Area group organized a meetup with him at a popular Malaysian restaurant.


Outreach Highlights cont. Bersih Sydney

Mrs Ambiga Sreenevasan with fellow Malaysians at a gathering in Sydney.

Bersih Sydney hosted Ambiga Sreenevasan at a gathering of Malaysians and friends of Malaysia. She spoke about Malaysia’s system of democracy, the People’s Tribunal Report, the MH370 tragedy, and Global Bersih. She also responded to questions from the attendees. Bersih Sydney also hosted a discussion for Malaysians in Sydney featuring Selangor State Minister (exco) and MP, the People’s Justice Party (PKR) youth leader Nik Nazmi and Akmal Nasir of the whistleblowers group NOW titled: “Beyond Najib, Anwar, Mahathir, missing billions & dress-codes” (see below). Bersih Sydney also hosted MP and DAP leader Tony Pua at a separate event, where he met with Malaysians in Sydney to discuss the latest developments in Malaysia.

Bersih Sydney closed 2015 with a kenduri at a popular Malaysian restaurant in the city, where much food like mee goreng, roti, kari ayam and kueh was shared along with news and views about Malaysia’s challenges for its Sydney community.

The new Bersih Sydney committee was also introduced. Zunar’s drawing was successfully auctioned, and books and t-shirts were sold to contribute towards helping fund future Bersih Sydney and Global Bersih activities.

Bersih New York Bersih New York hosted Bersih Chairperson Maria Chin Abdullah. Maria met Malaysians residing in New York and answered their questions.


Advocacy Highlights Global Bersih seeks electoral reforms not only by engaging Malaysians overseas, but also by engaging with international organizations, press and the media to highlight the political and civil society situation in Malaysia. Bersih 4 Solidarity Rallies Held by Overseas Malaysians While 200,000 people gathered in Malaysia, around 18,000 Malaysians and friends of Malaysia across 89 cities outside of Malaysia gathered in yellow Bersih 4 t-shirts to demand clean elections, a clean government, stronger parliamentary democracy and the right to dissent, and to save the economy from further decline. Some of the 90 cities included New York, Vancouver, Rio de Janeiro, London, Paris, Geneva, New Delhi, Beijing, Shanghai, Tokyo, Sydney, Melbourne and Auckland. This display of solidarity not only inspired Malaysians in Malaysia but it received the attention of international organisations, governments both national and local, and the media.

Bersih cake prepared to commemorate the rally.

Advocacy with the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) in Geneva The Global Bersih Secretary had regular meetings with IPU officials in Geneva to voice concerns on the use of the Sedition Act against opposition parliamentarians and to seek their assistance to highlight the situation in Malaysia during the IPU’s regular meetings.

expressed by the IPU Human Rights (HRs) Committee, the Malaysian Government extended an invitation to the IPU. The IPU working group on human rights visited Malaysia to review the HRs situation and subsequently issued a report expressing their concern.

In June, based on the continued lobbying by local Parliamentarians, NGOs, and Global Bersih, as well as concerns

Following the submission of complaints on the charges and treatment of Anwar Ibrahim by the authorities to the IPU, the

IPU moved to adopt a resolution during their October Annual General Meeting by urging the Malaysian government to drop all charges and to release Anwar. IPU further recommended that the authorities drop all charges against all opposition Parliamentarians under investigation and/or charged.


Advocacy Highlights cont. Zunar with UK Parliamentary Committee member Ann Clywd at Bersih London event

Bersih London Bersih London organised an advocacy trip to London for Zunar, where he held a public interview with The Guardian newspaper and also met with the Foreign Office and NGOs to highlight Malaysia’s deteriorating human rights and politics. Bersih London also hosted Nurul Iman, opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim’s daughter, where she met officials from the Foreign Office and NGOs,

and was involved in the Freedom March organised by Bersih London. Maria Chin Abdullah met with Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch in London to share details on the on-going human rights violations in Malaysia. Yolanda Augustine of Bersih London, who is also a Global Bersih Steering Committee Member, has regularly updated

the Foreign Office in meetings over the human rights and political situation in Malaysia.

