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Global Web Ops: A Business Plug-in Solution for Managing Global Websites Remove the headaches of web publishing so you can focus on your core objectives

SOLUTION HIGHLIGHTS ++Responsive and efficient We provide follow-the-sun operations on a 24/7 basis with near-zero latency

“ We getweproduction requests can’t

nearly impossible “to It’s forecast our global

support with our technology, but taking time to train people on new tools is a luxury I can’t afford.

publishing volumes and our staffing model doesn’t scale. We’re either drowning in work or sitting idle.

++Support for your systems We operate on your existing systems and support your established policies; our solution requires no changes to your environment

++Reduced cycle times Our Six Sigma experts run events on targeted problem areas to dramatically reduce cycle times

Our web publishing “cycles are too long.

With so many requests, channels, and media formats to support, we struggle to publish our content on time, if at all.

Maintaining and “growing our global web

properties is expensive. The more geographies we take on, the harder it is to control our production costs.

++Focused on quality Aggressive SLAs, detailed dashboard reporting, and continuous process improvement all ensure work is done right the first time

The complexity of the digital ecosystem is taxing your web publishing department. As websites evolve to support business-critical applications, and content becomes richer, you’re being asked to publish on more digital devices, platforms, and channels, in more geographies and languages, on behalf of ever-more demanding Marketers and other corporate stakeholders. The requests are unpredictable and complex, the timeframes unrealistic, the production volumes erratic, and some of the work requires very specific technology your team isn’t trained on.



Lionbridge Global Web Ops is designed for the ad hoc nature of worldwide web production.



Success in this chaotic environment requires a new approach. You need a partner that can provide an already-established infrastructure designed for flexibility; one with the people, process and technology to get the job done. It should be cost-effective, scalable, efficient, adaptable, and representative of geographic markets, producing high-quality output across the board. It must support your teams, your agencies, your users and your brands to ensure the steady flow of digital content with the maximum return on investment.



Leveraging our global scale and broad production and publishing expertise, our solution provides end-to-end global web production services for project management, localization, customization, engineering, testing, staging and publishing as well as ongoing maintenance. And with our flexible delivery model, we can accommodate unpredictable skill-set and volume demand, thereby improving stakeholder satisfaction and reducing turnaround time. Our overall client satisfaction rating is 96%. Our long history of managing translation and localization projects has allowed us to build a proven production process. Lionbridge’s production and technology capabilities extend across a full range of platforms – from Web Content Management Systems (WCM) and authoring tools, to business intelligence (BI) and web analytics tools. From our Global Web Ops Center of Excellence (CoE), we provide a streamlined, single point of leadership for your global web publishing program. Supporting the CoE are in-country experts who are adept at administering your digital assets for local markets and applying corporate-initiated campaigns and content regionally.

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Clients using the Lionbridge Global Web Ops solution are experiencing a 6x reduction in cycle time for their landing page deployments

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Lionbridge GMO Global Web Ops Solution Brief  
Lionbridge GMO Global Web Ops Solution Brief  

The complexity of the digital ecosystem is taxing your web publishing department. As websites evolve to support business-critical applicatio...