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September/October 2013 067

friendly, reasonable conditions previously enjoyed. Jing had this to say: “Trading isn’t for everybody. You’re going to have to deal with tons of lowlifes and assholes. There is almost zero integrity. You will be sharked and you will face losses. And when you start out, you will be pretty much trying to spend hours finding those small profits. However, should you persevere and make it through the quagmire that is Steam Trading, you will find yourself among those few people in the trading world that do have decency, a willingness to help and are 100% trustworthy.”

IXDL-Open North America, and a Moderator at Dota 2 Traders) puts it, “almost everybody at one point has fallen for these scams, and it’s pretty much a wakeup call for those who do fall prey to them.” Overall though, the trading community itself in Dota 2 appears to be heading back towards a better direction. With the increased emphasis on reputation, and weariness of scammers and price-gougers alike, traders are coming together to create their own ideal environments like Dota 2 Traders and r/Dota2Trade, in order to both watch out for each other and to remake the

GLHF Magazine Issue #7  

In this special issue of GLHF we expand our coverage to include League of Legends and Dota 2. As part of the first of many such pieces, we f...

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