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Arab World • Please pray: !

For God’s wisdom and grace to cover the governments.


That the Lord would provide the funds needed to continue the ministries’ projects.


For God’s protection over the Christian minorities


For God to use the summer conferences to build lives and attract people to Christ.


For the young women’s conference which will take place in September


For God to inspire the authorities to give land for building a new church


That the Lord would provide the funds needed to start a theological studies school.


That the Lord would protect the new believers and build their lives spiritually.


For God’s protection over the Evangelical churches against the different types of pressures they are facing.


Women of Global Action (WOGA) is a network of Christian women active in over 100 countries throughout Africa, Asia, Latin America, North America, Europe and the Middle East. We are committed to bringing about positive change in the many global justice issues which threaten women, such as poverty, lack of access to education, HIV/AIDS, FGM and human trafficking. We hope to unite our sisters around the world as a family of women who encourage one another to pursue the wonderful purposes God has for us.

WOGA Global Prayer Initiative AUGUST 2009

I am also praying for…

Pastor Noe & wife Aurelia, Tacuba

For God’s protection over the workers and their families

! "...stand firm.! Let nothing move you.

• Praises:

Always give yourselves fully !

Give thanks for the spirit of unity and cooperation among the workers.


Give thanks for the missionary work in the un- reached areas.


Give thanks for the promising beginnings of peace in the land.


Give thank to the Lord who gives us faith that in His time He will open new doors for the harvest.

to the work of the Lord, because you know that your labor in the Lord is not in vain." 1 Corinthians 15:58 Women of Global Action 7660 Goddard Street, Suite 200 Colorado Springs, CO 80920 (719) 528-8728

Crews Mission News We just returned from El Salvador, working with our amazing WOGA partners there. What wonderful ministry!! God did amazing things, as always, and we praise Him for what He is doing in El Salvador, our wonderful WOGA women, their hearts for ministry and obedience to His call. Please do pray for Mercedes, Naomi, Mininia, Ilsa, Elizabeth, and others who so selflessly serve there. We want to thank each of you for your prayers, encouragement and support of our team. We were encouraged and challenged in so many areas of ministry, many that we had never encountered before but we let God show us what He wanted us to do and it was great. I hope that you will enjoy the blog and the many picture Now we switch gears quickly to head to Kenya and Burundi to work with our WOGA partners there. We have teams from the UK and US coming to work with village ministry outside Nairobi and with the Masai women, then a camp for teens from the Kibera slum in Nairobi (our 4th camp for them) working in conjunction with PACWA led by Judy Mbugua. Then we will go to Burundi to work with our dear sister Peace with the AIDS/genocide widows and orphans and a new outreach to a group of young men, many of whom are products of rapes committed during the last genocide who have been living on the streets. Pray for God to work mightily in and through us in Kenya and Burundi! Pray about joining us on a trip 2010, seeing where God wants you to be. Don't cut Him off, He has a plan for all of us. Make yourself available and watch Him use you in ways that you could never imagine. God bless you and we hope to hear from you all soon. John and Diane

United States WOGA National

PLEASE PRAY *that the Child Protection Compact Act, which will serve to support anti-child trafficking efforts, would pass, *for blessings on the efforts made by the women in the Ethiopia, Kenya and Burundi cooperatives as they met with Raven and Lily this past month (and through August 4) - may these partnerships thrive and flourish! *for continued blessings on the planning of the March 2010 Regional Leaders Conference, *for wisdom in which partnerships our WOGA North America Chapters should be entering into, *for God to provide women for our leadership teams, *for God to bless Kitty in Florence as they develop vision and action plans for their chapter, *for God to move His people to give wisely during these difficult economic times - for them to give to causes that will truly change lives - like the work of our women worldwide! love, Cheryl Lovejoy

WOGA Colorado Springs (COS) We have two of our members in Africa right now, Emily Voorhies and Kendra Bailey. Also, our next meeting is August 10th, and we are continuing to pray and search God for what role we might play in helping refugees here in the Springs. Thank You! Jessica Thompson

WOGA Houston Our chapter has had a summer break, but we are meeting in September to focus on AIDS, both here in Houston as well as around the world. Pray for our eyes to be opened and hearts moved to minister those suffering from this horrible pandemic. There is still much to be done… His Name! Blessings, Diane

Raven + Lily Trip to Africa Kenya ! There is something deeply convicting and inspiring about being with a woman who has truly suffered, yet now her life is full of hope and dignity…a hope that is not based on anything in this world but on the eternal promises of God and His love. Such hope is seen in the lives of the AIDS widows we visited. They were happier and healthier since we saw them last summer…full of the kind of joy that is contagious and infectious and real. These women know they are valuable. They have been empowered by love demonstrated to them through the leaders of the microenterprise training program. They pray together, eat together, make soap and jewelry together, and encourage one another to “not worry about their life.” We are thankful to know these amazing women…their stories and lives give us courage.

