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Arab World • Please pray:

For God’s wisdom and grace to cover the governments.

For peace to prevail among believers and that the Lord would protect new believers.

That the Lord would provide the funds needed to continue the ministries’ projects.

For the young women’s conference which will take place in the coming months.

That the Lord would send new workers and pastors and to serve; and a female doctor to join the mission maternity hospital’s team.

For more freedom to Christians to worship and evangelize their fellow countrymen.

For the people who suffer because of the bad economy and the lack of security.

For God’s protection over the Christian minorities

For peace in the land and reconciliation among leaders.

Give thanks for the first 5 weeks theological Bible school

Give thanks for the new doors God is opening and for the church planting ministry.

Give thanks for the success of the human rights conference attended by church leaders.

Give thanks for the wonderful fruits of the new conference center and theological schools

Give thanks for the daily increase of hunger and thirst in the hearts of people to know Christ..

Give thanks for the hearts opened to the Lord’s word and for the people who come to Christ from different backgrounds.

Give thanks to the Lord who gives us faith that in His time He will open new doors for the harvest.

Women of Global Action (WOGA) is a network of Christian women active in over 100 countries throughout Africa, Asia, Latin America, North America, Europe and the Middle East. We are committed to bringing about positive change in the many global justice issues which threaten women, such as poverty, lack of access to education, HIV/ AIDS, FGM and human trafficking. We hope to unite our sisters around the world as a family of women who encourage one another to pursue the wonderful purposes God has for us.

WOGA Global Prayer Initiative JULY 2009

I am also praying for…

Women of Global Action 7660 Goddard Street, Suite 200 Colorado Springs, CO 80920 (719) 528-8728

“...and to clothe yourselves with the new self, created according to the likeness of God in true righteousness and holiness. “ Ephesians 4:24

CREWS MISSION NEWS We so appreciate prayer for: • effective ministry in Ethiopia, to those in the micro-enterprise/ministry project and their families in Addis, outreach to village areas, encouragement to the believers and continued support here from the team. preparations for upcoming team ministry in El Salvador, Kenya and Burundi. and special focus on greater development of the ministry in Burundi; wisdom and funding. •safety and fruitfulness for our Arab leaders as they minister. We are also preparing for Kenya Camps, which are challenging - staffing,, funding for the camp, and preparing for the children’s & teen day camps. All the children and youth come from the Kibera slum of Nairobi, the largest slum in Africa. Because of the strife following the presidential election, hundreds of those we work with there were displaced, living in temporary housing which has become permanent housing for many. They not only lost homes, but means of income for those who had small businesses. For people who are already challenged with extreme poverty, HIV/AIDS, and lack of education, this only compounded the problems by stirring up anger, fear, and distrust. We will be studying Heroes of the Faith this year, highlighting David, Esther, Daniel, Joseph and above all, Jesus. As a special emphasis for the teens, we will be studying about forgiveness and reconciliation, particularly important in view of recent events which have instilled a lot of animosity between people and groups. Please pray with us for these camps! ✝ Enough team members and local workers to conduct the teams well. ✝ Funding still needed to provide for the camps ($14,700.00). ✝ God to do an amazing work in each child, teen and team member. ✝ Bonding of the team and local workers to work in unity of Spirit. ✝ Many will come to know the Lord, healing and forgiveness will be experienced, and God is glorified! Thank you for praying and standing with us! John and Diane

