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Windows Live Marketing Sets The Bar For Digital Campaign Execution Microsoft Windows Live is responsible for creating and deploying locally-relevant digital campaigns for 75 markets worldwide. With a constrained set of resources, the team found it challenging to provide in-market groups with fully localized and optimized campaign assets for global marketing programs. The complexity of the assets and the variety of delivery devices, platforms and channels made the work hard to manage and support.

MORE EFFECTIVE CAMPAIGN MANAGEMENT Working with the Windows Live corporate team, its creative agencies and in-market stakeholders, Lionbridge developed a solution to ensure the successful delivery of globally-consistent, locally impactful campaigns. Through its Global Campaign Ops service, Lionbridge works collaboratively with Windows Live global marketing managers and in-market stakeholders to develop strategies for campaign execution. The Lionbridge team manages the collection, localization and implementation of market changes (marketization) to meet local expectations before producing and deploying each campaign. Once a campaign is launched, Lionbridge also provides ongoing optimization and maintenance.

IMPROVED CAMPAIGN CREATION Lionbridge addressed varying multi-market challenges for Windows Live–including the numerous publishing platforms, multimedia components, and analytics sources—by centralizing campaign management activities through the Lionbridge Global Marketing Ops Center of Excellence (CoE). The CoE provides a consistent point of leadership for the Windows Live campaign program. Supporting the CoE are scalable, regional experts who are skilled at administering digital assets for local markets and applying corporate campaigns regionally. Now, when Corporate creates a campaign, each local market determines the components and content they want to use and Lionbridge adapts them to reflect local preferences and

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CHALLENGES ++Generate marketing campaigns on a predictable schedule

++Increase campaign frequency and reliability

++Localize campaign assets for multiple markets around the world

++Manage corporate, local-market and third-party entities involved in campaign creation


expectations. This approach gives Windows Live subsidiaries control over the campaigns, while Corporate ensures campaigns are executed consistently.


Lionbridge also facilitates communication between Windows Live Marketing and the local teams to streamline campaign execution and ensure success. Lionbridge engineers, developers and program managers understand the nuances of each market and know how to customize campaigns according to local requirements. Lionbridge also provides guidance to Microsoft’s creative agencies on image, video, and content usage in each locale.

++Greater campaign consistency across


innovation and automation

With Lionbridge managing the campaign process, Windows Live has improved content consistency and increased campaign deployment on a global basis. The success of the campaigns has even prompted Microsoft to designate Windows Live Marketing as a Global Center of Excellence for Microsoft Marketing Operations worldwide. When Lionbridge first began providing support, 30 local markets used corporate-produced Windows Live campaigns. Each campaign typically consisted of up to 50 assets including video, HTML landing pages, banner ads, audio files and other digital content. Today, roughly 60 local markets participate, and each campaign features as many as 400 assets. As the campaigns generate positive results more quickly, Lionbridge is supporting more markets and the Windows Live team is generating more assets. In addition to increasing the impact of consumer content and greater in-market campaign success, overall workflow time has been reduced by 20 percent, and the time for marketization has been reduced by 50 percent.

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++Faster go-to-market time for campaigns ++Improved in-market campaign success ++On-demand scalability and support for market expansion

++Improved best practices, process

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Microsoft Windows Live is responsible for creating and deploying locally-relevant digital campaigns for 75 markets worldwide. With a constra...