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Issue one

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welcome to glimpse. This magazine has been born out of a desire to create, and to discover our inherent nature as creative beings. we celebrate the handcrafted, handpicked, handmade and intimately detailed. We’ve got a collection of interviews with people that make, create,curate and sell. Then we’ve got recipes and DIY projects to inspire you to craft your own. Glimpse is about your favourite person, your favourite colour, your inspiration and your daily routine.This issue we’ve got a crush on the colour pink, florals, metallics, interesting textures and the eclectic bunch of individuals who make up our very first issue of GLIMPSE. enjoy, be inspired, get your hands dirty.

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“Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues, but the parent of all others.� - Marcus Tullius Cicero

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Pink is all of our favourite things - it is our favourite leather jacket, cotton candy, sunrise and sunset, florals, musk sticks, lipstick, blushing cheeks, bubblegum and sorbet. In color psychology, pink is a sign of hope. It is positive and calming, inspiring warmth and comfort. much more than a fluffy sentimentality, The colour pink is said to calm and reassure our emotional energies, alleviating feelings of anger, aggression, resentment, abandonment and neglect. Psychologists tell us that that exposure to large amounts of the colour can have a calming effect on the nerves and create physical weakness in people. Pink is also a reminder to stay silly and girlish, and forget our adult responsibilities if only for a moment. Also, The colour pink was named after a dutch flower named pinken and anything named after fauna is a -okay by us.

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an ode to red lipstick & gwen

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I’ll never forget the first time I put on red lipstick. I read in a trashy magazine that it was Gwen Stefani’s staple item, her “goto” pick me up during a bad day. The world could end, but there’d still be her and her red lipstick. It was the early 2000s with fond memories of No Doubt and her solo album Love.Angel.Music.Baby about to hit. Needless to say, she was the “coolest-person-evaaaa”. Her praise for red was like scripture for gangly tween me and so off I went; to hunt down my Mum’s favourite lippy, fish it out of her purse and sneakily take it to a sleepover with me. I distinctly remember walking down the stairs of my friend’s house at 7am on a Saturday morning, red hue messily applied on my virgin lips. I sat at the table, waiting for the pancake ritual that followed most girly sleepovers. I must have been a pretty charismatic kid because I’d somehow convinced my friend to put some on too. And so there we sat, trying to subtley-yet-so-obviously purse our lips so somebody would applause our dazzling beauty. Enter the über cool older sister, wearing an over large Nirvana t-shirt, looking ever dischevelled in a way we clearly hadn’t mastered yet. She took one glance at my friend and I and screeched “Why the eff are you both wearing that?! You look like baby hookers!” I think I mumbled something about beloved Gwen whilst my cheeks flushed to match my Revlon Ravishing Red. Case closed. I’m proud to say years later I somehow plucked up the courage to try the red lipstick trend again and the outcome was a little more favourable. But in hindsight turns out my first beauty mishap sparked a deep fascination within me for creative people and their quirks. I live for candid interviews, photos and offbeat remarks that inspire us to find that our own sense of authenticity and embrace what makes us uniquely ourselves. And for a girl navigating her early 20s, “finding yourself” is such a bizarre concept. In theory it’s a dazzling treasure hunt through relentless opportunity and ambition. In reality, it’s a nervous expedition filled with fear, insecurity and a whole lot of negative self talk. And probably some Nutella and reality TV. But that’s where these glimpses inspire. For me, hearing about Marilyn Monroe’s love affair with Chanel No 5 inspired me to find my own signature scent and wear YSL’s Baby Doll every. single. day. (This probably contributed to the baby hooker comment, see above). When I found out the Olsen twins’ secret to doe eyes was brown eyeliner, I decided to make layer upon layer of mascara my thing. And even aside from beauty, there’s little quirks like favourite colours, eating spots, bars, staple wardrobe items, creative processes, sources of inspiration and downtime rituals. We are so lucky to be in a society where as women we feel empowered enough to make our own choices and decisions about what we wear, what we do and who we are. May we continue drawing inspirations from those we love and celebrating creativity. So here’s my ode to every glimpse that has ever made me brave. Brave enough to wear red lipstick now. Cheers Gwen Xo.

