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Glitteratti , the authority on all things food, beauty fashion, business, politics and fun. Every Nashville’s socialite ultimate lifestyle resource in Nashville. Reaching across multiple platforms while delivering world news, music, politics and community news.



The Glitteratti and speaks to women across all genres, in all aspects of their lives, from shopping , business ,kids and travel. The Glitteratti is projected to be Nashville’s official guide for socialites!


Social Calendar Fashion

Glitteratti Magazine GLITTERATTI HAS


Glitteratti Magazine has partnered with Star PR Nashville to handle our PR for our vendors. Nationwide Press Releases reaching 250k subscribers, and 40k journalist that’s instantly optomised for search engins, Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, Email and Bulk Text SMS Blasts;




Just because were fabulous we have partnered with a few radio stations to promote your events absolutely free.


The 15th Each Month

Ad Artwork ( Limited) Promote your events on Radio Press Release to 250k Subscribers 40k Journalist Social Media Brand Marketing Pink Carpet Service Marketing Consult






Nashville’s Black Men All About Black Relationships



Nashville’s Power Couples History Correction Blinded by love Exposing Family Secrets







Women’s Health Loving you curves How Many Moons does the earth have? Get Ready for College Booming Business In Nashville Starting a Home Based Business Relationship RX Nashville’s 20 Movers and Shakers He Cheated Now What? Glitteratti’s 10 People to know in Nashville Obama , Can WE do it again?





The power of bankruptcy Family wealth The truth about stocks & bonds Setting Education Standards at Home Divorce, what’s fair? Getting along with the new wife & Kids Playing Nice with the Ex Wife



Discipline your children Christmas, Why Keep up the lie Gift Ideas Remembering Kwanzaa


Print & Advertisement Deadline


Cover Back Cover Full Page Side Panel Corner Panel Half Page Market Card Bottom Panel One Liner

6.25 x 9.25 6.25 x 9.25 6.25 x 9.25 8.75 x 1.604 4.25 x 2.57 4.5 x 5.75 1.5 x 2.857 1.251 x 5.571 00.5 x 5.571


$3000 $2000 $650 $300 $250 $350 $200 $200 $125

20% discount for nonprofit organizations ( Only on Camera Ready Artwork) All ads must be received camera-ready( Camera Ready-does not require any enlargement, reduction, editing or layout. Color ads must use the CMYK color space (not RGB) for newsprint black and white ads must be received grayscale. Please email All files must be e-mailed to: glitterattimag@gmail. Please put business name in the subject line. Advertiser Responsibility: The Glitteratti magazine, Inc., reserves the right to reject any advertisement submitted, as well as the right to print the word “advertisement� on any ad that, in our opinion, resembles editorial copy. The advertiser and/or advertising agency agrees to indemnify and hold harmless from and against any loss or expenses resulting from any disputes or legal claims.

Attracting Photographers & Journalists to Your Event If media presence is what you want, Pink Carpet Events in conjunction with Glitteratti Magazine and Lime Star PR can attract journalists and media to make your event newsworthy. What is the difference between Pink Carpet Events and them, Everything! We have an aggressive public relations department that works not stop to secure our place with the media movers and shakers. What does that mean for you, its simple. With us in the top 3 of Public Relations firms we have the media just a phone call way. Pink Carpet Events are like no other. Photographers will be attracted to your event, like butterflies are to nectar, if you have a Pink Carpet Events on your team. We will make your event special by adding the perfect mix of celebrity lavishness that everyone is attracted to. It need not be the Oscars or Grammies, you don’t even have to Brad Pitt or Halle Berry. Our custom backdrops, media wall and red carpet runway, guarantees excellent photo opportunities for the photographers of newspapers, videographers of news channels and everyone who visits your events. That is what we offer. Pink Carpet Package

Silver Media Package

Event Banner 8 ft x 10 ft

2- Photographers


6 Stanchions and Red Ropes

1 -Host\ Interviewer

1- 3 min. edited dvd.

Red Carpet Section 6 ft x 16 ft

1 -B-Roll of Red Carpet Interviews

2 Media Lights

* To insure we get the photographs that matter, Please supply a list of principals that must be photographed. .



12 Stanchions and Red Ropes - $120 Red Carpet Section 6ft x 24ft - $100 4 Media Lights - $75 10 x 10 Black Tents $350 6 ft Black Linen Table $25 White Sky Tracker Lights $150 Giant Movie Screen w/rear projector $625 House Photographer $150 per hr Media Host B Roll $75 per hr VIP Check In, (2) Chairs & Throw $225 Black Canopy 10 x 20 $450 Press Release (Including Distribution , 400 Words Max) $250 Media Release (Blast 7,900 Media outlets, 80,000 journalist, distribution to 4,000+ websites and trade publications for your industry) $650+ Backdrop Vinyl 7 ft x 8 ft (3-4 people) * Customer must provide sponsors logo or art work. The art work is repeated and spaced , Each sponsor is give equal media coverage. $450+ Backdrop Vinyl 8 ft x 10 ft (5-6 people) *Customer must provide sponsors logo or art work. The art work is repeated and spaced , Each sponsor is give equal media coverage. $600+

Advertiser Information: I ______________________________ authorize Glitteratti Magazine to insert an ad in the __________________ issue, Closing Date__________________ as follows: Contact Name: _____________________________________ Billing Address: _____________________________________ Phone: ____________________________________________ Email: _____________________________________________

* If paying with Credit Card or Cash, Please call 615-669-4548 at the time of order placement. To protect our clients and our reps, cash and credit card payments must be handled through the main office. *Advertiser agrees that if artwork/advertisement does not arrive at the deadline date of _______ 3rd , the publisher will insert appropriate copy of its choosing to fulfill the contract. The Publisher is not responsible for errors and/or omissions which may be present in the advertising copy once the advertiser has signed the approval form. Please make all check/money orders to Glitteratti Magazine   

ALL ADVERTISEMENT MUST BE PAID IN FULL BEFORE WE CAN PRINT. 2% Discount per frequency in 12 month period  20% Discount for Non Profits Complementary Ad’s are given to business/organizations that donate to the Gliteratti Magazine, which are tax deductable. Glitteratti is a 501 (c) 3 Non– Profit.

Advertisement Rep : __________________________________ Phone # ______________________ Artwork Received on ____ By ______________

Ad Size _____________ Fee $_____________

Ad Size _____________ Fee $_____________

Ad Size _____________ Fee $_____________

Ad Size _____________ Fee $_____________ Discounts $ _____________ Total: $______________

___ Sending Artwork _____ Needs Custom designed Artwork Advertisement 1st Line __________________________________________________ 2nd Line

Glitteratti Magazine Vendor Sign Up Business Name: _________________________________________________ Address: _______________________________________________________ Phone Number: __________________________________________________ Email __________________________________________________________

__ Standard Program ($20 per month, 40 magazines) __ $0.50 per magazine @ ____ Magazines = $__________.___ All payments are due on delivery. Deliveries are made at the 4th week of each month. If you no longer wish to carry the Glitteratti Magazine please call 615.669.4548 or email . We thank you for being a vendor, we look forward to a progressive business relationship. If you agree to the terms above please sign below (Print) _________________________________________ (Sign) _________________________________________ (Date) ___________

Sales Rep: _______________________________________________________

Glitteratti Media Kit 2011  

Glitteratti Media Kit

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