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What is Global? How do you describe something that is more than one thing and made up of many different people. Set up in January 2005 by Snr Directors Dave and Shelley Shore, Global is best described in three ways. Firstly it is a registered charity with very clear aims and objectives. One of the main aims is to affect positive change in the lives of the people the charity works with, whether this is mentally, physically, spiritually or through improvements in their relationships or finances. Global is also an organisation, currently employing 13 people and managing a full-time volunteer team of 15. We have budgets, targets and clear roles and responsibilities not to mention a growing business section of entrepreneurial and business-minded people. Finally Global is a vibrant, twenty-first century Christian church which has seen unprecedented growth in the weekly attendance of its Sunday events from when it started in January 2005. No longer do we have to put up with irrelevant religion with its dead traditions, instead Global shows church can be relevant and credible to all generations.

Global Lancashire Global recently opened a centre in Oswaldtwistle, Lancashire where it is operating with the same values, culture and activities. This is an exciting new prospect which includes a 500 seater conference centre which is used by the community on a daily basis. The operations in both Lancashire and York are overseen by Global’s Senior Directors Dave and Shelly Shore.

“Global Junior has established itself as a quality provider of activities for children aged from 6-11 years old. Our team consists of 2 paid staff and a volunteer team of 40 people, some of whom are young people themselves. During the summer holidays we ran a highly successful kids work programme in 5 different locations around the city of York which saw over 800 children attend over 6 weeks. As a team, we want to be positive role models to the younger generation, inspiring them to reach their potential and enabling them to build great lives for the future. We believe in taking a holistic, long term approach by working alongside parents, families and schools in order to maximise our goal in helping children grow into successful adults who are able to navigate their way through life with confidence. We do this by running weekly clubs where children can develop, have fun and make friends within a safe and secure environment. People often underestimate the impact that ‘just being there’ can actually have on chilldren; it really is a privilege to see lives transformed simply by being in their world week after week.” Pete & Erin Gardner (Heads of Global Junior)

Regular & Recent work Global Junior has carried out:



Our parenting programme works with over 200 parents and has been a key in bringing out the best in children. Global Junior volunteers visit the homes of children we work with in order to build and maintain great working relationships with families.

Global Junior meets Government criteria for the Extended Schools Policy by integrating their services into the school’s structure. We currently partner with 6 primary schools in the York area by providing assemblies, after-school activities and kids’ clubs.



Being a consistent presence in kids’ lives is at the heart of our values. On top of local children’s projects, we also run a free bus to a weekly kids’ event that sees over 60 children attend.

A growing project needs a growing work force! The ongoing success of Global Junior has attracted students from York University who give up their free time and volunteer to run and facilitate children’s clubs and activities. We require all our helpers to undergo training and CRB Disclosure for peace of mind.

“The work Global has done with The Children’s Fund has proven to be a huge success. They bring a fresh and innovative approach to their work with children and young people” - Bernie Flanagan, Children’s Fund Programme Manager

“Global Youth was started out of a desire to deal with one of the biggest problems faced by modern society. Today, young people are often portrayed in the media as reckless, aggressive and out-of-control; we want to change that image and be a solution. We see crime, unwanted pregnancy, violence and substance abuse as products of a deep-seated need for direction, purpose and value amongst youth. We want to tackle these issues head-on at grass-roots level by providing a selection of meaningful projects, events and schemes at the heart of the community. We have a team of volunteers who have seen the need and are passionate about making a difference and enhancing the lives of young people, particularly, but not exclusively, of those from disadvantaged backgrounds. One of those volunteers, Ben Carty, was commended and awarded the prestigious York Pride Person of the Year prize for his work with Global Youth. We are seeing increasing numbers of success stories as we continue to work hard at empowering young people to dare to believe that they can be successful and break the mould of expectation. Young people are designed for adventure and we want to encourage them to use their energy and enthusiasm to become awesome individuals who make a positive contribution to their communities.” Rich & Julie Martin (Heads of Global Youth)

Regular & Recent work Global Youth has carried out:




We run 6 structured youth groups every week, allowing young people to get involved in the running, planning and decision making processes.

Partnering with 6 different secondary schools, delivering lunch time and after school activities has created a great forum to meet young people and be a part of their everyday life.

Global Youth have pioneered unique role called a Community Youth Coach which offers one-to-one support and activities for the most disadvantaged young people.



We are seeing more and more youth drawn from hanging out on streets and in parks, coming along to the largest youth event in the city every Friday night. We currently see over 100 young people aged 11-16 attending and getting involved every single week.

