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The value of your digital presence


Who's clicking on your Fair Website ?

Who reads your Newsletters ? What about your newsletters redemption?

Do you know who reads your Fair website? Every day potential new exhibitors click on your fair

Get the list of exhibitors and prospects that really reads your newsletters. You can also measure the interest of your market about new services, new solutions, new fairs.

you loose this information. Forever. The average conversion rate of web visits and campaigns is less than 1%.

Who reads your Publications ? Our technology can be linked to all your online business communication : fair journals, magazines, any kind of web publication can be used as a powerful lead source for you and your Exhibitors.

We identify and qualify those 99% lost visitors.

pinpoint the geographic location from which exhibitors are browsing;

automatically obtain detailed business information on visitors such as general company

Show visited pages Pinpoint visitors geographic location Get business information on visitors

Send e-mail alerts when specified visitors return Track your newsletters and press releases

description, main address, phone number and email address; ➢

replay the movie of the visitors' experience;

understand in what fairs, offers and services exhibitors showed interest during their visits;

tag exhibitors with personalized keywords, for customized lead search, sorting and reporting;

Do your advertisers know who's clicking on the banners and the advertising present in

receive instant e-mail alerts when specified visitors return;

your fair website?

control the competitors visits on your website;

export data to your CRM; generate detailed, quantitative and historical reports about listing and website pass through traffic, and export them to Excel, PDF or e-mail.

Feed daily business opportunities to your Exhibitors

Tag visitors with related keywords

Through NetKerMesse you will: identify by name the exhibitors that visit your fair website;


Highlight what products and services visitors are interested in

Every day.


Identify visiting companies by name

website, read about your services, analyze last year exhibitors list, check their competitors presence.... and


Who's clicking on your Banners ?

They can if you are selling them this data powered by NetKerMesse.

Generate detailed, qualified and historical reports Export the Leads to your CRM or Excel, PDF, emailmail formats

You won't have to sell a banner any more in the future. Sell your advertisers the leads coming from the banner, the banner is for free !

Media Proxima www.netker me sse .com

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