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a (1993 to 1998) and Maguga m in Eswatini (1998 to 2003). two dams were constructed nly to provide assurance of er supply to the irrigators in h member states. ourism is one of the spinof the development of the koppies and Maguga dams. e has been an increase in eational activities in both dams.

Driekoppies Dam offers tranquillity and wide-open spaces FOCUSKomati Basin Water Authority has upgraded facilities at the dam to make it the The perfect venue for anything from picnics to events.

Driekoppies Dam is the s tourism slowly venue opens up from perfect event


and weddings. This is because of its spacious entertainment area which overlooks the exquisite the massive and profound impact dam. A boat cruise has now been added to the of the Covid-19 pandemic which The Komati Basin Water Authority makes the dam available for events, entertainment experience the venue offers. imposes some unique and harsh sports tournaments and recreational use. Regulars are young entrepreneurs from areas effects on mankind, the Driekoppies Dam in surrounding the dam who host Sunday Sessions Schoemansdal, Mpumalanga, managed by the and the Food Market. Komati Basin Water Authority (KOBWA) offers The venue also offers the perfect setup for some tranquillity through its stunning beauty. traditional authorities wishing to host cultural KOBWA has converted the dam into a suitable activities and traditional meetings. Bike rallies and site for commercial and private recreational use fishing tournaments by various associations are also where the public can explore and discover the held at the dam. scenic beauty and entertainment attractions of the As a trans-boundary organisation, KOBWA uses Driekoppies Dam at very low cost. the edutainment approach by hosting educational The Driekoppies Dam is a popular venue tours around the dam and sports tournaments. In for music shows and private events such as that way, people are educated about KOBWA in a picnics, braais, family fun days, baby showers relaxed, enabling environment. More so now during the Covid-19 pandemic, KOBWA puts safety at the forefront of all planning. There is an implementable Emergency Preparedness Plan involving every relevant aspect of safety put in place for all segments of society from government agencies to traditional MALANGA MALANGA BUSINESS BUSINESS 2019/20 2019/20 authorities at community level. This ensures that


he stunning beauty of the Driekoppies Dam and its Here, people can be educated surrounds has made it possible for the Komati Basin about KOBWA in a relaxed, Water Authority (KOBWA) to convert the dam into a46enabling environment and MPUMALANGA BUSINESS 2021/22 suitable site for commercial and private recreational this is accommodated at the use. This means that at a very low fee, the public can explore Driekoppies Dam. and discover the scenic beauty and entertainment attractions The Driekoppies Dam is a of the Driekoppies Dam. popular venue for music shows