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Venetia Mine eases water shortage in Simson Village Pumps, pipes, valves and reservoirs are boosting services.


mid the Covid-19 pandemic, good has come for the community of Simson Village, which had previously struggled with access to clean water. As an emergency interim measure, Venetia Mine has installed a 10 000-litre water tank with four additional taps and then cleaned, repaired and recommissioned the existing 100 000-litre reservoir, restoring access to sustainable water supply for the community. The initiative was in response to a plea from the community as the damaged communal reservoir full of debris had resulted in clogging the water supply. Residents were also left with no option but to retrieve and siphon water from the top of the reservoir. Ward 17 councillor in the Blouberg Local Municipality, Dan Mojodo welcomed the intervention and expressed great delight at finally having access to a clean supply of water. “As a community, we are very relieved and grateful to Venetia Mine for stepping in to assist our community in this very needy period and making a difference in our lives. We appeal to the mine to extend this great work to other vulnerable communities in the Blouberg region in need of support during this crucial period of the lockdown.”

Other water projects currently underway in Blouberg include the following:

The Taaibosch Groet Water Project The Taaibosch community is one of many villages in the Blouberg Municipal District that have massive shortages of water. Venetia Mine has, as a result, extended the current bulk water line to supply water to the Taaibosch Clinic, Sebeelwa crèche, the Taaibosch Community Hall and Taaibosch Disability Centre. An estimated 1.7km pipeline has been installed to ensure a sustainable supply of water to these surrounding facilities.

The Kromhoek Village Water Project The current infrastructure in the Kromhoek Village is not sustainable to provide water to the community; the current infrastructure is aged and worn out, resulting in leakages and communities not being able to access water. As a result, Venetia Mine has repaired and restored one borehole, and has equipped the other borehole with new infrastructure to restore sustainable access and supply of water.

The Donker Hoek, Ga-Raditshaba Village Water Project The Donker Hoek community has a water source but only 30% of the village has running water within a radius of 200m from their home. The other 70% of the community must fetch water from a communal water standpipe – about 6km away from their homes. As an intervention, Venetia Mine upgraded the current borehole and installed an additional 90 000-litre reservoir. The mine has also extended the current water reticulation (pipeline) to bring water closer to communities – within a 200m radius of their homes. ■



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