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Old Mutual SuperFund – A Comprehensive Retirement Solution Old Mutual Corporate has developed a flexible and dynamic retirement savings umbrella fund that offers substantial employee benefits – at the same time helping the company to grow their appeal as an employer of choice.

Help your employees save for retirement Every business in SA needs to incentivise and enable its employees to save for their future – not only for the wellbeing of those employees, but also to help South Africa build a savings culture. By making employee benefits more accessible, flexible and affordable than ever before, Old Mutual SuperFund offers a simple way for businesses to help their employees save for retirement. Old Mutual SuperFund is as unique as your company, and delivers exactly the right solution, at the right price, tailored to the needs of your business and its employees – regardless of the size or diversity of your workforce. It does this by means of three simple, distinct and highly effective retirement funding and risk cover solutions, each with its own, flexible level of member and employer choice. As a result, Old Mutual SuperFund has made employee benefits a reality for businesses of every shape and size across South Africa. And it can do the same for your business.

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Adapt s to the changing needs of your business; Integrates seamlessly into your business and payroll processes; Has simple eligibility requirements to maximize employee Clint Beech, access; Offers transparent, Regional Sales simple and affordable Manager fees*; Uses a risk-free authorised collection payment processes; and Comes with dedicated, professional support.

For more information on Old Mutual SuperFund visit or speak to your financial adviser.

Why should you invest in employee * When comparing employee benefits costs with that of benefits our competitors, be sure to consider all the fees involved, Offering employee benefits unlocks significant including those for investment management, advice, competitive advantages, not least of which is an and administration. enhanced appeal as an employer of choice, so you can compete effectively for the best talent. And when your employee benefits are delivered through Old Mutual SuperFund, the benefits are compounded because the solution:



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