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see money differently

MONEY EXPERTS BRINGING 21ST-CENTURY BANKING TO LIMPOPO AND MPUMALANGA Claude Keena, Nedbank Provincial Sales Manager for Limpopo and Mpumalanga, says that a deep connection with the community is what underlies his team's personal and professional values.


ased in each community, our teams have a thorough understanding of the local economy and a genuine interest in the success of each client. We believe that our role goes beyond providing banking solutions and we play an active role in empowering the communities in which we operate.’ Keena says that, as money experts who do good, Nedbank strives to empower the workplace employees who drive the Limpopo & Mpumalanga economy by saving them time and money, as well as helping them manage their money better through the Workplace Banking solution.

'We assist clients to save time by providing onsite assistance from our dedicated teams, and we help them save money through our preferential banking packages and our award-winning Financial Fitness and Consumer Education programmes. These interventions assist clients in managing their money better by providing budgeting and money management training, equipping their staff to better deal with everyday money management challenges' And the innovative banking journey continues, ensuring greater value for clients.

We assist clients to save time by providing onsite assistance from our dedicated teams …

Our market-leading Money app allows clients to manage accounts and investments, make payments and set savings goals and budgets from their smartphone. Keena adds that working with communities is entrenched in the bank’s values through community development, skills development, education and job creation, as well as environmental conservation. ‘These play a vital role in building a sustainable economy and vibrant society. We believe our fastgrowing presence in communities goes a long way in enabling greater financial inclusion while contributing towards economic growth,' he says. If you are interested in taking your business to the next level through our workplace banking solution and would like more information about Nedbank’s specialised service offering, please contact Claude Keena at or visit