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Every year young men and women across the world decide to give one year of their lives to work for God and make a difference in their generation. They look for a programme that will empower them to be used by God to their full potential and will allow them to have the biggest adventure of their lives. At Global we provide an opportunity to do just that...


WHAT IS GLOBAL? Global defines itself as three things - a faith based organisation, a charity, and a Christian church. It’s made up of people whose lives are continually changing, a people who serve God and are a resource to the world around them. Everything we do is underpinned by our vision statement: Love God. Love People. Love Life.

Established in York in 2005 by Dave and Shelley Shore, Global was formed out of a burning desire to reach the world around it with the Good News of Jesus Christ, in a relevant and credible way.

With just 40 people, Global was launched and quickly grew, not only numerically, but also in standing and reputation in the areas it works in. It became known as an organisation committed to presenting real and genuine solutions Global run activities for to the challenges children, youth, men, women currently facing the and communities. society, and seeing people get the most In York alone, Global out of life. contacts and impacts over


1500 individuals every week.

In 2006, Global was nominated for a York Pride award and young volunteer Ben Carty was awarded ‘Man of the Year’ for his work with youth through Global.


Working with everyone from teenagers and their families, to schools, whole communities and businesses, Global exists to be a resource to

as many as possible; positively impacting the lives of those it comes into contact with and making a difference that will impact on generations to come. Today Global reaches over 2,000 people a week as a major organisation and a fast growing 21st Century church. In October 2007, it opened a second centre in Lancashire, now known as Global Lancs. Over the past four years, Global has partnered with a variety of businesses and enterprises including Hilton Hotels, ASDA, Norwich Union and Marks and Spencer, as well as local councils and various church networks, such as Abundant Life Church in Bradford UK and the S4 Hope City Church Network, Sheffield UK.

WHAT IS THE ACADEMY? The Academy is a one year programme full of excitement and adventure launching people to make a significant difference in their generation! It’s the arms and legs of Global, enabling it to reach out to thousands of people each week, in schools, communities and on the streets, literally being God’s hands and feet. You could find yourself doing anything from running lighting rigs at conferences to working with young

people on the streets, to delivering food hampers to people in need. We work with children, youth, businesses, families and whole communities, bringing good news and meeting felt need, all the time being a relevant and credible 21st century church. Everything we do is underpinned by our vision to Love God, Love People, Love Life. Joining the Global Academy will put you at the heart of one the UK’s fastest growing church movements. It will give you the tools to reach

lost people and help you develop your personal faith, your skills, your passion for God, your leadership ability and your character. The Global Academy will truly be one of the greatest adventures of your life!


After just one year on the Academy I can look back and see how much it’s changed my life. Before I came on, I didn’t have the skills and abilities to run programmes and lead people. I now lead two large teams within the church, have my own company and have even travelled to New York and Tanzania on business projects!” - Paul Martin



Global Junior is all about positively impacting future generations. Working in the heart of communities, we provide activities for children aged 5-11 in some of the most disadvantaged areas, as well as a large Sunday event, bringing together all those we’ve worked with in the week. We also run dynamic interactive workshops, lessons, activity sessions and assemblies in local primary schools, in addition to parent and toddler groups which are open to all. Every week we visit over 200 children and families at their homes, delivering activity sheets and building great relationships with parents, helping them on their own journey of faith. Our programmes provide children with safe, fun and vibrant atmospheres to enjoy activities and build confidence and key life skills. It’s our aim to empower children to make excellent choices by teaching them great life principles, providing sound role models and being a consistent positive presence in their lives.



Global Youth has grown to become one of the largest independent youth organisation in the areas it works in, partnering with many prominent companies and working alongside local councils. Across the two locations, Global Youth works in secondary schools running workshops, lunch clubs and assemblies. We also run over 15 weekly youth events including dance and worship academies, detached street work and residential trips. You’ll be joining a large volunteer team who are committed to imparting wisdom to impact a generation and having the time of their lives!


