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Driekoppies Dam is the perfect event venue

About KOBWA entertainment and all activities at the dam are safe The Komati Basin Water Authority (KOBWA) is a and risk-free. bi-national company formed in 1992 through The Driekoppies Dam is readily available to the Treaty of the Development and Utilisation of young people who live in the Nkomazi area as a way Thepromote Komati Basin Water Authority makes the dam available the Water Resources of the Komati River Basin. to entrepreneurship among the youth.for events, sportsso tournaments and recreational do, especially The treaty was signed by the Government of With many interesting things the Kingdom of Eswatini and the Government of on weekends, the Driekoppies Dam is the perfect the Republic of South Africa. The authority was destination for any event. tasked with designing, constructing, operating and maintaining two dams and associated infrastructure. This resulted in the construction of Driekoppies Dam in Schoemansdal South Africa (1993 to 1998) and Maguga Dam in Eswatini (1998 to 2003). The two dams were constructed mainly to provide assurance of water supply to the irrigators in both member states. Tourism is one of the spin-offs of the development of the Driekoppies and Maguga dams. There has been an increase in recreational activities in both dams.

CONTACT DETAILS Physical address: Komati Basin Water Authority, Driekoppies Dam Tel: +27 13 591 2633 Email: Website:


he stunning beauty of the Driekoppies Dam and its surrounds has made it possible for the Komati Basin Water Authority (KOBWA) to convert the dam into a suitable site for commercial and private recreational use. This means that at a very low fee, the public can explore

Here, MPUMALANGA BUSINESS 47 people can be educated about KOBWA in a relaxed, enabling environment and this is accommodated at the Driekoppies Dam.