We place great emphasis on giving young people tailored support and guidance for life issues from a person they can relate to. We want to give honest advice for difficult situations and celebrate their successes through every step of their journey as a young person. This is why we’ve designed a mentoring scheme which currently involves over 70 youth.

“Global are exceptional at working with people and their passion and focus in reaching a community is infectious.” David Green, Minster FM Station Controller

Global jr?

Global Communities aims to connect people together who are at similar points in life, resource those in need and bring back a sense of community that often seems lost. We work with local people to assess the needs of an area and use local facilities to bring a focal point to the community. It sometimes goes unnoticed that York has pockets of deprivation that are ranked in Britain’s worst 10%. We want to bring hope and help to those places and, through the infectious attitude of our team, we are constantly finding people from those areas who want to join in and drive initiatives themselves. Global Communities recently ran a city wide tour providing family fun days in 8 different locations across York with competitions, games and activities. Over just one summer, 3,550 people attended and it became the largest free summer activity held for the City of York in 2007.” Pete & Erin Gardner (Heads of Global Communities)

Regular & recent work Global Communities has carried out: Part of building great community is meeting a practical need. Groups of volunteers help people, like single mums and the elderly, to do the jobs they struggle to do themselves, such as clearing a garden or fixing things around the house. In a world where everyone is busy, we want to create time for people to connect and make new friends. We do this by organising family trips and social events on a regular basis.

Nothing beats people looking out for people. At times like Christmas, we give extra effort to let people know that we’re there for them by giving out gifts and hampers to families who might otherwise go without.

Area Bell Farm Featured Area: As an organisation, we have had the opportunity to work with the Bell Farm estate in York. Here we provide the following on a weekly basis: a kids’ club, a youth club, parental and resident visiting and an adult drop at the community centre. We have also partnered with the Bell Farm Residents’ Association and organised large events including Christmas craft evenings, cafe, summer trips for youth and kids and family fun days in local parks. “Global are a bunch of people who are just genuine in what they do and they bring life to an area like Bell Farm. I’ve also seen some really positive changes in my daughter Courtney since she got involved with the work that Global Junior does.” Marie & Courtney Conlon, local family.




The Global Dance Academy is for young people who have

The Global Leadership Academy allows young people

The Global Music Academy works with young people to

a creative talent in dance. Over 20 members meet at a local

from all over the country to take a year out before or

further their musical ability. It works with some of the

dance studio to choreograph and practise routines before

after university to get trained in all aspects of leadership

city’s best musicians and singers by developing skills

performing them at both Global and non-Global events.

whether at work or in their personal life. Academy

such as playing in a band, performing live, song writing

members are taught how to build and work within a team,

and studio recording.

We have recently brought in professional dance artists from London to run specialist workshops for the most talented of the group. Many of the young people who

they take on a leadership roles within Global, and organise a variety of tasks, budgets and events.

In the summer of 2006 the Global Music Academy won a national award for their creativity and passion. The prize

attend come from difficult backgrounds and have found

The 2007 programme has 15 people on it who support

involved laying down some of their own written tracks in

strength in being part of a positive group which has grown

themselves through part time jobs or funding obtained

a professional recording studio. The academy takes place

their confidence and developed their skills as dancers.

before the year starts. The Global Leadership Academy

every week and currently has over 15 students.

members get involved in all aspects of what Global does and are foundational to the smooth running of the entire organisation.

“Being part of the Global Dance Academy is so much fun. I go because of the brilliant atmosphere and I’ve made really good friends since joining. I love the fact that we perform regularly and get to contribute towards making the routines.”

“The Global Leadership Academy has given me so many key skills! It’s enabled me to do things I’d never have done. I’ve met so many new people and have achieved so much in such a short time! It has definitely been a year that I’ll never forget.”

Hannah Shields, Age 12 , York

Lynne Hardy, 2:1 Psychology, York

“I love playing the guitar so when I found out I could join the Global music academy and improve my playing I was really excited. I now get the chance to play in front of large crowds and learn from people who are further ahead...its the best thing in my week.” Aaron Dixon -Age 16, York

A MESSAGE FROM SOME OF OUR PARTNERS Alan Prole Managing Director of Live Smart @ Home and BoKlok UK “We are delighted to be partnering with Global. It is a dynamic organisation that makes a real difference for communities and individuals. We have a common culture and desire to change people’s lives for the better. The quality of their core team is exceptional and we are a stronger company because of this relationship. We will continue to support Global in the future.”