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She writes beautiful words, styles beautiful images, and creates beautiful products. Kristy from dandy Moon is one talented lady, and we were lucky enough to chat all things dandy, inspirations and a few of her favourite things.

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Check out the online dandy moon store and blog at dandymoon.com. She sells the most pretty of products here, from banners and custom prints, to cushions and a myriad of gifts/ homewares. Perfect for spoiling people , especially yourself.

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glimpse recipes

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we love all that is sweet and homemade. We’ve gathered some super sweet recipes for you to make, bake and devour. Choose from pink lemonade, buttery vanilla cake with marshmallow frosting or rose + white chocolate mousse. And, In the spirit of all things yummy and pretty, check out these pyramid chocolates from the clever ones at Nectar & Stone. Pretty AND edible, what more could you want?

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2 egg whites 1 1/2 cups white sugar 1/3 cup cold water 1 1/2 teaspoons light corn syrup 1 teaspoon vanilla extract 1 cup strawberry marshmallow

Place egg whites, sugar, water and syrup in the top of a double boiler if available. Beat until mixed well. Place over rapidly boiling water. Beat constantly with electric beater while it cooks for 7 minutes or until soft peaks form. Remove from heat and Stir in marshmallows and vanilla. Beat until they melt.



self-raising flour 1 cup plain flour 2 cups caster sugar 300g butter, cubed. 1 1/4 cups milk 6 eggs, at room temperature 3 teaspoons vanilla essence

CAKE: Preheat oven to 180째C. Lightly grease a round 25cm cake pan. Line base and sides with non stick baking paper. Place the self-raising flour, plain flour, sugar, butter, milk, eggs and vanilla essence in a large mixing bowl. Using an electric beater, beat on low speed for 30 seconds or until just combined. Increase the speed to high and beat for 1-2 minutes or until the mixture fully combined. Spoon the mixture into the prepared pan. Bake in preheated oven for 90 minutes or until a skewer inserted into the centre of the cake comes out clean. Remove from the oven and set aside for 10 minutes until completely cool.

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1 cup granulated sugar 2 1/2 cups fresh lemon juice, plus 4 lemons, thinly sliced to garnish 1 1/2 cups superfine sugar 2 cups cranberry juice

Bring water over sugar for

granulated sugar and 1 cup to a boil in a medium pan high heat. Stir until the is dissolved and refrigerate an hour or until chilled.

Add lemon juice, superfine sugar, cranberry juice, and 1 1/2 quarts water to a serving container. Stir until sugar is dissolved. Refrigerate until ready to serve. For and

serving, add ice cubes lemon slices. Enjoy your refreshing homemade drink!

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INGREDIENTS: 180g white chocolate, chopped 300ml thickened cream 1 teaspoon gelatine powder 3 eggs, separated 1 teaspoon rosewater White chocolate curls, to serve


Stir the chocolate and cream in a heatproof bowl over a saucepan of simmering water until melted. Set aside to cool. Place 1 tablespoon of boiling water in a small heatproof bowl and Sprinkle over the gelatine. Bring a small saucepan of water to the boil. Remove from the heat and Sit the bowl of gelatine in the water. stir until dissolved. Stir the egg yolks, rosewater, and gelatine into the cream mixture. Refrigerate for about 20 minutes, until slightly thickened. Use an electric mixer to beat the egg whites until firm peaks form. Fold into the cream mixture until evenly combined. Spoon evenly among serving glasses. Refrigerate for three hours or until set.

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glimpse creatives

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taking a glimpse with

Meet Nina Marlena; She spends her time handcrafting the most exquisitely detailed skull art we have ever seen. In her own words - “A slave to the skull obsessed; a creator of hand crafted craniums; uniquely beautified and made with love; an extension of death; some kind of afterlife wonderland” She’s also just a rad individual in general and we were lucky enough to ask her some questions about what inspires her creatively.

