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Mondi Group South Africa Operational excellence boosted by Richards Bay mill upgrade.

Business priorities

advantages and are well-positioned for growth opportunities.

We are focused on leveraging our strong domestic market position and the global competitiveness of our Richards Bay mill. With a history spanning 50 years, we understand the value of being efficient, cost-competitive and customer-focused.

Towards the end of 2016 we completed the investment project to upgrade our woodyard at our Richards Bay mill, allowing for improved ef ficiencies in wood handling processes in our forests and providing higher-quality fibre. Additional benefits include reduced maintenance costs, improved reliability, and some energy savings.

There are three strategic value drivers for our business in Mondi South Africa. Maintaining a high-quality, low-cost asset base, keeping a strong focus on performance and the development of our people.

Our investment to expand our product range by producing unbleached kraftliner in addition to white-top kraftliner at our Richards Bay mill gives us the opportunity to supply our customers with this specialised product.

We have a philosophy of continuous improvement and a constant focus on operational excellence. The fundamental principle behind operational excellence at Mondi is the desire to do more with less. We continue to invest in and manage our business to ensure that our manufacturing operations maintain their high-quality and low-cost

We manage about 250,000 hectares of plantation forests in South Africa and maintain 100% FSC certification of our forests – including the identification and protection of high conservation value areas. In addition to certification and sustainable procurement practices, we focus on the proactive and responsible stewardship of forests and freshwater ecosystems, and the maintenance of biodiversity and important habitats.

Partnering with our customers to develop innovative solutions At our Merebank operation, we have made the decision to restart our second uncoated fine paper machine to meet domestic demand for reels and, at the same time, reduce our

New woodyard at Richards Bay mill.



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