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punctuating it for many months: this is the Cape in this category is “design”. The Western Cape wants Town Film Studios, which hosted the Black Sails to lead in innovation. production team. More than 19 000 filming perRenewable energy, the green economy, energy mits were issued by the City of Cape Town be- efficiency – all of these related concepts, once just tween 2014 and October 2016. Universal Studios a fuzzy dream, have become the bedrock of future and Disney have a presence in Cape Town. The business plans. city of George is another important hub for the Green buildings are becoming much more than film industry. a “nice-to-have”. A planned residential development • Business Process Outsourcing (BPO): Amazon in Somerset West, the Blue Rock Village with 1 000 and Asda are just two big international compa- flats, will be powered by solar power and have water nies that have call centres in Cape Town. Many and energy management systems. The Hotel Verde more have signed up for similar services, and at Cape Town International Airport claims to be many more are expected. The national BPO as- carbon neutral and has a six-star rating from the sociation says that 5 000 jobs were created in Green Building Council of South Africa. South Africa in 2015, and it expects this to acSmall, medium and micro enterprises are said celerate in 2017. to create jobs faster than large concerns. To bol• Green economy: Atlantis is being promoted as ster the SMME sector, the Industrial Development a green economy manufacturing hub. The re- Corporation is supporting the Philippi Village newable energy sector is growing very fast and Container Walk, an initiative of The Business Place opportunities are opening in many fields; biogas and Bertha Foundation initiative. A total of 127 conand use of waste are areas of huge potential. The tainers house entrepreneurs of every sort from shoe Western Cape Industrial Symbiosis Programme, shops, barbers and construction material retailers to or WISP, has achieved some major milestones accountants, NGOs and a LEAP Science and Maths in diverting organic waste and saving in green- School training centre. house fossil gases. WISP is a GreenCape initiative. The annual Premier’s Entrepreneurship Each of the sectors listed above could be catego- Recognition Awards (PERA) has received more than rised as “tech” industries. Another one that could fall 1 000 entries since 2013. Some of the categories in WESTERN CAPE BUSINESS 2017


Western Cape Business 2017  
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