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with Godz a bit, he’s my roommate and I play Dota with him sometimes [as well], LD doesn’t play that much, but he does once in a while. Tobi, on the Staff Cup.

so that was kind of ridiculous. Whatever, got my $300! You mentioned you followed StarCraft a bit back when, do you still follow it?

Hopefully I’ll do some more casting in the future, I want to do some LAN casting, but I haven’t had much opportunity yet. Who would you say is the best caster player, excluding yourself and former pros?


Draskyl is very good. I’m not sure if he’s better than me, he’s around my level. During the Staff Cup, I think Draskyl said I was better and I said that he was better so I’m not sure if Draskyl is better than me. Godz is good as well, he’s around my level. I can’t always tell though because whenever he plays pubs he ALWAYS trolls. That guy cannot play a serious Dota 2 pub game. He picks Necrolyte and he goes Shadowblade with a Desolator every game. He knows it’s not efficient but he’s like, “I can go around solo killing, it’s great.” What’s the goofiest thing you’ve seen him do in a pub?

That one’s pretty goofy. He just doesn’t care. We were playing a showmatch once against the Russian casters. It was $1500 on the line, this was a Starladder-organized showmatch between the English casters and the Russian casters. And halfway through the game we’re winning, and Godz decides to buy Midas on Enchantress. I’m like, “Dude, there is a lot of money on the line. Can’t you play one game seriously?” We still won, but I was blown away that he was willing to chance that stuff,

Yeah I do, a little bit. When the StarCraft 2 Beta came out I was just out of college by about six months. And I played BW as a kid a little bit, I played custom maps and stuff mostly. But I was getting into StarCraft and I got a key from a friend who worked at an Activision related company or something. And I started playing StarCraft a lot and I’d be watching all these videos. I used to watch Husky StarCraft and Day9 and all that stuff. And that’s where I got my Youtube idea, actually, was Husky. I kind of copied his format, but for Dota. So when I started watching the MLGs and stuff, I eventually started falling off. I don’t watch it much right now but I follow some of the StarCraft 2 players and I like talking to them at MLG events. What are your thoughts about maintaining parity between Dota 2 and Dota 1 in the future?

Well, Icefrog has always said that he would continue updating Dota 1 forever, no matter what. Some of the mechanics are slightly different. Most of them are impactful but not enough where it massively changes the game, it’s just more of small outcome things. There are some bugs and they’re working on the bugs and some things that seem like features that changes the game. But it should technically be the same game and it’ll be nice to have the reference points and make it easier for people to switch between games. Like the models being similar to the WarCraft III counterparts is really cool. So it’ll continue to be developed and I’m okay with that, even though they’re slightly different right now. What is your most anticipated Dota 1 hero that has

GLHF Magazine Issue #7  

In this special issue of GLHF we expand our coverage to include League of Legends and Dota 2. As part of the first of many such pieces, we f...

GLHF Magazine Issue #7  

In this special issue of GLHF we expand our coverage to include League of Legends and Dota 2. As part of the first of many such pieces, we f...