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International 3, and do you feel it will be fixed by next year?

IG had some roster problems, so their best team had some issues with inner turmoil, and that obviously affected their performance. They didn’t play as well as everyone thought they would. Tong Fu played the best out of all of them, but I think their carry was slightly inexperienced. Once in a while he would make weird mistakes, so that kind of hurt them as well. And DK looked really good, but they got eliminated as well. They just weren’t as good. What a lot of the pro players were saying was that the Chinese meta was about 6 months behind, or something like that. So they had a lot of issues because of that. Obviously there are very individually talented players, but they just got picked off one by one. They weren’t as good this time. But I’m sure they’ll be ok. DK looks really good now, with the new roster setup. And a lot of the other teams are going to work really hard. Now they’re going to have a lot more passion, because I’m sure they’re mad about not doing as well. Can you tell us about your experiences at TI3? Were you there as a fan, or were you contributing professionally in some way?

I arrived with the goal of just being a fan. But that wasn’t really the case. My goal was just to show up and have a nice time, talk to everybody, interact with fans, and make a few videos. What ended up happening was one of the Valve employees, Robin, came up to me and he said, “We’re looking for some-

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What do you think went wrong for China in The

one that can help teach Kaci [Aitchison] backstage, and we thought of you first.” So they asked if I could help and I said ok. I went backstage and I would basically coach her through team histories, picks that they do, and we’d talk about the game. At first, we didn’t talk at all about the game, like the strategy component, because they wanted to make it absolutely sure that she wasn’t trying to act like an expert, because she wasn’t. She didn’t want to lie about it at all. So at first we didn’t talk about the game, but as the tournament went on she asked more and more questions, and was actually caring about the strategy, so that was pretty fun. But basically I would go backstage and tell her about the upcoming teams, and then I’d go back somewhere else and sign autographs or hang out with a friend, and then I would go back as that best of three ended, and I’d coach her for the next 30 minutes or something. It was a lot of running around, very busy. Kaci was a fan favorite by the end of the tournament. Reddit adored her.

She was the Bruno equivalent. I feel like we’re just going to keep having one personality that explodes during TI and he was definitely the one during TI2. It was kind of fun. It was fun watching Kaci learn things, and she would change favorite players or favorite heroes. She would like Pudge for a while and she was really into Gyrocopter or something, I can’t remember exactly. It was fun teaching her all the names and telling her about the abilities and she obviously doesn’t know what’s going on in teamfights but you can always tell who wins and how things are going and the casters help a little bit, so it was really fun to watch her enjoy it. The same thing happened last year too, I was sitting backstage when I was doing interviews, and one of the camera guys started asking questions.

good players,” it was more that Dignitas just completely exploded and it’s a bunch of players just grouping up as an organization. Maybe they could be really good, but I feel like they’re going to be the weakest of the three.

GLHF Magazine Issue #7  

In this special issue of GLHF we expand our coverage to include League of Legends and Dota 2. As part of the first of many such pieces, we f...

GLHF Magazine Issue #7  

In this special issue of GLHF we expand our coverage to include League of Legends and Dota 2. As part of the first of many such pieces, we f...