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Sasol has partnered with the government of Mpumalanga in a massive vaccination drive. Since the start of 2020, Sasol, together with many other companies, sectors and communities across the world, has been facing the countless challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic. This global pandemic continues to have a profound impact on our businesses, lives and livelihoods. From school disruptions to devastated industries and millions of jobs losses, the social and economic costs of the pandemic are many and varied. Since the arrival of the pandemic in late 2019, society as we know it not only had to make major adjustments in the manner in which business is conducted, a complete change in the way we interacted with one another also had to take place. Stay home, work from home and don’t gather with loved ones or others, are all methods of social distancing, which has become the main tool in reducing transmission of the Covid-19 virus. As an example, workspaces had to be rearranged according to specific requirements in order to ensure minimal contact between people. As far as practicable, there must be a minimum of one and a half metres between individuals at their workstations. Digital conferencing, virtual meetings and online sessions are now the norm. At the end of March 2020, when our country went into an alert level 5 national lockdown due to the pandemic, we at Sasol quickly realised that events, conferences and meetings had to be executed very differently than before. Physical meetings shifted to digital platforms, face-to-face discussions became screen-to-screen camera discussions and conferencing moved to online and pre-recorded sessions. The remainder of 2021, and a good part of 2022, will be a critical time worldwide. It is a test of our resolve to curb the spread of Covid-19 and our commitment to addressing its long-term impact. One of the biggest challenges we face as we continue to battle with this pandemic is to acknowledge and understand that Covid-19 is not only a threat to people’s health and livelihoods today. For many years to come, even possibly decades, Covid-19 will continue to threaten society’s way of operating, especially in the world’s most vulnerable communities. At Sasol, we have proved that we do not simply fold our arms and tiptoe around the pandemic. All required preventative measures have been taken very seriously since the start of this pandemic.


Simon Baloyi (Senior Vice-President: Regional Operations and Asset Services) leads by example and takes the covid-19 vaccine

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Mpumalanga Premier Refilwe Mtsweni-Tsipane addresses those who turned up for the vaccine