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Accessible onsite banking Nedbank is happy to help its clients learn to better manage their money.


edbank@Work aims to make a difference in the communities in which we operate through financial wellness education for all employees in both the private sector and government. This is done through tailored financial fitness and consumer education training. Our continuous involvement in corporate social programmes in communities throughout the Western Cape also supports growth and development.

How Nedbank@Work works for you, the employee It’s hard to focus on anything if you are having personal financial challenges like needing a personal loan, providing for school or university fees, or for unexpected costs like funerals. Unfortunately, dealing with a lot of these worrying financial issues takes time and energy, and more often than not they can only be sorted out during office hours, when you don’t have time.

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That’s where Nedbank@Work comes in: Nedbank@Work makes convenient banking at your workplace possible. But, we offer more than just the convenience of having a relationship banker on site to open accounts and address queries; we also help you understand your financial position and work with you on a plan to reach financial fitness.

What are the benefits of Nedbank@Work? •

You have access to a dedicated sales consultant, whose role is to establish convenience and ensure the best service delivery for all employees. Our financial fitness and consumer education training provides you with the services and expert advice you need to help you better manage your personal finances, make provision for unexpected



circumstances, provide for your children’s education, etc. The Financial Fitness Trainer will also be able to assist you when it comes to improving your credit ratings and managing your budget. You also get great-vaue banking products as well as immediate access to your salary if your company banks with Nedbank. Peace of mind as a result of financial well-being. We’re continuously there on site, making it that much easier to access and expand on and/ or enhance your existing suite of banking products. And because we bring the bank to your workplace, you don’t have to waste your lunchtime by going to the bank to wait in long queues.

Any company or government department interested in offering the Nedbank@Work value to their employees can contact the Area Manager, Shamima Nazeer on +27 21 412 3478 or email

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