Burundi ! We went with Peace, the director of the microenterprise sewing program, to meet the women in the Raven + Lily partnership. They welcomed us in song and dance and then each shared their story with us. The translated words of the song praised God for bringing our lives together. It was hard not to cry as the women spoke of the pain they have experienced through poverty, rape, and genocide; yet, these women had so much joy because of the love God has shown them through the sewing program and “Mama Peace”. They are all so talented and full of potential and just need the opportunity to grow. We are committed to supporting Peace and her vision to help these women grow.


! In the Entoto Mountains we are partnering with a jewelry making program that supports women with HIV/AIDS. The suffering is truly heartbreaking. However, once again, we have seen the theme of our trip emerge: hope. Yes, hope reigns in the lives of the women who come to make jewelry together. Sophie and Betta are making a major impact in this country. Its amazing to know people like them…people who love both the rich and poor and bring them together for good. Thank you for following our journey. ! With hope, ! Kirsten, Lori, Emily, Kendra,

S. E. Asia Islands

At Large

! Pray for the local chapter as we meet each month. ! Pray that a place can be found for our premises, to start to help women in need. ! Pray for a suitable speaker (Chinese ) for our intended prayer seminar in March 2010.

Prayer Requests.

That's all. Blessings Lily

S. E. Asia & Myanmar PRAISE GOD FOR: •WOGA Myanmar could celebrated its 13th Anniversary in May 09 and all the EC members are in good health and actively involving. •for the successful US trip with Rev. Shelly Win from to attend The COG Children of Promise Conference on 21-15 June 09 and COG Global Mission Centennial on 26 June - 2 July 09 at Anderson,Indiana. We arrived back safely on 19 July 09. Blessings, Dorothy Colney

Honduras " Pray for wisdom for the governmental authorities to be firm and not surrender into international political and economical pressure. "Pray for the peace of Honduras. We are peaceful people and want to live in peace. "Pray for the future of our children, grandchildren and generations to inherit a free country. "Pray for a revival and the fear of God poured upon every Honduran’s heart. # Blessings, Liliana Bendana

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1. Please pray as we prepare to go overseas in September. 2. Please pray for right type of meetings, such as evangelistic, training and prayer conferences. 3. Please pray for $10,000 to be provided for meetings and travel. 4. Please pray for protection in travel and from all evil in hostile nations. 5. Please pray for Pastors’ training conferences. Thank you for your partnership.

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' Serving the Lord with you I. with her husband K.

WOGA/PACWA West Africa *from the 15 to the 22 of August, the Regional Coordinators of WOGA/PACWA will gather to prepare for the Francophone/Anglophone WOGA/PACWA Conference in Abidjan in 2010. During this same period, WOGA/PACWA leaders will also attend and participate to the highest degree in the African Evangelical Festival for the deliverance of Africa. *then, from the 23 to the 30 of August, WOGA Ivory Coast is organizing a National Conference for the wives of the Servants of God and for those responsible for various groups in the interior of the country in those villages that are strongly Islamic and also the most rebellious. *pray for all of these meetings - that the Lord Himself would direct all of the work *pray for the health of all of the participants and for my health *pray for good collaboration among the Regional Coordinators of PACWA/WOGA - may the Lord weave a union that cannot be broken, based on the love and humility that comes from Him. Thank you for listening and for engaging in these prayers. Rev Madeleine Gouentoueu

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WOGA Global Prayers for August 2009 8/1 Kenya: Pray for John Crews as he leads a team from the UK to work with village ministry outside Nairobi, with the Masai women, & the children’s camp in Kibera Slum. (7/31-8/7) Ask God for health & safety, unity in the Spirit, fruitful outreach, and changed hearts & lives in all. James 2:18 $ 8/2 Honduras: Pray for wisdom as WOGA looks into starting a ministry project for abused/needy women and their families. There is great potential to touch the lives of many women. Praise God for increased awareness & interest in ministry to women & children. James 1:27 $ 8/3 Arab World: Pray for a planned women’s conference. Ask the Holy Spirit to minister to the spiritual needs of all who attend, encouraging them and grounding them in the true Faith of Jesus. 2 Thessalonians 2:16-17 $ 8/4 Kenya: Pray for Lori (Raven+Lily Design Team) as she spends two more weeks looking into new designs & materials for the micro-enterprise programs with the widows of the Homecare Program and the Masai women. Lord, grant her creativity, wisdom, and sensitivity as she works with many different people. Open doors for her and for the women with whom she will work. Exodus 31:2-3 $ 8/5 S.E. Asia Islands: Ask God to bless a local chapter that meets monthly. Pray for a place where they can begin ministering to women in need. $ 8/6 Kenya: Pray for the Kibera camp to teens in Nairobi. (7/7-14) Pray for Judy Mbugua, leader of PAWCA, and her staff & volunteers as they partner with the team from UK & US (& Diane Crews). Lord, these teens have suffered greatly bring Your love and healing touch to their lives. Psalm 147:3 $ 8/7 Arab World: Pray for Pastors’ training conferences. Ask God to bring wisdom in planning all the details, including funding, location, security, speakers and to draw many pastors to come with open hearts to receive God’s Word. Proverbs 15:22 $ 8/8 WOGA International: Pray that the Child Protection Compact Act, which will serve to support anti-child trafficking efforts, would pass in the US Congress. Pray that there will be more concerted effort of governments and law enforcement in the world to combat trafficking of all kinds. Deuteronomy 24:17a $ 8/9 Honduras: Pray for the peace of Honduras, for the future of our children, grandchildren and generations to come that they may inherit a free country. Ask the Holy Spirit to bring revival and the fear of God into the heart of every person. 1 Timothy 2:2 $

