Mpumalanga Business 2021-22

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MTN drives diversity and transformation Previously disadvantaged individuals are taking charge of their own stores.

Simphiwe Mdlalose


TN’s transfor mation and optimisation of its retail store footprint is creating jobs, growth and driving gender diversity. In a major development, more and more previously disadvantaged individuals are now the proud owner-operators of stores nationwide. MTN continues the journey of repositioning and creating more opportunities to transform its retail channel. “Parallel to this, we have selected new dealers who represent the aspirations of this transformation and have proven themselves to be astute owner-operators who understand our brand and are committed to

the business values we hold,” says Kagiso Moncho, General Manager, MTN Limpopo and Mpumalanga. In Limpopo, Simphiwe Mdlalose joins a group who recently made the move to being fully-fledged MTN store owners. The appointment follows a successful application through MTN’s transformative Branded Retail Channel programme, which was initiated in 2019. Mdlalose will take over two stores based in Polokwane. O wner, self-star ter, leader and marketer of note, Simphiwe is a familiar face and an admired and respected entrepreneur, author, inspirational speaker and strategist who has been in the media, marketing and communications space for over 23 years. Over the years he has kept an eye on mobile and digital telephony and identified gaps in key areas. These include government sales, business to business and strategic partnerships within the industry. These gaps were tackled by his company, Conecta Mobile. MTN’s phased transformation strategy is intended to transform the channel by driving BBBEE in the telecommunications industry. This is to be done by lowering the barrier to entry and placing more stores in the hands of black owners and women, thus repositioning MTN’s portfolio and delivering on the goals of national government. “Economic opportunity and digital transformation are key to our belief that everyone deserves the benefits of the modern, connected life and our retail store transformation programme achieves this by not only driving inclusion, but also enhancing and regionalising our national store footprint,” explains Kagiso. “MTN looks for ward to work ing with Simphiwe Mdlalose in support of his ventures and is encouraged to continue building on this ownership model that speaks to the demographics of our country and bettering lives while providing an exciting employee value proposition,” concludes Kagiso.