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going process, as well as balancing the game All-Star Game as well, but from an interand adding a seemingly endless laundry list national competition perspective it was sure of features that we think will provide very fun seeing China versus the U.S. and those meaningful improvements in the game.” matches.” Season 3 was actually the first year that When it comes to the international fan Riot Games designed LCS as an actual sport base, that continues to grow. Riot is slowly with seasons in five regions around the and meticulously launching League in new globe. According to Dustin Beck, there are territories to expand the audience. “It’s difquite a few things that they do want to keep, ficult to expand into new territories because like analysts. “That’s something we had just each presents a different set of challenges in rolled out at the World Championship and terms of operating and servicing a game reit was really successful in that it broke down ally well,” said Brandon Beck. “It’s importhe game for our players and got other tant to be localized in every new territory chatter going around the community,” said that we go into with an excellent translaDustin Beck. “Fans loved it, so we want to tion of the game for the local experience. do more of that. We Also, people play the want to make sure that game differently in “There’s a constant we’re not doing too commitment to evolving the different markets. In much stuff, so the pros markets like Korea a quality of the assets and the have the proper time large percentage of to go scout a team that gaming takes place experience, the quality of they’re going to play. art, the sound, the dialogue, in PC cafes and we When we adjust the need to make certain everything. It’s sort of an schedule, we might do tweaks to the expea bit more international riences to facilitate on-going process [...] that play. It would be really that type of player we think will provide very cool to see a Fnatic vs. interaction. We’ve meaningful improvements Cloud 9 rematch, for been steadily trying example.” to bring the game to in the game.” Riot will also be the players around keeping its All-Star Game, although there the world and we’re not done. There are will be tweaks to that game. This season saw still new markets that we’re looking to get over 45 million fans vote in their favorite to. Generally, we have a ton of players for League players from around the world for a those markets that are bearing with us and game that was played in Shanghai. logging into international servers and need“As a first-time event we were happy ing to play the game in English and we want with the All-Star Game, but we also saw a to make sure that we deliver a crisp local exlot of flaws with it,” explained Dustin Beck. perience to them.” “It’s tough to do international world seatSeason 4 is just around the corner. Riot ings for our World Championship when has set the bar for eSports higher each year. you have a conglomeration of All-Star pros And the company continues to deliver a from the different regions. There may be spectacle that captivates the world via live language barriers. Some regions might take stream, and live, for those who can make the it more seriously than others. And it’s not trek. Look for much more League next year, truly representative of the skill of that re- and new players to enter the realm through gion. We want to make some tweaks to the the Challenger Series.

GLHF Magazine Issue #7  

In this special issue of GLHF we expand our coverage to include League of Legends and Dota 2. As part of the first of many such pieces, we f...

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