UNITED STATES Please pray for: *The Raven+Lily trip to East Africa. Kirsten Dickerson, the founder of Raven+Lily, Emily Voorhies, Lori Fox, a fashion designer who is a member of WOGA; LA and Raven+Lily and Brandon Dickerson, who is a film director and is going to capture footage of the projects, will be spending time with Judy in Kenya, Beza Ministries (WOGA's partner) in Ethiopia and Peace in Burundi from July 20 - July 30 Please pray for this trip - that wonderful relationships will be built, that the partnerships will begin to form in a beautiful and fruitful way, for wisdom on how to proceed with the partnerships, for the result to be that women are encouraged and uplifted and supported as they seek to earn their living through micro-enterprise. *Those who have participated in the Why Not Women? Study with WOGA: LA this summer. May the Lord continue to affirm His purposes in their lives as they consider the value He places on women around the world. *For WOGA: COS as they prayerfully consider which partnerships to enter into with local ministries. May they hear the Lord's leading in this. *For WOGA: Houston as they need to build their leadership team - for like-minded women to come alongside of Diane! *For God's wisdom and guidance for the team returning from a visit to Beza Ministries in Ethiopia. How would God have them move forward on what He has shown them during their trip? *For Kitty in Florence - may the Lord bless this newly forming chapter and fill these women with His vision for how they can impact their community and the world! *For Barb in Canada - may the Lord reveal to her His plans for their community of women. *For the planning of the Regional Leaders' Conference in March 2010 - planning has begun - may the Lord give us all His vision for our time together! And His vision for how to construct our agenda so that much fruit may be borne.

*For us all to draw near to the Lord so that we might work with His vision and hear His voice telling us where and how He wants us to minister. *For Nivedit Daliya, Raven + Lily's India partner. She is doing a beautiful work with women in the north of India and would love to find like-minded women to come alongside of her there in India so that the work might grow and so that she would not feel alone in her efforts. With love, Cheryl • Colorado Springs Please be praying for the WOGA: COS team as we continue to seek God's will with possibly partnering with Lutheran Family Services in the COS area with their Refugee/Asylee programs. That God would confirm whether we should or should not work with LFS, and, if so, what need He would use us to meet. Thank You! Jessica Thompson • Houston •We were so blessed to have our Arab ministry leader with us for our last meeting. Many women have been inspired to continue a concerted effort to pray for the Arab nations. One of our women is organizing a prayer calendar and prayer points to guide us through each of the 22 nations for the months ahead. •Summer is team time for us! We will be ministering in Ethiopia with our WOGA partners, BEZA International June 19-28. Our next trip is to El Salvador, July 13-27, with special ministry in two deaf schools, rural schools, and outreach ministry in several communities. Pray for the Lord to work mightily during these outreaches. •Though we aren’t having formal meetings this summer, we are looking ahead to the fall to focus on special topics, such as HIV/AIDS and how to minister locally and globally to those who suffer from or are affected by this pandemic. •Pray with us for places to hold our meetings. Our desire is to rotate the locations to be as inclusive as possible and truly reach out to the entire community. •Pray as we look into a new ministry project in Honduras for abused/needy women and their families. We see great possibilities to touch the lives of many women. •Praise for increased awareness and interest in ministry to women and children and that even more will be drawn to get involved! Diane Crews

S. E. Asia Islands Thanks for your patience and love. 1. Pray for our local WOGA chapter that we will work together in spite of our busyness in our ministry and work. 2. Pray for the regional conference next year. Lily

Our sisters we cannot photograph.

Central Africa

It is a pleasure for me to send to you this

message. I know it has been awhile since I sent my

BEAUTIFUL CHRISTIAN SISTER By Maya Angelou When I say... 'I am a Christian' I'm not shouting 'I'm clean living,' I'm whispering 'I was lost, Now I'm found and forgiven.' When I say... 'I am a Christian' I don't speak of this with pride. I'm confessing that I stumble and need Christ to be my guide. When I say... 'I am a Christian' I'm not trying to be strong. I'm professing that I'm weak and need His strength to carry on. When I say.. 'I am a Christian' I'm not bragging of success... I'm admitting I have failed and need God to clean my mess. When I say.... 'I am a Christian' I'm not claiming to be perfect, My flaws are far too visible, but God believes I am worth it. When I say.... 'I am a Christian' I still feel the sting of pain... I have my share of heartaches, so I call upon His name. When I say... 'I am a Christian' I'm not holier than thou, I'm just a simple sinner who received God's good grace, somehow!

prayer requests and praises.

I thank God for his faithfulness, now PACWA-

WOGA has a new location where we can help more widows and orphan in the sewing and hairdressing projects.

Please pray that we may have our

location so we will be able to help many ladies and not have to move each year.

Please pray with me for my transportation

as the work is growing, and it difficult for me to cover so many locations without a car. We have many women on our waiting list who wish to be in our projects; please pray that God would give us wisdom and the funds to help them.