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What do you do? I don’t sleep. I work in an incredibly messy studio space, where I am 90% of the time dressed head to toe in plaster and glue covered clothes, frantically mixing, casting, coating and decorating skull ornaments for the interior environment. I also work in a clothing store, a beautiful homewares/furniture showroom and go on adventures with my sister every Tuesday.

how did it all begin? Where did your skull obsession come from? i feel like there is a particular fascination with the haunting beauty of the skull object and ultimately the provocative thoughts it evokes about life and death. However, the skull project itself was definitely born out of a love for art, rather than a love for skulls initially. I have always been into making things and this was a personal side project I created whilst doing my interior architecture degree. I had no idea at the time that it would evolve to be what it is today; a full on skull production business (I mean I just had to do my first nightmare tax return!).

What would be on your mood board right now? (Anything you are obsessed with right now‌ things, people, colours, textures, objects) Pom poms, embroidery, oil spill rainbows, eyes, iridescent sequins, smashed nailpolish, crushed ice, balloons, lace, hanging plants, creeping vines, painted pineapples, pastel lampshades, big fish bowls and fighting fish, zig zag prints, watercolour drips, sliced lemons, cellophane, vintage floral, smoke rings, transparent bags, bubblegum, in whites, oranges and greens.

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What is your most valuable possession? For the last 4 months probably my hair lacky. I have a hate relationship going on with my hair in its “inbetween phase” at the moment and I cant stand wearing it out. Ive tried and I last about a minuite. If I lost my lacky or it snapped, id be panicy and on the verge of being 100% ready to shave my head.

Who/ what inspires you the most? My ex boyfriend has been the biggest inspiration for me. He is incredibly talented and so motivated at teaching himself, being his own education system, with hugely successful results. It goes to show that anyone can accomplish anything with the right kind of drive and passion. He taught me to push through self doubt and have faith in my work. I think people are a first and foremost source of inspiration. Being in a new studio environment (after working out of my garage at home for the past year) has been incredibly rewarding. Working around others who are constantly creating and being able to discuss ideas is a great thing.

What is your Morning routine?... first thought, first bite, first read… My first thought, when my alarm goes off, is almost always “why did I stay up so late” and I will inevitably press the snooze button up until the moment where it is vital that I remove myself from the comfort heaven THAT’S we call “bed”. I will no doubt be in a massive rush to leave the house, dying to get a coffee while somehow making time to scroll through instagram instead of feeding myself.

When/ where are you happiest? Sleeping in, eating avo on toast, dance driving, executing new creative ideas, holidaying.

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Write down your dream playlist (6 – 10 songs, or however many you like) These are my current good mood tunes; Wekeed – wild child Caribou – cant do without you Touch sensitive – pizza guy Peking duk feat Nicole millar - high Flying lotus feat Kendrick lamar – never catch me Anna lunoe, flume – I met you Basenji – dawn Loston – drown Uno stereo – innervisions Drdr (Kaasi remix) – don’t break it Odeasza – my friends never die

Where would you most like to visit in the world? I want to go to America; to explore but also to make connections with people in the creative industry. What I really want to get into is set/scenic design, styling and extreme visual merchandising for window displays and event set up. It would be amazing to do work experience over there within those fields. I am also half german, so my sister and I are planning on exploring more of Europe soon. I cannot decide on a particular place or even country; if I could, I would go everywhere!

What’s your next big goal for your creations? Touching on what I mentioned earlier about America, I want to make some more “career orientated” moves, whether that means stopping the skulls or not, im not sure yet. But definitely expand from the project. I have some collaborations coming up and I want to do some more wall/print artwork as well as photoshoots including sets and styling based around skull themes; almost like a lookbook.

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Nina sells her hand-crafted products online at www. ninamarlena.com. You can buy skulls ( our favourite is the antique rose , pictured here sitting pretty next to a studio cockatoo frida print) and prints ( like the ahmaze ones we have featured next to her interview ), and a few new exciting things in the pipeline for 2015. You’d only be a fool not to check it out. Happy Shopping!

