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What do you think about the MLG tournament structure? Do you think MLG will grow the NA scene in the way that many people hope it will?

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At the moment there are a lot of North American players and talented people that could make teams that just aren’t bothering because they don’t see a point. There are already 2-3 good North American teams between EG, Liquid, and Dignitas. Most players don’t make a living anyway, most players make a couple hundred dollars salary a month. The idea that they would form a team, not get sponsored, and try to make a living by prize winnings is just unrealistic. So it’s really good that someone is finally biting the bullet and taking the financial hit to try and build up the North American teams. Because that’s what’s been holding them back this whole time, they’ll say like, “We’ll run a small show match for 4 teams,” and then we’ll be like, “Well, there’s only three good

teams. The fourth team is going to suck, and it’s going to be one-sided.” So that MLG is trying to build up the North American scene is helping a lot. And some good talent is coming through. Even with those players possibly not being on the same teams in three months, it should eventually result in better teams. After the post-TI3 roster shuffling, which of the three large American teams do you feel came out on top?

I think Liquid is looking really good, and some of the things they’ve said internally sound fantastic as well. Their roster is much stronger in terms of individual skill and I’m told that they don’t argue at all about losses, they just analyze the replay. So it sounds like their team dynamics are really good. EG has had some iffy performances but they have a really stacked team as well, maybe with some time they can get insanely good. All their players are super fantastic so I’m sure they can eventually do good as well. I think Dignitas is coming out the worst. It wasn’t really like “Keep our best players and add more


ger tournaments with bigger prize pools, because they’re making more money. So I guess in a way it’s trickling down, to everybody involved. It’s overall a very good thing.

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