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The Voice of Business for 217 years The Cape Chamber of Commerce and Industry brings people and businesses together.

The business community also needs a voice. Since 1804 we have provided it and our voice matters. We lobby with integrity. We are independent. We are not affiliated to any political party nor any organisation. We monitor legislation that could affect business interests and submit evidence to Parliamentary standing committees or other authorities. The Chamber leverages media releases, radio interviews and letters to newspapers to alert the public to the likely undesired consequences of legislation and official policies.

Executive Director Sid Peimer


f ter more than t wo centuries of ser vice to business, t wo industrial revolutions and another one upon us, the Cape Chamber of Commerce and Industry knows one thing has not changed – business is still driven by people who are smart, dynamic and innovative. Businessmen and women have a need to talk to others, meet people to work with, to earn from and generate the excitement of a shared vision. The Chamber offers this and much more – it is literally Where Opportunity Meets™.

Sharing Information Bringing people together is a core function of the Chamber. We hold seminars and workshops to share information and where experts can provide a deeper understanding of issues that affect businesses. In addition, we host conferences, exhibitions, coffee club mornings and landmark events like International Women’s Day and the Disability Summit. Our international trade desk is often the first stop for visiting trade missions and delegations. To support local industry we run seminars to facilitate international trade and arrange for foreign delegations to meet our members. We also issue certificates of origin for exporters and host a Port Liaison Forum where problems with sea freight are discussed and are often solved. Our portfolio committees are specialist forums for numerous sectors, including commerce, industry and agriculture where we invite experts to give members the latest information on developments to enhance their business operations. Staying connected It is apparent that we have never been as technologically connected as we are today, yet we have never been as socially disconnected. The Chamber is the glue that binds us together. ■

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