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“A sunday well spent brings a week of content” - Old Proverb sundays are for drinking tea, attending church, nursing hangovers and rolling over in bed just one.more.time. they mean cooked breakfasts and half conscious dreaming, washing your hair, contemplating getting dressed, tv marathons,listening to your favourite tunes, binging on junk because you “start the diet on monday”. sundays are for recovering, reflecting and preparing. In the winter, sundays mean big toasty doonas, a rom-com and pyjamas all day long. in spring , sundays are for bike rides and discovering new picnic spots. in the summer, sunday is for eating fruit, basking in the golden sun and dancing in the sparkling waters. Sunday is the language of leisure. It is the day you think your thoughts, read your books, pray your prayers, see your friends, or see nobody at all. Sunday, you can stay.

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taking a glimpse with What do you do? I am a designer and maker of concrete homewares & limited edition art prints

You’ve been super successful since your launch, how did it all begin? It all began at the start of the year, when we really wanted to create something unqiue that has never been done in the world of homewares before. For a few months, we experimented with different materials and tried to find the best one for our designs. Then one day we made a stool out of concrete, played around with the leftovers in our kitchen sink and the rest was history!

What would be on your mood board right now? (Anything you are obsessed with right now… things, people, colours, textures, objects)

Hmmm I’ve always been a heavily industrial influenced girl, in anything that I do, so there will always be brushed steel, copper, distressed timber, chanel couture, kate moss, marble objects, hexagon or diamond shapes and beautiful coloured stones.

What is your most valuable possession? My mind- without it, nothing can be designed!

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Who/ what inspires you the most? Anyone who has built a business from an idea in their garage, kitchen sink and turned it into something great.

What is your Morning routine?... first thought, first bite, first read… I literally wake up thinking about how many orders I have to make (I know it’s crazy, but true), then I get a reality check from my three year old son, who makes me realize that’s impossible in one day. I check out some social media (because we all do that and don’t admit it right?) get my son ready for daycare and then I get to work on those orders. When/ where are you happiest? I’m happiest on adventures, discovering new places, trying out a new design which works!

Write down your dream playlist (6 – 10 songs, or however many you like) 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

John mayer – body is a wonderland Ray lamontagne – hanah ryan adams – wonderwall Mariah carey – dreamlover Brandi Carlisle – what can I say Sia – chandelier Jasmine Thompson - stay

What are some of your favourite stores in Sydney or online? Dinosaur designs, www.tomdixon.net, the minimalist, surry hills

What’s your next big goal for design twins? To expand our range, incorporating different designers, and one day have a shopfront, with our warehouse out the back!

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“Flowers . . . are a proud assertion that a ray of beauty outvalues all the utilities of the world” — Ralph Waldo Emerson. Ralph also once said that “the earth Laughs in flowers”. and we could not agree more fervently. A room is less complete, a garden less delightful, a girl less content, and a home less comely, for lack of pretty blooms. Each variation of flower holds a unique fragrance, beauty and brilliant colour. Peonies, proteas, ranunculus,poppies, sweet peas, daisies, hyacinths, baby’s breath; Each hold a fond richness of their own in meaning, culture, heritage and beauty. We’ve gathered some of our favourites and had a look at what they mean.

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Meet Menae and Louise, the super cute and talented mother daughter duo behind Darling x Two, a collaborative venture and store, selling all things pretty, from homewares to accessories, kids and party goods. They have a knack and a passion for interior styling and lifestyle, which shine through everything they do. We talk to them about inspiration, goals and some of their favourite things.

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| 66 |

check out darling x two online @ www. darlingxtwo.com or at their brick and mortar shop base 76 WOLGER ST, COMO WEST NSW 2226. All the products you see here are from their store; Little Lamb Garland in white, wire lover sign, uashmama metallic bag and design twins planter. The garland even comes in a cute jar which makes the perfect double for a vase.

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| 68 |

“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better�. - Albert Einstein Einstein had a point. This issue we are Inspired by natural beauty (including that of our natural beauty and model Millie ) and the undeniable beauty of the natural landscape; Tousled hair, illuminous skin, moody cloud formations and velvety seas.

