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DID YOU KNOW? There are 70 million people living in this world with autism. 85% of the global autistic population live in developing countries. Over 90% of adults with autism are under- or unemployed -everywhere. Education is not accessible for most people with autism. Unemployed adults with autism have higher rates of total or complete isolation than other people with disabilities.Â


Education is a human right. Everyone can learn, and should have access to the tools they need to be successful. We can cultivate accepting, empowering communities for all people with autism.


We can change the world together; and we can start right now.



Hello and Happy 2018!

Wow, what an incredible year we have in store here at the Global Autism Project. In 2018, we’ll be celebrating 15 years of work! Fifteen years of first words, of learning independent self-care skills, learning academic skills, and fifteen years of autism acceptance. I remember walking into that center in Ghana back in 2003 and feeling both simultaneously overwhelmed and overjoyed. It was there that I met some of the most passionate, dedicated teachers I’d ever met. I remember it partially because it was one of those turning point moments in my life, one in which I made a decision that no child should ever live without access to services because of where they were born, but also because I continue to meet the most passionate and dedicated staff serving kids with autism all over the world. Over the past fifteen years, we’ve seen time and time again that the people who know the most about the needs of kids with autism are the local members of communities around the world. And those local professionals are the staff I'm talking about -- the passionate world-changers and advocates.

While the magnitude of our work and the global need remains overwhelming at times, the work is more than worth it and we absolutely love what we do. We’ve created systems, processes and, more importantly, a dedicated community of people who are willing to travel across the world to share their skill set and work with the local professionals to create real, sustainable change. This movement is about more than one SkillCorps member or one local partner, it’s about a global community, about all of those efforts coming together to create lasting, sustainable change. I discussed this concept of doing things with others, versus for others in a TEDx talk this past year. In the talk I discussed that when we do things for others, we strip them of their autonomy and increase their dependence on our support. The Global Autism Project is actively working ourselves out of a job everywhere we go. Our training is designed to build local capacity and create sustainable change. What we mean by that is that our model makes it possible for the centers we work with to exist long after we’re gone. It’s a model that not only creates local jobs, but decreases dependence on outside support as well. We’re pretty excited about it and we are thrilled to have your support making it possible. Together, we’re changing the world for countless individuals on the autism spectrum across the globe. We are training teachers, preparing parents, and empowering autistic youths throughout the world. In the years to come, we hope to keep doing what we love. We thank you all so much for your support these past fifteen years, and with luck and fortitude, we hope to do even better in the future.

Molly Ola Pinney Founder / CEO


OUR VISION We envision a world where all people with autism can reach their full potential, no matter where they live.

OUR MISSION We promote the acceptance and integration of individuals with autism worldwide, by training communities in culturally relevant, sustainable practices.


we'll start in Ghana... The Global Autism Project began when one therapist traveled to Ghana to work with one student. The plan was for her to stay until the family could find a local therapist, but what she found instead was a lack of trained teachers ready to take over. Faced with the shocking disparity of quality services, she decided to take action and the Global Autism Project was born.

and go all over the world. What began in Ghana is now a global movement for change, promoting the acceptance of individuals with autism across all borders. We believe if there are quality services anywhere, there can and should be quality services everywhere. Our model is founded on the conviction that people local to their own community should have access to the training and resources they need to change their worlds.

HOW THE MODEL WORKS Our model is rooted in the simple belief that local people are the best people to change their own world. We arrive in communities only if we've been invited. We always listen to the local people. We meet them where they are, and we work with what they have. We follow the local culture, we train the local professionals, and we adapt our work to meet the needs they've prioritized.

PROGRAMS Each of our programs are designed to compliment each other, with one common vision of promoting understanding and acceptance of autism. Through our three main programs, we focus on empowering the global autistic community to reach their full potential at all phases of life - from childhood to adulthood.  Our International Partnership program cultivates lasting change and community outreach worldwide. SkillCorps, our volunteer teacher training program provides culturally relevant support and collaboration for service providers worldwide. And the R.A.I.S.E. program models gainful employment opportunities and nuerodiversity in the work place for autistic professionals and adults. 

skillcorps SkillCorps is an innovative volunteer travel program which promotes collaboration, communication, and cultural consideration within the field of autism education.

partnerships By partnering with local advocates, we promote autism acceptance from the ground up.Through training and on-going support, we work to empower locals to become the voice of advocacy in their communities!