Wendy Capelin Wendy Capelin, Head of Corporate Human Resources CPP Group PLC “CPP has looked to partner with local organisations that are passionate about reaching out to their community. Through partnering with Global we have been able to influence and make positive changes to some of the neediest communities in our area. Global has made it really easy for us to communicate our partnership with our employees and we regularly show to them DVD’s of the work our partnership has achieved. We are proud to be working

with such a great charity and look forward to our future partnership with Global.” Councillor Andrew Waller Executive Member for Neighbourhood Services

“Global is an innovative and dynamic organisation that focuses on work in the neighbourhoods where people live. I commend the work that they do with youth and children in providing positive activities to engage with each other and the wider community. I believe that they are making significant progress in changing the climate of young people today.”

“Global are incredible, they have the skill of bringing communities together.” - Shaun Sutcliffe, Police Inspector

REAL PEOPLE... REAL LIVES Hayley Cooke Single Parent, York “Global really do care about people. Being a single mum has had its ups and downs but I know that I wouldn’t be where I am today without them. People underestimate the power of acceptance and knowing that there are friends around you that are with you every step of the way. Since having Abriah, I’ve gone back to university to study and have rebuilt a healthy relationship with her father. Instead of being a victim, Global has inspired me to live life to the full and get excited about what the future holds.”

Dave & Claire Cambage Parents of 5 children, Clifton “We came across Global a few months ago and couldn’t believe how friendly and helpful people were to us; as parents of 5 children, we’ve really

valued the support that they’ve given us. We decided to get married recently and were blown away that people from Global chipped in to make it happen. If there’s anyone who’s wondering what kind of an organisation Global is, we’d say that it’s a group of people who just want to get out there into communities and help others.”

Taz Barnes Young Person from Chapelfields, York “Before I came to Global, I used to spend my evenings hanging out on the streets looking for something to do and usually getting into trouble. My life was purposeless and without direction. One night I met some people from Global who invited me to a youth event they were running. From that moment my life changed. I met people who were interested in me, my life and actually cared! Global has been alongside me through all the ups and downs of my life. There was nothing that was too big for them to help me deal with. I definitely wouldn’t be where I am today without the support of Global. I am confident, can stand up for what I believe in, face and overcome life’s challenges. Being part of Global has transformed my life.”

2006 - 2007 Global Finances Income: £176k

£120k Donations from Individuals £17k HM Revenue & Customs £12k Complete Change Solutions Ltd. £12k Dickinson & Co. Ltd. £10k York Childrens Fund £5k CPP

Outgoings: £155k

£52k Wages £51k Youth, Kids and Community Work £20k New Equipment for Community Work £13k Building Rentals (to run weekly activities) £10k National and International Donations to other Charities £9k Organisation Running Costs

A MESSAGE FROM THE DIRECTORS Dave & Shelley Shore Senior Directors of Global It would be an understatement to say that we really appreciate and value the ongoing support of our partners, whether that is with businesses, schools, local authorities or individuals. Hopefully this brochure has given you a glimpse into the success we have experienced so far and offered a flavour of the many faces of Global. As parents of 3 boys, aged 18, 15 and 12, we know first hand how modern family life can often feel like a juggling act. Whilst running a successful business, investing in properties and Shelley doing her job as a midwife, we also want to be great examples to our children. We want to draw from those experiences in the hope that others around us can benefit. As Global, we are constantly expanding and committed to trying new channels of development, pressing forward into fresh avenues in order to bring success to our city and beyond. Needless to say, we are hugely excited about what the future has to offer. We believe that Global has only just begun to scratch the surface of this city’s full potential. We can confidently say that, as an organisation, alongside our partners, we are certain that we can make a difference that will impact on generations to come. Many thanks, Dave & Shelley Shore Matt & Amanda Stephens Associate Directors of Global Since its formation in January 2005, Global has grown significantly out of a passion to reach into the world around us and be a resource to our local community. We are a Christian, faith-based organisation determined to be a real and genuine solution to the problems society is facing in the 21st century. With my background as a life coach, and Amanda’s as a solicitor, we want to engage people from all backgrounds and ages to tool them up with great skills to live out everyday life in the best way they can. We place strong value on the importance of the family unit as we believe it is the backbone of great communities. We encourage families by bringing hope into impossible situations, giving people a second chance in life and offering honest, no-stringsattached support, simply because we can. Many thanks, Matt & Amanda Stephens

To find out more information about Global, please visit our website

If you are interested in investing or partnering with Global York, please contact us at: Global York, Room 128, West Offices, York, YO1 6HT 0800 019 3922

Global Corporate Brochure 2008  

Global Corporate Brochure 2008

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