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| 70 |

| 71 |

| 72 |

| 73 |


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| 75 |

This skin-softening mask is seriously beautifying and wholly nourishing. It contains French Pink Clay and pure Botanical powders such as Organic Chamomile, Organic Rosehip and Organic Rose Powders, which work together to leave your skin feeling soft and nourished. It also works as a gentle detoxifier. The best bit is, it is 100% natural... And smells like florals.

| 76 |

| 77 |


| 78 |

Floral ylang ylang and natural vanilla combined with an array of high quality salts make for a soothing, calming and detoxifying infusion for your bath. This truly beautiful blend includes salts from the dead sea and a combination of Himalayan Pink Salt Crystals which work together to leave your mind and body oh-so-relaxed.

| 79 |

This soap is another all natural, revitalizing treat for your skin. Utilising the refreshing gentle properties of Pink Clay, it draws out impurities and nourishes at the same time. Made from Blood Orange and Geranium essential oils, it smells deliciously citrusy and floral.

| 80 |

| 81 |

| 82 |

This lip butter is luxurious, smooth and creamy, and despite having no artificial fragrances or flavours, has a beautiful rose scent to it. Shea butter moisturizes while giving your lips a subtle glossy sheen.

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glimpse cities

| 85 |

| 86 |

Custom made print by dandy moon. Dandy and travel, two of our favourite things.

| 87 |

“Travel is more than the seeing of sights; it is a change that goes on, deep and permanent, in the ideas of living.” – Miriam Beard Cities, whether you have lived, studied, travelled through or visited, leave you with something. The people, the sights, the scents, the sounds and the experience of a city unfamiliar can be hard to describe with enough acclaim. There’s nothing like hearing a new language or being immersed in a culture and atmosphere completely different to your own. There’s also nothing like placing your head on your own, familiar pillow after seeing a new bit of the world. We asked people to write a letter to a city they love, a city they remember, a city they’re leaving, or a city they’re missing. Each letter is a love note, a reflection and a vivid description of a cultural, emotional or spiritual connection. No two experiences are the same , and likewise no two people will encounter a city in the same way. Read them ; be taken somewhere new.

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Spending your pretty pennies This issue we have a massive crush on the colour pink, and thus we’ve found a myriad of pink things for you to spend your money on. Kicking it off with this little pouch from American Apparel, which is perfect for keeping your pretty pennies in. all leather, all pink, and all pretty.

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to read Alexa Chung is no doubtedly the British ‘It’ girl of the 21st century, with an expansive breadth of career accomplishments as an Icon, model, presenter and muse. Her television popularity is mirrored by her elite position in the fashion industry, playing muse for the likes of Marc Jacobs and Karl Lagerfeld. “It” offers insights to her inspirations, musings, influences, childhood memories and personal sense of style. Chung gives readers a fascinating glimpse into her eclectic universe through personal photographs, illustrations and how- to articles. From makeup to dating, she gives sound sartorial advice amongst a mix of quirky tid-bits that have made her who she is. The book takes you on a journey right through Chung’s childhood, from her horse riding pre teen days, right through to her influential status as an adult today. For an ‘It’ girl, Chung is refreshingly awkward and childlike, and it shines through in her writing. She gives honest and candid glimpses at her real life, beyond the glitz of the fashion world in which she has become such an icon. “It” is wholly inspiring and pretty, a must read.

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| 106 |

to write Journalling is important, as is gratitude, the parent of all virtues. The 365 journal from Kikki-K inspires you in both, with 365 numbered pages ready to be filled with your own thoughts, reflections, inspirations, musings and moments from your day to day routine. Draw, write, collage and keep a unique collection of your daydreams, musings and reveries over the course of an entire year. The journal is a forever snapshot of your current season of life, whether that be studying, travelling, working or simply living. The journal encourages creativity and pleads for imaginative attention.

