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Equipping Leaders to Fulfill the Great Commission 2014_Magazine.indd 1

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Dear Friends and P

The need for Christ-honoring leaders has never been


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d Partners,

We’re so grateful for our partners who make up a vital, unseen team. Your partnership allows Global Advance to equip catalytic frontline leaders throughout the world. The scene is all too familiar throughout developing nations: poverty, spiritual darkness, corruption, injustice, and perishing souls. What is the solution? Is it to simply throw money at projects that are ultimately band-aid solutions? We believe the real solution is to engage, equip and encourage the existing national leaders that God has already positioned to be His change agents. Global Advance partners with men and women who are standing in the gap for God’s purpose in their nations. Many times they’re in desperate need of a fresh infusion of encouragement and practical training to stay in the fight. God continues to use Global Advance conferences and collaborative initiatives to spark the flames of evangelism, discipleship and marketplace transformation. Many of the leaders we reach live in regions that are hostile to the message of Christ. What a privilege to come alongside men and women on the frontlines who are bringing transformation to their nations! When we invest in the equipping of godly leadership, there is an exponential impact for God’s kingdom. - Jonathan Shibley 2014_Magazine.indd 3

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Equipping Frontline Pastors


ueling The Spiritual First Responders!

How we are working:

• Frontline Pastors Conferences • Indigenous-led training efforts • Partnering with highcapacity indigenous leaders • Evangelism and church plant training • Tools for leadership, life and ministry

Facing the Giants:

• Disunity among churches • Inadequate access to biblical leadership training and materials • Discouragement • Lack of vision • Courage to lead

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8 of 10 Pastors in developing nations lack access to formal ministry training

They went out for His name... We should support such men. 3 John 1:7-8 God is using Global Advance to come alongside national Christian leaders to tackle these issues. Frontline Shepherds Conferences provide a forum for reconciliation and a fresh infusion of passion to reach the world for Christ. Pastors and church leaders from various denominations and affiliations embrace God’s presence and the unifying task of fulfilling the Great Commission. 2014_Magazine.indd 5

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our vision is to By year equip and commission global leaders for:


planting and »»Church missions sending

»» »»Making disciples Marketplace transformation

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vision in their hearts tools in their hands”

We are putting and

* “Global Advance training has been so powerful people have come from hundreds of kilometers to attend. After the civil violence in our nation, pastors and church leaders were desperate for help and encouragement. Thank you for coming and encouraging us!” Pastor in East Africa

“Global Advance has come to help us understand our role in the Great Commission. After our training we go back to the mountains to evangelize and plant churches in the villages.”

Church Planter in Tibet

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Marketplace Missions


n untapped Army To Change The World

One of the greatest forces for missions in the world are Christ followers in the marketplace. They have tremendous potential to shine God’s light through their work. Capital generation within developing nations is vital to propel communities and the Church further. Throughout the world many believers in the marketplace face opposition for their faith and must navigate the difficult environment of corrupt practices. Our Marketplace Missions endeavors come alongside nationals in business, helping them to grow in biblical worldview, a heart for missions, and excellence through business. 2014_Magazine.indd 8

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How we are working:

• Marketplace Leadership Conferences • Visiting Christian-owned and operated businesses • Mentoring and discipleship • Mobilizing marketplace leaders for missions

Facing the Giants:

• Poverty • Corruption • Lack of Kingdom focused enterprise • Capital generation and jobs • Turning work into worship

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Since 2007 Global Advance has partnered with Ghanian church and business leaders. As a result of our conferences their vision grew to impact the marketplace for Christ. Now they have organized their own credit union which is actively providing loans for Christian-run businesses.

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Do your work willingly, as though you were serving the Lord Himself. Colossians 3:23 LoriAnn Biggers is a senior executive with a Wall Street firm. Her passion is to encourage and equip women leaders. She has found a way to do that through Global Advance serving on Marketplace Missions teams in South Africa and Lebanon, as well as helping to launch the Esther Project. 2014_Magazine.indd 11

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The Esther Project


omen Of Dignity, Purpose And Destiny

Throughout the world women are often oppressed and looked over. Yet their significance and importance for the family, their communities and the global Church cannot be understated. The Esther Project is aiming to equip and empower women to arise in their purpose and calling. 2014_Magazine.indd 12

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Serving the Persecuted Church


vangelism Discipleship, Rescue And Relief

Persecution among Christians globally is on the rise. Many of the pastors and leaders we serve are facing hardships and threats to their well being because of their faith. Alpha Relief, our sister ministry partner, meets the spiritual and physical needs of persecuted Christians.

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CORE VALUES Great Commission - Helping leaders view their calling through the lens of the Great Commission. Nationals Focused - Equipping and empowering indigenous leaders. Kingdom Wins - Building partnerships for the glory of God. Relationships - Honoring Christ and others through integrity, unity and servant leadership. Stewardship - Valuing relationships, opportunities and resources. Strategic - Trust the Holy Spirit to guide us in our efforts to do that which will produce much fruit. Excellence - Doing everything in a way that honors God and attracts others. 2014_Magazine.indd 14

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A Global Advance for od ‘s Kingdom 20%

Ready to QUIT! On average 20% or more of the pastors in developing nations are ready to give up


Formally TRAINED After 2,000 years of theological training - only 10% of the pastors in the world have formal training





Say yes to plant a NEW CHURCH New churches are vital to the growth of Christianity and are the most effective way to reach the lost.

Commit to the UNREACHED At most Pastors Conferences 15% of the leaders commit to send or go to the unreached

*since 1990 through Frontline Shepherds Conferences, Marketplace Conferences and global partnerships 2014_Magazine.indd 15

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Chairman, Dale O’Shields – Church of the Redeemer Founder, David Shibley – Global Advance President, Jonathan Shibley – Global Advance Lori Ann Biggers – Navigators Management Company Jim Blackburn – Blackburn Consulting Troy Henry – The Henry Group Todd Lane – Gateway Church Jon Tryggestad – TVG Capital Naomi Shibley – Global Advance Dr. Sally Knox-Witt – Baylor Hospital

Global Advance PO BOX 742077 Dallas,TX 75374 (972) 771 - 9042

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Convene, Connect and Commission leaders in the global Body of Christ to become catalysts for fulfilling the Great Commission.