R.A.I.S.E. Our Brooklyn office is home to our gainful employment program for autistic adults called R.A.I.S.E., which promotes appreciation and empowerment of autistic professionals in businesses across the U.S.

"So I did it, I hit the submit button  and never looked back. A few months later, I found myself in Kenya. I jumped into Kaizora working collaboratively with staff and fought back tears as the kids drove off on our last day at the center, forever changed by Pooja and the work of her team." - Kelsey, SkillCorps Alum Kenya, Nicaragua and 2018 Discovery Fellowship Nominee

"I don’t know how to express myself to thank for everyone -- I think, they will always be my good friends who always care about our dream, because Rumah Tiara is our big dream. They share their knowledge and make a plan and strategies to help Rumah Tiara grow, and always make us better clinicians than before. And in the same time, they give us a positive environment to learn and encourage us to have the confidence to be who we are now. Thank you for everything." - Hotik, Clinical Director of Rumah Tiara Partner Site in Indonesia

"I love how we cooperate as a team at Global Autism Project. Our work is fun, we have a great sense of humor, and we educate others about autism. And I really enjoy my tasks of training other people with autism in their jobs." - Alex, Outreach Team and R.A.I.S.E. Member

OUR TEAM DID YOU KNOW? 23% of our team are Autistic professionals! When we say we believe in a neurodiverse work space, we also believe it's our responsibility to be an example to the rest of our community. We don't provide support for autistic professionals, we create inclusive, informed support programs alongside autistic professionals. We promote the value of autistic professionals by respecting and honoring their right to gainful employment -- it's that simple.Â

"One of the most important parts of working in a Autism-assisting workplace is having a neurodiverse staff. A great number of people in the world (myself included) are considered to have a mental disorder such as the aforementioned, Autism. This means that there are people who may learn or process information differently than other people. They may be less social than others or have difficulty being around other people. They may not even emote like other people do. These people are considered to be neurodiverse- they do not suffer from illness or instability, they are just people who are different from others mentally. Much like how a person’s skin or eye color may vary from one person to the next, so too can our minds differ from one another. Having a neurodiverse office is thus about promoting the spread of new ideas and beliefs. More viewpoints means more ideas, and in turn leads to a better product, whatever that product may be." - Aidan, R.A.I.S.E. Intern and self-advocate

SUSTAINABILITY LOCAL TEACHERS. LASTING CHANGE. With a model firmly rooted in sustainability, we focus on creating partnerships where both parties are truly committed to bringing quality services to their community. We never reach out to potential partners; rather, they come to us of their own accord, and submit letters of support from members in their community. Once a new partnership is formed between the local center and Global Autism Project, the training and support begins! Throughout the 5-7 year partnership, we provide the center staff with weekly remote clinical supervision, biweekly administrative training calls, 3 annual hands-on training from SkillCorps teams, and opportunities to participate in international conferences!

DO WITH THEM, NOT FOR THEM. When we do the work with people -rather than for them, we abandon socialized assumptions. We empower and ignite potential, and we give autonomy back to the those we wish to help.  Our priority is in building local capacity, not our presence. By design, partnerships are no longer in need of our support after years of collaboration. They are a center of excellence in their country! The staff are experts in the field and they are equipped to support, train and empower others in their country.



WAAD AT THE UNITED NATIONS On World Autism Awareness Day 2017, our team joined global leaders in autism


advocacy at the United Nations

In Q1, we sent 26 clinicians to 7

to discuss services, policies,

different countries to


provide hands-on training!


and rights for the world's autistic community.

Our partner from Nigeria, Dr. Julia Ejiogu, sat on a panel of advocates to discuss the impact strong social relationships can A NEW KIND OF SKILLCORPS! For the first time ever, we hosted synchronized SkillCorps trips! The idea to send all of our SkillCorps teams into the field at once came about in 2016 when we realized that our rapid growth and increase in partnerships required a new approach.

have on the autistic community.


In May, we hosted our first International Partner Summit at our headquarters in Brooklyn, NY! During the 6 day summit, partners from across the globe joined us for intensive training in administrative best practices, leadership and staff management, and sustainable growth..

