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Promotion of Economic Growth a Development in the Northern Ca

Project Sheet 21 June 2018


t and Rail Project

13th Fl, Cn Posta

Boegoebaai Port

Department of Transport, Safety and Liaison (NCDTSL)

nal Department of Transport, Department of Public Enterprises, Treasury

a Consulting JV (TM)


Port and Rail Infrastructure Development Project.

FEL2 phase. Finalisation of FEL2 is planned for December 2018.

n +/-40% accuracy. Rail = ~R9 billion +/-50%

nt and 18 000 indirect jobs

Project location

· To optimise the cargo distribution within the South African port system. ·  Stimulating regional and provincial socioeconomic development. · Securing a competitive advantage regionally for South African ports. · Offers an alternative to Saldanha Bay for exporting surplus volumes of minerals.

tudy at FEL 2 level to be completed end of April 2019

dry bulk export ail line (550 modate

Boegoebaai is approximately 60km north of Port Nolloth and 20km south of the border between Namibia and South Africa in the Richtersveld Local Municipality area.

catalyst for y constrained usion from danha line ganese route on gas fields mining

Targeted sectors Exporting dry bulk, liquid, bulk commodities and containerised multi products.

structed close

rovince and

Key facts

he SA port

opment ly for SA

Project background


The Northern Cape Province has the volumes of commodities to Comment warrant a deep-sea commercial New volume from junior miners port, specifically as a result of mining and agricultural Lower cost logistic solution activities. All commodities are currently transported Closest port to mines Multi-purpose commodities, mining and low container volumes via road agricultural, or rail for exports through ports in other provinces, effectively making the Northern Cape province economically landlocked, even though it has access to 338km of Atlantic coastline. Despite a 70% gross domestic product (GDP) growth in the transport sector between 2010 and 2016, save for Port Nolloth, the Northern Cape did not experience the GDP growth as a result of seaport activities. The Boegoebaai site has all the advantages for the potential development of a deep-sea port, namely: the 20-metre contour is 250m offshore and it is a greenfield site owned by the people of the Richtersveld through the Community Property Association (CPA).

Project metrics Capital cost


Temporary jobs created during construction 1 000 per year over 3 years Permanent jobs created at the port


Export volumes On average 9 megatons per annum of dry bulk

Mainly manganese

On average 30 000 TEUs per annum

Mainly agriculture

Import volumes On average 1.5 megatons per annum

Mainly diesel

On average 100 000 TEUs per annum

General cargo

Project indicators Project IRR


Project NPV


Economic IRR Economic NPV Economic Benefit Cost Ratio

Project key drivers

Economic benefits to the region over time

· To reduce the economic cost of moving cargo within the Northern Cape hinterland. · To unlock greater export logistics capacity for minerals from the Northern Cape.

•Land values increase


• Surrounding towns expand and develop

•Additional jobs in the mining sector due to expansion in export of minerals


47,4% +R43.72-billion 2.43

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