Gauteng Business 2018-19

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A contractor of choice to the coal mining industry in the cost-effective supply of coal processing plants, operating and maintaining them to a standard that meets the client’s throughput, quality and safety requirements.

Operations and Maintenance Partner of Choice

Specialising in: • Operations of Processing facilities • Design & Build of Coal Processing Plants • Feasibility & Due Diligence Reports • Engineering Design and Fabrication

Ingwenya Mineral Processing (IMP) Ltd is a South African owned company with 52% black ownership based in Emalahleni, Mpumalanga Province. Since 2006 IMP has designed, built and commissioned successful coal processing plants. IMP is expanding its footprint beyond South African borders with opera ons in Botswana.

IMP is open to various models for operation of coal processing plants: • BOOM (Build, Own, Operate & Maintain) • Moderniza on of Plants • BOOT (Build, Own, Operate, Maintain • Consulta ons: Due diligence, Pre-feasibility and Bankable & Transfer) feasibility studies, metallurgical troubleshoo ng. IMP is equipped with an in-house 4000m2 workshop facility to build tailormade, easy to operate, modular plants with short lead times.

• Fabrication

• Drilling

• Sandblasting

• Boring

• Heat Treatment

• Tiling

• Rubberlining

• Milling

Republic of South Africa, Emalahleni (Witbank), +27 13 656 2440 / 4758,