Northern Cape Business 2022-23

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The Northern Cape has abundant renewable energy resources to enable the production of green hydrogen. throughputs that have been contemplated in the Northern Cape Hydrogen Strategy. This coincides with the net-zero ambition set at COP. This ambition seeks to decarbonise critical areas such as transport logistics and mining as well as hard-to-abate sectors by 2050. The project is of strategic importance and will enable the overarching attainment of a Just Energy Transition. ■

global community at COP26 in November 2021, with key articulations that drive its focus. There are key objectives that the strategy seeks to archieve and that drive, coupled with the MoA that has been signed between the Northern Cape Government and Sasol to facilitate feasibility studies, will provide certainty on investment over the next two years. The project is work together with the pathfinder investor to realise the