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EDITOR’S LETTER GLOBAL CITIZEN EDITOR IN CHIEF Natasha Tourish - SUB EDITOR Tahira Yaqoob - LIFESTYLE EDITOR Nausheen Noor - ART DIRECTOR Omid Khadem - FINANCE MANAGER CONTRIBUTORS Zoi Constantine, Phill Tromans, Ivan Carvalho, Ben Flanagan, Triska Hamid, Chanelle Tourish, Rachel Taylor PRINTED BY Masar Printing and Publishing

e’ve been ushered into a new era of the European Union brought about by the historic decision by the British public to leave the EU. The true consequences of which won’t be felt for years to come — the UK has a two-year window in which to negotiate a new treaty to replace the terms of EU membership once it invokes Article 50. Besides free trade agreements, freedom of movement among EU countries — one of the most important and controversial achievements of the EU, allowing global citizens to live, work and study anywhere in the EU is top of the negotiating agenda when Britain sets out its reformed role outside of Europe. However, as commentators have been quick to point out, while the leave campaign want tighter controls on borders, they are far from antiimmigration and they will want to continue to roll out the red carpet for the brightest and best from all over the world who contribute millions in foreign investment to its GDP. However, it may be a step too late, experts at the London School of Economics have warned of a drop in GDP of up to four per cent and years of economic uncertainty. The UK’s passport has already plunged in value as a UK citizen’s right to travel freely is under threat and as Britain looses some of its control and pull for foreign investors, it’s likely its loss will be other European countries gain. Our summer edition focuses on the European countries that are likely to benefit from Brexit, namely Montenegro, Hungary and Portugal.

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