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region to region, but Seda has four phases of business development as offered to its clients: Seda Business Talk provides practical answers and guidance to potential entrepreneurs wanting to start their own business and get it right the first time. Assistance includes: business advice and information; small enterprise training and seminars; business registration. Seda Business Start provides businesses with instruments and techniques to plan their operations for a better chance of success. Focus is placed on: business planning counselling and support; business incubation; facilitation of access to finance; basic business skills and training; introduction to co-operatives course. Seda Business Build focusses on clients who want to sustain and strengthen their businesses. Assistance provided: technical support; networking and business linkages; capacity-building systems and mentorship; tender advice/procurement; export orientation; technology transfer; starting and managing a co-operative. Seda Business Grow focusses on clients who wants to grow their business and expand nationally and internationally. Assistance provided: export development; business systems development; co-operative support; growth strategies; technology transfer. What are Seda’s key programmes? •

The Export Development Programme develops export-ready small enterprises that are globally competitive and able to grow markets The Seda Technology Programme seeks to stimulate economic growth and development through technology transfer, increasing the access to and use of technologies and offering technical support The Co-operatives and Communit y Public Private Partnership Programme promotes the establishment and growth of viable co-operatives and collectively-owned enterprises The EMPRETEC Programme is an integrated capacity-building programme of UNCTAD targeting SMEs and entrepreneurial skills.

What is the Seda Technology Programme?

of Seda which focuses on sustainable enterprise development through technology business incubation, monitoring, evaluation, improvement of service and product quality and standards, and technology-transfer-funding services and support. STP seeks to make it easier for small enterprises to gain access to technology and technical support, while improving their sustainability and international competitiveness. STP is a programme of the Department of Small Business Development. The Incubation Unit is designed to strengthen technology commercialisation and harness the entrepreneurship of the technology community in South Africa. The Technology Transfer Unit promotes and facilitates the transfer of technology that is appropriate, effective and competitive to small enterprises. The unit of fers the following services: grant funding for the acquisition of technology, such as equipment and machiner y, to facilitate technology transfer; improving access to technology information by small enterprises; improving access to technology-transfer funding through structured referrals to the funding institutions; linking inventors/universities or science councils with small enterprises or entrepreneurs with matching needs. The key mandate of the Quality and Standards Unit is to ensure that small businesses have access to Quality Improvement Programmes that can give small enterprises a sound foundation to be competitive and sustainable. The unit offers: management systems development, implementation; product testing and product certification; product design and packaging; SMME management systems auditing. Does Seda have programmes to assist women and youth in business?

The Seda Technology Programme (STP) is a division

We have capacity-building programmes focusing on women.



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