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Robin Sharma is the bestselling author of The Leader Who Had No Title

and put some out of business. The best leaders and the best enterprises have a hunger to improve. It is such a deep part of their culture, they know of no other way to be. And that is the edge that makes them great. Please simply remember that the illusion of safety is always more dangerous than the threats of uncertainty and that all change is hard at first, messy in the middle and beautiful at the end. 4. Become a value creator versus a clock watcher Success comes from the value you add rather than from the “busy-ness” you show. What is the point of being really busy around the wrong things? Leadership is a game of focus. Focus on fewer but smarter activities, the ones that create real value for your teammates, customers and the world at large. The best leaders on the planet are all about impact. Their dominant obsession is to create ridiculous amounts of value for as many people as possible. They get that the swiftest way to make $1 billion is to solve a problem that serves a billion people. At my annual four-day leadership and elite performance event called the Titan Summit that I host every December, I walk participants through a game-changing methodology called “the 10 times value obsession” designed to make their companies become absolute market leaders. They shift from having customers to creating what I call fanatical followers.

This comes from focusing more on delivering awesome value and less on making the sale. 5. Put people first Southwest Airlines founder Herb Kelleher famously said: “The business of business is people”. We have a ton of technology yet less and less humanity. Let us remember people do business with people they like, trust and respect. So build your team, meet your customers, deepen human connections, treat others with respect - and put people first. 6. Remember tough times build strong leaders Look at any exceptional leader and you will find they stepped into their leadership best during a period of crisis versus calmness. To lead without a title is to hunt for opportunity amid every adversity. Every setback has the seeds of an opportunity. Companies like Apple, Google, GoPro, Facebook and Amazon were built because their people leveraged disruptive times into brilliant wins and refused to give up when faced with difficulty. The Titan Summit 2016 will feature Robin Sharma and his faculty of global experts on exponential productivity, immortality, growing a world-class company and impacting the world. This year's event is at The Park Hyatt in Zurich, December 4-7. To get on the waiting list go to



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