The month of September was a


busy one, and it concluded with

In the final month of 2017,

a new partnership at our largest

we announced the launch


site yet! After meeting the

Discovery Fellowship. This

programs at Nanchang Huicong

is an annual Fellowship


Children Rehabilitation Training

which will increase our

In February, we sent

Centre, we formed a

capacity to take on new

21 clinicians to 7

collaborative partnership and

partnerships year after

different countries to

began training by the end of the


of our SkillCorps Alumni

incredible staff and viewing the




provide hands-on training!


We were excited to open applications in July for new positions in our Brooklyn office! Meet Phil, our Strategic and Corporate Partnerships Coordinator! Along with two other champions, Phil joined our team in the end of Q3.


In early November, our Founder and CEO, Molly Ola Pinney, took on the TEDx Stage in New Bedford, MA. Speaking from 14 years of experience in the international development and nonprofit sector, her talk was designed to


challenge the way we think about helping others.

In Q2, we sent 36 clinicians to 7

Whether we want to support education, solve

different countries to

major social issues, or create programs to feed the

provide hands-on training!

homeless -- what should we consider when we feel compelled to help? The talk was recorded live and is available for view on TEDx platforms.

FIELD SPOTLIGHT ABA CENTRUM IN CZECH REPUBLIC In the heart of Czech Republic, our partner site is committed to changing their community's understanding of autism. By providing an innovative parent training program, the staff at ABA Centrum in Prague are providing families with the support and education they need to successfully care for their students in and outside of the school. Using Behavior Skills Training, the teachers are working to improve caregiver procedural integrity with implementation of effective communication in the home setting. The parent support program also requires parents observe a minimum of one session per week, and includes one half-day training for all parents each month on a topic of interest concerning their individual home environment. This ensures the students skills are generalized from ABA Centrum to the home and helps increase the amount of time the students are getting ABA exposure as they are unable to be at ABA Centrum for a full day.

K E Y PROJECTS Project: ACCEPTANCE The month of April is internationally recognized as the month of Autism Awareness. But in 2017, we decided to challenge the difference between awareness and acceptance. While many parts of the world are still very focused on increasing awareness of autism in their countries, we believe the US is ready to promote acceptance of autism nationwide. With the launch of our month long campaign called #Project:ACCEPTANCE, thousands of people joined us in this conversation! 

Visual Identity In 2017, our Outreach team made a commitment to share the stories of our partners, their students, and the communities in a more impactful way. Three photographers traveled on 4 of our SkillCorps trips to collect quality photos of the incredible people we work with. These volunteer photographers provided staff headshots and family portraits for the teachers and students, and the incredible moments they've captured will tell the story of autism worldwide in a real, honest way.




Our Facebook page reached a new level of engagement with close to 46,000 page likes! Increased digital engagement is incredible important to our work, as our mission is focused on educating communities about autism. The more we share, the more the world understands, accepts, and appreciates autism!


Our post engagement, Facebook and Twitter shares, and overall global reach expanded further than ever before! We've increased our reach by sharing messages and hashtags in multiple languages across various platforms.


Our hashtags are global and they're shared across multiple platforms! Amongst our most popular hashtags are #autismknowsnoborders, #skillcorps, and #globalautismproject!

ONE HUNDRED TWENTY New online campaigns launched


Individual gifts


New supporters


Average total donations / month


Total COMPASS Members


Cumulative training hours at partner sites


Volunteer applications

FINANCIAL OVERVIEW Here at the Global Autism Project, we're committed to transparency. We share stories from the field, images of our partners, data from our progress, and measurable outcomes made possible by you! You deserve to know exactly where your investment is going and see the reach of your support! We are committed to sharing all of the exciting details with you, which is why we've developed a quarterly Progress Report, which is created in addition to this Gratitude Report. For more detailed financial transparency, we hope you'll  visit globalautismproject.org/transparency!