8/10 WOGA Colorado Springs: Pray for our meeting as we continue to pray and search God for what role we might play in helping refugees in the Springs. Psalm 146:9 $ 8/11 S.E. Asia: Praise God that one country celebrated its 13th anniversary in May and that all members are in good health and actively involved. $ 8/12 Arab World: Pray for leaders as they travel overseas this month. Pray for protection from all evil in hostile nations. Psalm 32:7 $ 8/13 WOGA Houston: Pray for a variety of places to hold meetings that would be as inclusive as possible and reach out to the entire community. $ 8/14 Burundi: Pray for the new outreach to a group of young men living on the streets, many of whom are products of rapes committed during the last genocide. Pray that God will work miracles through Peace, her team and the group from the UK & US. Psalm 77:14 $ 8/15 West Africa: Pray for the preparation (8/15-22) for the Francophone/Anglophone WOGA/PACWA Conference in Abidjan in 2010. Ask the Lord Himself to direct all the work, to guard the health of all, and to unite the Regional Coordinators in His love and humility. $ 8/16 S.E. Asia Islands: May God grant wisdom as planning begins for a prayer seminar in March, 2010. Pray that God will begin preparing the heart of His intended Chinese speaker for the conference. Romans 10:14-15 $ 8/17 El Salvador: Praise God for the successful mission work with amazing WOGA partners. Thank God for all He is doing through these women. Pray for the seeds that have been planted to grow and produce a rich harvest for the Lord. 1 Corinthians 3:6-9 $ 8/18 Arab World: Pray for the right type of meetings, such as evangelistic, training, and prayer conferences. Pray for the needed $10,000 for meetings and travel. Philippians 4:19 $ 8/19 Burundi: Praise God for the partnership between Peace’s work with AIDS/genocide widows and orphans and the Raven + Lily design team from LA. Pray for ongoing development of new designs and sustainable markets so that more training and loans can become available. $ 8/20 South & Central America: Ask the Holy Spirit to bless the planning of the March 2010 Regional Leaders Conference in Lima. Pray for wisdom in preparing every aspect of the Conference. Ask God to begin preparing the way for each woman He wants to attend. $ 8/21 WOGA Florence: Pray for Kitty and her team as they develop vision and action plans for their chapter. May the Holy Spirit encourage and equip them for the task to which God has called them. $ Hebrews 13:20-21 $

8/22 WOGA International: Ask God to move His people to give wisely and generously during difficult economic times, giving to causes that truly change lives. Acts 20:35 $ 8/23 Ivory Coast: Ask God’s protection and blessing over the National Conference (8/23-30) for the wives of the Servants of God and for those responsible for various groups in the interior of the country in those villages that are strongly Islamic and the most rebellious. $ 8/24 Japan: Pray for the WOGA Japan Retreat 7/24-28 in Karuizawa, Ueda City, and Tokyo. Pray that the Holy Spirit will do a mighty work in the hearts of all pastors & believers who attend, that they will be encouraged in and equipped for their work for the Gospel in Japan. Ask God to speak through Dr. San Bok-Kim, the guest speaker. $ 8/25 S.E. Asia: Praise God for the successful US trip of Rev. S to attend two major conferences in June & July. We thank God for opportunities for our sisters around the world to receive encouragement in coming together with other believers. $ 8/26 WOGA Tampa Bay: Pray for members who are working against Human Trafficking. Pray for cooperation and effectiveness between the various agencies. Thank God for doors opening in the schools and ask Him to present more opportunities for outreach into the community. $ 8/27 Arab World: Pray for the persecuted church. Ask God to build up the faith of those who struggle against overwhelming odds. Psalm 118:6,7 $ 8/28 WOGA International: Ask God to continue to bless the micro-enterprise cooperatives in India, Burundi, Kenya and Ethiopia. Thank Him for the partnerships between these women and the Raven + Lily Design Team. Pray that He will open many doors so these women will be able to sell their products. $ 8/29 WOGA Houston: Ask the Holy Spirit to guide planning for the fall focus on special topics, such as HIV/AIDS and how to minister locally and globally to those who suffer from or are affected by this pandemic. Psalm 37:5 $ 8/30 Arab World: Pray for the Holy Spirit to touch the hearts of women to help lead the ministry. Ask God to break down strongholds and to open doors. $ 8/31 East Africa: Pray for the PACWA mission in September in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Pray for Peace’s participation and for security for all who attend. $ ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

WOGA prayer requests August 2009  

WOGA prayer requests August 2009

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