Free State Business 2021

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Establishing a business in South Africa South Africa has eased the barriers to doing business for locals as well as international companies and individuals. new legislation, no new Close Corporations can be created but CCs can convert to companies. Registration of company The company must be registered with the Companies and I ntellec tual Proper ties Commission, (CPIC) in Pretoria within 21 days of the company being started. There are a range of administrative procedures that need to be fulfilled. Bank account A business bank account must be opened in the company’s name with a bank in South Africa. Registration with the receiver of revenue • As a Provisional Taxpayer • As a VAT vendor • For Pay As You Earn (PAYE) income tax payable on money earned by employees • For Standard Income Tax on Employees


outh Africa has a sophisticated legal, regulatory and banking system. Setting up a business in South Africa is a relatively straightforward process with assistance being offered by organisations such as the Department of Trade, Industry and Competition and provincial investment agencies like the Free State Development Corporation (FDC). South African law regulates the establishment and conduct of businesses throughout the country. Tax, investment incentives, regulations governing imports, exports and visas are uniform throughout the country. The particular environment varies from province to province with regard to the availability of human and natural resources, the infrastructure and support services, business opportunities and the quality of life. In this respect, the FDC can offer specific advice about the business environment in the province. Business is regulated by the Companies Act and the Close Corporation Act, which cover accounting and reporting requirements. Under


Registration with the Department of Labour Businesses employing staff will have to contact the Department of Labour regarding mandatory contributions to the Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF). Register with Compensation Commissioner for Compensation Fund: Files with the Compensation Fund (in the Department of Labour) for accident insurance (Workmen’s Compensation). Registration with the local authority Relevant only to businesses dealing in fresh foodstuffs or health matters. Other procedures • Checking exchange control procedures (note that non-residents are generally not subject to exchange controls except for certain categories of investment).