Please pray for the security in Burundi as

South Pacific Thank you for your prayers. We have had a wonderful answer to prayer in that Nicole's transplant is going well. Her liver is working as well as her kidneys so there is no further need for her to have dialysis. We are indeed thankful to God for the extra days we know He is giving Nicole. It will be some weeks before she can go home to her family, but she is making progress. We have seen GOD'S HANDS IN A SPECIAL WAY. I continue my ministry next week by speaking to young women on the topic of evangelism and the next day to a Christian women’s group about the plight of women around the world and what we can do. Thank you dear Sisters, Love Jill

we approach the presidential election next year. People are insecure especially in the countryside.


I plan to go to DRC for PACWA mission in

Dear Sisters, Praise the Name of Jesus! I appreciate your prayer and diligent work for Jesus. God blessed our June 4th meeting in Oita on Kyushu Island with 28 people including 7 ministers. We prayed for the church, neighborhood, sick people, nation

September; please pray for the security there. Blessings Peace Nihorimbere

and international. Praise God! Overcomer, Jesus gave victory for spiritual warfare, but we need to stay alert and continue to pray for this area. I am preparing for the second WOGA Japan Retreat. This year it will be from Aug. 24 -28, 2009. The guest speaker will be Rev. Dr. San Bok- Kim who is the Chairman of the World Evangelical Alliance. Our WOGA meetings are going well.

PRAYER REQUESTS: 1) July 8-9 all Japanese denominations will come together to celebrate the 150th anniversary since the first Protestant missionary arrived in Japan. My husband and I will perform a praise concert with cello and piano. I pray that God will show mercy, and that His presence would be revealed by His grace in our 10 minutes of praise. 2) For WOGA Japan Retreat’s preparation. 3) Please continue to pray for the many WOGA meetings. 4) We are praying for prodigal sons and daughters around the world to know that Jesus is alive. Also for God to reveal Himself and touch them so that they will come back to the Lord and be witnesses for Christ. May God bless the work of WOGA. Ruriko Bohman

Global Prayers WOGA for July 2009

7/1 South Pacific: Praise God that Nicole’s liver transplant is going well, that her liver and kidneys are functioning, and that she no longer needs dialysis! Although she is still hospitalized, her family has seen God’s hand working in a special way. Ps. 100:4 ✟ 7/2 Japan: Thank the Lord for the many miracles He has done, overcoming obstacles for the June WOGA meeting in Oita! Praise God that Jesus gives victory in spiritual warfare. 2 Cor. 10:3 ✟ 7/3 Kenya: Pray for all the details required to put on two camps for the Kibura Slum: children’s day camp the 1st week and residential camp for teens the 2nd week. Pray for team members from Kenya and the US and for funding ($14,700). Dt. 11:19 ✟ 7/4 WOGA Houston: Praise God for the visit of the Arab ministry leader who has inspired women to make a concerted effort to pray for the Arab nations. Pray that the prayer calendar being organized will effectively guide women to pray for each of the 22 nations in the months to follow. Rom. 15:30 ✟ 7/5 Burundi: Praise God for a new location to help more widows and orphans in the sewing and hairdressing projects! Ask the Lord to grant PACWA-WOGA a long-term lease agreement so the program will not have to move each year. ✟ 7/6 International: Pray that the Holy Spirit will guide all the planning for the Regional Leaders’ Conference in Peru in March 2010. May He reveal His vision for constructing the agenda so that much fruit will be borne. ✟ 7/7 Japan: Pray that all Japanese denominations will come together 6/8-9 to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the first Protestant missionary arriving in Japan. Pray that the presence of God will be revealed in the 10-minute praise music of Ruriko and her husband. Col. 3:14 ✟ 7/8 Ethiopia: Praise God for the successful week of ministry with the BEZA International microenterprise project and outreach to village areas. Ask God for the fruit of the work to continue throughout the year, both in the lives of the women in Ethiopia and of the team members from the US. John 15:16 ✟ 7/9 Arab World: Pray for the several women’s conferences that are being planned in the coming months. Ask the Holy Spirit for His presence, His wisdom, and His security; for hearts of women to be open to God’s Word and the removal of barriers for them to attend. John 16:13 ✟