Advocacy at the UN in Geneva Supported by Global Bersih, student activist Adam Adli attended the United Nations Human Rights Council’s 29th session in Geneva, where he made an oral intervention during the Council’s interactive dialogue on Human Rights Defenders (HRDs). He also met with UN desk officers and foreign government missions. He presented his

case and explained the use of the Sedition Act in Malaysia to silence all opposition to Malaysia’s federal government. The NGO Forum Asia (FA) also arranged for Adam to present their oral statement during the interactive dialogue on Freedom of Assembly and Freedom of Expression. GB Steering Committee’s Bala also presented an oral

statement on behalf of Aliran on the deteriorating Freedom of Expression (FOE) and Freedom of Assembly and Association (FOAA) situation in Malaysia. Adam later met Amnesty International in London, which promised to campaign for his and other activists’ cases.

the PoTA etc. He also mentioned the history of the Malaysian Bar and its rule of law mandate, as well as challenges past and present to the rule of law, the judiciary and to the Bar. Steven Thiru also met individually with Paris Bar office-bearers during his visit. Linguistic as well as legal translation was provided by the Bersih France team.

Malaysia (including some from French media and NGOs) had lunch and an informal discussion with Zunar and Tricia Yeoh. The discussion centred on recent developments in Malaysia and what Malaysians abroad can do to help democracy mature in our ‘tanahair’ (homeland). At the end of the meeting, the Paris team resolved to firm up the group’s set-up and a host and volunteers were identified for the followup meeting to discuss future advocacy work.

Bersih Paris A forum was organised together with the Paris Bar, AlterAsia and the FIDH. The Malaysian Bar President Steven Thiru was the keynote speaker. Key personnel and office-bearers from the Paris Bar were present, as well as lawyers representing other organisations (such as the l’Union Internationale des Avocats) and members of the public. Steven Thiru spoke mainly on repressive legislation such as the Internal Security Act (now repealed), the Sedition Act,

Lunch with Zunar, and Tricia Yeoh from the Institute for Democracy and Election Assistance (IDEAS). Malaysians and friends of


Advocacy Highlights cont. Bersih Geneva Hosted by Bersih Geneva, Bersih 2.0’s Maria Chin Abdullah met with the Kofi Annan Foundation, the UN High Commission for Human Rights, and the European Union delegation to the UN. At the meeting with Alan Doss, the Executive Director of the Kofi Annan Foundation, Maria discussed the current situation in Malaysia, the reasons behind the Bersih 4 rally on August 29th-30th, and details about the 1Malaysia Development Board (1MDB) investigation. Issues regarding electoral reform and building integrity into Malaysia’s electoral process were also discussed. Mr Doss promised to brief Kofi Annan and also recommend that the KAF Board put Malaysia on KAF’s ‘Country to Focus On’ list. At the offices of the UN High Commission for Human Rights, Maria and Global Bersih’s Bala Chelliah met with the Special Procedures Branch Human Rights officers for HRDs and FOE. Maria provided a briefing on the deterioration of the freedom of expression, and the numerous activists and politicians from the opposition parties charged under the Sedition Act, the Penal Code and SOSMA. She also highlighted the Malaysian government’s increased use of race and religion issues to prop themselves up, and

At the United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, on the left Maria Chin Abdullah, chairperson of Bersih 2.0, and on the right Bala Chelliah, Global Bersih Secretary.

the various acts of intimidation allegedly sponsored by the dominant government party UMNO. The officers encouraged Malaysians to use the UN process for complaints and appeals, and also requested regular updates as events unfold in Malaysia with court rulings and politicians brought to trial. At the meeting with the European Union delegation to the UN and with some Member States of the EU, Maria advised that the Malaysian Government has indicated it will not issue a midterm Universal Periodic Review

(UPR) report during the 32nd session of the Human Rights Council (HRC, held 13 June-1 July 2016) as it is not mandatory. However, COMANGO, a coalition of local Malaysian NGOs is planning to issue a report based on their monitoring of the performance of the government in implementing the 2013 UPR recommendations. In addition, Maria also provided a briefing on the current human rights situation in Malaysia and requested Member States to forward this information to their respective governments for consideration and action.


Advocacy Highlights cont. Bersih Melbourne Held a public rally in solidarity with the ‘Kita Lawan’ rally in Malaysia. Held a public forum on “Battling Corruption and Cronyism in Malaysian: What Role Can You Play” with Director of Centre to Combat Corruption & Cronyism (C4), Cynthia Gabriel.

Called on Australian authorities to investigate and take firm action on Malaysian officials allegedly involved in money laundering and bribery schemes in Australia. Organised a Malaysian Freedom Film Festival Screening in Melbourne.