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| 108 |

to watch The grand budapest hotel “ The adventures of Gustave H, a legendary concierge at a famous hotel from the fictional Republic of Zubrowka between the first and second World Wars, and Zero Moustafa, the lobby boy who becomes his most trusted friend.” The Grand Budapest Hotel is yet Another visually delightful piece of cinematic mastery from the likes of Wes Anderson, aka America’s answer to all that is over-designed and comically whimsical. His films are fairy tales for adults, with exquisitely humorous scenes, an immaculate sense of imagination and settings that look like they have jumped straight from the pages of a storybook. This can certainly be said for the Grand Budapest Hotel, for which Wes has employed the absolute depths of his astounding sense of imagination and his signature method of symmetrical shot composure, which has been displayed throughout. Aside from the visual feast which have given the film such allure, there are particular cadences with which the actors speak that add to Anderson’s brilliant sense of comedic orchestration. There’s also a fascination with the colour pink, of which we highly approve.

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| 110 |

to decorate Only the cutest mini vase there is. It may look like a pretty paper bag, but this cutie is made from the most delicate porcelain, ready to store your flowers, paintbrushes, pens, pencils, or whatever knick knack you feel ‘Have You Met Miss Jones’.

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| 112 |


make everything smell amazing.

Ecoya Sweet Pea & Jasmine Candle. this candle is equally as sweetsmelling as it sound, matching its sweet name and packaging. Put it on your nightstand and dream super sweet dreams.

| 113 |

From our forever women crushes the olsen twins to nasty gal’s boss lady sophie amoruso, We are constantly inspired by a bunch of ‘It’ girls and the quirky, interesting, intelligent little things that make them who they are. Here’s some mottos, quotes and musings from some of our favourites.

| 114 |

glimpse people

“Never complain. Never explain.�

| 115 |

glimpse muse

“I don’t like it when people don’t know the difference between ‘their’, ‘they’re’, ‘there’”.

| 116 |

glimpse twins

MK - “I wear weird things sometimes. I like to drink coffee. Neither of those things have anything to do with who I am.” A - “ I’m the type of person who would rather stay home than get my picture taken”.

| 117 |

glimpse model

“The energy you give off is the energy you receive. I really think that, so I’m always myself - jumping, dancing, singing around, trying to cheer everybody up”.

| 118 |

glimpse boss

“I stopped feeling like I didn’t belong anywhere, and realised that I actually belonged anywhere I wanted to be �.

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| 120 |

glimpse DIY

| 121 |

| 122 |

now it’s your turn! Have yourself a crafternoon and get stuck into a DIY project of your own. we’ve got dinosaur planters, macrame hangings, hexagon wall shelves, metallic journals and gift wrap ideas to get you inspired.

| 123 |

| 124 |

WHAT YOU WILL NEED: A pretty pastel journal of your choice Imitation gold leaf Imitation silver leaf Ruler pencil sticky tape slize paint brush WHAT TO DO: Pick a the corner you would like to make metallic, we chose the bottom right, but the choice is yours! Mark a centre line with a ruler and pencil to ensure you get the desired angle. Place a piece of tape on one side of the line to ensure your slize application to protect the side that is not being leafed. apply slize glue as directed. Leave to dry until tacky. Once the slize is tacky you can apply the gold or silver leaf. Place the leaf on the glued area and spread and press using a dry paintbrush or your fingers. Remove the piece of tape and marvel in your cleverness!

| 125 |

| 126 |

WHAT YOU’LL NEED: 4 lengths of 130cm rope 2 lengths of 30cm rope a pair of scissors a metal ring (an old keyring will do) four large beads four small beads Ring for hanging ( an empty keyring will work perfectly) WHAT TO DO: Feed the four longer lengths of rope through the ring and position it half way down the length. There should now be eight pieces of rope hanging through the ring. Now tie a wrap knot under the ring to secure the pieces. Once secure, Separate your eight lengths of rope into bunches of two and thread one large bead onto each bunch. Tie a knot about 20 cm down from the ring for each bunch. Now you can separate your bunches. Group a piece of rope from one bunch with a piece of rope from the neighbouring bunch. You must Knot these together, at around 10cm down from the first lot of knots. Separate the new bunches and repeat the third step to form a third row of knots. Now tie another wrap knot approximately 7cm down from the third row of knots and your hanger is almost there! Thread your smaller beads onto the end of each rope and tie a knot to secure. Now pop in a plant and pot of your choice and youre ready to go! We painted an old paint tin to match the pretty mint beads.