7/10 S.E. Asia: Continue to pray for Country X and the brave ministry of K & I. Pray for health and courage for those imprisoned for their faith. Pray for pastors planning a summer seminar to train Christians to witness for Jesus. 2 Cor. 4:8-9 ✟ 7/11 WOGA Colorado Springs: Pray for the team as they seek God’s will about partnering with Lutheran Family Services with their Refugee/ Asylum programs in the COS area. ✟ 7/12 El Salvador: Pray for the mission trip 7/13-27 with special ministry in two deaf schools, rural schools and outreach ministry in several communities. Pray that God will work mightily during these outreaches and draw more people to Him. Col. 3:23 ✟ 7/13 India: Pray for Nivedit Daliya as she works with women in northern India to provide the means of earning their own living through partnership with Raven + Lily. Ask God to stir the hearts of other women to come alongside Nivedit’s work to help and encourage her. ✟ 7/14 Japan: Pray for unity of spirit in the 12 WOGA meetings scheduled for the month of July. ✟ 7/15 Arab World: Thank God for the victories in this part of the world: new believers, new doors being opened, first-time Bible school, a new conference center, a church planting program. ✟ 7/16 S.E. Asia Islands: Pray that women of the local WOGA chapter will work together despite the many demands of work and ministry. ✟ 7/17 Kenya: Pray for teens’ study about forgiveness + reconciliation, so necessary after the strife and unrest. Pray that God will do an amazing work in each child, teen, and team member, and that God will be glorified in all that is said and done. Ps. 34:3 ✟ 7/18 WOGA North America: Ask God to draw to the local chapters women with His vision for impacting their communities and the world. Pray for the Lord to build up leadership teams in each chapter. May women hear His clear call in their lives. ✟ 7/19 East Africa: Pray for the Raven + Lily trip to Kenya, Ethiopia, and Burundi 7/20-30. Pray for partnerships to begin, for wisdom on how to proceed, and for women to be encouraged and supported as they seek to earn their living through micro-enterprise. ✟

7/20 Burundi: Pray for a solution to Peace’s transportation problem. The work is getting so large that it is difficult for her to cover many locations without a car. ✟ 7/21 Japan: Pray that God will touch the lives of prodigal sons and daughters so that they will come back to the Lord and be witnesses of Christ in their lives. ✟ 7/22 S.E. Asia Islands: Pray for wisdom as we begin to plan for the regional conference in 2010. May the Holy Spirit guide all the deliberations. Eph 1:17 ✟ 7/23 International: Pray for John and Diane Crews as they lead multiple international trips this summer. May the Holy Spirit bring together His team in each country, to do His will, and grant them energy, health, and a renewed spirit for each mission. ✟ 7/24 WOGA Florence: Pray for this newly forming chapter; for encouragement for Kitty as she shares God’s vision with other women on how they can serve their community and the world. ✟ 7/25 South Pacific: Give praises to the Lord that Jill is able to resume some of her ministry activities. Pray for wisdom and insight as she speaks to women about Jesus and for open hearts in those who need to hear from God. ✟ 7/26 Burundi: Pray for the many women on the waiting list for the micro-enterprise projects. Pray for God to give wisdom and funds to help them. Phil. 4:19 ✟ 7/27 WOGA Canada: Ask God to reveal His plans to Barb for their community of women. May they not become weary in doing good. Gal. 6:9 ✟ 7/28 Arab World: Pray for believers, that the Lord will sustain their faith despite all Satan’s opposition. Pray for unity among believers, security despite persecution, and knowledge that women all over the world are praying for them. 2 Th. 2:16-17 ✟ 7/29 WOGA LA: Ask God to affirm His purposes in the lives of the women who are completing the study, “Why Not Women?”. May they fully realize the value God places on women around the world. ✟ 7/30 Japan: Praise God for opening many denominational doors for El-kana ministry (cello + piano evangelical concerts and prayer). ✟ 7/31 International: Psalm 23. Pray that each woman Believer, wherever in the world, and whatever her circumstances, will find the words of this psalm to be true in her life today. ✟

WOGA July prayer requests  

WOGA July prayer requests worldwide

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