After doing two years on the Academy I decided that I wanted to go to university. Unfortunately my A-level grades were well short of the entry requirements, but when the admissions tutor looked at my experiences with Global and saw the skills I had gained on the Academy, I got straight on! My parents were so amazed as the university is the 3rd best in the country and is renowned around the world. “ - Ben Carty



Global Communities encompasses everything from providing practical help for the vulnerable, to running huge events in the heart of an area for the local residents. We love to be with those who don’t know Christ, and this is one of our most effective ways of doing so. Community teams are the practical expression of our love for people.Through practical work we provide a service free of charge to people who would not be able to complete the work themselves. You could be doing anything from decorating or gardening to helping someone move or pampering. We also work with isolated groups in communities, helping to bring people together for a purpose, from eating lunch to learning how to do manicures! Everything we do is characterised by the great atmosphere we bring to it!

Global’s Events team incorporates conferencing. media, operations and production, and is one of the most varied teams to be part of! If you’re into filming and editing, graphics, sound and lighting, roadie-ing, interior design or organisation and administration, your skills can be used here! Don’t worry if you don’t know anything about this area - we offer loads of training to help get you running events to the highest standards. The Events team ensure that we continually create great environments for people to experience God and grow in faith.

Over the year you’ll impact 1000s of people, and for so many you’ll be the only contact they ever have with the gospel. On your year on the Academy, you could be doing anything from meeting city councillors to playing football with youth on the street, and all in the same day! For some of the Academy students, it’s the thing they like best about their year. 6// 6//

A WEEK IN THE ACADEMY... The leadership at Global have over 20 years experience of running year out teams, so we’ve picked up some things along the way! To enable Academy students to get the most out of the year we want to equip you with tools to give you a great balance and help you manage your finances, employment and Academy role.

Sunday The Global Sunday Events in York & Lancs Come and see the whole body of the church join together at our flagship events, which is geared towards being accessible to non-believers, and is the culmination of the week’s work.

Monday Morning

Academy meeting Kick start the week with the Academy meeting where we all come together, share stories of the week that’s just passed and look forward to the week ahead. You can literally feel faith rise as the team talk about the lives they’ve impacted, the people they’ve been in contact with and situations they’ve helped to turn around – and all within 7 days!

Workshop planning Get creative as the team plan dynamic, interactive workshops to be delivered in schools.


Primary school lunch club Running fun activities to help kids let off steam in the middle of their school day.

Conference hosting Use your hosting and event skills, welcoming and serving groups who use our facilities for their conferences. It’s a brilliant way to serve the community and make great connections with people.


Community visits Visit people who are part of Global or who come along to Global events. Build relationships with them throughout the year and use the evening to connect with them.

Other activities that take place Catch up with your own personal mentor, men’s football night, lesson support with disaffected pupils, visiting families of children who attend activities.

Tuesday Morning

Parent and toddler group Another great chance to work with families, creating a great atmosphere and offering a practical service.

Community visiting Building great relationships with people in the community, sourcing jobs for the community action team and generally being a great presence in an area.


Secondary school lunch club Taking nail bars, games consoles and much more into schools, creating chances to get to know young people and develop mentoring relationships

Stream time Media, production, communities, kids, admin or youth. Take this time to really get into your specific area, developing projects and making things happen.

Afterschool kids club An hour of crazy themed games and activities to impact kids’ lives by being a great influence!


Kids visiting

AN AVERAGE WEEK 7// Get into the heart of a community by delivering activity sheets to kids and their families.

Detached youth street work Meet young people where they’re at, offering practical help and advice, and hot chocolate!

Other activities that take place Youth mentoring, Global Re:Fuel (Lancashire), school activities.



Wednesday Morning

Afternoon Evening

Community action A whole day to get busy in the community offering practical help to vulnerable people. It might be decorating, gardening or even making up hampers – whatever we do, it’s all about fulfilling a need and making a difference!

Team meeting Meet with your key stream team for planning, praying or socialising!


Our midweek meeting which does just that! Come together for awe inspiring worship and inspirational and challenging teaching.

Other activities that take place Primary and secondary school lunch time activities, after school clubs, cooking workshops,

Thursday Morning



Detached youth street work

A time for you to go and earn money in the job of your choice. It’s on to the streets to catch up with the young people you’ve been working with in schools during the week, offering diversionary activities.

Other activities that take place Community events, planning and preparation, conference hosting, homework clubs

Friday Morning



Youth event

A time for you to go and earn money in the job of your choice. Providing a place for young people to experience fun, friendship, word and worship – many for the 1st time in their lives! It’s all about making it accessible to youth and their friends, and helping them on in their journey of faith.

