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SISTERS ARE DOING IT FOR THEMSELVES The Abdulrazak sisters broke the mould with their all-female family business—and they are as tight as their brand name suggests BY AMANDA FISHER

hen they were little girls, Rasha, Hind and Sara Abdulrazak were masters of manipulation. They would often armtwist their Emirati father into taking them into his furniture company offices instead of school. Perhaps it is a sign that they were always cut out to be highflying business leaders because two decades on, they are at the helm of Sisters Beauty Lounge, an empire that has enjoyed a fast-paced trajectory. Together with their Iranian mother Shirin, they have overseen its expansion to 10 outlets under three different brands and a burgeoning number of franchises.


MAY / JUNE 2016

Collectively they preside over a staff of 250. “We have been raised with entrepreneurial parents since we were born,” says Sara, now 29. She is the youngest of the three; Hind is now 31 and Rasha 33. Their father, she says, was “so easily swayed” when they were younger. “My mum would call him and be like, ‘Why am I hearing the kids in the background—why are they not at school?’” “We were persuasive salespeople even back then,” chimes in Hind. Shirin, a lifelong entrepreneur, started Sisters Beauty Lounge

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