Hint: The clever people at @macramake have put ready to go kits together with all that you need to make one of these babies.

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| 128 |

WHAT YOU WILL NEED: Wool Scissors brown kraft paper paint pencil with flat bottom PAPER: Select an area of paper big enough for the gift you are wrapping. Dip the flat end of your pencil into a paint colour of your choice. dot the paper neatly or sporadically ( your call ) against the paper and wait to dry! TOPPER: To make your pom pom gift topper, first Hold the end of the yarn on with your thumb. With your other hand, start wrapping the yarn around 2-4 fingers, depending what size you want your topper. Wrap the yarn around your fingers multiple times. (more wraps equal thicker pom poms) Cut another piece of yarn long enough to wrap around the pom pom, with some extra to attach it to the gift. Now you can thread this piece of yarn through the middle of the fingers you have used to wrap the yarn. Tie a knot around the middle of the bundle. Once tied, slip the bundle off your hand. Now Cut all the loops in the middle, all the way aroud the bundle, making sure not to cut the two ends of the long piece of yarn. Fluff up your pom pom between your hands and cut off any excess length. Voila!

| 129 |

| 130 |

hexagon shelf WHAT YOU WILL NEED: 1 x 6 x 6 long pieces of wood 1 x sheet of plywood ( 2400 x 1200mm 9mm from bunnings ) wood screws drill pencil sanding block paint meter saw table saw WHAT TO DO: The first step to create your shelf is to set your meter saw to 30 degrees. You will be flipping the pieces of wood with each cut, not the blade. The angle is super important in ensuring your pieces will go together perfectly so make sure your setting is secure. After marking the wood at the desired length for each side of the hexagon, with a tape measure + pencil, the next step is to make the first cut using the miter saw. Once you have cut your first piece, flip the piece of wood over to make the second angled cut. Stand your angled pieces of wood up on their sides against a hard surface ( a table or the floor works well playing the role of wall until the shelf is made) to make sure they fit well together. Once their positions are correct, you can begin to pre drill the holes for your wood screws. We used two per length of wood, leaving space at the back end for the plywood back to be screwd in later. Once they have been drilled you can drill in the wood screws with even spacing. Now, using frame as a template, trace the desired hexagon shape onto the plywood. This shape is best cut out with a table saw. A hand saw can be used, however will take a lot of time and may be too rough. Once your back shape has been accurately cut, drill in wood screws to secure it to the hexagon frame you have already made Now the fun part! It’s time to paint. It’s a good idea to sand first, then you can apply a paint or wood stain, whatever your heart so desires.

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| 132 |

WHAT YOU NEED: dinosaur toys spray paint or acrylic paint in a colour of your choice stanley knife or scissors screwdriver sharpie soil + plant or cactus WHAT TO DO: Find a dinosaur or animal toy. (if you don’t have any, head to your closest vinnies or salvos, and if all else fails there’s still the toy shop!) Spray paint or hand paint the toy in your choice of colour. Once dry, use your sharpie to mark the spot and then use your scissors or stanley knife to cut a hole into the top of the toy. Take the screwdriver and poke some holes in the bottom of your dino, to allow for drainage and prevent potential overwatering. Now you can fill your dino up! scoop in some soil and a small succulent or cactus ( you can get these at your nearest bunnings or flower power). Now pick a spot to show off the litte guy!

Hint: You can also buy these cuties ready made by the folk @ Plantasaurus

| 133 |

Thank you for reading issue 01 of glimpse. We hope you have had just as much fun perusing the pages as we did making them. Check us out online and keep watch for issue 02.

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www.kristenannecreative.com www.kristenannecreative.com

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Glimpse Magazine is a design mag born out of a desire to create, and to discover our inherent nature as creative beings. we celebrate the ha...

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Glimpse Magazine is a design mag born out of a desire to create, and to discover our inherent nature as creative beings. we celebrate the ha...


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