Other activities that take place Schools work, planning and preparation, youth mentoring, workshops.

8// 8//


Giving a year of your life to God is an incredible decision, one that is so important it will stick with you for the rest of your life. For this reason Global is committed to developing you in three key areas; Competence – Focused in areas of leading, communication, delivering tasks and personal gifting. Character- Helping you become someone who is able to handle the pressure of being involved in multiple events and is a flexible team player Chemistry- Developing you in your relationship with others including how you interact, your communication skill, listening and feedback skills and the atmosphere around you. On top of this, you’ll have a CV featuring key skill sets including: •

Leadership skills.

QUICK FACTS Global has a volunteer force of over 100 Global partners with churches, businesses and local people to bring good news to as many as possible! Global is among the UK’s fastest growing churches




Communication abilities.

Team work experience.

Planning and leading.

Presentation skills.


Time management.



Hands on youth & children’s work experience.

Conferencing experience.


The Academy year is launched with a 3 week training schedule, which covers a huge variety of topics from understanding and applying apologetics to how to mentor young people! This initial training is then completed by attending the ‘Stronger’ leadership conference at the Abundant Life Centre in Bradford, where international speakers are brought in to teach and inspire. You’ll acquire both sound bible knowledge AND the skills of how to apply it to everyday life. Throughout the year there are regular training sessions from individuals including professional life coaches, local church leaders, Global leadership team members and Global’s Senior Leader Dave Shore.


At the end of the Academy year we celebrate the students achievements with the Academy Graduation, a great event to reflect on a life

changing year where your friends and family can see the impact you’ve achieved

To support themselves throughout the Academy year, students can find part-time employment (up to two days a week) to cover bills, rent and living cost. With the help of their ‘Academy Buddy’ (a current Academy member) students will need to find local accommodation before the year starts. Once they have found accommodation, students will be responsible for keeping up the agreement with their landlord. Many students are eligible for housing benefit which can reduce living costs by up to £160 per month Global is currently based in York and Lancs. If your application is successful, based on your skills and interests, and the needs of each site, we will allocate you to an area for the year. The Global Academy fee is £500 which covers all your training, conference fees, branded clothing and up to three residential trips. This amount needs to be paid before you start the year. To help you discover your full potential we operate a principle of ‘high support - high challenge’. This means you will be offered a mentor who will be somebody core within Global to guide you through

Living costs break down (approximate, by month)

Item Rent Bills Food Miscellaneous Total WHAT HAPPENS NEXT?

We know the Global Academy will offer you an awesome experience, but we don’t just want you to take our word for it – after all, if you’re committing to something for a year, you want to make sure it’s right for you. That’s why we offer ‘taster’ weekends, where you can come up and see everything that the Global Academy involves. We’ll put you up with a host family or at one of our Global centres and you’ll be buddied up with a current Academy student who’ll make sure you’re well looked after. Over the 3 days you’ll get to experience 1st hand everything that Global gets up to in a typical week. You can see for yourself the heart of

Cost £250 £40 £80 £60 £430 Global, and ask all the questions you have before applying to join. Following this the process below will take place: •

Complete and return your application form

Application is reviewed – if successful you will be invited to attend interview.

A letter will be sent to unsuccessful applicants explaining why they were not successful

Interviews will take place.

Successful applications will be offered a place within 7 days of the interview.

Unsuccessful applicants will be informed in writing.

A day will be arranged for new students to meet each other prior to the start of the Academy.

The Global Academy will start on the last Sunday of August.

If you’ve got any questions,or would like to chat anything though, we’d love to hear from you! Feel free to call Jess Greenwood (Academy Coordinator) at our office on +44 (0)1904 592 525, or send an email to:


Being on the Academy was the best thing that has happened to me. It provided an opportunity for me to learn so many new skills and develop as an individual. I’m now so much more confident and feel able to go and do so much more – I’m currently helping to lead a Church and am a manager for a fast growing business based in the North of England.” Erin Gardner


Global Academy Brochure - April 2009  

Global Academy Brochure - April 2009

Global Academy Brochure - April 2009  

Global Academy Brochure - April 2009