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Glitter Nail Art Kit and Supplies UT : 801-695-7007

Glitties Nail Art started like all great ideas do – as a solution. Amanda Best – licensed cosmetologist, nail enthusiast, and mother of three – came to realize the need for one such a solution in 2008. Working as a professional cosmetologist, Amanda quickly grew frustrated with the limited selection for nail art. Colors were limited, application was expensive, and the freedom and ability to express and create was nonexistent. In 2010 another great idea and solution was created, Glitties Do-It-Yourself Glitter Toes. In Amanda’s own words, “I fell in love with gel glitter toesand shared my excitement with my clients. They were thrilled about their super-sparkly fabulous nails. However, they all had the same complaints–the high cost of a professional application, and damage from the difficult gel removal.”

Try our NEW Valentine Glitters! Each custom glitter is a hand mixed blend of 4 to 7 colors, shapes, and sizes. All of these glitters can be used in acrylics, gels. All of our Valentine Glitter Collection are solvent resistant and can be placed directly into nail polish. Visit : to get more information about us Address : 9669 Temple Shadows Dr, Cedar Hills, UT 84062, USA Call : 801-695-7007

Glitter nail art kit and supplies ut 801 695 7007