TOTAL REVENUE: $660, 237.65 $387,965.48

Program Fees 17%

$158,938.78 $111,991.71

Foundations 24%

530,000 397,500

Individual Gifts 59%

81% TOTAL EXPENSES: $682, 415.29




7% 0





A STRATEGIC PLAN VISION: 2020 In 2017, we set goals that were bigger than ever, and we achieved them with the help of our incredible supporters! We grew our team, we launched new campaigns, and we built partnerships in new centers around the world. Our impact is greater than ever before, and 2017 clearly marked the beginning of something big for the global autistic community. In the fourth quarter of the year, our Leadership Team created a five-year strategic plan which will kick off in 2018. We have new goals, defined objectives, and measurable outcomes. Our first milestone vision is simple: by the year 2020, the Global Autism Project will have 20 established partnerships working to become centers of excellence and experts in advocacy in their community. Together, we will change the world for all people with autism. Together, we will achieve Vision: 2020. 

INCREASE NUMBER OF PARTNERSHIPS GOAL: Increase the number of Global Autism Project partnerships by responding to 20-30 requests from people in countries across the globe over the next five years.Â


Increase and diversify financial support for organizational objectives, expand opportunities for investment and involvement, and develop programs for current community to become stakeholders within the Global Autism Project.

EXPAND REACH OF R.A.I.S.E Build and develop R.A.I.S.E. into a program that serves multiple organizations, regionally and internationally.

THE PATH TOÂ VISION:2020 Currently, far more than half of children with autism around the world live in communities where they have little to no access to education, therapeutic services, or basic health care. At this stage, Global Autism Project has just begun the scratch the surface of this overwhelming need. This strategic plan will be a fiveyear program of expansion and new program development geared to increase the ability of the Global Autism Project to provide access to quality services for people with autism, to increase acceptance of people with autism in their communities through education, and to ensure the work done is sustainable. To be successful in these efforts, the cost of funding this plan must grow and expand with our goals and the global need.

OUR GRATITUDE Year after year, our family grows and our impact sustains. This work would not be possible without the incredible people who invest their time, their passion, and their financial support in this mission. We are incredibly grateful.Â

2017 SKILLCORPS MEMBERS Carolyn Mueller Meghan Kimball Kathryn Petersen Kayla Bagnato Jeremy Meduri Amreen Panjwani Cherelle Williams Brooke Bertram Devon Troy Sarah Glass Tara Quinn Kelley Hoag Katharin Pappas Jennifer Charlton Dewanna Steamer Darcy Howard Jordan Haefling Amy Tanner Krystina Gilhuly Kelsey Sundberg Jessica Miller

Caitlyn Gumaer Jordan DeBrine Kristin Koch Taylor Genseal Krysten Watson Taylor Snelling Maria Sutherland Mary St. Aubin Jillian Kelly Jennifer Hilton Amanda Wilkerson Victoria Simpson Jaime O'Karma Tierra Gilbert Ashley Hogan Leah Posner Fabienne Prince Marina Crain Danielle Ortiz Amy Pulliam Kelly Cotter Sneha Deshpande Maryssa McKenzie Lauren Payer Meagan Nightingale Tiffanie Legg

Summer Meche Jessie Sheahan Nicholas Goebel Melissa Escutia Micaela Bone Jennifer Borr Samantha Chaulklin Angela Flear Cheryl Geniesse Denisha Gingles Emily Seevers Preeti Kar Maggie Rotanz Elizabeth Castillo

COMPASS MEMBERS David Freiman Bernardus Larryant LetaAnn Miller Maria Visco Carmen Hall Angelica Atkins Marissa Bennett

Dana Wurtz Jennifer Liptow Katie Ward Lauren Cowled Adam Johnson John Manning Liz Corbel Dee Costello Robert Lively Esther Ricketts Brittany Bader Kristen Ruehman Noreen Branley Russell Hornig-Rohan Kathleen Hansen Elyse Davis Elizabeth Ho Katherine Whelchel Carlie Jones Aja Davis Daina Holland Tracey Slater Jessica Zipperer Melvina Ray-Davis Yolandi Jooste Kristoffer Hanson Elizabeth Sparling Michelle  Turan Maddisen Currier Shannon Haworth Ambar Picazo Julie Steinman Michelle Zube Theresa Alexander Inman Karina Melgar Laura Bunda Lauren Peterson Specht Julie SHAVALIER Candace Hayes Amy Tanner

