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Sharing Africa’s beauty with the world SAMIL produces and processes mohair, the noble fibre.


AMIL is a dynamic organisation with more than 30 years’ experience in the South African mohair and textile industry. SAMIL specialises in mohair and mohair-related products and has a fully integrated value chain including farming, processing, trading, yarn spinning and dyeing. SAMIL has a global customer base and has the unique ability to offer its customers a range of natural fibre products that are traceable back to their origin. Our range of services enables us to meet all of our clients’ yarn and natural fibre needs. Mohair, the fleece of the Angora goat, is: • Called the noble fibre, and sometimes the diamond fibre. • L ustrous, resilient and offers exceptional colour reflection. It is a symbol of luxury and exclusivity. • One of the world’s most beautiful sustainable natural fibres.

African Expressions Our local brand African Expressions was born of the desire to share Africa’s natural beauty with the rest of the world. Through our unique range of yarns, we express the essence of that which makes Africa magical. Our yarns are naturally soft to the touch, easy to knit and luxuriously versatile.

SAMIL divisions

Farming: SAMIL Farming’s objective is to stabilise and increase mohair supply to processors. The division includes strategic kapater partnerships, Woodlands Angora Stud and emerging farmer assistance. Combing: SAMIL Combing, located near East

London, has become one of the world’s leading processors. With a capacity in excess of 40 tons of top and noil per week, SAMIL Combing is committed to processing only mohair and can accommodate small, exclusive lots. Trading: All greasy bales are evaluated carefully before processing commences. A strong support base of affiliated companies, partners and agents has been established for the purchase and sale of raw materials and finished goods. SAMIL plays an important role in setting the global standard for mohair tops.   Spinning and dyeing: SAMIL Spinning produces a wide and exclusive range of mohair and mohairblended fancy and fine-spun yarns in both finecount and coarser varieties. We cater for the hand knitting, machine knitting, weaving, hosiery and decor markets. Yarns produced are both mohair blends with other natural and man-made fibres as well as other noble fibre yarn blends. Yarns can be custom dyed to any shade. Genetic research: The objective of the Angora Genetics Laboratory (ANGELA) is the enhancement of Angora goats, from increasing kidding rates to the improvement of the hair qualities and the overall quantity of hair per goat. Results are available to all in the mohair farming community. There is valued collaboration with the Grootfontein Agricultural Development Institute (GADI). Social responsibility: Our duty to the community is to help provide employment. We are involved in projects in previously disadvantaged communities and assist through financial contributions, job creation, mentorship, skills development and husbandry support.

Contact details Tel: +27 41 486 2430 EASTERN CAPE BUSINESS 2020 19 Email: yarns@samil.co.za Website: www.samil.co.za

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Eastern Cape Business 2020 edition  

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Eastern Cape Business 2020 edition  

The 2020 edition of Eastern Cape Business is the 13th edition of this highly successful publication that, since its launch in 2006, has esta...