Bersih New York Hosted a meeting between Maria Chin Abdullah and Mickey Spiegel of Human Rights Watch (HRW) to review the HRs situation in Malaysia. At the meeting, Maria also thanked HRW and Ms

Spiegel for highlighting to the international community the various human rights violations committed by Malaysian authorities. From left to right: Bersih Sydney chair Mathuri Morgan, the Australia director of Human Rights Watch, Elaine Pearson, Zunar and Jenny Leong, MP for Newtown

Bersih Sydney Hosted Selangor state minister and member of parliament (MP), the PKR youth leader Nik Nazmi, and Akmal Nasir of whistleblowers group NOW, for a discussion on “Beyond Najib, Anwar, Mahathir, missing billions & dress-codes” on 12 July 2015. The well-attended talk led off with some fascinating parallel points raised by the local Sydney Member of Parliament Jamie Parker, co-host, who explained the recent anti-corruption campaigns that ultimately brought down a previous state premier – and how critical it was to maintain good governance and the people’s trust. Nik Nazmi and Akmal Nasir presented in detail the alleged huge scale of corruption that plagues the federal government,

and exposed for the first time to a Sydney audience the multinational 1MDB scandal and its implications. In November, on the eve of Malaysian cartoonist Zunar’s New York CPJ awards for media freedom, Bersih Sydney invited the well-known satirist for a packed out night at the New South Wales state parliament along with MPs Jenny Leong and Jamie Parker. Zunar both horrified and entertained the big crowd of Malaysians and Australians with his arresting caricatures of the 1MDB and related scandals, his trials of satire, and what he feared was Malaysia becoming a “kartunation”, “run by kartuns for kartuns.” Zunar explained to

the audience the very real threats he and Malaysians face in their freedom of expression, as he battles nine charges for alleged ‘sedition’ and 43 years in jail. A sale of Zunar’s books, t-shirts and posters helped the cartoonist with pocket money for his New York trip the following week, and a poster he drew on stage was donated to Bersih Sydney for a later auction.


Financial Summary 2015 FINANCIAL 2015 – Income and Expenses Income Received Donations Funds from T-shirts Total income

SFRS 9081 4321 13402

Expenses Admin Assistant fees* 2977 T shirt costs 667 Secretariat Expenses 50 Outreach Expenses 340 MFPL subs fees** 707 Bank charges 164 Total Expenses 4905 Excess Income 8497 Balance Sheet at 31.12.15 Assets 2104 Excess Income brought fwd 2105 Excess Income Total Income available 31.12.2015

SFRS 1224 8497 9721

Represented by: Cash at Bank 9591 Cash at Hand 130 Total Cash 9721 Notes: * MFPL – GB service provider for website and email ** Fees from June to December 2015 Comments: Funds raised in 2015 have been used prudently to cover only minimal expenses in order to safeguard funds for ongoing infrastructure expenses in 2016. Services in kind contributed by the Steering Committee members and individual contributors/supporters are provided pro-bono and most incidental expenses incurred are not claimed for. It is with these pro-bono services that the much of the advocacy and outreach work have been carried out in 2015.


Financial Summary cont.

To support Global Bersih activities, visit or

DONATIONS DETAILS GLOBAL BERSIH BANK ACCOUNT by bank transfer: Account Name Global Bersih Main account CHF Swiss account: 0251-1527723-81 Swift: CRESCHZZ12A

IBAN CH13 0483 5152 7723 8100 0

Bank Address Credit Suisse SA Rue de Lausanne 11-19, 1211 Geneve 70 Tel : +41.31.358.6490


Donor List Global Bersih thanks you all for your kind donation in 2015 and look forward to your continued support.

DONATIONS IN CASH INDIVIDUALS Grace Yeong Choi Ee Mrs Schwass 16 anonymous individual donors

BERSIH CITIES Bersih Auckland/Wellington Bersih Dublin Bersih Geneva Bersih Hamburg Bersih Ireland Bersih Los Angeles Bersih Paris Bersih Perth Bersih San Francisco Bersih Sydney Bersih Zurich

NON-GOVERNMENT ORGANISATION Saya Anak Bangsa Malaysia COMPANIES Unified Advertising Sdn Bhd 1 anonymous company donor

GLOBAL BERSIH STEERING COMMITTEE Colin Rajah Bala Chelliah Charis Quay Yolanda Augustin Lim Chong Pin Kean Wong Kevin Bathman

DONATIONS IN KIND – PRO BONO Global Bersih Steering Committee members City Coordinators and local city supporters


Contact Information Global Bersih 35, Rue du Rothschild -1202 Geneva- Switzerland P +41 79 248 2123 E W

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