Terri Rodgers Leslie Holsomback Wendy Williams Wafa Aljohani Allison Connealy Giulia Mascetti Ashika Lakhani Amal Aljohani Lujain Alserihi Mohamed Aljohani Lulwa Alsoudairy Erin O'Halloran Teresa Day Amanda Narra Krystina Gilhuly Summer Meche Aliza Belcourt Schuyler Ivey Lorrie Spencer Giselle Flora John Maley Linda Barrabee Maureen Day Kate Krupski Devon Troy Jennie Shaw Susan Robinson Chantal Kerzner-Sweeney Meagan  Corr Nikki  Roman Jacob Sadavoy Amanda Broughton Jenni Russell Renee Anderson Winnie Looby Jamie Moses Sarah Glass Frances Nieves Serret Kristen  Holdaas Allison Bickelman

Katie Baker Cayci  Lefebvre Jessica Sheahan Julie Shavalier Sarah Boone Rebecca Dickson Mary Morton Lisa Gunning Johanna Safranski Jennifer Fisher Joann Totah Danielle Licursi Anastasia Katehis Danielle Cassano Amanda Graeter Jill Hickey Amie Elmore Megan Dare Andrea Cota Lindsey Shepherd Nicole Skotz Frederick Scibelli Brittney Paye Lisa Boster Noor Syed Kelli Bogner David Scott Megan Williams Ginger Miles Jade Lindsey Lyle Sadavoy Danielle Ortiz Michelle Autiero Susan Buttigieg Darcy Walsh jennifer weiss Sunny Choi Nikki Bilderback Tiffany Simmons Ksenia Kravtchenko

Sophia Katz Nadia Giannopoulos Mary Jo Thomas-Day Lauren Skonieczny Amber Sroka Anna Golitsyna Katie Levy Kady Gahman Meghan Aggarwal Isabelle Ree Lyle Sadavoy Morgan Gallemore Keely Scarlata Tara Quinn Caitlin Smith Gretchen Mcnew Marina Crain Kerriann Fournier Trey Gunning Christina Lovaas Kathryn Harden Munawar Syed Ali Syed Smitha Nair Amy Pulliam Beth McKee Amy Elias Meaghan Allen Farrest Fisher Laura O'Connor-Leonard Carmelo Garcia Preeti Kar Marina Crain Sydnee Sanchez Thomas Cleary Naomi Pitskel Jason Rosenfeld Tomasz Michalowicz Elizabeth Sablan Denise A. Zube Zalis

Fabienne Prince Michael Gallemore Anda Pulliam Shannon Chesbro Sabrina Alarcon David Kaplan Kathryn Petersen Elizabeth Bland Amanda Groos Lauren Boudreaux Andrew Huddleston kayla henry Mary Johnson Jordan Haefling Adam Pulliam Alyssa  Luczak George Hornig Nadia Nematbakhsh Ellen Halamuda Sarah Dodson Mary Hritz Lexi Taylor Megan Rzyski Lesa Vanderbeck Kamylle Mac Intosh Wescina Lowe Amreen Panjwani Stephanie Langford Kate McAvoy Emily Boshkoff Deanna Jantzen Mohammed Taher Debora Sherman Jill Harboldt Candace Cashbaugh Kathleen Ventura Seanna Walsh Erin Heimler Janet Klingler Tanner Forehand

Kristin Glick Michaela Holland Raging Skillet Tanvi Malik Jennifer Quinonez Mariam Aldhahi Anna Castaldo Kristen McKeithan Roderick Edge Geraldine Boone Tarik Davis Todd Pinney Alexandra Orion Cassandra Lubin-Richards Mary Harr Suzanne Price Amy Levine Sagar Sanghani Kelly Sanders Anne Day Katharine Hart Catherine Murphy Desiree Boreo Karianne Bekier Mazarine Treyz Ruth Lapin Jason Zube Lincoln & Bennett May Robert & Margaret Petersen Leslie Robb Charles Mints Robby Petersen Kimberly Sakrison Janet Battey Kelly Ezzard Bruce Carlile Angelia Sterling Merrill DeCamp Keith Copeland

