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More than the voice of business The Cape Chamber is “where opportunity meets”.


lthough we have never been as technologically connected as we are today, the harsh reality is that we have never been as disconnected socially as we are now, in spite of the prevalence and growth of social media. The Cape Chamber offers access to an established network where legitimate businesses can meet, engage and grow. It is a dynamic and safe space for lowering risk, being heard and finding opportunity. We have been challenged with a macro economy that is showing no sign of creating a buoyant platform for profitable business. However, no matter what the prevailing climate is for business, there will always be opportunity for those who seek it out and rise to the challenge. If we used the rest of the country as a comparison, the Western Cape’s economic performance is above the average. In addition, this is a great place to live, work and play with Cape Town being a clean, orderly and beautiful city that attracts innovative and dynamic individuals who in turn infuse creativity and growth into the region. There are many spin-offs to this, such as our substantially lower unemployment rate (when compared to the average for South Africa). We also attract considerable foreign direct investment, for example more than R200million invested by Kimberly Clarke, R260-million by Hisense and nearly R1-billion by Amazon in BPO and tech projects. Although the Cape Chamber, which is the oldest membership-based organisation in Africa, will turn 213 years in 2017, it is not business as usual. We have, as an organisation, embraced innovation to the extent that it is in our very DNA. The result is a substantial member base who advocate strongly for what the Chamber does and stands for. We are considered the voice of business in the region. Our ability to lobby is underpinned by our status of being fiercely independent. We are not affiliated to any political party, and we are not beholden to any single organisation. We monitor proposed legislation that could impact business in the region, and where necessary, submit evidence to the relevant Parliamentary Standing Committee or other authorities in the interests of our members. We stand up and say what needs to be said – we are heard and people in authority often heed what we say. The Chamber is intimately connected with specialised sectors in the economy through our Portfolio Committees that focus on agribusiness, digital, economic development, HR, industrial focus, international trade WESTERN CAPE BUSINESS 2017


Cape Chamber President Janine Myburgh

Cape Chamber Executive Director Sid Peimer and tourism, small business development and transport. We have a Youth Chamber that focuses on the 13-to 25 year old scholars, students and entrepreneurs, so as to give them the leverage to become successful. In addition, we host the Port Liaison Forum, a committee comprising users of the Port of Cape Town, including shipping lines, freight and forwarding agents, cargo owners and port officials. This facilitates a port that

Western Cape Business 2017  
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