Kelsey Sundberg Nahlah Melaih Ghaidaa Alserihi Kayla Bagnato Margaret Petersen Lindsay Harkema Roberta DePrater Marie Isner Marc Picchierri Nicki Pombier Berger Mark Huntington Russell Handley Tyler Kelly Mike Sadavoy Michelle Ferrara Caroline Toto Hanan Alserihi Cherelle Williams Verma Fe Sagaysay Rashid Aljohani Brenda Miles Brittany Hall Steven Holt Ann Karabin Oto Bartecek B ashaer Alshehri Krissy Rand Sarah Salamon James Anthony Calandra Plattner Wyetha Cairns Laurence Glenesk Kenneth Goshgarian Sara  Pahl Douglas Trabilcy Crystal Carter Patricia Lynch Sheillah Dallara Rebecca Wildenger Julie Parish

Elizabeth Stankevich Jacob Dahlin Valeria Ramey Natasha Willard Aislin Bright Naushad Amlani Jason Lane Matthew Widjaja Natalie DePyper Ivana KNARA Don De Arment Ana Victoria Lastra Emilee Scarpino Nikita Thareja Deanne DePyper Alejandra Villareal Lea Green Carol Baker Rebecca Dooley Amin/Anisa Panjwani Matthew Petersen George Gatzunis Kyla Colom Alice Gilhuly Yuxia Kravchenko John Breedlove Lisa Skotz Theodore Yeomelakis Mike Lombardi Christopher Petersen Brooke Beriram Jessica Miller Leah Posner Christine Cutrufo Jim Paye Alice Gilhuly Pamela Flynn Meaghan Flynn Ryan  Cunningham Kelsey Taylor

Dewanna Steamer Kate Davis Bridget Kiely Elizabeth Castillo Andreas Paris Ashley Hogan Stevie Jo Sundberg Timothy Miles Peter Blechman Jaime OKarma John Manning Sarah Levine John Martello Christina Coscia Cailey Rodgers Rebecca Caputo Ceri Hughes  Casey Falen Nancy Groos Daragh  Russell Kahalenoe Kamalani Lois Thompson Samantha Hoar Jacqueline Becker Stephanie Licata Lincoln Kamau Elena  Cohen Malvia Rowe Steven Rodgers Jennifer Trickett Heather Barnhart Ben Connard Mary St.Aubin Amanda Wilkerson Emily Seevers Tiffanie Legg Rusty Hornig-Rohan David Karaya Debra Haefling Meagan Corr

Zack Migioia Gwendolyn Ingersoll Crystal Miller Margaret Childs Lane McIntosh Kelly Matteson Philip Cook Victoria Simpson Paula Meche Natia Brown Claire Knobbe Karen DePrater Megan Hechler Cheri Schwanke Amanda Smith Kelly Slattery Jacob Sadavoy Erin Rushalko Stephania Baratz Crystal Cave Dr Mohamed Alserihi Calandra Hackney Tierra Gilbert Miriam Harden Patricia Romero Mario Oberwiler Sara Gunning Krystina Gilhuly Adam Pulliam Laura Hart Vanessa Nixon Andrew Kowalczyk Alby Meltz Dana Miller-Cotto JoAnn Sundberg Emilee Binette  Fernando Esparza Mady Hornig Carolyn Mueller Rachael Amesbury

Lexie Bristol Craig Mason Jordan Zucker Gabi Zucker Erik Wilhelmsson Jessica Garcia Cherie Arnn Tracy Rinehart Majid Hafeezullah Samantha Cooke Jamie Ballerini Samantha Syed  Jesslyn Farros Azizull Dhadwal Beth Pinney Jonathan Karanja Nicole Piechowicz Lalarukh Qureshi Greg Brill Debra KORENIC Laurie Anne Victoria Stephen Wojdowski Elyse Rosenfeld Pat and Bill Mueller Danielle Copolla Janice Russell christopher sarver Jonathan Smith Brian Wirta Ashley Chastain Christianna Ratty

PHOTOGRAPHY TEAM Erin Leong Photography Angela Gaul Photography Lolly Klingler Photography Maggie Rotanz Photography


Meet Edwin! He is a R.A.I.S.E. employee and a member of our Outreach team!


2017 Gratitude Report

Profile for Global Autism Project

2017 Gratitude Report  

Our biggest year yet, and we can't thank you enough!

2017 Gratitude Report  

Our biggest year yet, and we can't thank you enough!